Cervical Orgasms & Stimulation: a BS-Free Guide to Deep Erogenous Zones

Cervical orgasms are per­haps the most polar­iz­ing type of orgasms. Some peo­ple feel like their cervix and the sur­round­ing areas (the vagi­nal for­nices) are divine white light.

Cervical Orgasms & Stimulation: a BS-Free Guide to Deep Erogenous Zones 1

Others can't fath­om that play­ing around a body part asso­ci­at­ed with deep OB-​GYN swabs could be remote­ly pleasurable.

Me? I fuck­ing love deep pen­e­tra­tion and thrust­ing dil­dos to mas­sage my cervix. Yes, yes, yes, YESSSS!

So I'm diving in deep to discuss:

For me, cervical orgasms are mega-doses of oxytocin

I find that cer­vi­cal orgasms feel like the most potent hit of oxy­tocin (the "love hor­mone") I could take. I've described them as "melt­ing me into a pud­dle of heart-​eyes emo­jis and oxy­tocin." They're full-​body implo­sions cen­tered in my womb, less like waves of plea­sure and more like jets rock­et­ing up.

Cervical orgasms are the rea­son I stopped hav­ing casu­al pen­e­tra­tive sex. I can have my clit rubbed and licked with­out get­ting attached, but if some­one pen­e­trates my vagi­na just right and mas­sages behind my cervix, I'm lit­er­al­ly fucked. I don't claim to KNOW much about love, but cer­vi­cal orgasms FEEL like the answer to every ques­tion I've ever had about it.

What do cervical orgasms feel like?

Every body's cervix is different

I know what some of you are think­ing: "The fuck are you smok­ing? Getting bashed in the cervix hurts!" Yes, direct bash­ing into my cervix hurts, but it hard­ly ever hap­pens for me. Inserted objects slide eas­i­ly behind my cervix, where the pres­sure usu­al­ly doesn't both­er me at all.

I get it: some vagi­nas can't take deep pen­e­tra­tion from a dil­do or penis with­out cer­vi­cal pain, and that's okay! Perhaps their vagi­nal for­nices don't expand as much as mine do or aren't as eas­i­ly accessed in cer­tain posi­tions. Some won't feel much sen­sa­tion or plea­sure at all.

As well, the major­i­ty of vul­vas need exter­nal cli­toral stim­u­la­tion to reach orgasm, so def­i­nite­ly try adding a clit vibe or fin­ger on the outside.

On the flip side, while penis­es don't read­i­ly fit in front of my cervix, you might find it eas­i­er than me and love A‑spot stim­u­la­tion with a part­ner. Find what works for you! The bot­tom line is that the size of the vagi­nal for­nices varies from one vagi­na to the next.

Cervical Orgasms & Stimulation: a BS-Free Guide to Deep Erogenous Zones 2

What you like is not set in stone— give it some time

You may also find that you ini­tial­ly don't feel much plea­sure from cer­vi­cal stim­u­la­tion, but come to love it over time. As a teen with my first dil­do, I expe­ri­enced a rel­a­tive­ly mild cer­vi­cal orgasm. But while I could reach cli­toral orgasms eas­i­ly, I didn't expe­ri­ence a cer­vi­cal orgasm again for anoth­er four years. From there, it just got more con­sis­tent and more intense as I learned more about myself and my sex toy preferences.

Cervical stim­u­la­tion is just anoth­er fla­vor of self-​pleasure to sam­ple. Taste freely, don't feel pres­sured to like any­thing, and remem­ber that everyone's tastes change over time!

How to stimulate the cervix

Okay, let's quickly explain what the cervix is

It's a car­ti­lagi­nous tube that hangs at the top of the vagi­na. Its struc­ture is made of sim­i­lar stuff to the tip of your nose, but it's like a tall donut with a point at the end.

Since it's basi­cal­ly all the way inside, the depth of inser­tion does mat­ter a lit­tle. A phal­lus 6 inch­es or longer is ide­al, but I've also made cer­vi­cal orgasms hap­pen with a 4‑inch penis. It takes more delib­er­ate aim­ing and posi­tion­ing than with a big dick, but it's doable.

General tips for massaging the cervix and surrounding areas

Finding the posterior and anterior fornices for cervix stimulation and cervical orgasms
To find the AFE zone (A‑spot), go all the way in and in front of the cervix. To find the pos­te­ri­or fornix, go all the way in and behind the cervix.

