3 of my first sex toys and better alternatives (includes noje G Slim & Silicone Willy’s 8 inch review sampler)

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  1. GoldenDove says:

    My first toy was a cheap plastic vibe from a shop in the mall. I’m glad I had picked that one because at the time I didn’t know of toxic toys and came close to getting some. It has served me well over the past few years and it has more of a pin point tip for the external stimulation. Kind of wish I had gotten the galaxy print version of it but that one was quite too big for me at the time. Still use the little guy to this day. ^^

  2. I had to do a lot of research on toys to make sure I wasn’t getting anything toxic and getting the best one for myself. I got my first toy last year for my birthday; it was by California Exotic Novelties and called the Chic Wave. I loved it and recommend it to everyone!

  3. electric eel says:

    My first toy was the picobong kaya rabbit vibe I got at a feminist sex shop (thankfully selling all body safe because I was only mildly aware about that at the time). a decent rabbit vibe but I didn’t know about how many bloggers are wary about rabbits.

  4. Jeff says:

    We bought our first sex toy from the Adam & Eve catalog over 25 years ago. It was a purple ABS plastic battery operated vibrator that broke in a few weeks. I’m not sure what the alternatives were back in the early 90s, but something like the We-Vibe Tango would’ve been better.

  5. Keith says:

    My first sex toy was a small anal butt plug that my wife controlled. Followed by the small silk for my first pegging. Need bigger for more intense feeling

  6. First toy was a simple and inexpensive rabbit. It was travel size so that was a perk, but overall, it was an ok, decent beginner toy.

  7. dv8 says:

    My first toy was a pair of handcuffs. They worked fine although I’ve since upgraded to a more durable pair.

  8. Gregory L Craven says:

    First to picked was a Body Wand to use with my gf. Also picked up a glass dildo at the same time. Fantastic choices! Would do it over again

  9. Stephanie Tucker says:

    Aside from my children the greatest thing my ex husband ever did for me was buy me my vibrator. It was a rabbit and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and put me in charge of my own satisfaction.

  10. Marie Gray says:

    I can’t remember which toy exactly was my first but I had quite a few toxic and unsafe sex toys. I really would have appreciated the kind of info that is accessible today when I was first picking out toys. Swapping out jelly for medical grade silicone is a huuuuuge upgrade!

  11. Clara says:

    My first toy was a silicone butterfly vibrator and I hated it soooo much. It was buzzy and I was not a fan

  12. Cynthia says:

    My first toy was a cheap plastic vibrator toy from Aliexpress. I didn’t know if I would like sextoys and that’s why I bought the cheapest I could find (which is bad, I know, by I didn’t know a lot about sex toys back then). I didn’t like it but after that I bought a standard silicone vibrator from a good website. It made such a difference. I like using vibrators now.

  13. My first toy was a curved glass dildo with a series of beads gradually decreasing in size from one end to the other. It was a good first toy for experimenting with vaginal penetration and the sensation when rubbing it against my clit was really nice.

  14. Sunset Hues says:

    My first toy as a teenage male was a cheap rubbery vagina that I paid about $15 for in the backroom of a “flower shop”. I don’t necessarily regret it, but… I’m still holding out for one of those steel Njoy toys!

  15. DizzyD says:

    My first toy was a vibrating duck….. I still have it somewhere, but I don’t use it anymore!

  16. Saffron Jones says:

    I sadly tried a lot of shitty toys before I learned better, but the one I did like, and keep, is the Orchid G (very similar to the Scarlet G). Even though the vibration quickly stopped working, I liked the shape, especially for using in the shower. I’m excited to see that you’re recommending an affordable rechargeable version.

  17. C says:

    I bought two non-safe toys before I knew about material safety. One was a purple TPR dual-stim vibrator that came free with another purchase as an offer that Lovehoney was doing. I actually loved it, I loved the feel of the material and the shape and the vibrations. The other was a super realistic Doc J UR3 dildo. I only used it once because it was pretty big and I wanted to work up to it, but I eventually returned it because back then Lovehoney let you return stuff within a year of buying. As a substitute I bought the Truskyn Tru Ride which is the same mold and is dual-density silicone. But I continued to use the purple one with condoms, though there was a breakage incident once, maybe due to oils leaching? By the time I found out that condoms won’t necessarily protect from it, and by the time I got around to trying to return it, LH had changed their policy to only unused products (probably a good idea, but inconvenient for me). So it’s literally up in my closet (along with a silicone rabbit that I did not get along with).

  18. G says:

    Really like this, thank you for an another interesting read!

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