Top 9 Stainless Steel Dildos, Ranked (njoy, L'Acier, Le Wand)

The inten­si­ty of met­al dil­dos is hard to top — to the point where sex geeks have called them “mis­siles” or “snipers” for the inter­nal eroge­nous zones. They're mar­vels of plea­sure engineering.

njoy Eleven, L'Acier Reverb, njoy Pure Wand, Le Wand Contour, L'Acier Reverb stainless steel metal dildos and vibrators
  • njoy's Pure Wand is top-​tier for next-​level G‑spotting precision
  • The njoy Eleven's draw is the breadth, blur­ring togeth­er the G‑spot and A‑spot
  • Capo by L'Acier is just deliri­ous­ly deli­cious cervix mas­sage perfection
  • njoy's Disco pin­points sev­er­al spots simul­ta­ne­ous­ly while twist­ing or thrusting
  • L'Acier's Reverb relies on its handle's weight to tilt the tip for­ward effortlessly
  • Le Wand stain­less steel dil­dos have more heft for momentum

I've said it before: my vagi­na is a machine that does not care about the dif­fer­ences between met­al and flesh.

This post will recap the range of met­al dil­dos I've reviewed over the years. Some are icon­ic cult clas­sics (njoy Pure Wand, any­one?), while oth­ers are new­er to the scene with must-​mention mer­its and specialties.

It's hard to rank my favorites when they're all my favorites.

Perks of Stainless Steel Sex Toys

The lux­u­ri­ous, mirror-​polished fin­ish is just one facet of metal's magnetism.

L'Acier Slide, Le Wand Contour, L'Acier Capo, njoy Eleven, Le Wand Arch, njoy Pure Wand metal dildos and vibrators

They're high-​end, and they're also designed for:

  • Force, momen­tum, and focus — press­ing hard­er against your walls at juu­u­ust the right spot
  • Temperature play — they cool down and warm up quick­ly, height­en­ing sen­sa­tion as a follow-​up to, say, some­one trac­ing ice cubes on you
  • Slickness — the smooth sur­face demands hard­ly any added lubri­ca­tion, and you can use any type of emol­lient (water-​based, oil, or sil­i­cone) with stain­less steel

Your mileage may vary, though. I'll quote what I said in a pre­vi­ous review:

What makes stain­less steel dreamy to me as a dil­do mate­r­i­al makes it a night­mare for oth­ers. It's heavy! It's slip­pery! The unfor­giv­ing nature of steel can be uncom­fort­able for some users!

If you're in doubt, exper­i­ment with some glass toys before try­ing stain­less steel dil­dos. I know what I like, though, and I think met­al sex toys are so, so under­rat­ed. I love the depth, for­ti­tude, and gus­to when I get stuffed.

Some of the fol­low­ing toys’ design prin­ci­ples can be found in glass dil­dos. As well, some met­al dil­dos list­ed here are more beginner-​friendly or eas­i­er to grip than others.

Ranking the Best Metal Dildos

They're all high qual­i­ty, but I cer­tain­ly have my pref­er­ences! I'll list the pros, cons, and ide­al users for each one. Plus, it's a love­ly walk down mem­o­ry lane revis­it­ing the best met­al sex toys I adored (and con­tin­ue to cher­ish) — and I can do more jus­tice to them.

Holding the njoy Eleven stainless steel dildo in my hand for a size comparison to my wrist.

njoy Eleven

If I could only keep one dil­do, it would be the njoy Eleven. I want to be buried with it when I die. This mini-​review could be summed up:

  • OMG
  • Fuck
  • Aaahh
  • aaaaAAaahaAaaaahhhhh

My pussy's throb­bing just think­ing about it again.

Here's What 2019 Me Had to Say About It

From my past njoy Eleven review:

If a fire burned my house down, I'd return to the rub­ble to retrieve my njoy Eleven after­ward. […] Its stain­less steel body is sub­jec­tive­ly irre­sistible and objec­tive­ly, near­ly indestructible.

