About Me

I’m a hetero ciswoman in her early twenties, on a sexual odyssey with one amazing partner.

While I love dildos as much as any sex geek, my mission is more about upholding sexuality’s role in a mindful and ecstatic life philosophy. I take solace in sex blogging because it’s one of the few things solely dedicated to feeling good. It doesn’t matter my body looks like or what emotional scars I carry– here, I drop my expectations and revel in just how wonderful it is to be able to feel the pleasure I feel. The sex-positive Dildo Dynasty is just part of that ecstasy.

I love long silicone dildos, cold glass and steel, good lube, and sensation play. Your mileage may vary. I won’t tell you, “Every vulva-owner should get this toy,” and I won’t try to be funny, but I’ll present to you my personal experiences and perspectives you may or may not have considered.

Email address: SuperSmashCache [at] gmail [dot] com


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