5 Reasons Why I Liked the Eroscillator More Than the Hitachi Magic Wand

Sometimes, it feels like every­one loves the Hitachi Magic Wand Original except me.

Magic Wand Original back massager and packaging

"May I intro­duce you to the Hitachi?"

"You NEED a Hitachi!"

"It's the Cadillac of Vibrators!"

"It can make any­one orgasm!"

I'll be the combo-​breaker and say that the Hitachi Magic Wand Original isn't for every­body, and not just because it might be too powerful.

Full dis­clo­sure: I'm one of those peo­ple who can come in 45 sec­onds via finger-​rubbing, but I've tried enough vibra­tors to know that vibra­tor pref­er­ence is more nuanced than the sheer amount of power.

I get it: the Hitachi Magic Wand Original has been around since April 1968. Betty Dodson pop­u­lar­ized it lit­er­al­ly almost half a cen­tu­ry ago. Even clin­i­cal researchers have found that it's a great option to get past anor­gas­mia. And it's so afford­able for some­thing so pow­er­ful and undoubt­ed­ly an impor­tant his­tor­i­cal icon for female pleasure.

Super important update/disclaimer: this post is about the Magic Wand Original only!

This post is from two years ago, and I still don't like the Magic Wand Original. I stan the Magic Wand Plus and Rechargeable, though. Find out why by read­ing my:

If you want to save your­self some scrolling and get the rum­bli­est or strongest wands I have ever tried, read my:

I've also com­piled a list of the best recharge­able wand mas­sagers besides the Magic Wand. Among the com­pact options, the Lovense Domi is up there!

...and back to the original post

The Magic Wand has right­ful­ly earned its respect. It's one of the best sex toys in exis­tence, but I find it a trav­es­ty that so many rec­og­nize the Hitachi Magic Wand, and so few know the Eroscillator. Yeah, Dr. Ruth endors­es the Eroscillator, but most of my friends had nev­er heard of this oth­er pow­er­ful mains-​powered toy. I must end that. Here's why:

I use the Eroscillator more often than any other toy

Update: the Fun Factory Vim and Doxy Die Cast now claim the title of Most Used Toy in my col­lec­tion.

Still, for much of my ear­ly sex blog­ging career, the Eroscillator stayed faith­ful­ly plugged into my wall sock­et most nights, acces­si­ble from across the room with its extra-​long cord.

Eroscillator rumbly swiveling clitoral massager

It's rumbly, it's tar­get­ed, it can be sub­tle or pow­er­ful, and it fea­tures a unique back-​and-​forth oscil­la­tion that you can't find in oth­er vibra­tors. It rubs rather than rat­tling against.

There's so much I love about the Eroscillator. You might be won­der­ing what I have against the Magic Wand Original, so I'll go into that first.

1. The Magic Wand Original numbs me out temporarily

The revered Hitachi Magic Wand Original is very hit-​and-​miss for me. Either I insta-​come, or I quick­ly start going numb for the rest of the ses­sion (no long-​term desen­si­ti­za­tion, though) and it takes for­ev­er to orgasm. Even if I turn it up. Especially if I turn it up! By the time I've man­aged an orgasm, I've already trudged through the itchy irri­ta­tion from the wand's buzzi­ness and just straight up can't feel any­thing afterward.

There's no rea­son for that when there are small­er and qui­eter vibra­tors that pro­vide the right type of pow­er for me. Wands might have more pow­er in absolute terms, but in the Magic Wand Original's case, that's because of their sheer speed; the pow­er isn't deep or weight­ed like the Doxy Die Cast's thud­dy head.

There's noth­ing wrong with dis­lik­ing the Hitachi Magic Wand. Full stop. Despite the praise I've heard about the Hitachi Magic Wand being "The Cadillac of Vibrators" and able to make any­one orgasm, I'm not alone. Even Dangerous Lilly, a sex-​blogging vet­er­an with almost polar oppo­site pref­er­ences, agrees with me in her review of the Magic Wand Original:

Orgasms with the Magic Wand are finicky with me. It’s either a record-​breaking 1:47 sec­onds the-​crowd-​is-​cheering sort of thing, or it’s just too much and my clit won’t break and sub­mit to it.

Her expe­ri­ences very much mir­ror mine.

