Hot Octopuss Amo Rumbly Affordable Bullet & Tango Alternative Review

Hot Octopuss Amo Rumbly Affordable Bullet & Tango Alternative Review 1

I'm excit­ed AF about the Hot Octopuss Amo bul­let, and not just because its black-​to-​magenta col­or fade match­es my hair.

It's because this rumbly mini-​vibe com­bines some of the best fea­tures of my favorite bul­lets, and it's a steal for the price. The Hot Octopuss Amo's fun-​to-​size ratio is envi­able — and it takes a lot for me to be excit­ed about a bul­let these days.

UPDATE: We have oth­er, even bet­ter options now! Read my guide to the best bul­lets to see how the Hot Octopuss Amo mea­sures up to the oth­ers — new upgrades and all!

Hot Octopuss Amo shape: an improved take on the classic lipstick bullet

My first impres­sion of the Hot Octopuss Amo is, "Fuck yeah!" Its shape is com­pact but ver­sa­tile, with swoop­ing curved tip and a defined, forward-​protruding point.

[Image: holding the Hot Octopuss Amo in my hand. Its black-to-magenta gradient matches my hair ombré!]

Think of the Dame Kip lip­stick vibe's sharp edge — except with the Amo, I'd hold its body near­ly par­al­lel to my clit. Maybe I'd increase the incline, but for the most part, that's not nec­es­sary for focus­ing pin­point vibra­tion — mak­ing this already-​petite bul­let even more suit­able for fit­ting between bod­ies dur­ing missionary.

On the side oppo­site the point, there's a sub­tle con­cav­i­ty. It gen­tly curves under the user's fin­ger, not unlike its pre­de­ces­sor, the Hot Octopuss Digit.

Improvements over the Hot Octopuss Digit wearable finger vibrator

[Image: Hot Octopuss Digit vs. Amo comparison photo. The Digit has a finger loop and the Amo doesn't.]

The prob­lem with the Digit, though, is that its ring/​finger loop isn't remov­able, restrict­ing poten­tial hand posi­tions. It's espe­cial­ly a hin­drance if you have short or fat fingers.

And its but­ton place­ment was designed with right-​handed peo­ple in mind. If you wear the loop around your right index and point­er fin­gers, that leaves your thumb free to access the "increase" and "decrease" speed but­tons. If you use it on your left hand, only the "on/​off/​pattern tog­gle" but­ton faces your thumb, which is use­less. Most users don't both­er with pat­terns, and when using a cli­toral vibra­tor, I care a lot about turn­ing steady inten­si­ties up and down.

As well, the Hot Octopuss Amo is more rumbly and pow­er­ful than the Digit is. It's a sub­tle dif­fer­ence, but it's there, exag­ger­at­ed by the Amo's pointy vibra­tor tip.

The downside to other rumbly bullets

What I don't like about the pow­er­ful We-​Vibe Tango vibra­tor is that you can only increase speed or go to the next pat­tern. And con­sid­er­ing that I'm some­times sen­si­tive right after orgasm, what I need for longer and stronger orgasms is often to turn the speed down for a bit and back up.

The Tango doesn't give me that option. Nor does the BMS Mini Swan Rose, despite being the rum­bli­est afford­able Tango alter­na­tive I've tried. Nor does the Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal bul­let, which is the most pow­er­ful mini-​vibe, but its "increase" and "decrease" but­tons are hard to tell apart dur­ing use.

These are all super pow­er­ful and com­pact bul­let vibra­tors, each with their out­stand­ing fea­tures. They're potent enough that the min­i­mal con­trols might not be a deal­break­er for you, but they're not per­fect for me.

The Hot Octopuss Amo is an affordable bullet with amazing controls and rumbly vibrations

Upon turn­ing on the Amo, it imme­di­ate­ly greets me with a low, sub-​bass purr. When I rest it against a hard sur­face, there's not a buzz or a hum, but a drum­roll, even with the sil­i­cone out­er lay­er. And when I turn the bul­let up to max­i­mum speed and scoop it up in my hand, its kinet­ic motor spins the entire unit rapid­ly round and round.

[Image: Hot Octopuss Digit Amo next to Digit and BMS Mini Swan Rose — all strong and rumbly vibrators I've reviewed]

That's one way to tell how much "jump" a bullet-​style vibra­tor has (rel­a­tive to its size): by how aggres­sive­ly it moves while you're hold­ing it. The We-​Vibe Tango, BMS Factory Mini Swan Rose, Hot Octopuss Amo, Hot Octopuss Digit, and Maia Jessi all do that. The VeDO Bam and FemmeFunn Bougie Bullet are buzzi­er and do it to less of an extent. More surface-​level vibra­tors like the Dame Kip don't spin much at all.

