A Super Smashing Sex Toy Gift Guide: Find the Best Sex Giftable Toys!

Sex toys are the clos­est thing to giv­ing some­one on-​demand orgasms. But the options can get over­whelm­ing, even with­in Spectrum Boutique’s care­ful­ly curat­ed selec­tion.

A Super Smashing Sex Toy Gift Guide: Find the Best Sex Giftable Toys! 1

Here’s a list of my favorite plea­sur­able gifta­bles, to help nar­row down your choices.

Some char­ac­ter­is­tics that add to a sex toy’s gifta­bil­i­ty include:

  • Overall qual­i­ty – Does it do the thing it was designed to do well?
  • Uniqueness – What makes this toy stand out?
  • Versatility – Can its range of sen­sa­tions suit a vari­ety of moods?
  • Presentation – Do its pack­ag­ing and design look good? Not every item on this list has sleek pack­ag­ing, but a stur­dy box or pouch for long-​term stor­age sure helps!
A Super Smashing Sex Toy Gift Guide: Find the Best Sex Giftable Toys! 2

Often, you’ll also see a trade-​off between ver­sa­til­i­ty and spe­cial­iza­tion, and that’s okay. It’s good for begin­ners to have many sim­ple options to explore, while those with already-​massive col­lec­tions would prob­a­bly pre­fer some­thing off­beat or odd­ly spe­cif­ic. There’s some­thing for every­one on this list.

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UPDATE: If you want an in-​depth gift guide sort­ed by toys' "per­son­al­i­ties," check out: Sex Toys for Every Star Sign & Pleasure Persona!

A Super Smashing Sex Toy Gift Guide: Find the Best Sex Giftable Toys! 3

Bundles and luxe splurges

These gifta­bles don’t quite belong in the oth­er cat­e­gories but go above and beyond in the bougie fac­tor. They are Extra™, and I’d be thrilled to receive the ones I don’t already own.

Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy

First up is the Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy (read my Teddy review) and VixSkin Colossus cock exten­der. The Teddy is a body-​safe, hand­held fuck­ing machine with a suc­tion cup base. This com­pact pow­er tool thrusts up to 125 times per minute, with a thrust length of 2.5”. And when you pair it with a VixSkin Colossus exten­sion sleeve, you get a girthy AF, real­is­ti­cal­ly squishy, self-​propelled cock. If I had to keep only one pow­ered toy, this would prob­a­bly be it.

Experience Warm Lube Dispenser

Now, imag­ine some­thing like a touch-​free soap dis­penser, but for lube. The Experience Warm lube dis­penser does pre­cise­ly that. What’s more? It heats your lube or mas­sage oil in under two min­utes. So con­ve­nient. So delightful.

A Super Smashing Sex Toy Gift Guide: Find the Best Sex Giftable Toys! 4
b‑Vibe Rimming Plug

The b‑Vibe Rimming Plug (read my Rimming Plug 2 review) is anoth­er excel­lent pick for the con­nois­seur who seems to have every­thing. The tip vibrates, and the beads in the neck spin for a rim­ming sen­sa­tion in the anus’s sen­si­tive fine touch recep­tors. It also comes with a stor­age case and remote. Available in Petite, orig­i­nal size, and XL.

Liberator Throe

Lastly, Liberator’s Throe is infa­mous­ly known as “the squirt blan­ket.” It’s more absorbent than a reg­u­lar bath tow­el— and far sex­i­er to the touch. One side has a silky satin fin­ish, and the oth­er is a soft microfiber, blend­ing in with the rest of your bed­room decor.

[Image: njoy stainless steel sex toy boxes with red and pink satin]

Best giftable dildos

Anything by nJoy Toys

For a dil­do with unbeat­able “WOW” fac­tor in its pack­ag­ing, go for njoy. Their prod­ucts usu­al­ly come in stur­dy box­es with pink or red satin lin­ing inside. (Or, if you get their Eleven… a leather purse.) I love every­thing made by them:

Dual-​density dildos by Vixen Creations and Uberrime

As far as dual-​density dil­dos go, Vixen Creations’ VixSkin is often my go-​to rec­om­men­da­tion. The line fea­tures a firm core and squishy out­er lay­er for a real­is­tic, flesh-​like feel­ing. There’s a VixSkin dil­do for every­one, but I’m par­tial to the Johnny (read my review), Outlaw (review), and Gambler (review).

A Super Smashing Sex Toy Gift Guide: Find the Best Sex Giftable Toys! 5

Lately, though, I’ve been into Uberrime’s dual-​density dil­dos, the Bella and Supero. Both girthy, both firm where it counts and squishy where it counts, and both avail­able in beau­ti­ful pearles­cent jew­el tones. My Uberrime Bella and Supero review includes the words, “I am die, and I am cry.”

More quirky and creative silicone dildos

There’s also a pletho­ra of oth­er sil­i­cone arti­sans to sup­port if you’re look­ing for some­thing unique. There’s the cov­et­ed polka-​dot Luzarte Jollet (read my Jollet review). Perhaps an egg­plant dil­do (review) for your friend who loves emo­jis, or a car­rot butt plug. A Split Peaches Screw You to cheer up a friend who’s oth­er­wise screwed over. Or have fun with vibrant stripes, like on the BS Atelier Max (review) or Blush Novelties Avant dil­do (Avant D4 review).