When find­ing the cervix and the vagi­nal for­nices for the first time, I rec­om­mend try­ing with your fin­gers before mov­ing on to a toy or penis. It'll be eas­i­er to aim pre­cise­ly, so you don't miss the spot, or worse, bash direct­ly into the cervix and cause pain.

However, the down­side to using fin­gers is that your cervix might be too deep, which is okay also! Check out my rec­om­men­da­tions for cervix-​loving sex toys.

Also, if the receiv­er is men­stru­at­ing, I rec­om­mend pro­ceed­ing with care or wait­ing for a dif­fer­ent week entire­ly. During men­stru­a­tion, the cervix hangs low­er and is more sensitive.

If you have prob­lems reach­ing deep enough, try hav­ing the receiv­ing per­son bend their legs clos­er toward their chest. The posi­tion­ing short­ens the vagi­na a bit and makes it eas­i­er to go in deep­er. Propping up their hips on a pil­low or cush­ion can also make aim­ing easier.

Using fingers to stimulate the cervix and A‑spot

Cervical Orgasms & Stimulation: a BS-Free Guide to Deep Erogenous Zones 3

Finding the ante­ri­or fornix (A‑spot /​ AFE zone) with your fin­gers is sim­i­lar to find­ing the G‑spot, but you go deep­er into the vagi­na. Instead of curl­ing your fin­gers to apply pres­sure just past the pubic bone, you do so all the way in, in front of the cervix. To find the pos­te­ri­or fornix, do the same, but behind. When insert­ing, slight­ly tilt your fin­gers toward the receiver's back wall, and once they're all the way in, angle forward.

UPDATE: At the time that I wrote this, I wasn't very famil­iar with my own A‑spot. It turns out that the most sen­si­tive area in my ante­ri­or fornix is inde­pen­dent of my cervix /​ pos­te­ri­or fornix /​ deep spot. It's also a lit­tle shal­low­er than where I'd stim­u­late my cervix if I were going into the pos­te­ri­or fornix.

Read more about the A‑spot and anterior fornix erogenous zone here!

And, of course, try dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions! Twist your fin­gers or swirl them around the cer­vi­cal os. My favorite is curl­ing fin­gers in a "come hith­er" motion while my part­ner swivels his wrist, so he gets all 180 degrees press­ing into my cervix from behind. Try two fin­gers. Three fin­gers! Try hav­ing your fin­gers fac­ing the bel­ly but­ton side or the back. I like both tech­niques in my pos­te­ri­or fornix.

Stimulating the cervix during intercourse

Enveloping an average-​to-​long dick isn't alone enough to induce a cer­vi­cal orgasm in me. I want it to be like a con­sis­tent mas­sage, with the penis all the way in and tak­ing short thrusts so that it stays in con­tact with my cervix.

Unless they're fast, long thrusts often take the atten­tion away from my cervix and its for­nices. Why? Because the penis spends more time in the shal­low­er parts of my vagina.

Taking your time is also very impor­tant.  The recep­tive part­ner has to be aroused for the vagi­na to relax and tent/​expand to full length. And, of course, arousal is a pre­cur­sor to orgasm.

Take advan­tage of posi­tions that offer deep pen­e­tra­tion, like dog­gy and mis­sion­ary with legs pulled to the receiv­ing partner's chest.

Dildos for A-spot stimulation and cervical orgasms

[Image: the VixSkin Outlaw, LuzArte Jollet, Tantus Tsunami, Desirables Dalia, and BS Atelier Max are just a few of the best dildos for deep penetration and cervical orgasms]

I've tagged my past reviews of great A‑spot and pos­te­ri­or fornix dil­dos. As well, my list of 10 best dil­dos for cervix mas­sage and A‑spot stim­u­la­tion is com­plete! Here's a preview:

For those who enjoy or want to explore cervix and A‑spot mas­sage, here’s a list of my favorite sex toys for deep pen­e­tra­tion. They come in a vari­ety of shapes, sizes, and mate­ri­als, but there are recur­ring fea­tures among them that make them outstanding:

  • Firm enough to tar­get the right spot
  • Gentle for­ward curve or tilt for aiming
  • Bulbous, swelling, or oth­er­wise defined head

I’ve sort­ed the fol­low­ing list by how (sub­jec­tive­ly) intense the toys are, start­ing with what I con­sid­er the gentlest.

Click here to check out my full list of favorite deep penetration dildos.