At 2.75 pounds, the njoy Eleven is 3.67% of my toy collection's esti­mat­ed weight. […] I could kill some­one with this blud­geon steel dil­do if I want­ed to. Wielding the njoy Eleven is what it means to be alive. I feel invincible.

The njoy Eleven's packaging is a slender black leather purse with a magnetic closure. The inside lining is pink fabric.

What Is the njoy Eleven's Draw?

It's enor­mous, mea­sur­ing (duh) eleven inch­es long, 1.75” wide on the “small” end, and 2” wide on the big end. The length is fan-​fucking-​tastic for deep penetration.

It's front-​loaded as fuck. The bulbs are super well-​defined, tes­sel­lat­ing with my G‑spot's dip and mas­sag­ing my cervix and A‑spot just right.

The small­er end is tex­tured; ridges rub near the open­ing in addi­tion to the tip bot­tom­ing me out. On the flip side, fin­gers fit in the fur­rows like an ergonom­ic han­dle when the thick­er end is inserted.

Its weight dis­tri­b­u­tion and shape can eas­i­ly be lever­aged. If you split it down the mid­dle length-​wise, the result­ing sec­tions would be equal­ly weight­ed. Tilt the han­dle down to push the head up (or vice ver­sa, depend­ing on your posi­tion) against the front wall for max­i­mum pleasure.

How Does the njoy Eleven feel?

With the njoy Eleven, my G‑spot and ante­ri­or fornix eroge­nous zone are no longer dis­tinct enti­ties. Their bound­aries dis­solve until my entire front wall is one expanse of "FUCK!" and a but­ton for induc­ing what looks like demon­ic pos­ses­sion of my body, like love and death at the same time.

I can keep going and going and going with it for one, two, twen­ty orgasms. It's a whole-​body expe­ri­ence where I find myself whim­per­ing and cry­ing and, on occa­sion, pant­i­ng with my tongue stick­ing out.

The njoy Eleven's

njoy Eleven Measurements

  • Weight: 44 oz
  • Total length: 11” (of course)
  • Double-​ended
  • 2.0” across the big­ger head 
    • 1.7” just under the head
  • 1.7” across the “small” head 
    • 1.1” just under the head
  • 1.2” mid-​shaft diameter

njoy Eleven Discounts, Savings, and Shipping

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SheVibe also ships inter­na­tion­al­ly and has fan­tas­tic cus­tomer ser­vice. Even if they can't ship direct­ly to your coun­try, they may still be able to use a for­ward­ing ser­vice. Contact them for more details.

The L'Acier Capo stainless steel vibrator is semi-realistic with a swelling head and gentle curve. Attached in this picture is also the retrieval loop and a vibrating bullet.

L'Acier Capo

  • ✓ Insta-​cumming via G‑spotting
  • ✓ Insta-​cumming via A‑spotting
  • ✓ Insta-​cumming via cervix massage

Your mileage will vary, but it's bonkers how quick­ly I cum with the L'Acier Capo. And what can I say? I have a type. Capo is the unyield­ing ana­log to my beloved Uberrime Aptus:

  • Semi-​representational of a long penis
  • Juicy, swoop­ing head with a defined, clear corona
  • Shallow upward arc
  • Plenty of met­al to fill me up

What did 2022 me have to say?

This review of the L'Acier Capo … might as well be summed up, “AAAAAAAAAAAA.”

Yup, it's anoth­er one of those.

…designed after a penis but styl­ized for extra impact. There's a sub­stan­tial con­trast between the glans and the sulcus/​dip underneath.

How does the L'Acier Capo feel in use?

The com­bi­na­tion of cur­va­ture and slope slips in my for­nices eas­i­ly, whether I want to mas­sage the cervix itself, the A‑spot, or the G‑spot. I have no choice; I'm cum­ming with­in sec­onds. It's just so per­fect­ly shaped for me. Long, fill­ing, goes in deep, warms up to body heat? Hell, yeah.

My cervix is in awe. The flat head also kneads my front wall, and the coro­na pulls my G‑spot on the outstroke.

