My philosophy at Super Smash Cache

1 Sex-positivity is about totally owning your experience.

Take your plea­sure into your own hands. Explore new things, do your Kegels, breathe, and enjoy. Don't believe the bull­shit that it's inher­ent­ly hard­er for women to orgasm. We don't have to accept the "orgasm gap" on a cul­tur­al lev­el; claim­ing plea­sure begins with believ­ing that your body is capa­ble and deserv­ing of great things.

2 Sex toys are good and useful tools.

A sex toy's pur­pose is to stim­u­late bet­ter than your hands can. Sometimes, that means tex­tures galore, or a round­ed dil­do the size of a soda can, or what could pass as a blud­geon. And you know what? Using spe­cial­ized tools is okay.

Plenty of the best car­pen­ters use pow­er tools, laser cut­ters, and sledge­ham­mers. Using a self-​propelling rec­i­p­ro­cat­ing saw doesn't make some­one bet­ter or worse than some­one who uses a hand­saw. Driving a car doesn't ruin long walks with a part­ner. It just takes you far­ther in less time.

3 I'll never know everything about sex.

Even though our genes need sex to prop­a­gate, nobody is born inher­ent­ly know­ing how to have hot, mutu­al­ly pleasure-​oriented sex. It's some­thing we dis­cov­er over time. And nobody is ever going to know every­thing about sex. It's such a broad top­ic with so many intri­ca­cies. That's like say­ing you know every­thing love, health, or food.

But you're much more like­ly to find a food you love if you're try­ing new things. Sometimes you'll try some­thing that makes you feel luke­warm. Sometimes, some­thing real­ly deli­cious ele­vates your stan­dards. And some­times, some­one serves a bet­ter peach cob­bler than what you can make your­self. But isn't the sat­is­fac­tion of tast­ing it still wonderful?

4 Every body is different; nobody is irredeemable. Everyone deserves pleasure.

We all come in dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes, and our sex­u­al anato­my and pref­er­ences also have much vari­ety. Think of me as like a styl­ist: I'm here to help you find some­thing that suits you.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the options, feel free to contact me.

I'll send you some arti­cles that may help you and give per­son­al­ized sug­ges­tions for toys to try. If your ques­tions are beyond the scope of an email, we can talk about one-​on-​one Zoom calls and consultations!