The list includes some cervix-​loving, deep spot dildos for girth lovers…

For exam­ple, con­sid­er the girthy and grad­u­al­ly (but dras­ti­cal­ly) curved VixSkin Johnny— a dil­do fea­tured in one of my most pop­u­lar reviews. I call it the "meat-​and-​potatoes" of my masturbation.

Uberrime's Night King is a longer fan­ta­sy dil­do with lots of texture.

Cervical Orgasms & Stimulation: a BS-Free Guide to Deep Erogenous Zones 4

And its girth and curve are sim­i­lar to Johnny's, ide­al for stim­u­lat­ing my cervix. If you want some­thing even more girthy 2" max and bumpy for simul­ta­ne­ous G‑spot and A‑spot stim­u­la­tion, try an Avant D3 or Avant D4.

For those look­ing for a luxe splurge, try the njoy Eleven and Le Wand Contour.

…but I have recommendations for long and moderate-​girth dildos too!

Find all of my favorite dildos for cervical orgasms.

And if you're on a bud­get, my top pick for cheap is the Chrystalino Champ.

Shots America makes many Chrystalino glass dil­dos, and the Champ is just one of them. Even though it's straight-​shafted, its bul­bous head is ver­sa­tile AF, great for mas­sag­ing the cervix from behind. You can also get some mild G‑spot stim­u­la­tion from it.

What do scientists have to say about cervical orgasms?

Barry Komisaruk et al 2011 - cervical stimulation

As with many top­ics in female sex­u­al­i­ty and orgasm, the research is in its infancy.

Dr. Barry Komisaruk and oth­ers mapped the region­al brain respons­es of women in an fMRI machine while they self-​stimulated via the cli­toris, vagi­na, or cervix. There were dis­cernible dif­fer­ences, depend­ing on where the stim­u­la­tion occurred:

The puden­dal nerve con­nects the cli­toris, the pelvic nerve car­ries sig­nals from the vagi­na, the hypogas­tric nerve con­nects with the cervix and uterus, and the vagus nerve trav­els from the cervix and uterus with­out pass­ing through the spinal cord.

The vagus nerve doesn't pass through the spinal cord. And because of that, stim­u­lat­ing the cervix can even bring some peo­ple with spinal cord dam­age to orgasm when they oth­er­wise thought that hope was lost.

When a skep­tic dis­putes whether cer­vi­cal orgasms are real, that means that there's research left to do— noth­ing more and noth­ing less. That doesn't mean that cer­vi­cal orgasms aren't there. It would be some severe horse­shit to insist that peo­ple who expe­ri­ence cer­vi­cal orgasms are delu­sion­al, liars, or don't know their bodies.

It was only about 20 years ago that the gen­er­al pub­lic began to under­stand that most of the cli­toris is inter­nal. Let that sink in. It took us that long to accept some­thing so fun­da­men­tal to under­stand­ing female plea­sure. Of course, the less com­mon cer­vi­cal orgasms are less well-studied.

Cervical Orgasms & Stimulation: a BS-Free Guide to Deep Erogenous Zones 5

Cervical orgasms or otherwise, what matters is having fun!

There's one main ques­tion I (and prob­a­bly you) care about: does know­ing about cer­vi­cal stim­u­la­tion add fun to my sex life? Yes!

Sure, I could dis­sect that ques­tion. Is the feel­ing com­pa­ra­ble to cli­toral orgasms I've had? Is there a peak and release in the plea­sure that induces vagi­nal contractions?

Does it melt me into a pud­dle of heart-​eyes emo­jis? Do I feel clos­er to my part­ner after expe­ri­enc­ing cer­vi­cal orgasms? Do cer­vi­cal orgasms give me all the ben­e­fits of orgasms?

The short answer to all of these ques­tions is, "yes." I high­ly encour­age oth­er peo­ple with cer­vices to exper­i­ment with it and be open to the pos­si­bil­i­ty. Cervical orgasms changed my sex life. I know that I am cer­tain­ly not the only one, so I'm going to keep shout­ing it from rooftops.

Did you find this guide to cervical orgasms helpful?

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  1. Mike says:

    "Perhaps their vagi­nal for­nices don’t expand as much as mine do"

    There is an answer to that "issue" :

    While it's not impos­si­ble, I don't think it has much to do with expan­sion main­ly for the pos­te­ri­or side. I rec­om­mend "Super Sexual Orgasm" by Barbara Keesling. A book writ­ten 30 years ago but still use­ful nowa­days. It's a series of exer­ci­ces and tech­niques that will help women to open up their elu­sive Cul-de-Sac.

