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Find my social commentary, personal updates, and lighthearted listicles here. Though I’m more known for my reviews, it was narrative writing that got me into blogging in the beginning. My life doesn’t revolve around toys, you know. :)

2 Spicy Outfits I'm Wearing to Dirty Show 22 in Detroit 7

2 Spicy Outfits I’m Wearing to Dirty Show 22 in Detroit

My photography will be displayed at Detroit’s upcoming, world-class Dirty Show art exhibition! I guess even erotic art critics love my collection. 🙂 The event takes place over two weekends, and thanks to Zoey from The White Unicorn shop, I...

Artistic diagram of menstrual cycle phases and uterus

How Each Menstrual Cycle Phase Affects My Sex Life

If someone says that cis women are wildest during their periods, they’ve never seen me sex toy shopping and booty-calling during ovulation. One of my Instagram followers commiserated: You’re not alone, girl. My Tinder bio when I’m ovulating goes from,...

How discreet is your online sex toy shopping? 10

How discreet is your online sex toy shopping?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been victimized by sex toy packages declaring, “VIBRATING MASSAGER” or “HEALTH CARE GADGETS.” I’ll wait. I’ve been there and done that, and I’m not thrilled about the experience. Discreet sex toy shipping is essential...