5 Ways to Optimize Sex Toy Storage & Organization!

Back in 2018, I had the free­dom to dis­play what I (at the time thought) was a met­ric fuck­ton of toys. Times have changed a lot: I have way more now! But I have fond mem­o­ries of the built-​in book­shelf in the walk-​in closet.

Naturally, I reserved it for my metic­u­lous­ly arranged sex toy collection.

This is my moderately big sex toy collection, featuring mostly dildos and some insertable vibrators. You can re-purpose a bookshelf for storing your sex toys.
Update 4/​1/​2023:

My col­lec­tion is nowa­days in box­es in a stor­age unit, and yes, you can store sil­i­cone sex toys touch­ing one anoth­er in most cas­es. I only sep­a­rate the butt toys for hygiene or reeeaaaaal­ly squishy toys because they can warp easily.

Update 1/​3/​2020:

My sex toy stor­age doesn't look like this any­more! You can find the 2020 ver­sion of my col­lec­tion on my Instagram or in my blog post about my 2019 year-​end recap.

Sex toy collection display shelving for Super Smash Cache around 2020

Why spruce up your sex toy storage?

I'm not a nat­u­ral­ly neat per­son, but I am a believ­er in the ben­e­fits of strate­gi­cal­ly sort­ing my belong­ings. It makes me horny just look­ing at my orga­nized array of dil­dos and vibrators.

When I crave a spe­cial­ly shaped or tex­tured dil­do or type of vibra­tion, all it takes is a quick glance and grab to get the right tool. And when I've fin­ished, it's easy AF to put it back into the right place.

It's not much dif­fer­ent from how you'd arrange a book­shelf. Books stand up tall to save floor/​desk/​tablespace. You can add more shelves for more books, with­out tak­ing up any more floor space. Your favorites are at eye lev­el. The col­or­ful books' exposed spines allow you to scan.

Sex toy collection favorites for Super Smash Cache around 2020

Many of these tips sound like com­mon sense, but they go a long way. Heck, you could apply these tips to prac­ti­cal­ly any­thing in your household.

Everything past this point is about my fall 2018 col­lec­tion. Enjoy!

1. Maximize visibility and accessibility

I'm able to see all of my toys at once. That means I'm much more like­ly to remem­ber every sin­gle one and use a vari­ety. And for a cock con­nois­seur like me, that also means sat­is­fy­ing my par­tic­u­lar crav­ings and hav­ing more fun in the long run!

In my new apart­ment, none of the dil­dos on my shelves block any of the oth­ers from my line of vision. That doesn't mean that they're per­fect­ly lined up in a row, though. I stag­gered them in a zigzag to save some space while main­tain­ing visibility.

If you're using deep draw­ers instead of shelves, you can still apply this prin­ci­ple by stand­ing your toys up like you would with pen­cils in a cup. My clit vibes stand are an exam­ple of this on a small­er scale, in a clear bin. The only clit vibes that stay out­side of the con­tain­er are my Eroscillator and Zumio, because of their unique and pow­er­ful oscillation.

In my old apart­ment, I ini­tial­ly placed most of my dil­dos in a net­work of show­er cad­dies and over-​the-​door hooks from the dol­lar store. Others, I dis­played on my book­shelf. When my sex toy col­lec­tion got way too big for that sys­tem, I laid them down in shal­low, translu­cent draw­ers into which I could eas­i­ly see.

The last image below is of the draw­ers when I tem­porar­i­ly put my sex toys in a stor­age unit rental.

2. Make vertical space your best friend

Making flat-​bottomed books and dil­dos with har­ness­able bases stand is easy enough. Insertable vibra­tors and dil­dos with­out bases need a lit­tle extra help. But only a lit­tle help.

For one, if a vibe uses sep­a­rate bat­ter­ies and isn't super top-​heavy, you can unscrew the cap and let it stand on the edge of the bat­tery com­part­ment. That's what I've done with my Fun Factory Darling Devil. The cap and bat­ter­ies are out of sight direct­ly behind it, but still very close when I need them.

