Satisfyer Sweet Treat, Yummy Sunshine, and Charming Smile Vibrator Mini-Reviews

My first thought upon see­ing the Satisfyer Sweet Treat was, "Oh my gosh, it's adorable," and my sec­ond was, "It's prob­a­bly going to be ter­ri­ble, but I have to have it."

[Image: Satisfyer Charming Smile G-spot vibrator, Yummy Sunshine textured A-spot vibrator, and Sweet Treat next to doll and teenie weenies]

If you're look­ing for afford­able and body-​safe sex toys, you can't ignore Satisfyer vibes! They're cheap, they're cute, and they come in a range of col­ors, from pale lilac to a but­ter­cream yel­low (fit­ting­ly named Yummy Sunshine).

Another addi­tion to their line? An (equal­ly sweet) ice cream-​themed rotat­ing stim­u­la­tor with sil­i­cone "flaps" to sweep over the cli­toris, penis, nip­ples, or oth­er exter­nal hot spots.

Satisfyer Knockoffs vs. Fun Factory Vibrator Designs

I was dis­ap­point­ed but not sur­prised when Satisfyer copied Fun Factory's vibra­tor shapes. Consider the fol­low­ing anal­o­gous pairs:

Satisfyer Sweet Treat, Yummy Sunshine, and Charming Smile Vibrator Mini-Reviews 1

They're not exact knock-​offs. Consider, for exam­ple, that the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine's tex­ture is far more sub­dued than the Tiger, and the Flower Power has three petals, unlike the Volta's two flaps. Satisfyer's vibra­tors also have a smoother mat­te fin­ish, while Fun Factory's is grainier with a bit more drag. This dif­fer­ence is less pro­nounced with lube, of course.

Still, the sim­i­lar­i­ties in han­dle design and shaft shapes are strik­ing; it doesn't sit right with me. However, when Satisfyer vibes are about a third of Fun Factory's prices, I under­stand. I wouldn't judge any­one for choos­ing the cheap­er option.

UPDATE: I've writ­ten anoth­er post com­par­ing knock­offs like the Yummy Sunshine vs. the orig­i­nal Fun Factory Tiger.

Satisfyer vs. Fun Factory Vibration Quality

Satisfyer's vibra­tors pret­ty much come down to "you get what you pay for." They can­not com­pare to the qual­i­ty of the Fun Factory inserta­bles' G5 motors, which are rum­bli­er and qui­eter. That doesn't mean that Satisfyer Vibes are bad or even buzzy per se. And with six steady speeds, six pat­terns, and three but­tons, the quality-​to-​price ratio is noth­ing to scoff at. It's just that their motors are gener­ic with less voom.

You'll still get the flut­tery action with the Satisfyer Flower Power, but with a more prick­ly "zing" and a small­er range of motion than the Fun Factory Volta. Fun Factory's vibra­tors, in con­trast, have a sig­na­ture deep purr that I find more con­ducive to mul­ti­ple orgasms.

[Image: purple Satisfyer Charming Smile G-spot vibrator and Yummy Sunshine yellow textured vibrator next to Barbie doll doing a split and holding a tiny rainbow dildo]

Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine Long G-Spot & A-Spot Vibrator

Regular read­ers of my blog will be 0% sur­prised that I am enam­ored by the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine's 8.75" length (6" insertable) and forward-​tilting tip. It's a stel­lar com­bi­na­tion for slid­ing behind and mas­sag­ing my cervix with fast but short, smooth thrusts.

I can't stop. Thrust, thrust, come. Thrust, thrust, come. It's not a quick­ie kind of toy for me (though it can be) — I much pre­fer set­ting aside ample time to come on it over and over again. The ridges on the shaft most­ly dis­ap­pear in use, but that's fine. It's that length and curve that I crave.

Likewise, though it's no Uberrime Night King or Tantus Tsunami, the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine has enough length and flex­i­bil­i­ty that I can tar­get pres­sure against my G‑spot, even with­out an espe­cial­ly bent or defined head. Only the last 4 inch­es is bendy, while the rest of the shaft and han­dle have a rigid core. I could see it being help­ful for those with big bod­ies who need toys with extra shaft for aiming.

It's also worth not­ing that the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine vibra­tor has a non-​committal bump, osten­si­bly for cli­toral stim­u­la­tion where the vibra­tions are con­cen­trat­ed. I have an aver­age clit-​vag gap of 1 inch, so my clit does indi­rect­ly absorb some of the buzz. However, those who want more cli­toral pres­sure or fric­tion should look into get­ting a sep­a­rate toy for exter­nal stim­u­la­tion. Alternatively, the bump can serve as a stop­per when insert­ing the Yummy Sunshine anally.

Overall, for the price tag, the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine is a ver­sa­tile option for cli­toral stim­u­la­tion, cervix mas­sage, and G‑spot explo­ration. I would have been thrilled to try some­thing like the Yummy Sunshine as a first sex toy.

