Great Sex Toys on a Budget

It’s a question I get frequently asked: “Can you recommend me a good toy that’s not too pricey?” I decided to put together this index so that I’m always prepared to answer.

Finding an effective sex toy on a budget (for purposes of this article, under $45) is possible, but it’s hard to meet the crossroads between a toy that suits a lot of people and performs its specific task very well (and, of course, made of body-safe materials that won’t make the user sick).

This toy round-up includes categories for toy type and also subcategories for those I have personally owned, those I don’t own but are similar enough, and toys I myself can’t vouch for but others have said great things about.

Harnessable dildos and butt basics

Okay, when it comes to harnessable silicone, Tantus rules. Hands down. It’d be too much effort to really explain individually why a bajillion Tantus toys are good. They’re body-safe, overall thoughtfully designed, and made by a super nice company with principles.

Tantus’s Grab Bag Program is pretty much tailored for those shopping for sex toys on a budget— leftover silicone that might otherwise be discarded is used to make mystery color toys out of the same mold as their standard toys, but with more cost-effectiveness.

Others would recommend…

Want to play with texture? Try the Goddess Handle for $32, or if you want ridges galore (read: too intense for me but others love it), Echo for $40.

Want a slim beginner plug? Slutty Girl Problems‘ review lauds the Perfect Plug (0.75″ and $32) and Perfect Plug Plus (1.25″ and $44).

Want anal beads? Try the Ripple Small, available in Grab Bag / mystery color edition for $22 or standard midnight purple or black for $36.

Want an intermediate plug (4.5″ long by 1.5″ wide) that’s nearly ubiquitous among sex bloggers? One with a rectangular base that ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE for wearing between butt cheeks? Try the Ryder Grab Bag for $24 or standard midnight purple or black for $38.

Want a thin introductory thrusting toy? The Tantus Leisure is 1.25″ wide with a narrow tapered tip and available in Grab Bag edition for $28. The Leisure also has a bullet cavity in the base that can be replaced with something more powerful, if that’s what you prefer.

I personally recommend…

Tantus Silk Large

Want a basic, average sized (7″ long by 1.5″ wide) thrustable dildo? The Tantus Silk Large was the first toy I acquired that I still own, and it remains a classic.

Sleek and simple for those getting used to penetration, but slightly curved and bulged to add a little extra “oomph” and pressure around the cervix during deep penetration. $33 for mystery color / Grab Bag edition. $43 for standard pink pearl, purple haze, and black options.

$27 for the small size and $34 for the medium. It’s worth noting that the smaller sizes are good as dilators or something smaller to ease into penetration, but unlike the large version, the girth is uniform with no bulge.

Tantus Vamp

Want something basic but a little girthier with a more pronounced head? Try the Tantus Vamp in Grab Bag edition for $28 (I linked the Grab Bag index because the Vamp is not always available) or $48 for standard purple haze and cream options.

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G-spot dildos

I’ve personally tried and recommend…

Marc Dorcel SO

The Marc Dorcel SO  is a 9″ long double-ended silicone dildo with a bulbous head on either side. If you’re looking for a generously sized and versatile G-spot dildo, this is for you. It’s also straight-shafted, making it a great option for those who might find curves too intense.

The big end, 1.75″ wide is filling and firm, pushing and rubbing against my G-spot with practically no effort. The small end, 1.4″ wide, has more give and isn’t great for G-spotting, but during deep penetration puts pressure on my cervix and anterior fornix, and shallow penetration lets the two ridges on the shaft rub against my urethral sponge.

Available in magenta at SheVibe for $35.

I haven’t tried but know I would like…

LoveHoney Satisfy Me G

The Lovehoney Satisfy Me G is 7.5″ long, 1.6″ wide, and curved and contoured to reach whatever internal pleasure zone you desire: your G-spot, cervix, and anterior fornix can all be stimulated with this toy. One end is bigger and more bulbous, while the other end is slightly slimmer with vertical ridges along its length.

Its combination of moderate girth, curve, and bulbousness means that it will suit most people, whereas the Dorcel SO might be too thick or too straight, and the LELO Ella too petite or too steep. I haven’t tried the Satisfy Me G in particular, but I do have toys that are similarly shaped, such as the JeJoue Uma.