A cheap magazine/​letter orga­niz­er comes in handy for ver­ti­cal stor­age, as I've demon­strat­ed with my Velvet Thruster, its attach­ments, and my Fun Factory Stronic pul­sators. Mugs also can hold a few slen­der vibes, plus one can lean up against the han­dle. And on the bot­tom shelf, I used some tall food stor­age con­tain­ers to stand more insertable vibes.

As a dis­claimer, using ver­ti­cal space is not an absolute! I would only stand my super heavy njoy Eleven or njoy Pure Wand up, for exam­ple, if I had a super stur­dy glass vase. The Swan Wand and Nobessence Intrigue are also clunky.

Plus, if anything's going to occu­py the most shelf space, my beau­ti­ful stain­less steel and fin­ished wood deserve it.

3. Group similar items together

A rainbow of shimmery silicone fantasy dildos

The cat­e­go­riza­tion of my sex toys is very loose, but there's a method to my mad­ness, I promise! Group your sex toys how­ev­er it makes sense to you. Use what­ev­er com­bi­na­tion of brand, col­or, squishi­ness, or pow­er you please.

For starters, the dil­dos I find most inter­est­ing are in the cen­ter. The things I was most excit­ed to dis­play. Most sex toys are sol­id black, blue, pink, pur­ple, or fair flesh-​toned, so I show­cased the shim­mery pea­cock green, cop­per, gold, mar­bled blue, and so on. I arranged them in a rain­bow pat­tern because it just seemed like the nat­ur­al thing to do.

The next ele­phant in the room was the Velvet Thruster, which was too long to stand up on any shelf but the top one. And unlike most of my oth­er vibes, I think my Fun Factory toys were unique enough to deserve their own space out­side of the plas­tic containers.

My sex toy collection's other significant categories

Sex toy categories on the top shelf:

Other categories on the second shelf:

Categories on the third shelf:

njoy Pure Wand, njoy Eleven, nobessence Intrigue, BMS Swan Wand

Contents of the bottom shelf:

This shelf con­tains most­ly small things like cords, vag balls, butt plugs, clit vibes. There are also some mis­cel­la­neous inserta­bles, which are defined by what they're not.

Vag stuff: Minna kgoal, Jopen Key Stella III. Butt plugs: B-vibe Snug Plug, Tantus Neo, and a dual-density vibrating plug I just call "squishy plug"

They're what's left when you take out:

5 Ways to Optimize Sex Toy Storage & Organization! 6

This elim­i­na­tion pret­ty much leaves hand­held inserta­bles in aver­age sizes, with aver­age vibra­tions, and in gener­ic col­ors. No dis­re­spect to my Blush Gaia Eco — it's an absolute steal for the price, and I do find myself reach­ing for often, but it's as bare-​bones as an insertable vibra­tor can get.

4. Everything else: put dainty objects into bigger containers

In my expe­ri­ence, a bunch of small things makes space look more visu­al­ly crowd­ed than a few big things. As well, play­ing with height gives your eyes some­thing more inter­est­ing to trace. The key is to group your small items in a con­tain­er; this tricks your brain into think­ing they're one big thing.

A jar or plat­ter of tiny dil­dos, for exam­ple, looks more uni­fied than if the tee­ny wee­nies stood by them­selves. And a jar of tee­nies with a styl­ish, bold lid looks more inter­est­ing to me than a plate of tiny dildos.

Another promi­nent exam­ple is gath­er­ing my clit stuff in a col­or­ful con­tain­er. I also tucked my oth­er­wise unsight­ly cords away in a roomy draw­er. A shal­low box from the thrift store holds my tiny pins, but­tons, and locks.

And con­doms are the only sex-​related thing I have in an opaque con­tain­er. Let's face it: I don't care about the wrap­per when I want a condom.

