Sultry Body Care: My Favorite Lube, Massage, CBD, Pheromones & More!

Pairing potions and lotions with your gadgets and gizmos galore
A few of my favorite sexual health and pleasure products

Whether you're driz­zling on dil­dos or lap­ping lube off a part­ner, you deserve to know the sex­u­al well­ness and body care prod­ucts I've:

  • Actually used
  • Continue(d) to use over time
  • Would buy again

This mega-​guide includes lubes, lotions, arousal gels, pheromone per­fumes, con­doms, mas­sage creams, men­stru­al cups, and more.

I've been gift­ed many, but only a hand­ful have stood the test of time — I'll be clear on what's to love about them. I'll also include some options that aren't for me but you might adore, since your sit­u­a­tion and mileage may vary.

Keep it sim­ple, or get lux­u­ri­ous­ly las­civ­i­ous. Either way, I hope this list lev­els up your self-​care and part­ner play.

Massage cream, cum lube, flavored massage oil, warming arousal gel, pheromone perfume, CBD tincture, oral sex balm, mouthwatering spray, menstrual cup, CBD pain relief, and more!

Take your time with the table of con­tents, because there's a loooot of ground to cov­er here.

Personal Lubricant

As an avid toy col­lec­tor, it's impor­tant to me that my pri­ma­ry every­day lube gets along well with:

  • My sil­i­cone sex toys — I don't use pure sil­i­cone lube for­mu­las super often, as they can degrade sol­id sil­i­cone surfaces.
  • My vagi­nal micro­bio­me — I lim­it the inter­nal use of hyper­os­mot­ic ingre­di­ents like glycerin/​glycerol, and propy­lene glycol
  • Any con­doms used between my part­ner and me — I give my part­ner a heads-​up about when a prod­uct might increase the risk of con­dom breakage.

Safety-​wise, a water-​based lube is the way to max­i­mize com­pat­i­bil­i­ty for just about any appli­ca­tion. Hybrid lubes are an unsung hero in my house­hold — most­ly water, but with small amounts of sil­i­cone for long-​lasting lubri­ca­tion. And I find it hot that they look like cum.

Sliquid Sassy gel lube in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz bottles

Basic Water-​Based Lube

As far as min­i­mal­ist water-​based lube for­mu­las go, Sliquid and Good Clean Love are among my favorites and have been suu­u­u­per skin-​friendly for me. Their for­mu­la­tions are bal­anced in pH and osmo­lal­i­ty to match the vagi­nal microbiome.

Sliquid Sassy and Sliquid Sea

Sliquid Sassy has more plant cel­lu­lose for a slight­ly thick­er, gel-​like padding (than Sliquid's orig­i­nal for­mu­la). Sliquid Sea has added sea­weed extracts added for mois­ture, anti-​inflammation, and antiox­i­dant effects. 

Good Clean Love Almost Naked

Good Clean Love lube relies on aloe vera for its slip fac­tor and is (in my expe­ri­ence) more acces­si­ble in brick-​and-​mortar loca­tions — not just sex shops but also health food stores. It is sub­tly fla­vored with vanil­la and lemon.

Good Clean Love Almost Naked and Aloe Cadabra intimate lubricant with aloe barbadensis juice

Other Aloe-​Based Lubes

If you want aloe vera lube that isn't fla­vored at all, Aloe Cadabra is anoth­er one I've got­ten along with. I've also cut open aloe leaves to use the gel as a vagi­nal lubri­cant. The down­side of going the all-​natural route is that you must use it up quick­ly or refrig­er­ate it to stall micro­bial growth.

Hybrid Personal Lubricant

If you want juu­u­ust a bit of sil­i­cone for more lubric­i­ty or to sim­u­late cum, my favorites include the following.

Sliquid Silk

This prod­uct con­tains water, plant cel­lu­lose, sil­i­cone, and oth­er ingre­di­ents to keep the for­mu­la con­sis­tent and sus­tain its shelf life. The recipe is rel­a­tive­ly min­i­mal for what it is.

Cum-like hybrid silicone and water lube between fingers, plus massage gel and CBD  body care

Pussy Willow by Intimate Earth

Pussy Willow con­tains the ingre­di­ents list­ed above, and addi­tion­al­ly, extracts of shi­itake mush­room, licorice root, aloe leaf, and goji fruit for sooth­ing, anti-​inflammatory, and skin-​softening properties.

