Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior Review: Silicone Nun Dildo

Would you rather fuck a dildo-​sized nun or a nun-​sized dildo?
[Image: Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior facing sun amid flowers and Giotto painting]

Hell had nev­er felt so heav­en­ly until the Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior. If you're look­ing to get fucked hard in the land of gods and mon­sters, this dil­do will bring it. You just might have a new habit.

Hole Punch Toys doesn't take their cre­ations too seri­ous­ly, hence the irrev­er­ent designs and bad puns. (I'm look­ing at you, Plugs Bunny!)

The Mother Interior nun dil­do is cheeky in more than one way. Though she's no Emojibator Chickie, she is THICC and (more human­ly) booty goals. Her butt could be a G‑spotting bump if you choose to insert it all the way in.

Hole Punch Mother Interior Nun Dildo Measurements

That's a big "if" due to a com­bi­na­tion of rea­sons. This dil­do stands 8.75" tall, with about 7 of those inch­es insertable. And at its broad­est cross-​section— across the veil and bent elbows in prayer posi­tion— it's about 1.8" diam­e­ter. In oth­er words, there's some seri­ous CHONK to this dil­do. It's long, thick, and firm. There's some bounce to the sil­i­cone, like a gum­my bear left in the fridge.

The den­si­ty means that it takes time to let my canal extend and insert the nun's booty. Even with full vagi­nal tent­ing, I can "only" let in about 6.5" of this dildo's length. It's at approx­i­mate­ly the 5.5" mark that the butt dips in and joins the back of the figure's legs. And that leaves the bottom-​most inch of my vagi­na to close up under that.

[Image: the Hole Punch Mother Interior's booty even has distinct butt cheeks]

G-Spotting Bump/Sacrilegious Nun Booty Placement

As such, that G‑spot bulge bare­ly pass­es my pubic bone when I thrust inward. If your cervix is low, your vagi­na is short, or you oth­er­wise don't want deep pen­e­tra­tion, keep this fac­toid in mind. There's still plen­ty to love about the Hole Punch Mother Interior, but you might not ful­ly appre­ci­ate all of its contours.

During the out strokes, the Mother Interior's booty bump press­es into the mouth of my vagi­na, stim­u­lat­ing my inter­nal cli­toris and ure­thral sponge, rem­i­nis­cent of the "speed bump" on the Blush Novelties Avant Pride P1. All while the head slips into my pos­te­ri­or fornix and mas­sages my cervix. I adore its firm­ness and how easy it is to aim this dil­do against my front wall.

Instead of heart-​eyes emo­jis, the Mother Interior dil­do turns me into some­where between the drool­ing emo­ji (?) and the woozy-​faced one (?), all while tak­ing the lord's name in vain. Whoops. Pray the rosary for my bro­ken mind.

If you'd pre­fer pres­sure fur­ther past the pubic bone, or have a short and easily-​irritated clit-​vag gap, this dil­do isn't for you. If you like pres­sure and stretch­ing at the entrance, you'll love the Mother Interior. And great news for the anal afi­ciona­dos: this dil­do is butt-​safe, thanks to the nun's flar­ing skirt! Of course, if you want to switch back to vag after anal use, wash this dil­do and dis­in­fect in bleach solu­tion or boil it first.

[Image: side view of the Hole Punch Mother Interior nun dildo in front of zip tie halo crown and Giotto painting in art book]

What About the Headdress and Hands Clasped in Prayer?

Other key fea­tures of this land­scape include the rel­a­tive­ly point­ed elbows and the draped veil. I come stu­pid­ly quick­ly when twist­ing the former's pro­nounced emi­nences against my G‑spot. And because they're about 3.5" down from the head, more users will be able to enjoy this ele­va­tion. ("You'll be say­ing your prayers when you go to bed with this sister.")

The veil's struc­ture is min­i­mal, flar­ing out and con­verg­ing just a lit­tle past the Mother Interior's hour­glass hips. It won't give you deep and per­sis­tent G‑spot pres­sure like the LuzArte Jollet's hump, but instead, delight­ful drag as your entrance opens up and clos­es around the peaks and troughs.

This sac­ri­le­gious nun dil­do reminds me of some of the things I liked about the Blush Novelties Avant D3 and D4, like the sim­i­lar­ly firm sil­i­cone and bumpy shaft. Though it lacks a boxy head, I find the trade-​off enthralling. Whereas the D3/​D4 is more A‑spotty and press­es against my front wall with greater gus­to, the Mother Interior slides more eas­i­ly behind my cervix.

Any Downsides?

I sug­gest get­ting a good lube with this dil­do. Hole Punch Toys' fin­ish­es tend to be on the drag­gy side of mat­te (think of the tex­ture of eggshells but in sil­i­cone form), The Mother Interior is no excep­tion, despite its oth­er­wise sleek design. As well, be aware that there are seams along the sides, due to Hole Punch Toys' arti­san nature. I don't notice these edges dur­ing use, but you might be more sen­si­tive to them than me.

[Image: Mother Interior side view amid my sex toy collection.]

My Verdict on the Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior Catholic Dildo

Overall, though, the Mother Interior is a hand-​poured piece of art with con­sid­er­a­tion for aes­thet­ics and anato­my. Its con­vex­i­ties dig into just the right spots in my cave. If you enjoy deep pen­e­tra­tion, heav­en­ly humps, and sac­ri­lege kink, this is for you.

It's the kind of dil­do I'd want a part­ner to fuck me with, while a cross neck­lace he's wear­ing dan­gles over my face, and I'd say his name again and again like my only prayer.

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