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Midwest 'Murrikah SEX TOY GIVEAWAY! 1

Midwest ‘Murrikah SEX TOY GIVEAWAY!

I only use Facebook for three things nowadays: event pages, Weirdly Specific Playlists, and the “Oh wow, that is VIOLENTLY American” meme tag group. That last vibe is what I want this sex toy giveaway to evoke. With NINE quasi-patriotic...

2 Spicy Outfits I'm Wearing to Dirty Show 22 in Detroit 10

2 Spicy Outfits I’m Wearing to Dirty Show 22 in Detroit

My photography will be displayed at Detroit’s upcoming, world-class Dirty Show art exhibition! I guess even erotic art critics love my collection. 🙂 The event takes place over two weekends, and thanks to Zoey from The White Unicorn shop, I...