VixSkin Johnny review: curved and realistic dual-density dildo

The VixSkin Johnny by Vixen Creations is the dil­do that I com­pare oth­ers to by default. I ask myself: would say­ing that I love that oth­er toy be fair to Johnny? There's the occa­sion­al "yes," but only rarely.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny curved dual-density dildo

It had so high­ly raised my stan­dards since I start­ed col­lect­ing toys. 

Johnny is a curved 7 inch­es long, 1.75 inch wide real­is­tic sil­i­cone dil­do, com­plete with mild vein­ing, balls, and a retract­ed fore­skin tex­ture. What takes Johnny from "like" to "need," though, is VixSkin's patent­ed for­mu­la: a firm mus­cle core paired with a pli­able out­er lay­er to give it the con­sis­ten­cy of real erec­tile tissue.

I've reviewed plen­ty of big­ger Vixen Creations dil­dos, like the single-​density Randy, the VixSkin Outlaw, the gar­gan­tu­an VixSkin Gambler, and the VixSkin Colossus exten­sion sleeve paired with the Velvet Thruster Teddy. But when I'm not crav­ing some­thing that thick, the VixSkin Johnny is damn good at what it was designed to do.

My experience with the VixSkin Johnny

Vixen Creations' VixSkin Johnny is quite a bit chunki­er than the aver­age penis, but the yield­ing out­er lay­er makes it com­fort­able enough for every­day use. (Consider the Mustang or Tex instead if you want some­thing more moderate.)

Johnny's com­bi­na­tion of curve, girth, and exag­ger­at­ed head pound the orgasms out of my G‑spot. Though the firm core is curved, it's flex­i­ble enough to straight­en out slight­ly. I can shove the squishy head behind my cervix, effec­tive­ly melt­ing me into a pud­dle of heart-​eyes emo­jis and oxytocin.

Good lord, the squishy tip.

Vixen Creations Johnny curved dual-density G-spotting dildo with realistic veins and retracted foreskin

Of course, pret­ty much any long sil­i­cone dil­do is going to offer cer­vi­cal pres­sure in some form. But the real­is­ti­cal­ly meaty squish of Johnny's head excels at it. The dildo's head con­forms to my pos­te­ri­or fornix but yields just enough resis­tance to effort­less­ly push back in all the right places.

There's no think­ing about it or adjust­ing it. BAM. Johnny gets me and gets me off per­fect­ly. Even just shov­ing it all the way in and feel­ing the shift as I clench and release my PC mus­cles around it dri­ves me crazy.

My verdict on the VixSkin Johnny

…and some of the other best dildos I've tried!

For what it was meant to be, Johnny is per­fect. The coro­nal ridge and fore­skin tex­ture can be over­whelm­ing upon the first inser­tion, though, so slather on some extra lube. Nowadays, I'm a tex­ture slut, reach­ing for even more intense­ly ridged toys like the Uberrime Night King. Both dil­dos are beyond worth it.

[Image: Vixen Randy, VixSkin Johnny, Outlaw, Gambler size comparison]

For years, the Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny was my favorite every­day dil­do. I reached for it and craved its girthy pres­sure on my cervix and pos­te­ri­or fornix more often than any oth­er toy in my col­lec­tion. There was a time where the girthi­er VixSkin Outlaw felt bet­ter to me than Johnny, but the Johnny was more suit­able for every­day use than the Outlaw.

Another con­tender for my top Vixen sex toy of choice? The VixSkin Colossus on the Velvet Thruster Teddy.

There's a VixSkin option for every­one. I'd high­ly rec­om­mend Johnny for those who love girth, G‑spot thrust­ing, cer­vi­cal orgasms, and A‑spot pres­sure. And! Even if you don't like super-​realistic dil­dos, there are plen­ty of VixSkin dil­dos with tie-​bright (blue, pink, and orange) col­or options!

Overall, Vixen Creations dil­dos are top-​tier qual­i­ty. There's a rea­son I keep com­ing to Johnny and Randy, both lit­er­al­ly and figuratively.

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13 Responses

  1. Rue says:

    I pre­fer more nar­row toys , but am look­ing for cervix/​ a spot toys

    Are the Mustang or Tex as good for the a spot or not? Thanks

  2. Space Dame says:

    The Johnny FUCKS HARD. I got one sec­ond hand and I adore it absolute­ly. YA NAILED IT.

    • Rob says:

      I got my wife the same com­pa­nies Maverick and use it in the Rodeoh brief har­ness. It works puuuuurr.r.….fect on her for hands­free dog­gie sex. As good as Johnny is Maverick 's big cock­head puts more pres­sure on wife's G&O spots for explo­sive mind bend­ing O's on her.

  3. Oreon says:

    Hard to decide between Johnny or Buck. But I do know one thing, I def­i­nite­ly want one in that mid­night pearl color!

  4. DizzyD says:

    I’m think­ing about get­ting a dual den­si­ty toy from Vixen. I like my dildo’s to have girth and I pre­fer a dil­do with­out balls and in a non real­is­tic col­or. I’m lean­ing towards the Buck or the Maverick.

  5. Jay says:

    I often debate whether to get Johnny or Buck by Vixen. So many review­ers love Johnny, but despite the rave rec­om­men­da­tions I’m not sold on the balls. I think that odd­ly shaped base would make the dil­do hard­er to use.

  6. Rob says:

    My wife loves Johnny. Finally fig­ured out how to give her G and A spot mind blow­ing con­tin­u­ous o's that last almost an hour?

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