Sensuva Erosense

Sensuva Erosense is made of sim­i­lar stuff to Sliquid Silk but adds aloe vera and propane­di­ol for a longer-​lasting slip (more on that in a bit).

Flavored Lube

So you want to have some more fun with man­u­al and oral sex but don't want to deal with the messi­ness of whipped cream — or any­thing to do with sug­ar near the vagina!

Here are some fla­vored lubes that actu­al­ly taste good for fla­vor­ing your fel­la­tio and cunnilingus.

Sliquid Swirl

Again, Sliquid keeps its for­mu­la the most min­i­mal and low-​impact, so it's my top pick if you're sen­si­tive down there — or if you plan on using it for vagi­nal intercourse.

The Cherry Vanilla and Green Apple fla­vors taste like can­dy — can­dy that's been arti­fi­cial­ly sweet­ened with aspar­tame, yes, but can­dy that com­ple­ments the nat­ur­al tart­ness of the fruit flavors.

Sutil Flavors

This for­mu­la is akin to Sutil Luxe Body Glide — more gel-​like, long-​lasting, and dries down like lotion. It relies on ste­via for sweet­ness and propane­di­ol for slickness.

My favorite Sutil fla­vors are mint (not too sweet) and coconut (think piña cola­da). Their vanil­la is also super sweet and has some bit­ter notes that remind me of maple syrup.

Sultry Body Care: My Favorite Lube, Massage, CBD, Pheromones & More! 1
Also pic­tured is Exsens' nip­ple arousal balm (cher­ry and peach flavors)

Exsens Mint Mojito Warming Intimate Massage Oil

This mint moji­to ren­di­tion is one of the most fun lube fla­vors I've ever tried. It tastes like it says: a sweet lime bev­er­age with a hint of mint.

There's a slight warm­ing sen­sa­tion, fun for con­trast by sigh­ing vs. blow­ing air wher­ev­er you've rubbed this fla­vored lube. I high­ly rec­om­mend it for blowjobs. The down­side is that it does con­tain glyc­erin, so I'd rec­om­mend keep­ing it external.

Water-​Based vs. Silicone-​Based vs. Oil-Based

I loooove water-​based lube, but you might not. If you love your sil­i­cone toys, you might be in the same boat — but there are oth­er rea­sons the best per­son­al lubri­cant for me might not be for you, and vice versa.

Water-​Based Lube Pros & Cons

Water-​based lube tends to be the safest for intrav­agi­nal use and com­bin­ing with con­doms or toys. Notably, Sliquid and Good Clean Love lack propane­di­ol, propy­lene gly­col, and glyc­erin, mak­ing them osmot­i­cal­ly bal­anced and less impact­ful on the vagi­nal epithe­lial cells.

The down­side is that it doesn't last as long as the oth­ers unless you reap­ply or light­ly spritz it with water (warn­ing: it can feel cold) to re-​wet it. As such, there are cer­tain sit­u­a­tions where some­one might use oth­er for­mu­las for dif­fer­ent reasons.

System JO, Honeypot, Uberlube, Sliquid Silver, and Pjur pure liquid silicone personal lubricants
Honeypot silicone-​based CBD lube, Überlube, Sliquid Silver, pjur orig­i­nal, and JO Original pure sil­i­cone per­son­al lubricants

Ingredients to Use With Caution

Although these lube ingre­di­ents are gen­er­al­ly safe, it's impor­tant to know when to use them and when not to use them.

Pure Silicone Lubricants

Liquid sil­i­cone may melt sil­i­cone dil­do sur­faces, but it's great in oth­er appli­ca­tions, such as part­ner inter­course or with hard mate­r­i­al toys like glass and stain­less steel. A lit­tle goes a long way! Another unique prop­er­ty of sil­i­cone lube is that it's water-​resistant — use it for steamy show­er sex.

Silicone lubes I've tried and love include Überlube, pjur, and Sliquid Silver.

