Hot Octopuss Amo rumbly affordable bullet / Tango alternative review

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  1. K says:

    Perfectly timed review, I’ve been looking for a rumbly vibe with + and – controls instead of just one button! The run time of a half hour puts me off a bit, though — this probably doesn’t work while it’s charging, right? I’m trying to decide between this and the Swan Wand, though I know they’re very different. Although it’s larger, is the Swan Wand still small enough to use during penetrative sex? Does the Swan Wand have + and – controls, too?

    Thanks so much for all your reviews, your blog is the perfect distraction and always so informative+entertaining!

    • Hi K, thanks for reading and your kind words. <3

      Unfortunately, the Swan Wand doesn't have (–) controls, since each button is for a different motor. I'd say it's too bulky for missionary PIV.

  2. Prudence says:

    Interesting, I wondered how the Amo stacked up against the Tango. Might be worth purchasing.

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