5 Characteristics of the Best Sex Shops

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  1. Prudence says:

    I’ve been really happy with my purchases from SheVibe! They provide so much helpful information about the products they offer, I feel certain that I’m buying something I’ll be happy to own.

  2. Eris C (he/him) says:

    I’m the assistant manager at a brick-and-mortar in California. We make a point to hire diverse staff and to be as open to all experiences and interests as we can! When onboarding a new staff member, we like to impress upon them that we would much rather spend the extra time to chat and educate someone without them ever buying something, than to push a sale and have them leave dissatisfied. I like to think we do a fairly good job as we have a lot of loyal customers and consistently positive feedback (when we aren’t being bombarded with crappy yelp reviews for enforcing masks, social distancing, and personal boundaries…).

    We also love to recommend thoughtful bloggers like yourself to anyone who is looking for tips on where to learn more about healthy sexuality! Thank you for being one of those great resources! This is one of the first sites I turn to when there’s a toy I want to know more about. You have reviewed quite a few of the toys we carry in store here.

    • Your shop sounds like a pleasant work environment for everyone involved! It’s unfortunate that some of the mainstream shops encourage staff to promote specific products that they may not necessarily like. Congrats on keeping the shop going through all of this year’s ups and downs.

      And thank you so much — that means a lot to me! <3

  3. G says:

    i love the info you highlight here about what’s really important to take notice of.

  4. D. Dyer says:

    The first Time I ever bought something from SheVibe, a glass toy, it arrived broken. I remember the stress of contacting them about it, informed by horrible experiences with other shops, but they were so great about sending a replacement. I have been a loyal customer ever since.

  5. Sptfan says:

    Peep show Toys is my favorite! They always ship out fast, and their minimum for free shipping is less than Squarepegtoys directly. They also have a loyalty program to get more toys.

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