10 A-Spotty Dildos For Deep Penetration and Cervix Massage

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  1. Rober says:

    Just want to say how awesome your site is and how much I have learned from it. As a guy born with a micro penis I could only grind against my wife and give her oral , then I incurred ed issues so only oral and fingers. Wanting so badly to give her deep penetrative orgasms she relucantly agreed to have sex with a mutual male friend . Although She enjoyed his cock alot and I loved watching my wife get satisfied I wanted to be able to please her also so I started buying realistic dildos and she loved them. It gave me confidence as a husband to be able to satisfy her myself. I started reading your articles on G &A spot orgasms and bought the Vixen Creations Maverick dildo and wow! She said she had never had these kind of orgasms from any other guy before she said they even have become addictive to her. We still enjoy having our friend come over to “give it to her” but the Maverick in my Rodeoh briefs still outlasts him.Thanks for your clear concise information that has given me so much insight into pleasing my wife and has given me more confidence that I also can satisfy her. Thanks again.?

  2. AJ says:

    This post is so helpful, ever since I realized I prefer A-Spot stim to G-Spot, posts like this help wonders

  3. Jimena says:

    Thanks for this list!

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