The Uberrime Aptus silicone realistic dildo and L'Acier Capo stainless steel dildo both have that lovely, lovely cervix-massaging tilt.

I didn't do jus­tice to the L'Acier Capo in my orig­i­nal review. Why? I first wrote it for an Instagram cap­tion and want­ed to keep it brief, which was frankly a trav­es­ty not tak­ing the time to savor and con­tem­plate its deli­cious­ness. Looking back, it's clear why it's a damn near per­fect match.

So let's set the record straight: I couldn't have asked for a bet­ter mid-​sized, semi-​realistic steel dil­do shape. That's not an exag­ger­a­tion; the Uberrime Aptus was lit­er­al­ly made for my body, and the L’Acier’s Capo fits sim­i­lar specs while also being cast in my favorite material.

The only down­side is that the bul­let includ­ed is def­i­nite­ly on the weak and buzzy side, but I don't give three fucks about four fucks. The dil­do shape fits me like a puz­zle piece.

L’Acier Capo Measurements

  • Weight: 36 oz
  • 7.0” insertable length
  • 1.6” max­i­mum diameter
  • 1.2” diam­e­ter under the head
  • 1.4” mid-​shaft diameter

L'Acier Capo Discount Code

Use code SUPER20 at L'Acier for 20% off the Capo stain­less steel dil­do.

L'Acier Capo and Smartee Semi-Realistic Vibrators With Long Reach Handles
The La Boutique Voila Smartee and L'Acier Capo are both made by Velvet Brands!

If you want a bendy, light­weight, sil­i­cone ver­sion of the L'Acier Capo, try the Smartee from La Boutique Voila. It's hol­low and soft because it was orig­i­nal­ly made for preg­nant women to mas­tur­bate, but any­one who wants a long reach han­dle can enjoy it:

  • Using a dil­do for part­ner play
  • Navigating bel­ly fat
  • Mobility issues and need­ing more tex­ture for grip
  • Wanting to use as much insertable length as possible!

I'd much rather have the Capo's weight and rigid­i­ty, but the Smartee's vibra­tions are waaaaaay stronger. 

njoy Disco

Talk about remix­ing your guts. The njoy Disco's per­pen­dic­u­lar tiers were made for seri­ous­ly scram­bling insides. It's intense and per­fect for the tex­ture sluts who just can't get enough.

Top 9 Stainless Steel Dildos, Ranked (njoy, L'Acier, Le Wand) 1

Instead of the usu­al gradually-​increasing round beads, Disco has ellipses arranged and stacked 90 degrees to one anoth­er, like a cross or four-​leaf clover.

There are a few ways to move it, move it, which I men­tioned in my njoy Disco review:

  • Twisting against my A‑spot (han­dle loop is par­al­lel to my slit) — small arcs side-to-side
  • Broader, com­plete, con­tin­u­ous rota­tions on repeat
  • Really, any degree of swivel­ing — feel­ing the hor­i­zon­tal, lat­i­tu­di­nal drag­ging and sliding
  • Thrusting with all but the bottom-​most bead, enchant­i­ng AF against my front wall
  • A‑spot pres­sure with G‑spot pres­sure simul­ta­ne­ous­ly — thrust­ing or twist­ing or “draw­ing” shapes with the move­ments, like let­ters writ­ing the sauci­est sto­ry on my cave walls
  • Holding it in place, almost plug-​style, all the way in — each clench pulls the njoy Disco in hard against my ceil­ing. Clench, cum, repeat.

njoy Pure Wand

I always cum with­in 30 sec­onds of using it. Your mileage will vary, but this dil­do is damn good. Call me a three-​pump chump (more on that in a bit).

The njoy Pure Wand's packaging is a sturdy storage box with pink satin-lined foam cushioning. How luxurious!

First, here's what 2018 me had to say about the Pure Wand:

Before using your Pure Wand, apol­o­gize to your neigh­bors in advance for all the screaming.

Have some tow­els ready, even if you think you can't squirt. Maybe set aside some time to ful­ly appre­ci­ate pound­ing your G‑spot to obliv­ion over and over again.