[Image: BMS Swan Wand Classic, BMS Pillow Talk Sassy, We-Vibe Nova, LELO Mona 2]

Insertable vibrators

BMS Factory Swan Wand Classic

The BMS Factory Swan Wand Classic is thud­dy AF and has two very differently-​sized insertable ends. One is a very aver­age 1.5” diam­e­ter with a gen­tle curve, and the oth­er 2”. If you’ve ever want­ed to insert the Magic Wand’s head, it’s kind of like that. But more tapered and G‑spotty. Read my Swan Wand review.

BMS Factory Pillow Talk Sassy

For an average-​sized but still bul­bous G‑spot vibra­tor, check out the BMS Pillow Talk Sassy. It’s not as rumbly as the Swan Wand, but make no mis­take: its motor out­per­forms the LELO Mona 2’s. Read my Pillow Talk Sassy review and LELO Mona 2 com­par­i­son.

We-​Vibe Nova

Lastly, if you want to gift some­one a rab­bit vibra­tor, you must con­sid­er the We-​Vibe Nova. Other rab­bit vibra­tors often either break con­tact when you thrust them or are too flim­sy to do much for my clit. Not so with the Nova. Its cli­toral prong flex­es to fit a vari­ety of anatomies and main­tains firm exter­nal pres­sure while you thrust. It also fea­tures the trade­mark high-​amp vibra­tions that We-​Vibe is known for. Read my We-​Vibe Nova review.

[Image: Fun Factory Volta, Zumio S Caress, NU Sensuelle Trinitii, Pipedream Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure]

External vibrators

Magic Wand Plus & Rechargeable

Speaking of high-​amplitude vibra­tions, how could I write a gift guide with­out includ­ing the Magic Wand? Sure, it’s a pow­er tool that you might not want to give to some­one new to sex toys, but! It’s a reli­able option for those who enjoy broad stim­u­la­tion with lots of thud­dy pow­er. Plus, you can cus­tomize it with attach­ments for G‑spot mas­sage or a vibrat­ing penis stro­ker. I’d def­i­nite­ly sug­gest the Magic Wand Plus (read my review) or Rechargeable. Unlike the Original, they have non-​porous sil­i­cone heads, 4 speeds instead of 2, and the over­all vibra­tion qual­i­ty is rumblier.

Other notable clit toys

For purring, lower-​pitched vibra­tions in bullet-​like form, though, get the Hot Octopuss Digit (review). If you want broad pow­er in a more com­pact shape, get the Clandestine Mimic Plus. It’s hel­la ver­sa­tile with its sweep­ing curves, pointy tip, and a slen­der pro­file that fits com­fort­ably between bod­ies. If you want sharp and pin­point flut­ter­ing, con­sid­er a Fun Factory Volta, the only recharge­able clit vibe to make me squirt, a Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure (review), or a NU Sensuelle Trinitii (review).

[Image: the Hot Octopuss Jett is a corded bullet vibe pair with a wearable and removable silicone ring to deliver vibrations to the penis]

Penis toys

Along with the stro­ker attach­ment for the Magic Wand, there are also toys designed explic­it­ly for penis­es. Among them are Fleshlights, of course— soft, high qual­i­ty, with so many porn star ori­fice casts to choose from. For a vibrat­ing penis toy, also con­sid­er a Fun Factory Manta or Hot Octopuss Jett (read my Jett review). The Jett is a set of two pow­er­ful bat­tery bul­lets with a sil­i­cone ring sleeve for press­ing them against a phal­lus. You can, of course, use them as a clit vibe too! And if you’ve want­ed to cast a vul­va into a sil­i­cone stro­ker, there’s the Clone-​A-​Pussy kit.

Sexy stocking stuffers

You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade someone’s toy­box. Everything in this sec­tion is super affordable.

Double-​sided suction cups

For some­one who loves rid­ing their dil­dos, get a double-​sided suc­tion cup. It works as an adapter to turn a flat-​based sil­i­cone dil­do into one that you can mount to a flat sur­face of your choosing!

[Image: the NS Novelties Firefly Glow Wand is the ultimate A-spot dildo]
Glass dildos

Glass dil­dos are also an ele­gant but budget-​friendly way to play with pen­e­tra­tion. My favorite glass toy is the cobalt blue Chrystalino Champ (read my review) for cervix mas­sage. The Firefly Glass G Wand is also up there. It’s a mis­sile for my A‑spot, the eroge­nous area in front of my cervix. Read my Firefly Glass G Wand review.

Blush Novelties

Finally, Blush Novelties has a range of afford­able, body-​safe good­ies, like the cheeky can­dy heart plugs and pow­er­ful Exposed Nocturnal bul­let (review). And their Aria Flutter fea­tures a tiny flick­er­ing “tongue” for a unique, pin­point “lick­ing” sensation.

Spectrum Boutique gift cards

If you still want to indulge that spe­cial some­one in ecsta­sy but:

  • … can’t afford some­thing luxe that they would love
  • …just don’t know what to get them

A Spectrum Boutique gift card is a great choice! Choose the amount you want and let them pick their pleasure.

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