The Satisfy Me G is available in pink at LoveHoney for $29. Also check out the Satisfy Me Curve, which is available in purple and features a shaft with two undulating bulbs on one end.

Others recommend…


The LELO Ella is more of an honorable mention, because it’s a bit above the $45 mark, but it’s still well-beloved as a G-spotting dildo for beginners.  The pointy end is a petite 1.25″ wide with one long, low hump that nestles in the G-spot. The hooked end is drastically curved with an abruptly flat head for kneading the area just past the pubic bone.

It was the first toy to make Epiphora squirt. It’s perfect for Reenie. But for me, the severe hook grinds and pinches against my pubic bone, causing discomfort while not quite putting pressure where I optimally want it.

Consider Bex Talks Sex’s advice from her article, How to Pick the Perfect Toy for Your G-Spot:

Explore your g-spot with your fingers and see where the pubic bone sits in relation to it. If [your pubic bone] protrudes towards your vaginal opening and is sensitive to prodding you might be at risk for this sort of scenario. In that case, consider something with a shallower curve and maybe a more pronounced head shape or softer material.

The LELO Ella is a well-designed toy, but it’s not for everyone. Capisci? If you do decide it’s for you, you can get it at SheVibe for $55.

Pleasure Works Galaxy Sky

At $22, consider the Galaxy Sky dildo the “lite” version of the njoy Pure Wand (a cult favorite among sex geeks). Click here if you want to read firsthand Sugar Cunt Writes’ review of the Galaxy Sky dildo and comparison to the Pure Wand. The Galaxy Sky is different in that it’s made of lightweight acrylic instead of stainless steel, the bulbs slightly thinner than the Pure Wand’s big end, and it has less length and more curve.

The overall formula for rigid C-curve + bulbed end, however, remains the same. The Pure Wand on occasion gave me the pubic bone grinding discomfort, but it worked reliably enough for me for it to not be an issue. For $22 the Galaxy Sky is well worth checking out if you’re looking for a cheap but intense G-spot toy.

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G-spot vibrators

Others recommend…

Marc Dorcel Expert G

The Dorcel Expert G‘s feature “egg on a stick” design is pretty standard for G-spot exploration, says Marvy Darling in her review, but she also adds:

…the [Marc Dorcel Expert G’s] shaft is not much thinner than the bulbed head. So instead of getting great G-spot stimulation but feeling awkwardly empty otherwise, the Expert G gives your vaginal walls something to clench against during orgasm.

As well, the bulbous head is 1.45″, making it a good option for those who can’t take the girth of the Dorcel SO dildo. The shape is where this vibe excels, but there are also ten settings for speeds and patterns, suiting a wide range of users. Available in magenta at SheVibe for $40.

Pleasure Works Silky G

The Pleasure Works Silky G runs on AAA batteries and has an ABS plastic body with an old school dial for turning the power up. It’s on the buzzy side and basic and cheap, but according to Dizzy Girl at Toy Meets Girl reviews, it’s a good option for beginners who think they might like pinpoint, “laser guided precision”.

In Dizzy Girl’s own words:

No, it’s probably not going to make power or girth fanatics very happy but it sure shocked the shit out of me. And at less than $20, I really didn’t expect that.

I haven’t tried but would recommend…

The LoveHoney Cupid Smoothie G‘s strong point is shape and rigidity, and the vibrations are just a bonus. That steep curve isn’t going to fuck around when targeting the G-spot. For $25 (sometimes on sale for $10), that’s a steal.

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Clitoral vibrators

Others’ recommendations for beginners

“Good for beginners” can sometimes be a euphemistic sugar-coating for “this toy is weak as shit.” A vibrator that’s actually good for beginners has enough variety in speeds to suit a wide range of people, a wide enough amplitude / range of motion to be effectively rumbly, and is body-safe, all while still inexpensive enough for those wary of investing.

Clit vibe recommendations aren’t my specialty, so I’ll let sex blogging superheroes Epiphora and Dangerous Lilly do the talking here.

Doc Johnson Black Magic Vibrating Bullet

The Doc Johnson Black Magic Bullet sets you back $27 for 4 rumbly, low-pitched settings on a corded hard plastic bullet. Dangerous Lilly recommends this bullet across the board “for those who can orgasm anywhere from somewhat easily to rarely, to unsure about owning a vibrator.” It suits all criteria for a good beginner’s toy: wide range, lots of rumble, versatile, and affordable.