If you want the absolute most direct­ly intense G‑spot dil­do, one whose engi­neer­ing is a time­less clas­sic, this is it. Most sex shops won't even send the Pure Wand out for reviews any­more because it's already so well-​praised that it sim­ply doesn't need more.

Njoy Pure Wand Pros and Cons

What makes the njoy Pure Wand so great?

  • The steep, C‑shaped curve isn't fuck­ing around; it will do all the angling for you and bash right into your front wall.
  • Its heft gives it ample force and momentum
  • Double-​ended — choose your scope of focus
  • You don't need to move it much; just some small jig­gling, sway­ing, rock­ing, or cir­cling in place will do the trick.
  • Nice weight for doing pelvic floor exer­cis­es for big­ger, more intense orgasms

Why might some­one not like it?

  • It's intense, and only some are ready for that.
  • It directs most force just past the pubic bone, which will sat­is­fy most. However, every body is dif­fer­ent, and some users are more sen­si­tive a lit­tle low­er down than where the Pure Wand focuses.
  • Orgasms with the Pure Wand feel very sharply “one-​and-​done” for me. If you're mono-​orgasmic, that might be ide­al, though! Pair it with an exter­nal vibra­tor to round out the experience.
njoy Pure Wand stainless steel dildo curvature

Should You Get an njoy Pure Wand?

Ultimately, the Pure Wand is a spe­cial­ist that is incred­i­ble at what it was designed to do: fuck­ing assault­ing the G‑spot via shal­low pen­e­tra­tion, just past the bone. It's also hel­la fun for weightlift­ing and was foun­da­tion­al to my sex­u­al journey.

If you're unsure, I'd say to try some cheap­er glass dil­dos first and see what shapes you like. Here are a few to con­sid­er, from most gen­tly to most intense­ly G‑spotty:

  • Chrystalino Champ — straight-​shafted. Less focus. Excellent for deep pen­e­tra­tion and cervix mas­sage, too
  • Chrystalino Superior — gen­tly curved, double-​ended, bead­ed for rip­pling front wall sensations
  • Icicles No. 70 - multi-​purpose glass dil­do for intense G‑spotting and cervix massage.

However, if you've been fin­gered in that area and think, “Fuck yes, bend more and don't stop,” you already know the Pure Wand is for you. There's a rea­son its icon­ic sta­tus is right up there with the Magic Wand Rechargeable. Buy it once. Simultaneously spoil and bul­ly your G‑spot for life.

njoy Pure Wand Measurements

  • Weight: 24 oz
  • 8” straight across from end to end
  • 1.0” across the small­er bulb 
    • 0.7” just under the head
  • 1.5” across the big­ger bulb 
    • 1.0” just under the head
  • 0.5” mid-​shaft diameter

njoy Pure Wand Discount

Take 10% off the njoy Pure Wand at Peepshow Toys with code SUPERSMASHCACHE or get it as part of a bun­dle with oth­er pop­u­lar toys

L'Acier Reverb steel vibrating anal hook with retrieval loop and removable bullet vibrator

L'Acier Reverb

The L'Acier Reverb steel hands-​free vibra­tor is tru­ly a next-​level nov­el­ty. Its han­dle is so extra, but that exter­nal weight tilts the insert­ed por­tion effortlessly.

…turn­ing the orgasm-​to-​effort ratio into just some­thing else. There's prac­ti­cal­ly no effort. We are approach­ing infin­i­ty and a “divide by zero” error. Cue modem dial-​up sta­t­ic nois­es in my brain.

I banged out my orig­i­nal Reverb review in one sit­ting because was so in awe over how intense it was. The words kept gush­ing and pouring.

“Oh, my god­dddd. What is hap­pen­ing? Fuuuuck, how is it doing that?” I thought, cum­ming not too long after insert­ing the L'Acier Reverb stain­less steel dildo.