Oil-​Based Lube Formulas

Oils degrade latex con­doms and increase the like­li­hood of break­age. However, they're great for their lubri­cant longevi­ty and mois­tur­iz­ing prop­er­ties. You might like oil-​based lube (per­haps even straight-​up coconut oil) if you're main­ly using it for hand­jobs, exter­nal rub­bing, or bare­back anal play.

Oils and but­ters can be paired with vagi­nal inter­course, but I'd err on the side of cau­tion here. Also, maybe you're not using latex bar­ri­ers — there are oth­er mate­ri­als to explore, like polyurethane, lamb­skin, and nitrile, though they're more expensive.

Plant-​Based Propanediol

Propanediol does inter­act with the vagi­nal epithe­lial cells' water bal­ance, though it's not as harsh as high­ly osmo­lar glycerin/​glycerol. Propanediol can help water-​based lube last longer, some for­mu­las have a low­er con­cen­tra­tion of these ingre­di­ents than oth­ers, and a lit­tle goes a long way.

Small amounts of propane­di­ol are okay in my book. Why? Some propanediol-​based lubes have irri­tat­ed me and some haven't.

There's also a good rea­son Sutil's for­mu­las are so pop­u­lar: along with last­ing long and being suu­u­per slick, propane­di­ol also feels like a luxe lotion when it dries down. I might use such a lube more lib­er­al­ly exter­nal­ly, espe­cial­ly if it's fla­vored and I'm lick­ing it off a part­ner, and less so internally.

As always, I trust you know your micro­bio­me bet­ter than I do. Patch test first, observe your body's reac­tions in use, and decide for your­self the pros and cons.

Arousal Gels & Balms

There's a bal­ance to strike: I want an arousal gel that makes a defin­i­tive dif­fer­ence with­out being over­pow­er­ing. Since my vagi­na is quite sen­si­tive, keep­ing a sen­so­ry balm pri­mar­i­ly iso­lat­ed to the clit is gen­er­al­ly pre­ferred, too.

Bijoux Indiscrets' Slow Sex Clitoral Arousal Balm

This arousal balm from Bijoux Indiscrets con­tains L‑arginine and gin­seng for a warm­ing effect, draw­ing more blood flow and atten­tion to the area for enhanced sen­si­tiv­i­ty. Your mileage may vary, but I've found it gen­tle enough to rub between my labia for a sub­tly esca­lat­ing heat

It also absorbs super quick­ly (read: won't spread super far) and, as a bonus, tastes like coconuts

Morgasm Water-​Based Arousal Gel With CBD

Morgasm also con­tains L‑arginine, plus tingly mint to con­trast with the warm­ing effect, and of course, cannabid­i­ol for relax­ation and anti-inflammation.

I like Morgasm more as an exter­nal arousal gel — rub it against the clit and between the labia — than as an inter­nal lube. It also has a sub­tle vanil­la mint fla­vor, for those who are into that.

Use code SSC for 15% off Morgasm arousal gel.

Where to Get Condoms

I'm not on birth con­trol, I fuck­ing love deep pen­e­tra­tion, and insem­i­na­tion is reserved for my fan­tasies only, so con­doms are a must-​have. My part­ner and I go through them quite quick­ly, so here are sug­ges­tions to keep the cost from adding up.

(I per­son­al­ly tend to stock up on the large vari­ety pack if there's no rush. If we're in a pinch, we get the Trojan Magnum Ecstasy condoms.)

Condoms in holographic travel bag

Save on Variety Packs

Prices on indi­vid­ual prod­ucts and assort­ments vary, but in gen­er­al, you can find con­doms for cheap or at a bulk dis­count online. My favorites include:

Early to Bed

This shop car­ries a range of bar­ri­ers, includ­ing con­doms, dams, gloves, and fin­ger cots.

  • Trustex non-​lubricated con­doms — at about $0.45/condom, it's a great deal if you're already using lib­er­al amounts of your pre­ferred lube any­way. Just add a drop in the tip for com­fort and all over the outside.
  • Variety pack — $5 for 8, about $0.63/condom
Night Light glow-in-the-dark condom
This Night Light glow-​in-​the-​dark con­dom was part of Undercover Condoms' vari­ety pack, along with a wii­i­ide range of many others!

FYI, I do get a kick­back from Early to Bed for your pur­chase, so if you hap­pen to need con­doms while you're shop­ping for toys from them, I appre­ci­ate you using my links! Thank you.

