Exploring the A-Spot (Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone)

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  1. Tony says:

    OH THAT’S THE SPOT THAT MAKES ME CUM VIOLENTLY! Cool to have a name/an idea of where it is to replicate it. Someone fingering me and pressing hard against the a-spot was the first thing that ever made me squirt.

  2. Erica S says:

    Thanks so much for this!! I always loved pressure against that area but hadn’t really explored it more until I found your blog. Yay for cervical orgasms.

    Still sorta bummed that I haven’t achieved true squirting but trying to focus on the pleasure/positive!

  3. Bee says:

    Hi, I read your article on SheVibe and followed the link to your blog. Just wanted to say thank you for writing this article. You have no idea how weird and alone I felt for finding pleasure in having my cervix (even though I don’t like to think of it much tbh) stimulated.

    Almost everyone I’ve talked to prefers vibrators to dildos because they hate having anything close to their cervix. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me even though I’m 30 and know everyone finds pleasure in different things and in different ways but I still felt like I was made wrong.

    Anyway, I’m just happy I found you and got educated on this. I swear they should teach this stuff in sex ed. I’m gonna give your toy recommendations a try and hopefully in the future I’ll have an A-spot orgasm. Love you!!

    • YES! You’re echoing the mental spot I was in when I originally wrote my guide to cervical orgasms: SO TIRED of people dismissing what I know to be true about my pleasure.

      Thanks for commenting. I’m happy to hear my work helped you feel less alone.

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