Best Places to (Safely) Buy Sex Toys

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Velvet Thruster, Vixen Creations, and Fun Factory sex toys in front of holographic streamer background

These retail­ers are some of my favorites to work with as a review­er and shop at as a con­sumer. They're all super aligned with my val­ues, they pri­or­i­tize con­sumer health and edu­ca­tion, and they each have a lit­tle something-​something that makes them unique.

I'd rather you didn't buy sex toys from Amazon because of the off chance that you'll get a knock-​off/​counterfeit — or worse, some­thing tox­ic to your health. These shops pride them­selves on label­ing mate­ri­als accu­rate­ly and not stock­ing yucky stuff.

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My favorite sex toy retailers

Peepshow Toys: curated, quality sex toys for every body and budget

Best Places to (Safely) Buy Sex Toys 1

Quickly find afford­able toys and lux­u­ry toys, all made with high-​quality mate­ri­als. Yes, that includes arti­san dil­dos by Uberrime, Squarepegtoys, Hankeys' Toys, and more!

Free ship­ping on orders over $70. Or upgrade to Fedex 2‑Day ship­ping on select items for just $6.

Save 10% off your order with coupon code SUPERSMASHCACHE

Fan favorites at Peepshow toys: Fun Factory Stronics, Oxballs, njoy, BMS Factory, Satisfyer, and more!

SheVibe: low prices, vast selection, kick-​ass artwork

Best Places to (Safely) Buy Sex Toys 2

Seriously, they're the first shop I check when look­ing for a spe­cif­ic prod­uct. They have a huu­u­uge selec­tion that includes unique toys from hard-​to-​find brands like Uberrime, Hole Punch Toys, and SelfDelve. Plus, free ship­ping on orders over $75.

Colorful dildos, including SheVibe Uberrime exclusives like the Aqua-King and Patriot A-Spot Avenger

Early to Bed: another oldie but goodie indie shop

Best Places to (Safely) Buy Sex Toys 3

Early to Bed is a Chicago-​based indie shop that's super queer-​positive and has been around for a very long long time. They were estab­lished in 2001, and they're run by some of the warmest peo­ple in the indus­try. The web­site is very per­son­able — Early to Bed writes their own pros, cons, and help­ful usage tips in every prod­uct description.

Pris Toys Basilisk and Vixen Randy

The Pleasure Garden Shop: UK-​based, inclusive & disability-friendly

Best Places to (Safely) Buy Sex Toys 4

I high­ly rec­om­mend the Pleasure Garden shop if you live in Europe! They place heavy empha­sis on acces­si­bil­i­ty, AND you can ask them for per­son­al­ized sex toy rec­om­men­da­tions relat­ing to dis­abil­i­ties and med­ical con­di­tions (think posi­tion­ing aids and hands-​free stim­u­la­tion). Free ship­ping on orders over £50. Get 10% off with coupon code SUPER

Mounting a Magic Wand Rechargeable

Betty's Toy Box (and their Canadian sister site, Naughty North)

Betty's Toy Box is anoth­er fan­tas­tic online sex shop with a great curat­ed selec­tion. They, too, seek to edu­cate their buyers.

Take 10% off at Betty's Toy Box USA with my coupon code, SUPER at checkout.

Betty's Toy Box also has a sister site:
  • Naughty North — same phi­los­o­phy, but with staff based in Canada
Best Places to (Safely) Buy Sex Toys 5

Spectrum Boutique: hand-​picked by sex educator & artist Zoë Ligon

Spectrum has beau­ti­ful­ly curat­ed toys that are always on-​trend, a huge vari­ety of sex ed books, and some hard-​to-​find dils by indie mak­ers like SelfDelve and Luz Arte. Get 10% off your first order at Spectrum with coupon code SUPERSMASH10

Sex toys straight from the manufacturer

Fun Factory makes rumbly vibra­tors and sil­i­cone dil­dos in Germany, includ­ing my favorite cord­less wand ever and self-​thrusting pul­sators (Stronic Surf, Stronic Real). Their toys are so vibrant and cre­ative, and the big­ger G5 vibra­tors (Big Boss, Tiger, Volta) are top-notch!

Fun Factory rumbly and powerful rechargeable sex toys

Velvet Thruster makes theeee besssttt hand­held fuck­ing machines. They're pow­er­ful, mod­u­lar (mul­ti­ple attach­ment head options), and com­pact with­out sac­ri­fic­ing juice. Take 25% off on Velvet Thrusters using dis­count code SUPER25

Velvet Thruster Prime Edward base and handle

Zumio makes pin­point and rumbly oscil­la­tors for laser­like pre­ci­sion on the cli­toris. Their tips are so tight that there's enough room on my cli­toris for a tongue and a Zumio at the same time!

Wow Tech sex toys: Womanzier, Arcwave, We-Vibe, and Romp

We-​Vibe and Womanizer make some of the best vibra­tors and air pulse toys — as long as you stick to the tried-​and-​true designs and steer clear of the gim­micks. Why do I love We-​Vibe so much? Their Rave and Tango X are suu­u­u­u­per rumbly, set­ting the gold stan­dard of com­pact vibra­tor motors!

Likewise, Womanizer made the orig­i­nal air pulse stim­u­la­tors, and nobody does it quite like they do.

Tantus is one of the OGs of sil­i­cone dil­dos and plugs. They've been around for a long time and have options galore — rock-​hard, super soft, big and small, tex­tured and smooth. And they tend to be afford­able, espe­cial­ly with super fre­quent flash sales!

Beyond sex toys

Where to next?

See my sex toy sales and dis­count codes page for more shops I love — new­er shops, indie mak­ers, flash sales, and more!

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