My Philosophy at Super Smash Cache

One orgasm, 10 orgasms, 20 orgasms in one session? Whatever the electricity feels like for you here and now, enjoy the vibe.
The Uberrime Aptus silicone realistic dildo and L'Acier Capo stainless steel dildo both have that lovely, lovely cervix-massaging tilt.

Here's my lens for fire-starting your fucking and fanning the flames:

Exhilarating expan­sion — get cre­ative with the total­i­ty of possibilities!

Subjectifying sex­u­al­i­ty and sen­su­al­i­ty — shift­ing it from a per­for­mance for the out­side view­er to the inside expe­ri­encer. Revel in the body's innate abil­i­ty to feel "oh-​god-​oh-​fuck-​yes" ecstatic.

Do you want to go deep­er and feed the feral?

Demystifying, des­tig­ma­tiz­ing, and savor­ing your sub­con­scious desires. That includes:

  • Cultivating risk aware­ness and tol­er­ance for the taboo
  • Breaking bina­ry box­es and reject­ing main­stream limitations
  • Navigating nuance, dark­ness, and dimen­sion­al­i­ty as humans

…so you can feel good about feel­ing good and unlock potent plea­sure on your terms.

Brain-​breath-​body inte­gra­tion — going beyond the gen­i­tals and fur­ther into the mind­fuck and feel­ing it all over.

Contextualizing the pol­i­tics of plea­sure so that self-​care, inti­mate part­ner care, and com­mu­ni­ty care con­verge. Because, ulti­mate­ly, my work isn't just about enjoy­ing sex but also rel­ish­ing your radi­ant life.

1. Sex-positivity is about totally owning your experience.

Take your plea­sure into your own hands. Explore new things, do your Kegels, breathe, and enjoy. Don't believe the bull­shit that it's inher­ent­ly hard­er for women to orgasm. We don't have to accept the "orgasm gap" on a cul­tur­al level.

Sometimes, that means doing your own thing, even when what gets you hot and heavy isn't what "every­one else" likes. We don't yuck each other's yums here!

Much of my blog's ori­gin was root­ed in shar­ing less-​conventional path­ways to pleasure:

Claiming plea­sure begins with believ­ing that your body is capa­ble and deserv­ing of great things — what­ev­er that looks like for you.

2. Sex toys are good and useful tools.

A sex toy's pur­pose is to stim­u­late bet­ter than your hands can. Sometimes, that means tex­tures galore, or a round­ed dil­do the size of a soda can, or what could pass as a blud­geon. And you know what? Using spe­cial­ized tools is okay.

Plenty of the best car­pen­ters use pow­er tools, laser cut­ters, and sledge­ham­mers. Using a self-​propelling rec­i­p­ro­cat­ing saw doesn't make some­one bet­ter or worse than some­one who uses a hand­saw. Driving a car doesn't ruin long walks with a part­ner. It just takes you far­ther in less time.

3. Nobody will ever know everything about sex.

Even though our genes need sex to prop­a­gate, nobody is born inher­ent­ly know­ing how to com­mu­ni­cate and build up hot, mutu­al­ly pleasure-​oriented sex. It's some­thing we dis­cov­er over time. And nobody is ever going to know every­thing about sex. That's like say­ing you know every­thing love, health, or food.

Sex such a broad top­ic with so many intri­ca­cies — bio­log­i­cal, social, economic.

But you're much more like­ly to find what you love if you're try­ing new things. Sometimes you'll try some­thing that makes you feel luke­warm. Sometimes, some­thing real­ly deli­cious you try at a buf­fet ele­vates your stan­dards. And some­times, some­one serves a bet­ter peach cob­bler than what you can make your­self. But isn't the sat­is­fac­tion of tast­ing it still wonderful?

4. Every body is different; nobody is irredeemable. Everyone deserves pleasure.

We all come in dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes, and our sex­u­al anato­my and pref­er­ences also have much vari­ety. Even your life expe­ri­ences will heav­i­ly influ­ence your kinks. So think of me as a styl­ist: I'm here to help you find some­thing that suits you.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the options, feel free to contact me.

I'll send you some arti­cles that may help you and give per­son­al­ized sug­ges­tions for toys to try. If your ques­tions are beyond the scope of an email, we can talk about one-​on-​one Zoom calls and consultations!