5. Adorn your space— add a pop of color here and there!

Closets don't have to be entire­ly prac­ti­cal! There are plen­ty of rea­son­ably afford­able ways to make the space yours, like col­or­ful con­tain­ers, bold wrap­ping papers, arti­fi­cial plant parts, or that mug in the thrift store that says "Y'all."

I even have a set of col­or­ful draw­ers that I'm now using to store props for future pho­tos. Historically, I haven't often had open and well-​lit spaces to have fun with my pic­tures in.

Storage drawers for fabrics and materials to make affordable backdrops for sex toy photo shoots

And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about: col­lect­ing sex toys is fun. Sex blog­ging is fun. Having a well-​organized show­room not only looks good but is fun for every­one who gets to see, includ­ing my readers.

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11 Responses

  1. Quinn Rhodes says:

    I know this isn't your cur­rent sex toy stor­age set up, but I'm in the process of doing some reor­gan­is­ing and want­ed to see how oth­er folks sort/​store/​display their sex toys. I love the sys­tem you have hear and now have a tonne of new ideas that include hav­ing a dil­do shelf on my book case — after all, sex is impor­tant to me and sex toys bring me joy, so why shouldn't I dis­play them?! (Also I'm total­ly in awe of your sex toy collection.)

  2. G says:

    Really enjoyed read­ing this & see­ing the pic­tures as well, thank you. ?

  3. C says:

    I don’t know if I’ll ever dis­play my sex toys, but I real­ly like your set­up, it’s so prac­ti­cal and visu­al­ly appeal­ing at the same time. I’ve been con­sid­er­ing reor­ga­niz­ing my clothes so it’s more prac­ti­cal for my ADHD brain: in some­thing open like bins on shelves instead of in a dress­er so what I need is vis­i­ble and I can just grab it; sort­ed by what I use it for rather than gar­ment type. Currently a bunch of my clothes are just in a pile on my floor because I don’t have enough dress­er space & the clothes I do put in there nev­er get worn.

  4. M says:

    I’ve been search­ing for lit­er­al­ly an hour for the name of the blue one on the bot­tom shelf. The curvy one with the big head. If you hap­pen to know it please tell me! My ex threw mine away and I almost cried

  5. Peach says:

    I can­not dis­play mine but instead need to store them very dis­creet­ly so that nosy vis­it­ing friends and fam­i­ly mem­bers hope­ful­ly will not find them. So with that in mind I store them in a tall chest of draw­ers in my clos­et with with each draw­er labeled in a way to make oth­ers think that is where I store my out of sea­son cloth­ing and linen with an out of sea­son piece clothing/​linen on top.

  6. Jay says:

    Displaying my toys isn’t an option for me, but hope­ful­ly some­day it will be! I would love to be able to see all of my toys because I think I would then use more of them instead of just my favorites.

  7. B R says:

    Our small col­lec­tion loves in a locked case (from Harbor Freight) because Grandkids. It stays under the bed unless they are stay­ing over, then it has a place in a cab­i­net in the clos­et. Not the most con­ve­nient, but it avoids a lot of explaining.

  8. Richard says:

    One issue you may have is the dif­fer­ent toy mate­ri­als react­ing togeth­er, where they touch, I found some of mine melt­ed, hard­ened and discoloured.

    • Mine have lit­er­al­ly nev­er melt­ed. Slightly bent, maybe, if they were already squishy. Slightly dis­col­ored, if they were translu­cent. But nev­er melted.

      Silicone toys don't react with each oth­er except in VERY rare cas­es of extreme­ly soft sil­i­cone. Porous toys— which I don't use— do react with each oth­er. And some­times they're mis­la­beled as silicone.

  9. DizzyD says:

    My toys live in 3 deep draw­ers and for now it works fine! But we do share our home with a very inquis­i­tive lit­tle guy, so we need to think about a prac­ti­cal and safe stor­age solu­tion for our toys.….. Any good ideas anyone?

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