    Here are few lines to intro­duce the book :

    " This cul-​de-​sac pas­sage is the gate­way to total erot­ic plea­sure. And the 'cul-​de-​sac response' that is trig­gered dur­ing pen­e­tra­tion is the secret that is about to change your life. Sounds sim­ple, doesn’t it ? It is sim­ple. Beautifully simple.

    But here’s the prob­lem: While every woman has a cul-​de-​sac, not every woman can make this super-​charged part of the vagi­nal canal “avail­able” dur­ing inter­course. For most women, the weight and posi­tion­ing of the uterus tend to com­press the vagi­nal canal at the entrance to the cul-​de-​sac pas­sage, cre­at­ing a daunt­ing vagi­nal road block. This most unwel­come obstruc­tion tends to make the spe­cial cul-​de-​sac pas­sage a closed road, inac­ces­si­ble to pen­e­tra­tion by the penis dur­ing inter­course. The penis (or dil­do) may reach, but it can­not enter, and as a result, the
    most poten­tial­ly grat­i­fy­ing erot­ic expe­ri­ence any woman could imag­ine remains just out of reach. Out of reach, that is, until now.

    Over the past sev­er­al years I have worked with my col­leagues and clients to devel­op a sim­ple pro­gram of exer­cis­es and tech­niques to give a woman the nec­es­sary strength and con­trol in her uterus and vagi­na to actu­al­ly lift and flat­ten the uterus dur­ing intercourse. "


  2. Yam says:

    I can't O with­out exter­nal stim but I lovvve pen­e­tra­tion and pre­fer deep exoge­nous zones over g spot.

  3. John14 says:

    Hey thanks for all the great posts, my girl­friend has a tilt­ed cervix (I think upward­ly), what would need to change in regards to on to stim­u­late her cervix /​ sur­round­ing zones?

    • I have a tilt­ed cervix, too! That might make some of the pock­ets around it big­ger than oth­ers, so ask her if the sen­sa­tion feels a lot dif­fer­ent when you're going in front of vs. behind the cer­vi­cal os.

      • RawDiog says:

        This intrigues me. How can you tell how much big­ger the pock­ets are?

        • It's all inter­nal anato­my and hard to mea­sure, but if, say, the area behind is big­ger, things will more eas­i­ly slide into there. Going in front may take a bit more effort with a straight object.

          • RawDog says:

            Ok, that makes a LOT of sense. Sometimes when we're motion­less down there and mak­ing out, I find my cock "grav­i­tates" down and to the left when I bot­tom out in my wife. It feels like it pops into place. When we're done and start mov­ing, it feels like a dis­tinct suc­tion cup like release when we start thrust­ing again.


  4. Prudence says:

    Wow, so much to explore! Thank you for this eye-​opening article.

  5. Jack Brown says:

    Late post not sure if you still update these com­ments. I have been try­ing to stim­u­late my wife to a cer­vi­cal orgasm and so far I have not been successful. 

    When she was younger and with oth­er part­ners she was able to have crazy intense orgasms with­out cli­toral stim­u­la­tion. I believe these were cer­vi­cal orgasms. 

    I so far have not been able to pro­duce and orgasm with her with­out cli­toral stim­u­la­tion also involved. 

    We have used a lot of the toys you review and she loves them. The night king is in absolute favorite. And although she has good orgasms with the king and the mag­ic wand the inter­nal only orgasm still eludes us. 

    Do you have any suggestions? 

    Can you have a cer­vi­cal orgasm while also hav­ing the cli­toris stim­u­lat­ed or or would the cli­toral stim­u­la­tion take more control.

    Just a lit­tle back ground she is 37 and has had 4 kids.

    • Hi Jack! It's nor­mal for people's pref­er­ences and anato­my to change through­out their lives. Honestly, if she's enjoy­ing the Night King with the MW, I'd say to just keep doing that and enjoy­ing cer­vi­cal orgasms that way. Needing exter­nal stim­u­la­tion is super com­mon, so it isn't nec­es­sar­i­ly a reflec­tion of anyone's skill lev­el or how good your sex life is. Have a good time and meet your part­ner where she is, even as that fluctuates.

      • Jack says:

        I am just curi­ous if she is hav­ing an inter­nal orgasm or just a good cli­toral orgasm. Maybe the dis­tinc­tion does real­ly mat­ter but I just want to pro­vide her with the high­est lev­el of plea­sure I can. We have great sex but I always want to try new things and try to give her more plea­sure. Anyway love the site and what you do and always enjoy read­ing your reviews. Thank you for the feedback!

