Tantus Magma & Splash review: dildo with drip textures

The drips are in a league all their own.

I'm the umpteenth per­son to say that there is noth­ing like the Tantus Splash. The orig­i­nal dil­do has been dis­con­tin­ued but rein­car­nat­ed in red and black as the Tantus Magma.

Tantus Magma Dildo Drip Textures Red and Black

What makes the Tantus Splash's different?

It pos­sess­es an intense com­bi­na­tion of heavy tex­ture, chunky 1.75" girth, and firm­ness. Contrasting with the mat­te shaft, the drips have a smooth fin­ish. The appeal is the thick, struc­tur­al tex­ture, rather than a fine sur­face tex­ture. However, unlike with the also deeply ridged Echo, the Splash's drips are pro­nounced but posi­tioned com­fort­ably. There's enough spac­ing among the drips that the Splash can bot­tom me out with­out pinch­ing my ure­thral sponge against my pubic bone.

G‑spot and A‑spot stimulation

Instead, the drips press up against my G‑spot and inter­nal cli­toris just past the pubic bone, while the fric­tion of the sil­i­cone pulls against my ure­thral sponge with each "out" stroke. The dimen­sion­al­i­ty of the drips is just right for that. It's meant for slight­ly twist­ing back and forth, jig­gling in place with tiny thrusts, and clench­ing around to appre­ci­ate all 360 degrees of its glory.

I don't use this toy the way I would use most dil­dos. There is a curved and ridged tip, but that's not the star of the show. G‑spot stim­u­la­tion from the shaft is. As well, despite its size and firm­ness, it's not some­thing I would use for cer­vi­cal and for­ni­cal stim­u­la­tion. It just doesn't apply pres­sure behind my cervix in any mean­ing­ful way.

Tantus Splash Peacock Green

Perineal sponge stimulation

The shape and firm­ness do, how­ev­er, excel at per­ineal sponge stim­u­la­tion. You can turn the toy to face the curve against the back vagi­nal wall, indi­rect­ly press­ing against the anus. Straighter, more flex­i­ble toys don't do much in that depart­ment. Drastically curved or bul­bous toys when used that way, um, give me not-​fun intesti­nal feelings.

Meanwhile, the shal­low curve on the Tantus Magma is just right for my per­ineal sponge; that's not some­thing I can say for many oth­er the oth­er toys in my collection!

Bottom line

The Tantus Magma has depth and dimen­sion and juu­u­ust enough cur­va­ture. Turn the bend toward the back wall or the front; they both feel good. The drips rub me right and, oh gosh, the ridg­ing at the tip! OOOOF, my walls are in heav­en. It's all about the drip ele­va­tion and place­ment. Whoever made the cur­rent ren­di­tion of the Tantus Magma and Splash knew what they were doing.

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9 Responses

  1. EJ says:

    New col­or­ways for both Magma and Magma Mini have recent­ly launched—esp. inter­est­ing to my eye is the “cop­per”! Somehow missed see­ing your reviews of both some­what sim­i­lar Tantra dils (Splash and Magma) but see­ing it in cop­per has me Googling high and low for a store with­in dri­ving dis­tance for, ahem, imme­di­ate access!

  2. Trix says:

    I’ve start­ed to real­ly enjoy tex­ture, but it’s all been pret­ty sub­tle so far…good to know those dra­mat­ic drips can feel great!

  3. Oreon says:

    Magma sounds nice. Both are love­ly but pre­fer more squish.

  4. Kelly Siebe says:

    Hi, won­der­ing if there is a dif­fer­ence in size or firm­ness between the two? Or is the col­or the only difference?

  5. Annie says:

    I'm start­ing to sus­pect that I'm a tex­ture gal, so I'm intrigued by this toy

  6. Jay says:

    I wish Tantus would bring this toy back! I was too hes­i­tant to get it a cou­ple of years ago, but I think I would real­ly enjoy the tex­ture now.

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