2. There are wands better than the Magic Wand

No other wand I've tried tops the Doxy Die Cast in sheer strength. Nothing. Nope, not even the Magic Wand Plus or Rechargeable.
5 Reasons Why I Liked the Eroscillator More Than the Hitachi Magic Wand 1

As far as rumbly, deep vibra­tions go, Fun Factory's Vim wand is the best cord­less mas­sager I've tried. The Magic Wand Rechargeable is a close sec­ond, though. And if you've ever want­ed an insertable vibra­tor almost as pow­er­ful as the Hitachi Magic Wand, you'll want to read my wand mas­sager round-​up — find out how the BMS Factory Swan Wand compares.

Not all wands are cre­at­ed equal, so my inten­tion isn't to say that I'll dis­like every wand I ever try. However, I like but don't par­tic­u­lar­ly adore the vibra­tions on the Hitachi Magic Wand Original or either ver­sion of the Bodywand.

I find the Magic Wand Original "meh." The Magic Wand Plus and Rechargeable upgrades, though, come with more speed set­tings (on the low end!) with deep­er vibra­tion qual­i­ty. And that is a beau­ti­ful thing.

3. The Eroscillator delivers better orgasms for me

5 Reasons Why I Liked the Eroscillator More Than the Hitachi Magic Wand 2

I can only spec­u­late why the Eroscillator is so much more con­ducive to orgasms for me. I know that, unlike most vibra­tors, its head swivels side-​to-​side, rather than just shift­ing in pres­sure. It's also a less irri­tat­ing, low­er pitch.

Perhaps it's the back-​and-​forth motion. Or prob­a­bly my brain wants to fil­ter out the more con­stant input from the Magic Wand's faster vibra­tions. Maybe the rum­bli­ness is that much more plea­sur­able and makes me come so much quick­er that there's not enough time for my brain's fil­ter to kick in.

I think the last poten­tial expla­na­tion is less rel­e­vant since the Eroscillator can still give me orgasms after a ses­sion of extend­ed use. With most vibra­tors, I need to turn the speed up more the longer I use it as it numbs me, but it's not so with the Eroscillator. An orgasm 5 min­utes into the ses­sion takes the same amount of pow­er as an orgasm 15 min­utes in.

4. The Eroscillator is was the only clitoral toy that could consistently bring me to squirting

Orgasms from using the Eroscillator some­times take time, but it's not because I can't reach orgasm. It's because I'm delib­er­ate­ly hold­ing back an orgasm until I can't any­more. It's one of the few clit vibes that can give me the "have-​to-​pee" feel­ing of being close to squirt­ing, and the only vibe to con­sis­tent­ly do so. I usu­al­ly have a few orgasms and stop before I get to the point where I squirt.

UPDATE: It's not just the Eroscillator now! The Fun Factory Volta is one of the few oth­er exter­nal vibra­tors to get me to push me over the edge to squirt.

When the orgasms with the Eroscillator do arrive, they feel fuller and deep­er than my cli­toral orgasms usu­al­ly do. They last longer than with, say, the Tango. It was eas­i­er to have more orgasms in one ses­sion with the Eroscillator than any oth­er clit toy.

Nowadays, there are oth­ers on the same god­ly tier for me, despite all being very dif­fer­ent toys. They include the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen, Fun Factory Vim, Zumio I, and Magic Wand Rechargeable and Plus.

Cal Ex Marvelous Lover, Fun Factory Volta, and Marvelous Flicker

5. I like precise, pinpoint vibrations

With the Eroscillator's small head, I can apply pres­sure to spe­cif­ic spots on the sides of my clit. Many sex blog­gers like love apply­ing vibra­tion to their entire vul­va. Maybe you like broad stim­u­la­tion, but that's not me. UPDATES: Nowadays, I love vibra­tors of all shapes and sizes! If you want wand-​level pow­er in a small area, though, I high­ly rec­om­mend the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen.

Once I under­stood that I liked tar­get­ed stim­u­la­tion, I real­ized why I've actu­al­ly enjoyed some buzzy cli­toral vibra­tors, like Cal Exotics' Slay Charm Me bul­let. It's mod­er­ate­ly strong but high-​pitched — and has a pointy tip. That allows me to apply the vibra­tions to my cli­toris with tar­get­ed pres­sure and even some­times squirt!

The Eroscillator, by con­trast, is pin­point but also mod­er­ate­ly high inten­si­ty and — this is key — more rumbly. If you want to try the Eroscillator but are unsure about using a pre­cise tip, fear not! There are sev­er­al dif­fer­ent attach­ments, the most pin­point being the Seven Pearls, and the most dif­fuse being the marsh­mal­low ultra-​soft fin­ger­tip attach­ment.

