Cervical orgasms & stimulation: a BS-free guide to deep erogenous zones

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  1. dizzygirl812 says:

    I am one of those who likes A-spot (AFE zone) stimulation.

  2. Liza says:

    I can not tell you how luck I am to have found your blog! I had no idea how to have an orgasm other then clit stimulation on my own! I have three kids and I’m 47 years old and have finally finally learned how my internal lady parts work… ya soo pathedic. I love to have sex but am never satisfied. NOW because of you I fully understand how to make this work with satisfaction. Your explanations and details and the way you write is incredible. I can’t tell you how so happy I am this blog is just so so awesome! I had an organism once and had no idea how I achieved it with my partner. It was the ASpot omg I fully understand now! I have only had two partners in my life and this changes how I approach sex!! Thank you thank you

  3. RawDog says:

    Interesting article, thank you for writing this informative piece. I have a quick question I hope you can answer. My wife had a total hysterectomy (cervix included) years ago and since then she’s had these intense orgasms whenever we’ve gone deep. There’s definitely a different sensation going posterior vs going anterior.

    My question is if these sensationsare still considered cervical or are there other nerves still intact in there?

    • There are definitely nerves still intact there! It sounds like the hysterectomy made it easier to reach the areas where they’re sensitive.

      Me, I used the phrase “cervical orgasms” because, with penetration in my posterior fornix, I like pressure on the cervix itself. However, I didn’t realize until recently that stimulation in my anterior fornix is pretty independent of my cervix!

  4. Clara says:

    I’ve never thought of cervical orgasms, but this post makes me super curious! Thank you for this 🙂

  5. Trix says:

    I have a We-Vibe Rave, which is modeled after the Laid D1…I wonder if that would work.

  6. Lucy says:

    I remember discovering this a long time ago and not having the skill/confidence/education to try to have an orgasm from it… I now have plans for tonight! Thank you for writing about this!

  7. Kim says:

    Do you think this could dislodge my IUD?

    • Unlikely. You’d feel something if it did, though! I Googled the same thing when I was considering an IUD and it seems most people who like deep penetration had no problem with it.

  8. DizzyD says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve always known I loved deep stimulation, but I didn’t know how it worked…… Wow!!!!!

  9. Cait says:

    Wow — didn’t know that other people liked cervical stimulation and that it could contribute to orgasms! I will have to learn more about the A-spot!

  10. Sapphic Sedona says:

    Interesting blog post! I’m curious to find out if I can stimulate my own a-spot; I typically don’t enjoy shallow penetration either and I think I get too in my head about going any deeper but your enthusiasm is encouraging me to try something outside of my comfort zone, thanks!

  11. Abby says:

    This was such a great read. So fucking educational.

  12. C says:

    I’m still inexperienced with my vaginal fornices, although I did discover my A-spot a few months ago. For me, even fingering my G-spot consistently enough to have a good orgasm is uncomfortable and pretty much impossible because it’s hard for my arm to reach, so I can only explore this when I feel like getting out toys. The next time I do I will make sure I try to focus on stimulating my posterior fornix, since I don’t know what that feels like yet.

  13. B R says:

    Great article! I’ll have to figure out how we can try this without getting too clinical and spilling the mood. My wife loves sex, but is much less experimental than I am.

  14. Roxy says:

    Thanks so much for writing this post! Even though I had a pretty good sex ed and I was always interested in learning about my body’s sexual responses, I’d never heard of the cervix as a source of sexual pleasure.
    In fact, I only ever heard that deep penetration either does nothing for women or it hurts.
    It was only after reading your posts on cervical orgasms and Kate Sloan’s posts on the A-spot that I decided to explore deep penetration and it has been extremely rewarding.
    One thing I noticed is that it seems to affect my mood/mental sate more than other kinds of stimulation. I haven’t practiced BDSM yet, so I don’t know if it’s an accurate comparison, but to me it feels similar to descriptions of subspace that I’ve read… almost trance-like and with the rational part of my brain going quiet.
    I don’t have a partner currently and I’m a bit nervous about doing something that has such a strong effect on me with someone else…at the same time, I suppose that with the right person it could be something that makes us feel closer, like you said.

  15. Jay says:

    This is a great guide on less frequently discussed topic. I already know I’m a fan of A spot stimulation, but I generally haven’t explored the back wall of my vagina. I’ll try it out soon to see if I also enjoy posterior fornix stimulation.

  16. This post changed my life. I’ve always enjoyed deep penetration, and it took me practice to stimulate my G-spot. Your comment about your anterior fornix being shallower than the posterior fornix is accurate for me, as well. Thank you so much for writing about the vaginal fornices and orgasms in detail!