Get Condoms for Free or Cheap Locally

The cam­pus health cen­ter at my alma mater sold con­doms for $0.50 each. I high­ly rec­om­mend ask­ing what's in stock if you're still in school!

Free con­doms are also avail­able in all fifty states in the USA. Check this GoodRX direc­to­ry for more info on free con­doms mailed to you or avail­able for pickup.

And again, actu­al­ly ask about or see the selec­tion avail­able! Some loca­tions have large con­doms, den­tal dams, fin­ger cots, and inter­nal ("female") con­doms, for a wide range of users. In oth­er words, don't dis­miss it just because it's free. Some of the options are real­ly nice.

Dripping and spreading massage oil and cream on a mirror
Massage oil dripped and sen­su­al mas­sage cream spread on a mirror

More Penis Play Products

I love these thick­er for­mu­la­tions for hand­jobs and blowjobs. Remember, though: balms and oils tend to be incom­pat­i­ble with con­doms, so plan your play accordingly!

Wicked Sensual Massage Cream

This cream's con­sis­ten­cy is so dense — some­where between lotion and short­en­ing. It is the crème de la crème for a deca­dent full-​body mas­sage with a hap­py end­ing, espe­cial­ly the unscent­ed for­mu­la. If you want to turn the expe­ri­ence into a more immer­sive spa ses­sion, there are two herbal scents: orange blos­som patchouli and sage.

Bijoux Indiscrets Oral Sex Balm

It's a super thick, plant-​based lip balm for slid­ing and slight cool­ing sen­sa­tions dur­ing oral sex. I immense­ly enjoy it for fel­lat­ing, the way it bal­ances glid­ing with drag between my lips and the glans of a penis.

A lit­tle goes a long way; I've been using the same tube for seem­ing­ly for­ev­er. Its con­sis­ten­cy feels more lux­u­ri­ous than your run-​of-​the-​mill lip balm.(Aquaphor will do just fine if you don't care to splurge, though!)

Mouthwatering Spray & Mints

Lastly, if you're prone to cot­ton mouth, the tart­ness of Bijoux Indiscrets' cit­rusy Slow Sex Mouthwatering Spray and Flintts Mouthwatering Mints can quick­ly com­bat it!

CBD Carriers (Lube, Suppositories, and More!)

CBD's anti-​inflammatory effects, pain relief, and relax­ation prop­er­ties are well-​documented. It's no won­der that it's a cult crowd-​pleaser for top­i­cal use before or dur­ing sex — when stay­ing present to the sen­sa­tions is vital!

Water-​Based CBD Lube

My favorite CBD lube is GoLove. Straight up.

Why I love GoLove CBD

Not only does it con­tain 2 mg of CBD per pump, but also, unlike most oth­er CBD lubes, it's water-​based, mak­ing it com­pat­i­ble with toys and con­doms. The deli­cious­ly emul­si­fied for­mu­la is also pH-​balanced, lacks the most com­mon hyper-​osmotic lube ingre­di­ents, and is friend­lier to the vagi­nal micro­bio­me.

Use code SUPER20 for 20% off GoLove CBD lube.

Morgasm CBD lube dripping on flower petals
Morgasm CBD arousal gel drip­ping on flower petals

Morgasm CBD Arousal Gel

Indeed, oth­er water-​based CBD lubes exist, but GoLove is my favorite. Morgasm is thick­er and will hold up bet­ter when, say, using CBD for relax­ation dur­ing fist­ing or with big toys. Its L‑arginine and men­thol also make it a fan­tas­tic exter­nal arousal gel. However, Morgasm's tingly mint extracts are intense for me internally.

Every body is dif­fer­ent, and you might like Morgasm's con­sis­ten­cy more. One deli­cious appli­ca­tion of Morgasm to inten­si­fy sex is on both sides of a con­dom for fellatio.

Use code SSC for 15% off Morgasm CBD arousal gel.

