Vixen Creations VixSkin Gambler review: HUGE dildo fatter than soda can

Vixen Creations VixSkin Gambler dildo next to coffee mug

I've com­pared the stout and labor-​like-​scream-​inducing Vixen Creations Randy to a soda can. But its girth is "only" com­pa­ra­ble to a soda can's top. The Gambler takes it a step far­ther, just shy of 3 inch­es wide.

It's big­ger than a soda can's widest cross-​section, and cer­tain­ly fat­ter than I've ever gone before. Instead of a soda can for size com­par­i­son in pho­tos, I brought out a ceram­ic mug.

This behemoth's girth is like my Randy with an added lay­er of squishi­er sil­i­cone, mak­ing it sur­pris­ing­ly com­fort­able to tran­si­tion in size. My cervix also appre­ci­ates that the Gambler's head is noth­ing but squish. And while I ini­tial­ly thought of the length as exces­sive, it comes in handy dur­ing part­ner play. In short, the VixSkin Gambler com­bines prac­ti­cal­ly every­thing I love about the Randy and the VixSkin Outlaw.

But how do you feel about the VixSkin Gambler?

Huge Vixen Creations VixSkin Gambler dildo next to my arm for size comparison

Facts and fig­ures are use­ful for shock val­ue, but they don't do jus­tice to how the Gambler feels. Buying a VixSkin Gambler is like pay­ing once for a life­time of access to altered states of con­scious­ness. It's eupho­ria that peo­ple spend good mon­ey for, except unlike con­sum­able psy­choac­tives, you don't have to replace it.

The Gambler deserves an hour or more set aside just for it. "One more orgasm" and some light thrust­ing quick­ly turns into ten more min­utes straight of scream­ing and shak­ing. And anoth­er ten min­utes. And anoth­er. The aver­age American spends 6 months of their life wait­ing at red traf­fic lights; I'll prob­a­bly spend more time than that com­ing on the Gambler.

They're the kind of orgasms where a mere sliv­er of my sub­con­scious fires, "Oh fuck, I'm going to be stuck like this for­ev­er. If this is how I die, then so be it." My con­scious mind, mean­while, is bare­ly active. The only words in its vocab­u­lary are "fuck" and "God."

This expe­ri­ence demands a full-​on rit­u­al­is­tic set­up, com­plete with hydra­tion, snacks, sooth­ing music, and an extra pil­low to scream into dur­ing (or snug­gle after) the ses­sion. I after­ward reached for a glass of water on our night­stand to soothe my throat, dry from all the gasp­ing. It felt like every cell in my body was airy and flut­tery, like I was bare­ly a phys­i­cal form after using the Gambler.

"I can't tell whether you like that toy," my boyfriend said in sarcasm.

Stimulating my internal erogenous zones

Vixen Creations Randy, Johnny, Outlaw, and Gambler size comparison. The Gambler is the biggest dildo I've ever used.
Left to right: Vixen Creations Randy, VixSkin Johnny, VixSkin Outlaw, and VixSkin Gambler.

Thickness is not the only fea­ture I cred­it for the VixSkin Gambler's inten­si­ty. Its firm core also has a sub­tle curve for effort­less­ly rock­ing my front wall, while the head's sil­i­cone is squishy enough to mas­sage my cervix with­out pain.

For com­par­i­son, I do not want to push the single-​density Randy all the way in and near my cervix. A dil­do head that fat, cen­tered, and unyield­ing has no sense of sub­tle­ty. With the Randy, I chose to sac­ri­fice cervix stim­u­la­tion for the sake of firm G‑spot pres­sure. The VixSkin Gambler, how­ev­er, shows that I don't have to make any trade-offs.

Pressing the VixSkin Gambler against my front wall

Its even more extreme girth means that the pro­trud­ing coro­na has nowhere else to go but dig into my front wall. The head and fore­skin tex­tures mer­ci­less­ly grab and pull on my G‑spot. When my boyfriend tilts the Gambler's head for­ward, I notice a stark dif­fer­ence in orgasm inten­si­ty. I imme­di­ate­ly have to grab on to some­thing to main­tain a shred of com­po­sure. My boyfriend shoves a pil­low in my face.

Even though I enjoy it all, I can bare­ly sep­a­rate the broad G‑spot and A‑spot pres­sure from the gen­er­al "LSJDFKLSDJFLSKGH OMFG?!?!" of being stretched. Everything orches­trates and melts togeth­er— there's so much hap­pen­ing at once.

Behind my cervix

Squishing the Vixen Creations VixSkin Gambler's squishy head. The inner core is firm for thrusting, but the outer silicone layer is very forgiving.

My cervix is more dis­cern­ing of the Gambler's pres­ence. Because it's so big, it doesn't bash all the way into my pos­te­ri­or fornix the way oth­er toys do. I pre­fer to nudge and finesse with smoother thrusts. Nudge, nudge. Come. Hold the Gambler in place all the way in. Come some more. Repeat the never-​ending cycle of ecstasy.

Boom, boom, boom. With the thick­ness, curve, and dual-​density squish, it's not hard to see why the Vixen Creations VixSkin Gambler is such a trip to plan for. This mas­sive pack­age is the full pack­age. It offers seri­ous pres­sure against my inter­nal cli­toris and A‑spot but is also just right for coax­ing my cervix into flood­ing my whole body with heart-​eyes emo­jis. I wouldn't change any­thing about this dildo.