I wasn't thrust­ing it. I was bare­ly even hold­ing it. I hadn't even turned on the vibra­tions, yet my eyes were wide, and my mouth was hang­ing open. The A‑spot and G‑spot pres­sure was next-level.

Pros and Cons of the L'Acier Reverb

The down­sides

  • The bul­let is mod­er­ate­ly strong but quite buzzy.
  • It doesn't fit stan­dard bul­let sizes since you can't have much mar­gin of error with stain­less steel. If you want more rumbly vibra­tions, wrap rub­ber bands around a slight­ly small­er bul­let like the Blush Realm or We-​Vibe Tango.
  • Heavy
  • Not easy for every­one to thrust (or hold inside, for that matter)
L'Acier Reverb with angled solo play handle attached.

The plus sides

  • Heavy — the weight is deli­cious inside me
  • Feels fan­tas­tic even with­out the bullet
  • The angling is already done for you; unyield­ing steel will press up against your front wall.
  • Great for gen­er­al G‑spot, prostate, and poten­tial­ly A‑spot pressure
  • Removable han­dles for eas­i­er reach dur­ing solo or part­ner play
  • It can be rocked back and forth for extra plea­sure, but also incred­i­ble hands-free
  • Colossal delight with prac­ti­cal­ly zero effort

Reverb Measurements

  • Weight: 31 oz
  • Insertable length: 5.2”
  • Maximum diam­e­ter: 1.3”
  • Minimum diam­e­ter: 0.3”
  • Handle length: 6.3”
  • Handle diam­e­ter: 1.3”

L'Acier Reverb Discount Code

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Le Wand Contour S-curved double-ended steel dildo

Le Wand Contour

Most of the perks of the njoy Eleven also apply to the Le Wand Contour, but there are some dif­fer­ences. Yup, the Contour fucks me stu­pid, and any remain­ing sass is gone when I use it. I'm just a pud­dle of plea­sure slut.

Boom, boom, insta-​come all-​around. Sharp. Like the orgasms are blast­ed out of me.

The only rea­son it's not high­er up on the list is that it's frig­gin’ heavy — waaaaay hefti­er than the Eleven, despite the strik­ing resemblance.

Similarities Between the Le Wand Contour and njoy Eleven

Both Contour and Eleven feel fan­tas­tic for G‑spotting and A‑spotting. Any inter­nal eroge­nous zone? They'll get the job done again and again and again and again.

Here are notes from 2020 me about the Contour and Eleven's sim­i­lar­i­ties:

  • Eleven inch­es long
  • Mirror-​polished stain­less steel
  • Shallow S‑curves
  • Generously swelling heads
  • Double-​ended, with dif­fer­ent size options
  • A ridged shaft on the "small" end
My then-boyfriend and me holding the Le Wand Contour and njoy Eleven

Le Wand Contour and njoy Eleven Differences

  • Head shape — the Eleven's heads are egg-​shaped, tes­sel­lat­ing damn well in my G‑spot, while the Le Wand Contour's are more squared-​off. I get the G‑spot and A‑spot syn­er­gy with the Eleven but not the Contour.
  • Diameter - the njoy Eleven mea­sures 2.0” and 1.7” across the heads, while the Le Wand Contour mea­sures 1.9” and 1.5”
  • Weight — the njoy Eleven is strate­gi­cal­ly hol­low to bal­ance inten­si­ty and ease of use, weigh­ing 44 oz. That's noth­ing to scoff at, but the Contour, in con­trast, is sol­id steel at 72 oz. It's sub­stan­tial­ly hard­er to thrust. Another dif­fer­ence is that Eleven's weight dis­tri­b­u­tion is cen­tered; the big­ger end weighs the same as the small­er end.
  • Price - the Le Wand Contour costs way less.

The dif­fer­ences aren't minor. While I usu­al­ly scoff at Le Wand's busi­ness mod­el of “Copy oth­er com­pa­nies’ prod­ucts but make them worse and more expen­sive,” I'll make an excep­tion for the Contour.