Combination of precision, speed, range, and rumble

At the time that I orig­i­nal­ly wrote this post, I was still learn­ing what vibra­tions my clit liked with more con­sis­ten­cy. The Eroscillator's fea­tures were a fan­tas­tic fit for me:

  • Can be gen­tle or powerful
  • Rumbly enough to not need speed to compensate
  • Fast enough for me to orgasm, but slow enough that I don't get numb
  • Motion yields mul­ti­ple long and robust orgasms
  • Precise and rigid enough to press into the side of my clit

I LOVED the Eroscillator. I don't even feel the need to jus­ti­fy how ugly it is. I rarely say that I love any toy, but say­ing that I love the Eroscillator is entire­ly fair to my beloved VixSkin Johnny and oth­er fer­al favorites.

Nowadays, I can tol­er­ate more pow­er, so a rumbly pin­point mas­sager like the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen is just next-level!

Other recommendations

Ersocillator pack with 7 attachment heads

It can be over­whelm­ing to decide which Eroscillator to get. I per­son­al­ly use the Eroscillator 2 with the G‑point attach­ment. It's sub­jec­tive­ly one of the best attach­ments for trans­fer­ring the Eroscillator's pow­er. The G‑point attach­ment can get loud if you turn on the Eroscillator with­out press­ing it against a sur­face, but that's some­thing I work around by using it under a blan­ket and mak­ing sure it's already on my clit when I turn it on.

The marsh­mal­low ultra-​soft fin­ger­tip attach­ment is squishy and rubs with a more del­i­cate touch. So if you need pow­er, this attach­ment works best atop the more pow­er­ful Eroscillator Top Deluxe. Pretty much any Eroscillator is good, but it comes down to which one works best for you.

Price is a factor, and I totally understand

I think spend­ing a lit­tle extra for the Magic Wand Plus is well worth the mon­ey because it's rum­bli­er and you get more speed set­tings than the original.

If you want even deep­er, stronger, rich­er qual­i­ty pul­sa­tions, also con­sid­er get­ting a Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen. Or wait until there's a sale on the Fun Factory VIM — Fun Factory USA tends to have fan­tas­tic flash sales.

Magic Wand Plus in purse

However, if you just want some­thing pow­er­ful for the price, I'm still entire­ly in sup­port of get­ting the Magic Wand Original or Bodywand as a first mains-​powered toy. The Bodywand's high­est speed is about the same as the Hitachi's slow­er speed.

No, seri­ous­ly. Just get the Magic Wand Plus if you're on some­what of a budget.

I ini­tial­ly gave the Bodywand a pos­i­tive review. I still think it's a good toy, but not for me. The vibra­tions for the Magic Wand Original and Bodywand are very pow­er­ful but surface-​level, high-​pitched, and loud — a com­bi­na­tion that I found hit-or-miss.

Final thoughts

All the mains-​powered vibra­tors I men­tioned in this post are good toys, but the more sex toys I try, the more spe­cif­ic my pref­er­ences become. For 2015 me, the Magic Wand Original and Bodywand would have been satisfactory.

2019 me knows bet­ter what she wants, and finds the Eroscillator, Magic Wand Plus, and Doxy Die Cast to be much more reli­able toys.

2024 me gets the lux­u­ry of test­ing inno­va­tions in even rum­bli­er, thud­di­er motors, like the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen, Fun Factory Vim, and Playboy Ring My Bell.

I used the Eroscillator mul­ti­ple times a day, every day, for years. That came out to pen­nies per use and even less per orgasm. Even though tech­nol­o­gy has changed a lot, the Eroscillator was a gen­uine­ly cost-​effective invest­ment in hap­pi­ness and stress relief for years to come — and come and come.

5 Reasons Why I Liked the Eroscillator More Than the Hitachi Magic Wand 3

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18 Responses

  1. Kati says:

    I adore the eroscil­la­tor. While my first solo orgasm (sec­ond orgasm of all time) came at the behest of the cord­less mag­ic wand, since then it's been meh for me even with near­ly every attach­ment under the sun. That said the fan­tas­tic dil­do attach­ment is QUITE fun for folks who like to grind. But I digress.