Dipping the Hot Octopuss Amo in water

The oth­er way to deter­mine a vibrator's rum­bli­ness is to dip its "head" (or wher­ev­er the motor is con­cen­trat­ed) halfway in some water and watch how much it splash­es. Buzzy bul­lets will make tiny rip­ples, where­as rumbly vibra­tors will make big­ger waves and push larg­er, more numer­ous droplets upward. And the Hot Octopuss Amo has some seri­ous splash! There are big water drops galore near the sur­face, and spo­radic small­er ones jump­ing upwards of 4 inch­es high.

Observe in the pictures of the Amo bullet below.
[Image: Hot Octopuss Amo bullet vibrator splashing in water]
[Image: Hot Octopuss Amo bullet vibrator splashing in water]

The Hot Octopuss Amo's fifth and most intense steady speed set­ting is only a lit­tle bit below the We-​Vibe Tango's fourth and high­est. It would have been per­fect if it could reach that, but it's close enough, con­sid­er­ing that it's coat­ed in silky (and vibration-​dampening) sil­i­cone instead of bare hard plastic.

My verdict on the Hot Octopuss Amo bullet mini-vibrator

[Image: Hot Octopuss Amo with light reflecting off its metallic red "handle"]

Hot Octopuss's Amo bul­let isn't as rumbly as the BMS Mini Swan Rose or We-​Vibe Tango, but it comes even clos­er than the Digit does. And as I wrote in my Hot Octopuss Digit review:

It’s close enough that I don’t give three fucks about four fucks.

I don't care that it's not the absolute most pow­er­ful bul­let when it has so much else going for it.

The Hot Octopuss Amo has rumble (vibration strength and quality), a 5‑speed range, tight controls, and many options for relatively broad vs. pinpoint stimulation. It's far more versatile than its competition.

All of these fea­tures make it an ide­al first exter­nal vibra­tor for begin­ners. For every­one else, the Hot Octopuss Amo is a vibra­tor that out­per­forms plen­ty of its more opu­lent coun­ter­parts — its price tag is just the neat cher­ry on top.

There's just the right inter­sec­tion of every­thing that mat­ters to me in a com­pact mini-​vibe. And I'd expect noth­ing less from Hot Octopuss and their con­sis­tent­ly rumbly motors.

Get the Hot Octopuss Amo bullet!

UPDATE: We have oth­er, even bet­ter options now! Read my guide to the best bul­lets to see how the Hot Octopuss Amo mea­sures up to the oth­ers — new upgrades and all!

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5 Responses

  1. Sm says:

    Ohhh my god is so chic!
    Black with red accent are you kid­ding? The blog is a trea­sure trove!

  2. Liza says:

    Thanks very much for this review — I'm with you on find­ing one-​button con­trols super annoy­ing! I've been want­i­ng to try a bul­let vibe for a while (not as a first purchase…more like a sev­enth or eighth pur­chase), but the universally-​lauded Tango was pret­ty hard to jus­ti­fy when I already own the We-​Vibe Touch and I'm usu­al­ly not a big fan of the feel of plas­tic. A sil­i­cone bul­let with almost-​as-​rumbly pow­er but more fine-​grained con­trols is per­fect for me!

  3. Prudence says:

    Interesting, I won­dered how the Amo stacked up against the Tango. Might be worth purchasing.

  4. K says:

    Perfectly timed review, I've been look­ing for a rumbly vibe with + and — con­trols instead of just one but­ton! The run time of a half hour puts me off a bit, though — this prob­a­bly doesn't work while it's charg­ing, right? I'm try­ing to decide between this and the Swan Wand, though I know they're very dif­fer­ent. Although it's larg­er, is the Swan Wand still small enough to use dur­ing pen­e­tra­tive sex? Does the Swan Wand have + and — con­trols, too?

    Thanks so much for all your reviews, your blog is the per­fect dis­trac­tion and always so informative+entertaining!

    • Hi K, thanks for read­ing and your kind words. <3

      Unfortunately, the Swan Wand doesn't have (–) con­trols, since each but­ton is for a dif­fer­ent motor. I'd say it's too bulky for mis­sion­ary PIV.

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