Why? It's small­er and doesn't cost as much, address­ing why shop­pers might hem and haw at the Eleven. If the weight and head shape aren't deal­break­ers for you, have at it. Rearrange your insides with the Le Wand Contour.

njoy Eleven and Le Wand Contour side-by-side

Closing Thoughts on the Contour and Eleven

I find myself whim­per­ing and cry­ing when using either one, thrust­ing it, sigh­ing with my mouth open, and remix­ing my guts. The Eleven was well worth the price tag for me, though. It's my absolute favorite dildo.

And even though the Le Wand Contour's devi­a­tions from the Eleven aren't ide­al, it's close enough and may be just peachy for your priorities.

Le Wand Contour Discount Codes

Take 10% off the Le Wand Contour at Betty's Toy Box with code SUPER

njoy Fun Wand

Here's the thing: I like the njoy Fun Wand a lot. It's got a clas­sic, shal­low S‑curve that can laser-​point the G‑spot and A‑spot. One side is bead­ed for anal inter­est. It's a ver­sa­tile generalist.

But it's dain­ty. The njoy Fun Wand is firm and focused on one spot and noth­ing more. Don't expect the va-​va-​voom of the Pure Wand's angling.

It will get most jobs done, but think of the Fun Wand as a light and com­pact gate­way to steel dil­dos — an explorato­ry glimpse.

The njoy Fun Wand has two ends: one with gradual anal beads, and the other a shorter curve for G-spot and prostate massage.

njoy's Fun Wand size and sil­hou­ette are ide­al for those who:

  • Are shop­ping for their first-​ever hard mate­r­i­al dildo
  • Like shal­low penetration
  • Don't mind a slen­der dil­do that focus­es on just one point
  • Maybe want to explore deep­er pen­e­tra­tion with­out commitment
  • Loooove the tex­tures of anal beads
  • Can appre­ci­ate some­thing ele­gant and extra

The njoy Fun Wand works for all of my hot spots. It's pret­ty. It's great and giftable for users who specif­i­cal­ly like dain­tier dil­dos that sim­u­late a sin­gle finger's focus. TSA and cus­toms offi­cers would be less to take issue with it, plus you can eas­i­ly fit the njoy Fun Wand into a small purse for part­ner escapades wher­ev­er you go.

njoy Fun Wand Measurements

  • Weight: 12 oz
  • 8” total length
  • 1.0” across the big end
  • 0.8” across the small­est bead

njoy Fun Wand Discount Codes

Take 10% off the Fun Wand at Peepshow Toys with code SUPERSMASHCACHE

Le Wand Arch

So the ridged, grad­u­al­ly swelling end of this steel dil­do is yum­my.

The Le Wand Arch is a double-ended dildo with one flat G-spotty head and another, gradually swelling one.

Here's what 2020 me had to say about the Le Wand Arch:

Think of [its] taper as kind of like the Desirables Dalia's thick end … but better.

You could even take it a step fur­ther and call it kin­dred to the LELO Mona 2's shape. In oth­er words, it has a sim­i­lar moderate-​but-​filling swell, with more sub­stan­tial heft for va-va-VOOM.

The slight curve and longer insertable length (rel­a­tive to the Mona) mean I can go in even deep­er with the Arch for simul­ta­ne­ous A‑spot and G‑spot mas­sage. Its brava­do, in con­junc­tion with the mild rib­bing, results in an ante­ri­or orches­tra that's both potent and complex.

On the flip side, with the Le Wand Arch's flat end? G‑spot toys with steep curves and lev­eled heads taunt me, and not in a good way. “Everyone else” in the toy review world likes them because of the way they knead the front wall, but they miss the mark for me.

Luckily, the Le Wand Arch is a lii­i­it­tle more round­ed, so it fits a lit­tle bet­ter in my pubic bone's dip than, say, the LELO Ella. However, it’s not per­fect for my body. It lacks vroom and could be more distinguished.

Yeah, it's more chal­leng­ing to impress me now than three years ago.