        • Rob says:

          Having a tiny non func­tion­ing micro penis with ear­ly onset ed, I could only pro­vide my wife with oral and fin­gers, so want­i­ng her to expe­ri­ence deep pen­e­tra­tive sex we reg­u­lar­ly have a mutu­al friend with ample length and girth give her crazy o's now and then. I watched how he found my wifes A spot by putting sev­er­al pil­lows under her tum­my then enter­ing her from behind with her ass slight­ly up He posi­tioned him­self so the curved tip of his cock was slighty angled then he went balls deep and used very short fast strokes and my wife would scream when she came which result­ed in him also com­ing, I read the reviews on here and pur­chased the Vixen Creations Maverick and Outlaw. I then repli­cat­ed what he did and with a We — Vibe on her clit and con­stant men­tal imagery of our friend fuck­ing her she has had many crazy O's one after anoth­er. A dil­do can go all night unlike a flesh penis. Sometimes you have to "think out­side the box" , please par­don the pun. Explore what she likes. Try dif­fer­ent sizes and shapes of dil­dos. Fatter heads, more or less curve , dif­fer­ent strokes, lengths etc. I learned how to find her sweet spot through watch­ing anoth­er guy fuck her. You just have to experiment ?

  6. Marg says:

    Can I still have a cer­vi­cal orgasm after hav­ing a cer­vi­cal biopsy?

  7. Jan says:

    Hey, sor­ry for being so late to the game but amaz­ing post! I thought I knew a lot about orgasms/​types of orgasms but you’ve blown me away. I just have to ask though — when you say things like “Inserted objects slide eas­i­ly behind my cervix”, “Perhaps their vagi­nal for­nices don’t expand as much as mine do“ makes it seem like you’re talk­ing about pen­e­trat­ing the cervix open­ing but… no, right? That would be ter­ri­ble. That’s not a thing, sure­ly. I need to clar­i­fy before I try it… so you kind of rimjob the the cervix tube (it’s a tube, right?) with your fingers/​toy etc and the AF/​EF are the edges at the end of the tube you can reach around in front of/​behind and stim­u­late? God I hope that made sense. I’m off to google pic­tures to see if I can fig­ure it out but any replies would be great­ly appreciated!

    • I think I fol­low, but I'm not sure. ? Think of the cervix as an elon­gat­ed donut. You cir­cle the out­er edge of the donut, yes! And you can cir­cle near the donut hole, too, but that's more of a fin­ger­ing thing than a toy thing. ?

  8. Jeff says:

    We're always look­ing for new ways to orgasm. My wife enjoys deep pen­e­tra­tion, and maybe this is why. We'all talk about it and see if it's some­thing she wants to explore in more…depth.

  9. Madelyn says:

    Wow! Did not even know this was pos­si­ble. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. This post changed my life. I've always enjoyed deep pen­e­tra­tion, and it took me prac­tice to stim­u­late my G‑spot. Your com­ment about your ante­ri­or fornix being shal­low­er than the pos­te­ri­or fornix is accu­rate for me, as well. Thank you so much for writ­ing about the vagi­nal for­nices and orgasms in detail!

  11. Jay says:

    This is a great guide on less fre­quent­ly dis­cussed top­ic. I already know I’m a fan of A spot stim­u­la­tion, but I gen­er­al­ly haven’t explored the back wall of my vagi­na. I’ll try it out soon to see if I also enjoy pos­te­ri­or fornix stimulation.

  12. Roxy says:

    Thanks so much for writ­ing this post! Even though I had a pret­ty good sex ed and I was always inter­est­ed in learn­ing about my body's sex­u­al respons­es, I'd nev­er heard of the cervix as a source of sex­u­al pleasure.
    In fact, I only ever heard that deep pen­e­tra­tion either does noth­ing for women or it hurts.
    It was only after read­ing your posts on cer­vi­cal orgasms and Kate Sloan's posts on the A‑spot that I decid­ed to explore deep pen­e­tra­tion and it has been extreme­ly rewarding.
    One thing I noticed is that it seems to affect my mood/​mental sate more than oth­er kinds of stim­u­la­tion. I haven't prac­ticed BDSM yet, so I don't know if it's an accu­rate com­par­i­son, but to me it feels sim­i­lar to descrip­tions of sub­space that I've read… almost trance-​like and with the ratio­nal part of my brain going quiet.
    I don't have a part­ner cur­rent­ly and I'm a bit ner­vous about doing some­thing that has such a strong effect on me with some­one else…at the same time, I sup­pose that with the right per­son it could be some­thing that makes us feel clos­er, like you said.

