Vixen Creations VixSkin Gambler review: HUGE dildo fatter than soda can

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  1. Jay says:

    I’m sad to admit it, but I am underwhelmed by my Gambler. I am so glad it’s a part of my collection and wouldn’t give it away for anything, but sometimes when I’m using it I just feel nothing. Not stretched, not full, not anything. Vixen’s dual density isn’t my favorite, but the extra squishiness of its formula compared to others has never detracted from my experience before. To better fit my preferences I think the gambler would either need to be made out of Vixen’s single density or a dual density closer to Tantus’ dildos. With either of those changes I think the gambler would feel closer to its actual size, which is what I want, rather than feel like a ~2.25” toy (by my estimation).
    I do like that you talked about using the gambler with a partner. And for this use it’s probably best that the gambler is pretty squishy.

  2. DizzyD says:

    I haven’t had any experience with dual density dildo’s, just softer and firmer single density toys. I like a firmer dildo, because it allows me to put pressure on the right spots. I need that pressure!
    I’d like to try the single density Vixen Randy to find out if I like more girth. And maybe the dual density Maverick…. The Gambler looks very interesting, but it’s huge!

  3. Qiu says:

    this is super huge, could never try it.

  4. dv8 says:

    The extra length doesn’t sound like a bit much if you’re using the Gambler for anal play.

  5. I DID include, verbatim in my review, “And I’m sure some people would love doing deep butt stuff with this toy, but that’s not me.”

  6. Oreon says:

    That’s one massive dildo. Impressive! O:

  7. randy rascal says:

    Love your blog and posts. Thanks for your great review and comparative photos. I frequently play with Randy and Outlaw when pegging. Look forward to enjoying Vixen solo with their suction bases. After reading your shared experience, I’m ready for The Gambler butt, hope that it is more upstanding and rigid than the Tantus Hoss. Tantus recently released the Bishop(2.5). Also, Vixen has recently released their Bronco(2.5); may get it when the price is lower.

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