Picobong Ako Outie Vibe

If you’re willing to shell out $45, the Picobong Ako Outie Vibe features not 4, but 6 speeds options multiplied by 12 patterns, toggled by three buttons on an ergonomic and silicone-covered body.

Picobong is a child company of LELO, but features toys that operate on separate batteries, making them an affordable taste of LELO’s luxury for those who don’t need lots of power.

It’s worth nothing that while Picobong’s Ako was featured as #6 on Epiphora’s “Best Sex Toys of 2014” list, the Picobong Kiki was on her “Worst Toys of 2012” list. Ako runs on 2 AAA batteries, while Kiki runs on one, making the latter wimpy in comparison.

Others’ recommendations for discretion


Discreet lipstick vibes aren’t hard to find via Google search, but so many of them use puny watch batteries, which are feeble, demand to be replaced very often, and are relatively difficult to find. The OVO D2 though? It runs on 2 AAA batteries and is powerful enough to receive Dangerous Lilly’s stamp of approval for beginners, while still being petite, cutesy, and able to pass off as a mascara tube with its sleek, metallic appearance.

And did I mention that, at $27, you’d also save money in the long run, because you won’t have to replace batteries as often as with the cheaper counterparts?

Jopen Lust L2, L2.5, and L3

I’m going to cheat a little again here, but I wanted to include something more powerful while still being discreet. The Jopen Lust mini vibes are $50. They’re tiny and rechargeable, and the L3’s shape is inert enough to pass as a tube of lip balm if someone were just glancing. The motor rules and the rumbly power is about par with LELO, says Girly Juice.

The downside is that the one button control is bare bones and not very intuitive. You press it to turn it on, hold down the button to turn the power up, and press it to turn it off.

If you can deal with that, though? It’s very reasonably priced for something rechargeable and rumbly.

Others’ recommendation for power queens

Wahl 2-speed

For $20, this is really a no-brainer. The Wahl 2-speed is like the Hitachi’s less well-known cousin, “and that’s really too bad because in my opinion, the Wahl beats the Hitachi, hands down,” says Dizzy Girl’s review.

Like the Hitachi, the Wahl is marketed as a therapeutic back massager, but great on the clitoris too. The one speed is very intense and buzzy “but not numbing” and the other rumbly and thuddy “like a really stimulating jackhammer… I’m kinda in love,” says Epiphora.

It also comes with attachments that allow it to do what the Hitachi can’t: give pinpoint stimulation focused on just the clitoris instead of the vulva overall. Yes, it’s ugly, clunky, and unwieldy. But for those looking for power, this is the best bargain you can get.

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Traditional / straight vibes

I haven’t tried but would recommend…

JimmyJane Iconic Smoothie

If you’re looking for something basic with a adjustable speeds, Jimmy Jane’s Iconic Smoothie offers that for $18. This is as old-school as an insertable vibrator gets: a slim, 6″ by 1.25″ hard plastic body with a tapered tip and a dial control to adjust power, making it easy to turn the vibration speed up and down.

If you’re like me and prioritize ease of control over power, sometimes that’s all you need.

Others recommend…

Fun Factory Joupie

Joupie, Jam, and Jazzie comprise Fun Factory’s SlimVIBE collection: slim and affordable, but still with the same brightly colored and plush silicone one would expect from Fun Factory. They run on 2 AA batteries and have only one setting.

However, “As AA powered toys go,  it’s thoroughly respectable,” says Lunabelle at Ninja Sexology. “If I had to sum up Fun Factory’s Jazzie in simple terms, it’s the vibrator that I wish I’d had in my early college years.”

California Exotics Gyration Sensations Gyrating Lover

The CalEx Gyration Sensations line runs on separate C batteries, but the “gyration” in the name really means deep rumbly vibrations. In Property of Potter’s words about one of the toys in the line, it’s an “inexpensive vibrator that is surprisingly good,” whereas cheap vibrators tend to move faster to compensate and can feel pinchy or temporarily numbing.

The Gyration Sensations Gyrating Lover is smooth, 6.5″ long, and 1.25″ wide, though other shapes and sizes are available. You can find it in pink at My Pleasure Box for $13 and orange, pink, and purple on Amazon. I normally wouldn’t recommend buying toys on Amazon, but this particular one is hard to find elsewhere.

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