A good length for partner use

So to me, 10 1/​2 inch­es sound­ed like a bit much. After all, the VixSkin Gambler is so fat that my vagi­na would take AT MOST 6 inch­es of length, right? And I'm sure some peo­ple would love doing deep butt stuff with this toy, but that's not me.

A closer look at the bottom of the Vixen Creations VixSkin Gambler's shaft. Veiny textures that aren't grotesquely fake

Here's the thing, though: not insert­ing all of the Gambler's shaft doesn't mean that I'm not using it. When angling a dil­do this thick, there's much resis­tance from my walls. And there needs to be some "extra" length to con­trol the tip's tilt. If the VixSkin Gambler were much short­er— like, short­er than the Outlaw— it would be sub­stan­tial­ly more dif­fi­cult to con­trol, espe­cial­ly dur­ing part­ner play.

During solo play, you might want to take advan­tage of the suc­tion cup. My favorite place to prop and ride the Gambler is along the perime­ter of a bathtub.

Final thoughts on the VixSkin Gambler dual-density dildo by Vixen Creations

Holding the Vixen Creations VixSkin Gambler in my hand. As you can see, this dildo is wider than most of my arm.

As far as ridicu­lous­ly intense orgasms go, Hardly any oth­er toy I own beats the Gambler.

I've cer­tain­ly had part­ners who would have felt threat­ened by its size, but my boyfriend has out­right told me, "Every toy for you is a toy for us."

If I enjoy using a sex toy, he enjoys watch­ing me enjoy it, too. So, of course, the Gambler is his favorite to use on me. The one he request­ed I play with most often. It's potent and all-​consuming, mak­ing him jeal­ous of me for hav­ing a vagi­na. And then we have penis-​in-​vag sex afterward.

If you already know that you can envel­op the single-​density Vixen Creations Randy, then the dual-​density Gambler isn't that dras­tic of a jump. Remember: the Gambler's firm core is about the same thick­ness as the Randy, and the head and ~3/​4" thick out­er lay­er is made of very for­giv­ing squish.

My expe­ri­ences with the many large sex toys in my col­lec­tion have been over­whelm­ing­ly pos­i­tive. And while the VixSkin Gambler isn't the most prac­ti­cal toy to take with me when trav­el­ing, it's the kind of toy that deserves a shrine. If my love for this dil­do doesn't moti­vate me to set­tle down and own a home, I don't know what will.

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Vixen Creations VixSkin Gambler review: HUGE dildo fatter than soda can 1

If a Gambler is way too big for you, con­sid­er Vixen Creations' oth­er prod­ucts.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm a big fan of the Randy, Outlaw, and Johnny. And the Mustang is a more average-​sized VixSkin option.

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8 Responses

  1. randy rascal says:

    Love your blog and posts. Thanks for your great review and com­par­a­tive pho­tos. I fre­quent­ly play with Randy and Outlaw when peg­ging. Look for­ward to enjoy­ing Vixen solo with their suc­tion bases. After read­ing your shared expe­ri­ence, I'm ready for The Gambler butt, hope that it is more upstand­ing and rigid than the Tantus Hoss. Tantus recent­ly released the Bishop(2.5). Also, Vixen has recent­ly released their Bronco(2.5); may get it when the price is lower.

  2. Oreon says:

    That's one mas­sive dil­do. Impressive! O:

  3. I DID include, ver­ba­tim in my review, "And I’m sure some peo­ple would love doing deep butt stuff with this toy, but that’s not me."

  4. dv8 says:

    The extra length doesn't sound like a bit much if you're using the Gambler for anal play.

  5. Qiu says:

    this is super huge, could nev­er try it.

  6. DizzyD says:

    I haven’t had any expe­ri­ence with dual den­si­ty dildo’s, just soft­er and firmer sin­gle den­si­ty toys. I like a firmer dil­do, because it allows me to put pres­sure on the right spots. I need that pressure!
    I’d like to try the sin­gle den­si­ty Vixen Randy to find out if I like more girth. And maybe the dual den­si­ty Maverick.… The Gambler looks very inter­est­ing, but it’s huge!

  7. Jay says:

    I’m sad to admit it, but I am under­whelmed by my Gambler. I am so glad it’s a part of my col­lec­tion and wouldn’t give it away for any­thing, but some­times when I’m using it I just feel noth­ing. Not stretched, not full, not any­thing. Vixen’s dual den­si­ty isn’t my favorite, but the extra squishi­ness of its for­mu­la com­pared to oth­ers has nev­er detract­ed from my expe­ri­ence before. To bet­ter fit my pref­er­ences I think the gam­bler would either need to be made out of Vixen’s sin­gle den­si­ty or a dual den­si­ty clos­er to Tantus’ dil­dos. With either of those changes I think the gam­bler would feel clos­er to its actu­al size, which is what I want, rather than feel like a ~2.25” toy (by my estimation).
    I do like that you talked about using the gam­bler with a part­ner. And for this use it’s prob­a­bly best that the gam­bler is pret­ty squishy.

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