    I splurged at a time I had lit­tle splurgi­ness to get the eroscil­la­tor 2/​pro/​whatever. Since then I've gone through 6 marsh­mal­low attach­ments. The oth­er attach­ments are good, but not for me. But the del­i­cate wow and subtle…it's like I'm chill­ing, watch­ing porn or read­ing erot­i­ca, and then I'm feel­ing good, and then… whoa, can it be?, WOW! Boom, right there. 

    My oth­er favorite wows, but pret­ty well below the big E, are Womanizer Duo (fab, but g‑spot inter­nal not girthy enough for me), and the delight­ful Pillow Talk Sassy (per­fect aim, rumbly… not very girthy so I'm spin­ning it around). I am cur­rent­ly get­ting a Zumio E to add to my toy­box. The oth­er pin­point exter­nal vibe I love is Je Joue Mimi. I didn't think I would, but I do.

    I'm order­ing my 7–8th marsh­mal­lows so that tells you some­thing. I've also had it for over a decade, which tells you some­thing else (hel­lo, we-​vibe Tango that died after 18mo!). If you don't have it, get it. Truly. Wow.

  2. Sm says:

    I've always want­ed to try the eroscil­la­tor. Like since I was a teen and watched Dr. Ruth talk about on her show on HBO. I have a measly 4 toys right now. 2 glass dil­dos (meh) one anal vibe and one mini cli­toral wand from amazon.
    Seeing all these reviews make me so currrioous.

  3. Frankie says:

    I can get over­stim­u­lat­ed by all but the gen­tlest of vibra­tors, so I fear the raw pow­er of the Magic Wand. I am intru­iged by the eroscillator's rotat­ing motion, but I'm more of a broad-​stimulation kind of per­son, so I'm afraid of spend­ing that much mon­ey and hav­ing it not work for me.

  4. D. Dyer says:

    Thank you for this, the mag­ic wand orig­i­nal has nev­er been my favorite of the wand options and I have been intrigued by the eroscil­la­tor for quite some time now.

  5. G says:

    Love all the future edits you've added to this.

  6. G says:

    Am hop­ing to get this in the future, so I love learn­ing more about it. Thank you for pro­vid­ing your perspective!

  7. B R says:

    Id like to see a cur­rent 3 or 4 way com­par­i­son of the cur­rent­ly avail­able wand vibra­tors. Any chance that's in the works?

    • I don't usu­al­ly review wands because I pre­fer pin­point stim­u­la­tion, but it's def­i­nite­ly pos­si­ble. That's a great idea and I'll keep it in mind when I request products.

  8. Anna says:

    I'm intrigued by the Eroscillator, but I might be shal­low because it is pret­ty dif­fi­cult for me to get over how ugly it is haha. The price point is prob­a­bly the biggest detrac­tor for me right now, though. I appre­ci­ate how you always men­tion cheap­er alternatives!

  9. DizzyD says:

    I’m think­ing of get­ting the Eroscillator or the Zumio. The Erscillator seems more ver­sa­tile, but it’s also more expen­sive. I’ll have to think about it!

  10. Jay says:

    This list pret­ty much sums up my expe­ri­ence with the mag­ic wand orig­i­nal. It was my first sex toy and when it didn’t work for me it turned me off of vibra­tors for years. I’m glad that you wrote about this because had I found it when I was younger I would have more quick­ly learned about pin point vs broad stim­u­la­tion and buzzy vs rumbly.

  11. Slink says:

    I knew peo­ple liked the Eroscillator but I nev­er thought it would be com­pa­ra­ble to a Magic Wand! First image of the move­ment of the Eroscillator head real­ly has got me curi­ous about it.

    • They ARE very dif­fer­ent toys, but that's kind of what I like about the Eroscillator— not every­one likes broad, buzzy stim­u­la­tion. For those who have the total oppo­site pref­er­ences from what the Hitachi offers, an Eroscillator or Zumio is a very good fit.

  12. Kalliopeia says:

    I am deeply, deeply loy­al to the MWR (due, in part, to the afore­men­tioned cur­ing of anor­gas­mia), but I lust deeply after an Eroscillator, so it was inter­est­ing to see how these two famous toys com­pare. Thanks!

  13. Trix says:

    I've nev­er had a wand, but have always been curi­ous about the Eroscillator!

  14. Clara says:

    Thanks for this post! The mag­ic wand’s a lit­tle too strong for me so this helped 🙂

  1. February 24, 2018

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