Le Wand Arch metal dildo with a gentle curve and flat head

I used to be over the moon for the Le Wand Arch. It'll make me cum quick­ly, for sure. And, in iso­la­tion, the Le Wand Arch is a good dil­do. But I can't think of a sit­u­a­tion where I'd use the Le Wand Arch's hooked side over, say, the L'Acier Capo.

The Le Wand Arch's tapered end, though? Beautiful. Filling. Harmonic. I want more hard mate­r­i­al dil­dos shaped like that.

Le Wand Arch Measurements

  • Weight: 30 oz
  • 8” total length
  • 1.4” max­i­mum diameter
  • 0.8” mid-​shaft diameter

Le Wand Arch Discount Code

Use code SUPER10 for 10% off the Le Wand Arch at Betty's Toy Box

L'Acier Slide

The Slide offers vibrat­ing steel anal beads on a looooooong shaft — 12 inch­es of insertable length for:

  • Depth play in the back hole
  • Or if you want a long han­dle for easy reach

For vagi­nal use, the knobs can pull rhyth­mi­cal­ly against the G‑spot, but the stim­u­la­tion feels more resid­ual, like the dif­fer­ence between 7UP and lime LaCroix; it's not as intense as with the toys high­er up on the list.

The first two metal vibrators I tried from L'Acier!
L'Acier Slide steel vibrat­ing anal beads and L'Acier Capo. 

As a review­er, I occa­sion­al­ly crave the L'Acier Slide for pin­point A‑spot mas­sage. As a shop­per, though, it wouldn't be a pri­or­i­ty in my bud­get when there are so many oth­er toys I could be play­ing with.

In short, the L'Acier Slide was def­i­nite­ly made more for deep anal explo­ration, and that's not quite my jam. It might be yours, though.

L’Acier Slide Measurements

  • Weight: 31 oz
  • 12” insertable length
  • 1.1” across the top bulb
  • 0.4” min­i­mum diameter

Summary and Comparison Table

Jump back to the table of con­tents to re-​read the mini-​reviews. <3

CurvatureBest for....Maximum diameter (inches)Weight (oz)
njoy ElevenShallow S-curveRemixing your guts, OMFG. Cervix massage, A-spotting, intense but indirect G-spotting. It's perfection if you love big, hard dildos deep inside you.2.044
L'Acier CapoVeeeery shallow L-curveA mid-sized dildo that does evveerrrrrything under the sun well, including deep penetration and cervix massage.1.636
njoy Pure WandSteep C-curveAn intense, direct, next-level G-spot and prostate sniping specialist that might make you squirt.1.524
njoy DiscoStraight-shaftedIntensely targeting multiple hot spots with pinpoint pressure at once, particularly the A-spot and G-spot2.0"52
L'Acier ReverbDefined angle — extremely bent L or asymmetric VRaw, hands-free intensity and unforgiving angling against up to 5.2" of front wall (broad pressure over the prostate, G-spot, maybe A-spot in some users).1.331
Le Wand ContourShallow S-curveA slightly smaller njoy Eleven knockoff, if you're willing to deal with waaaaay more weight.1.972
njoy Fun WandModerate S-curveA compact, beginner-friendly exploration toy for all things internal.1.012
Le Wand ArchShallow C-curveA semi-filling swell that indirectly rubs the G-spot. YMMV with the flat end, though.1.430
L'Acier SlideVeeeeery shallow C-curveAnal depth play.1.131

L'Acier spon­sored this post. Opinions expressed are my own.

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5 Responses

  1. K says:

    I have the Eleven but the Capo real­ly inter­ests me. Do they feel quite dif­fer­ent from one anoth­er, or is it more “these two do the same thing about as well as each other”?

  2. Alex says:

    Thank you for giv­ing such a thor­ough break­down of the dif­fer­ences between these toys. It real­ly helps with pur­chas­ing decisions.

  3. Trix says:

    As a fel­low Pure Wand lover (am I the only one who finds it sooth­ing?) who’s been curi­ous about L’Acier in par­tic­u­lar, I real­ly appre­ci­ate this post!

  4. Chelsea says:

    Love the list. So detail oriented!

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