Magick Shay CBD Glow Serum next to sex toys I traveled with
Magick Shay Glow Serum next to Karma Lilac Unihorn and oth­er sex toys

Magick Shay Glow Skin Serum

Magick Shay's CBD face serum con­tains CBD from cer­ti­fied organ­ic Vermont-​grown hemp flow­ers, along with herbal extracts like:

What sold me on Magick Shay's Glow Serum were the reviews from long-​term users — after just one bot­tle, it wasn't uncom­mon for their skin to be clear of acne even a year lat­er. Why? One poten­tial expla­na­tion is changes in the skin flo­ra, mak­ing Glow Serum an espe­cial­ly great option for those man­ag­ing folliculitis-​based body acne.

I just call it mag­ic for how it's helped my skin chill out when sal­i­cylic acid alone wasn't quite cut­ting it and I didn't want to deal with ben­zoyl per­ox­ide bleach­ing my clothes or sheets. If you know, you know.

Oil- and Silicone-​Base CBD Lube & Beyond

The recur­ring descrip­tors I hear of Foria's CBD prod­ucts are "warmth," "relax­ation," and "like a hug." My favorite CBD prod­ucts I've been sent to test are:

Booty Melts paired with Intimacy Sex Oil made prepa­ra­tion for anal sex sub­stan­tial­ly eas­i­er. My friend said he could dis­cern the warmth spread­ing inside of him and how it took way less time to get a toy in. Once pen­e­tra­tion start­ed with a glass dil­do, he had one of the most mind-​melding, confetti-​brained orgasms of his life.

Sexual health and wellness products

Honeypot CBD Lube has a sil­i­cone base for long-​lasting, water-​resistant mus­cle relax­ation and sen­su­al soothing.

Relief Salve paired with Wellness Tonic — when I exper­i­ment­ed with going off my anti­de­pres­sant, Foria's Wellness Tonic took the edge off (begone, cramp­ing and rumi­nant rage!), and the Relief Salve felt like a nat­ur­al, gen­tle heat­ing pad.

Menstrual Cups

Speaking of peri­ods, large men­stru­al cups are the bomb. They hold a tight seal, so there's way less leak­age than with a pad or tampon.

I have a heavy flow and high-​set cervix, mean­ing that a men­stru­al cup would ideally:

  1. Capture a loooooot of fluid.
  2. Be easy to reach with my itty-​bitty fin­gers, so I don't have to ask my boyfriend for help fish­ing it out for me.
Fun Factory Fun Cup Explore Kit menstrual cups

There are many fac­tors in choos­ing the right men­stru­al cup for you (no, it's not about "tight­ness" or "loose­ness").

My per­son­al favorite is Fun Factory's Fun Cups in Size B. If I'm in a pinch and need some­thing long-​lasting at a store­front, Instead Softdiscs are my go-to.

Pheromone Perfumes

Pheromone per­fumes for women tend to con­tain cop­ulins, or a group of fat­ty acid chains secret­ed vagi­nal­ly with the high­est con­cen­tra­tion right before ovu­la­tion. They're spec­u­lat­ed to sig­nal impend­ing fer­til­i­ty and make straight men go fer­al — boost­ing testos­terone, increas­ing risk-​taking and atten­tion to you, and sex­u­al and roman­tic desire.

There are oth­er pheromones, which I'll dis­cuss more in anoth­er post, but syn­thet­ic cop­ulins are among the most com­mon for get­ting sexed up.

While it can be hard to pin­point whether people's flir­ta­tious advances are in response to the fra­grances, the pheromones, or just you (and your nat­ur­al pheromones) — I think peo­ple have a good sense of scents that suit their body chem­istry. We'll focus on the car­ri­er fra­grances today.

Of course, a scent's inter­ac­tion with body chem­istry is very per­son­al, so use Fragrantica to com­pare the notes to oth­er per­fumes you've tried. Bear in mind that I'm by no means a fra­grance geek; take my descrip­tions with a grain of salt.

TIP: Not sure whether pheromone per­fume is for you? Try a sam­pler kit — Eye of Love has "Attract Him" and "Attract Her" sets.

Exsens Feminine Pheromone Sprays

Exsens' body care prod­ucts and pheromone mists are on the fem­i­nine side with Under the Influence and Angel's Dream. These scents are made in south­ern France with a pro­pri­etary blend of syn­thet­ic cop­ulins — veiled under the labels, "fra­grance" and "par­fum."

As the names sug­gest, one is a bit more deca­dent, and the oth­er more airy and floral.