UPDATE: I've writ­ten anoth­er post com­par­ing knock­offs like the Yummy Sunshine vs. the orig­i­nal Fun Factory Tiger.

[Image: side view of the Satisfyer Charming Smile and Yummy Sunshine next to Barbie doll lying down]

Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile G-Spot Vibrator

The Satisfyer Charming Smile's col­or also caught my eye. It's a pale lilac, more fem­i­nine than the Yummy Sunshine, but a wel­come break from pink and sad pur­ple. It fea­tures a rel­a­tive­ly slight 4.25" insertable por­tion, which is still long enough for my G‑spot. The sharp head allows for some pin­point pres­sure, not unlike the Lumberjill Grace's shape, though slen­der in comparison.

Unfortunately, this vibra­tor doesn't neat­ly tes­sel­late with my G‑spot, and (unfor­tu­nate­ly) tends to dig in a lit­tle bit past where I'd like. There's some flex­i­bil­i­ty to the sil­i­cone, so get­ting off with it inter­nal­ly is doable, but I find the Satisfyer Charming Smile stub­born and dif­fi­cult to aim. It might work bet­ter if it was longer— like I said, nobody should be sur­prised that I enjoyed the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine more.

It's also worth not­ing that the Satisfyer Charming Smile's G‑spotting shape is avail­able in a rab­bit vibra­tor form. The Mr. Rabbit comes in a dark­er (lack­lus­ter) pur­ple and has a flex­i­ble cli­toral stim­u­la­tion arm. For my taste, it's too bendy to do did­dly squat for my clit. I'd much pre­fer stick­ing to my We-​Vibe Nova rab­bit vibe or use a sep­a­rate exter­nal toy, like the Hot Octopuss Digit.

[Image: Barbie doll doing a split among Uberrime silicone teenie weenies, holding Barbie-sized dildos next to pink and brown Satisfyer Sweet Treat rotating ice cream clitoral stimulator]

Satisfyer Sweet Treat Rotating "Licking" Clitoral Stimulator

The Satisfyer Sweet Treat doesn't vibrate— instead, it's like a rotat­ing fan with 16 super, super soft sil­i­cone flaps to tick­le your exter­nal eroge­nous zones. There are 7 set­tings: 4 steady speeds and 3 vari­a­tions of back-​and-​forth direc­tion switch­ing. Its adorable pre­sen­ta­tion reminds me of the Lovehoney Sqweel Go but unfor­tu­nate­ly doesn't mea­sure up.

Both the Satisfyer Sweet Treat and Sqweel Go stim­u­late by rotat­ing, but the Sweet Treat is sooooo much soft­er and less pow­er­ful. It doesn't feel bad. It can get me off, but it doesn't feel like much of any­thing, real­ly, and is too bendy to be mem­o­rable. The Satisfyer Sweet Treat's move­ment ini­tial­ly looks impres­sive, but as soon as you apply pres­sure, it stalls.

It's a shame because the shape of the flaps had poten­tial. The tip of the "ice cream" could have rotat­ed around my clit, and the round­ed edges could have fanned it side-to-side.

But no. While the Satisfyer Sweet Treat is adorable as a gag gift and feels pleas­ant, it's pathet­ic for the price tag. At least the Sqweel Go adds some­thing to my sen­so­ry smor­gas­bord, and for not much more in cost.

[Image: Barbie holding dildos and lying down next to pink and brown Satisfyer Sweet Treat and teal Uberrime teenie weenie]

Wrapping It Up: My Verdict on Satisfyer Vibes & Sweet Treats

Satisfyer's insertable vibra­tors are a treat for the eyes, but they have Fun Factory's design­ers to thank for that. I dis­like Satisfyer as a com­pa­ny but have noth­ing against the con­sumers who are shop­ping for body-​safe sex toys on a bud­get, whether it's for begin­ner butt stuff, pres­sure wave devices, or phal­lic classics. 

If I wasn't a review­er, I might con­sid­er buy­ing a Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine as an every­day basic.

For now, though, my advice is to stay away from Satisfyer's attempts at cre­ativ­i­ty. That advice applies across the board to Satisfyer prod­ucts I've reviewed in the past: the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples, the Satisfyer Multifun, and now, the Satisfyer Sweet Treat. It's no sur­prise that a com­pa­ny built on cheap knock-​offs strug­gles to make any­thing stel­lar or sub­stan­tial on its own.

Fun Factory's rum­ble is often imi­tat­ed but sel­dom dupli­cat­ed. Check out my Fun Factory Tiger review.

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FURTHER READING: Creative Conceptions' Karma Lilac Unihorn vibra­tor is also suu­u­per cute and match­es the pas­tel pur­ple par­adise aesthetic.

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