  17. Madelyn says:

    Wow! Did not even know this was possible. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. Jeff says:

    We’re always looking for new ways to orgasm. My wife enjoys deep penetration, and maybe this is why. We’all talk about it and see if it’s something she wants to explore in more…depth.

  19. Jan says:

    Hey, sorry for being so late to the game but amazing post! I thought I knew a lot about orgasms/types of orgasms but you’ve blown me away. I just have to ask though – when you say things like “Inserted objects slide easily behind my cervix”, “Perhaps their vaginal fornices don’t expand as much as mine do“ makes it seem like you’re talking about penetrating the cervix opening but… no, right? That would be terrible. That’s not a thing, surely. I need to clarify before I try it… so you kind of rimjob the the cervix tube (it’s a tube, right?) with your fingers/toy etc and the AF/EF are the edges at the end of the tube you can reach around in front of/behind and stimulate? God I hope that made sense. I’m off to google pictures to see if I can figure it out but any replies would be greatly appreciated!

    • I think I follow, but I’m not sure. ? Think of the cervix as an elongated donut. You circle the outer edge of the donut, yes! And you can circle near the donut hole, too, but that’s more of a fingering thing than a toy thing. ?

  20. Marg says:

    Can I still have a cervical orgasm after having a cervical biopsy?

  21. Jack Brown says:

    Late post not sure if you still update these comments. I have been trying to stimulate my wife to a cervical orgasm and so far I have not been successful.

    When she was younger and with other partners she was able to have crazy intense orgasms without clitoral stimulation. I believe these were cervical orgasms.

    I so far have not been able to produce and orgasm with her without clitoral stimulation also involved.

    We have used a lot of the toys you review and she loves them. The night king is in absolute favorite. And although she has good orgasms with the king and the magic wand the internal only orgasm still eludes us.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Can you have a cervical orgasm while also having the clitoris stimulated or or would the clitoral stimulation take more control.

    Just a little back ground she is 37 and has had 4 kids.

    • Hi Jack! It’s normal for people’s preferences and anatomy to change throughout their lives. Honestly, if she’s enjoying the Night King with the MW, I’d say to just keep doing that and enjoying cervical orgasms that way. Needing external stimulation is super common, so it isn’t necessarily a reflection of anyone’s skill level or how good your sex life is. Have a good time and meet your partner where she is, even as that fluctuates.

      • Jack says:

        I am just curious if she is having an internal orgasm or just a good clitoral orgasm. Maybe the distinction does really matter but I just want to provide her with the highest level of pleasure I can. We have great sex but I always want to try new things and try to give her more pleasure. Anyway love the site and what you do and always enjoy reading your reviews. Thank you for the feedback!

        • Rob says:

          Having a tiny non functioning micro penis with early onset ed, I could only provide my wife with oral and fingers, so wanting her to experience deep penetrative sex we regularly have a mutual friend with ample length and girth give her crazy o’s now and then. I watched how he found my wifes A spot by putting several pillows under her tummy then entering her from behind with her ass slightly up He positioned himself so the curved tip of his cock was slighty angled then he went balls deep and used very short fast strokes and my wife would scream when she came which resulted in him also coming, I read the reviews on here and purchased the Vixen Creations Maverick and Outlaw. I then replicated what he did and with a We – Vibe on her clit and constant mental imagery of our friend fucking her she has had many crazy O’s one after another. A dildo can go all night unlike a flesh penis. Sometimes you have to “think outside the box” , please pardon the pun. Explore what she likes. Try different sizes and shapes of dildos. Fatter heads, more or less curve , different strokes, lengths etc. I learned how to find her sweet spot through watching another guy fuck her. You just have to experiment ?

  22. Prudence says:

    Wow, so much to explore! Thank you for this eye-opening article.

  23. John14 says:

    Hey thanks for all the great posts, my girlfriend has a tilted cervix (I think upwardly), what would need to change in regards to on to stimulate her cervix / surrounding zones?

    • I have a tilted cervix, too! That might make some of the pockets around it bigger than others, so ask her if the sensation feels a lot different when you’re going in front of vs. behind the cervical os.

      • RawDiog says:

        This intrigues me. How can you tell how much bigger the pockets are?

        • It’s all internal anatomy and hard to measure, but if, say, the area behind is bigger, things will more easily slide into there. Going in front may take a bit more effort with a straight object.

          • RawDog says:

            Ok, that makes a LOT of sense. Sometimes when we’re motionless down there and making out, I find my cock “gravitates” down and to the left when I bottom out in my wife. It feels like it pops into place. When we’re done and start moving, it feels like a distinct suction cup like release when we start thrusting again.


  24. Yam says:

    I can’t O without external stim but I lovvve penetration and prefer deep exogenous zones over g spot.

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