Sultry Body Care: My Favorite Lube, Massage, CBD, Pheromones & More! 2

Under the Influence Pheromone Mist

Under the Influence is a sul­try night­time fra­grance — think of a teas­ing can­dlelit din­ner date — with:

  • Top notes of black cur­rant and bergamot
  • Heart notes of rose, lychee, and davana flower
  • Base notes of patchouli and vanilla

Yes, it's flo­ral and fruity, but bal­anced by oth­er equal­ly impor­tant descrip­tors includ­ing warm, a tad woodsy, and min­i­mal­ly earthy, thanks to the patchouli's presence.

The fol­low­ing scents may share some similarities:

I've used it quite often when going out, and my bot­tle is almost emp­ty. Get Exsens' Under the Influence Pheromone body spray.

Angel's Dream Pheromone Mist

Arctic Rhodiola Rosea

Exsens also makes a more celes­tial and pow­dery day­time fra­grance they call Angel's Dream, con­tain­ing:

  • Top notes of berg­amot, pineap­ple, and lily of the valley
  • Heart notes of pear and plum
  • Base notes of vanil­la, musk, cedar, and amber

Sweet, white flo­ral, warm, and again, pow­dery, also come to mind. I wasn't super into Angel's Dream, but both of Exsens' scents cov­er up the syn­thet­ic cop­ulin smell quite well.

Sultry Body Care: My Favorite Lube, Massage, CBD, Pheromones & More! 3

Working With Copulins Yourself

I can def­i­nite­ly smell syn­thet­ic cop­ulins when they've been added to aro­mas. Hint: they smell like straight-​up ass cheese in their undi­lut­ed form, but they can (and arguably should) be mixed with fragrances.

If you want to com­bine pheromones into your per­fume, try a cop­ulin con­cen­trate — as lit­tle as one drop in a per­fume bot­tle is enough. The puta­tive female pheromone mix con­tains: propanoic, methyl­propanoic, butanoic, methylbu­tanoic, and methylpen­tanoic acids.

Don't make the same mis­take as me of using too much in some Bath and Body Works body spray when I was in school. A class­mate straight up asked, "Do you know what that smell is? Something near us smells like ass." Of course, I didn't tell her it was my failed per­fume experiment.

(I'll dis­cuss the com­pounds, dos­ing, and how to track "hits" or "suc­cess­ful" results anoth­er day.)

Eye of Love LGBTQ-friendly pheromone perfume, cologne, and scented massage lotion candle
Another look at the mas­sage can­dle lid, Couples' "Attract Them" kit, and glass "dia­mond" bot­tles. A het­ero cou­ples' kit is also available.

Eye of Love Pheromone Perfumes

Eye of Love cov­ers a dif­fer­ent range of pheromone for­mu­la­tions to "Attract Her," "Attract Him," and "Attract Them." Their pheromone mol­e­cules include estrate­traenol and androstenol and come in strik­ing glass bottles.

Feel free to stack them with cop­ulins men­tioned above — while estrate­traenol is more about the emo­tion­al draw of a woman, cop­ulins are more sensual.

My per­son­al favorite Eye of Love for­mu­las are Morning Glow, unscent­ed, and Matchmaker Red Diamond. Of course, my body chem­istry is dif­fer­ent from yours, so what works well with my sweat might not work well with yours. 🙂

Eye of Love LGBTQ-friendly pheromone perfume, cologne, and scented massage lotion candle

Closing Thoughts

When I often write about the mechan­ics of sex toys, it's easy to asso­ciate me with max­i­mal­ism, moar, moar, moar, and more. My sex toy reviews are just one facet of my sex­u­al expe­ri­ences, though.

While toys can be involved when play­ing with a part­ner, the focus is on turn­ing the expe­ri­ence into an immer­sive rit­u­al for all the sens­es: tast­ing each other's tongues, the smells and sighs, and our hands all over each other.

It's about devot­ing time and space to our bod­ies. It's tend­ing to each other's gar­dens and reaf­firm­ing the val­ue of self-​care and part­ner care. Take care of your­selves — because you all deserve it.

Massage cream and oil in glass bottles
Foria Wellness prod­ucts along­side Exsens' Amber jojo­ba mas­sage oil infused with crys­tals

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