Review: Uberrime Bella & Supero Big, Realistic, Dual-Density Dildos

[Image: Uberrime dual-density vs. Vixen Creations VixSkin vs. Uberrime Aqua-King and Night King original formulas]
In this pho­to: vanil­la VixSkin Johnny, teal Uberrime Bella, blue Uberrime Splendid Large, green Uberrime Supero, orig­i­nal Uberrime Night King, Uberrime Aqua-​King

"I AM DIE AND I AM CRY," I typed in my notes, true to Millennial destruc­tion of writ­ten lan­guage online. A rough trans­la­tion: "The orgasms with this dil­do are reli­ably mind-​altering. I would use the phrase, 'la petite mort.' However, let us instead empha­size the sheer vis­cer­al­i­ty of the expe­ri­ence and the deac­ti­va­tion of my left orbitofrontal cor­tex."

Yep. I had just test­ed two of the lat­est dual-​density sil­i­cone dil­dos, the Uberrime Bella and Supero.

Uberrime Supero, Desirables Dalia, and NS Novelties G-Spot Wand
In this pho­to: green Uberrime Supero, Desirables Dalia, and glow-​in-​the-​dark NS Novelties Glass G‑Spot Wand

Uberrime's dual-density silicone: a twist on a classic concept

Realistic dil­do shapes will nev­er go out of style. But the beau­ty of sil­i­cone as a mate­r­i­al is that shape and size are not the only fac­tors— firm­ness is, too! Dual-​density sil­i­cone dil­dos fea­ture a firm core to sim­u­late erec­tile tis­sue and a more yield­ing, mal­leably meaty out­er lay­er. Ever enjoy watch­ing the squish of a penis's glans when stroked? Yeah, it's like that.

Among the mak­ers of dual-​density dil­dos, Vixen Creations is prob­a­bly the most promi­nent, Blush Novelties man­u­fac­tures the most afford­able, and Uberrime? He's the inde­pen­dent arti­san of the bunch, known for beau­ti­ful­ly mar­bled fan­ta­sy dil­dos like the Helios and Night King.

Uberrime Aqua-King, Bella dual-density, Night King, Splendid large, and Supero semi-realistic dildos
In this pho­to: Uberrime Aqua-​King, Bella, Night King, Splendid Large, and Supero

But even with the sol­id col­or options, Uberrime's aes­thet­ic stands out. Think of pearles­cent jew­el tones like sap­phire blue, teal, red, lilac (and pink, I guess). The Supero's avail­able hues even include yel­low and green— two col­ors rarely seen in sex toys—  WITH EMBEDDED GLITTER!

You can also get the Uberrime Bella in flesh tones, which also have some shim­mer. Whichever one you get, the lus­ter will sure­ly illu­mi­nate the corona's con­tours and the vas­cu­lar details along the shaft.

Uberrime Bella and Supero silicone firmness

[Image: scaly fantasy teal and gold Uberrime Aqua-King next to realistic teal Uberrime Bella on LED Christmas fairy lights]
In this pho­to: Uberrime Aqua-​King and Bella

In use, the tex­tures are espe­cial­ly pro­nounced on the Supero, mak­ing it fun to twist while thrust­ing. It's what I wished the Blush Novelties Avant D5 would have been. And that makes sense, because, fun fact: the Bella and Supero were in part designed with me in mind.

After my crit­i­cal review of the squishy Helios Sun God dil­do, Marco Uberrime want­ed to for­mu­late anoth­er dil­do sim­i­lar dimen­sions to the Helios. One that was springy but also firmer in all the right places for aim­ing. From there, the Uberrime Bella was born— and the shared struc­tur­al skele­ton of both the Bella and Supero.

[Image: shimmery green Uberrime Supero dildo in snowy evergreen tree]

So it's not just the dil­dos' dense core that I love! It's also the syn­er­gy of the two lay­ers' care­ful­ly select­ed firm­ness. I usu­al­ly grav­i­tate towards hard mate­r­i­al sex toys with a gen­tle curve for cervix stim­u­la­tion, but the sil­i­cone of Bella and Supero's squishy out­er lay­er is love.

They're straight-​shafted and notice­ably soft­er than the (A‑spottily curved) Uberrime Splendid, allow­ing them to con­form to my deep eroge­nous zones. Thrusting toys into my pos­te­ri­or fornix (the space behind the cervix) is my default modus operan­di, yes. Still, the Supero's more tapered head fits well into my ante­ri­or fornix (in front), as well.

But the Bella and Supero are also firmer than Vixen Creations' VixSkin, giv­ing them more "bounce." Though I love the VixSkin Outlaw, some­times, it's just not force­ful enough for me. And that's when I switch to the Uberrime Bella or the (even more intense and rugged) Night King.

Bella & Supero specifications and features in use

Both the Bella and Supero resem­ble above-​average appendages, but there are some notable differences.

Perhaps the most obvi­ous is that the Bella has a thick­er out­er lay­er, putting it at 2" max­i­mum diam­e­ter and 7.25" insertable length. The Uberrime Supero, in con­trast, is 1.75" wide by 7" long.

[Image: a close-up of the Uberrime Bella's rounded head, protruding corona, and bunched-up foreskin]

My cervix much appre­ci­ates both, but the Bella is much eas­i­er to aim the way I like. Sometimes, when thrust­ing the Supero, I find myself won­der­ing, "Am I going to run out of length?" and it dis­rupts my rhythm.

In the instances where I can't rely on the Supero's pound­ing alone, there's more to explore, like its:

  • sharp­er coro­na for slow and shal­low G‑spotting
  • more pro­nounced veins for deep­er swiveling
  • mid-​shaft swell pulling at my walls on the "out" stroke

The soft sil­i­cone has some drag to it, enhanc­ing all of the Supero's car­nal qual­i­ties. With the Bella, fric­tion doesn't play as much of a role. It's all about the pres­sure of the:

  • girth against the legs of my inter­nal clitoris
  • head against my cervix
  • "pop­ping" sen­sa­tion of my G‑spot catch­ing in the sul­cus under the corona

My verdict on Bella and Supero by Uberrime Dildos

[Image: indie artisan silicone dildos and plugs in a white bowl]
In this pho­to: SelfDelve Aubergine Eggplant, Uberrime Supero, LuzArte Jollet, Uberrime Bella, Blush Novelties Avant Pride P6 plug

Marco Uberrime did a fan­tas­tic job with the real­ism of both toys. If you're look­ing for a girthy and life­like dual-​density dil­do, feast your eyes and your orifice(s) on an Uberrime Bella or Supero. True to Uberrime's past cre­ations, they are art in action.

For added ver­sa­til­i­ty, you could also stick a double-​sided suc­tion cup on one, mount it to a smooth and flat sur­face, and ride it. There's no short­age of ways to enjoy the Supero's tac­tile smor­gas­bord and Bella's Pacinian paradise.

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