Oxballs Ergo Large (squishy butt plug used vaginally) and XS

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  1. G says:

    Thank you for another helpful review!!

  2. Violet says:

    Greetings from Greece! Considering how delightfully squishy this is, would you say the extra large size might have the potential to be too much as a vaginal plug? I’m buying the large one for sure, but I was wondering whether to buy the extra large one as well.

  3. Violet says:

    Thank you for letting me know, thought so too, just wanted to make sure, will get the medium and the large size instead!

  4. Kash says:

    Great review – thank you! Just wondering if you would prefer the Uberrime Sensi, Oxballs Ergo (super soft smoke) or SquarePeg Happy Hour (super soft bronze) for a vaginal plug? I want to get one of them but I’m not sure which. I’m thinking the Ergo or Happy Hour may actually be better choices, given the bases are thinner and they’re more versatile, both being suitable for both vaginal and anal use. Do you have any views? I trust your judgement more so than I do my own! Thanks 🙂

    • I like both equally — the Ergo for a girthy stretch but Sensi for depth!

      • Kash says:

        Well, I bought both the Oxballs Ergo and the SquarePeg Happy Hour and the latter is brilliant!

        The Happy Hour in the smallest size, the S2, has same overall length and girth as the Sensi…but has the benefits of a comfier base for longer wear and the option of vaginal or anal use, making it more versatile. There are so so many larger sizes as well!

        I personally found the Oxballs lack of length frustrating for vaginal use and didn’t love the base (those upward facing parts were a little irritating). Guess it’s just my anatomy so, for me, it’ll just be an anal toy…and it’s perfect for that.

        If you haven’t tried the SquarePeg Happy Hour for vaginal use, I highly recommend it.

  5. AJ Ross says:

    I’ve read this review so many times, and it did finally convince me to buy myself an Ergo! Thank you.

  6. Randy Rascal says:

    Your frank and informative reviews, as well as your linked discounts to Peepshow Toys and other merchants, frequently are the reason I purchase. I’m into pegging and find the the Oxball Ergo large Sparkly Blue is a good warmup to fun with the Gambler. Please keep up your funtastic blog and reviews(which are great for guys too).

  7. G says:

    don’t know how i forgot to add this one to my to-buy list but better late than never (ノ*・ω・)ノ

    i also really appreciate the fact that whenever the name is even mentioned you link it every time, not just the first.

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