  13. B R says:

    Great arti­cle! I'll have to fig­ure out how we can try this with­out get­ting too clin­i­cal and spilling the mood. My wife loves sex, but is much less exper­i­men­tal than I am.

  14. C says:

    I’m still inex­pe­ri­enced with my vagi­nal for­nices, although I did dis­cov­er my A‑spot a few months ago. For me, even fin­ger­ing my G‑spot con­sis­tent­ly enough to have a good orgasm is uncom­fort­able and pret­ty much impos­si­ble because it’s hard for my arm to reach, so I can only explore this when I feel like get­ting out toys. The next time I do I will make sure I try to focus on stim­u­lat­ing my pos­te­ri­or fornix, since I don’t know what that feels like yet.

  15. Abby says:

    This was such a great read. So fuck­ing educational.

  16. Sapphic Sedona says:

    Interesting blog post! I’m curi­ous to find out if I can stim­u­late my own a‑spot; I typ­i­cal­ly don’t enjoy shal­low pen­e­tra­tion either and I think I get too in my head about going any deep­er but your enthu­si­asm is encour­ag­ing me to try some­thing out­side of my com­fort zone, thanks!

  17. Cait says:

    Wow — didn't know that oth­er peo­ple liked cer­vi­cal stim­u­la­tion and that it could con­tribute to orgasms! I will have to learn more about the A‑spot!

  18. DizzyD says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve always known I loved deep stim­u­la­tion, but I didn’t know how it worked.….. Wow!!!!!

  19. Kim says:

    Do you think this could dis­lodge my IUD?

    • Unlikely. You'd feel some­thing if it did, though! I Googled the same thing when I was con­sid­er­ing an IUD and it seems most peo­ple who like deep pen­e­tra­tion had no prob­lem with it.

  20. Lucy says:

    I remem­ber dis­cov­er­ing this a long time ago and not hav­ing the skill/​confidence/​education to try to have an orgasm from it… I now have plans for tonight! Thank you for writ­ing about this!

  21. Trix says:

    I have a We-​Vibe Rave, which is mod­eled after the Laid D1…I won­der if that would work.

  22. Clara says:

    I’ve nev­er thought of cer­vi­cal orgasms, but this post makes me super curi­ous! Thank you for this 🙂

  23. RawDog says:

    Interesting arti­cle, thank you for writ­ing this infor­ma­tive piece. I have a quick ques­tion I hope you can answer. My wife had a total hys­terec­to­my (cervix includ­ed) years ago and since then she's had these intense orgasms when­ev­er we've gone deep. There's def­i­nite­ly a dif­fer­ent sen­sa­tion going pos­te­ri­or vs going anterior. 

    My ques­tion is if these sen­sa­tion­sare still con­sid­ered cer­vi­cal or are there oth­er nerves still intact in there?

    • There are def­i­nite­ly nerves still intact there! It sounds like the hys­terec­to­my made it eas­i­er to reach the areas where they’re sensitive.

      Me, I used the phrase “cer­vi­cal orgasms” because, with pen­e­tra­tion in my pos­te­ri­or fornix, I like pres­sure on the cervix itself. However, I didn’t real­ize until recent­ly that stim­u­la­tion in my ante­ri­or fornix is pret­ty inde­pen­dent of my cervix!

  24. Liza says:

    I can not tell you how luck I am to have found your blog! I had no idea how to have an orgasm oth­er then clit stim­u­la­tion on my own! I have three kids and I’m 47 years old and have final­ly final­ly learned how my inter­nal lady parts work… ya soo pathedic. I love to have sex but am nev­er sat­is­fied. NOW because of you I ful­ly under­stand how to make this work with sat­is­fac­tion. Your expla­na­tions and details and the way you write is incred­i­ble. I can’t tell you how so hap­py I am this blog is just so so awe­some! I had an organ­ism once and had no idea how I achieved it with my part­ner. It was the ASpot omg I ful­ly under­stand now! I have only had two part­ners in my life and this changes how I approach sex!! Thank you thank you

  25. dizzygirl812 says:

    I am one of those who likes A‑spot (AFE zone) stimulation.

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