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Magic Wand Micro size comparison to keys and hand

Magic Wand Micro Review: Pocket-Sized Power or Hype?

The Magic Wand has a long-​​standing lega­cy of pow­er through its full-​​sized and icon­ic iter­a­tions. Does the itty-​​bitty cutie patootie Magic Wand Micro live up to that? This pocket-​​sized spec­i­men has…

Fun Factory Laya III Review: Rumbly & Versatile AF! 4

Fun Factory Laya III Review: Rumbly & Versatile AF!

The Fun Factory Laya(spot) aged like fine wine — its third gen­er­a­tion, now called Laya III, rocks rum­bli­er vibra­tions in an icon­i­cal­ly body-​​hugging sil­hou­ette. Legendary. Venerated. Genius. These are words…

A collection of remote control panty vibrators arranged on holographic background

17 Remote Control Panty Vibrators, Compared & Ranked!

Remote con­trol wear­able vibra­tors unique­ly play with thrill, antic­i­pa­tion, and sur­prise — at least, on paper. In prac­tice, only a few are small but actu­al­ly mighty. Which Bluetooth panty vibrators…