Review: Inya Rose, Womanizer Eco, Pillow Talk Dreamy

Once you find a cli­toral air pulse mas­sager that ticks all the box­es, you lose inter­est in the others.

New air pulse massagers: NS Inya Rose clitoral suction sex toy, BMS Pillow Talk Dreamy, Womanizer Premium Eco

That's why I'm giv­ing you a fast blast of three new(-ish) releas­es and com­par­ing them, instead of review­ing them individually:

  • INYA The Rose by NS Novelties — the mas­sager that went viral on TikTok
  • Womanizer Premium Eco — the world's first sus­tain­able, biodegrad­able, and veg­an sex toy made of Biolene?
  • Pillow Talk Dreamy by BMS Factory — from the mak­ers of the best G‑spot mas­sager under $55

The truth is that prac­ti­cal­ly every air pulse toy fits works for my dain­ty cli­toris. They all deliv­er a sim­i­lar popping/​thrumming sen­sa­tion and get the job done — but some cer­tain­ly serve me bet­ter than others.

Review: Inya Rose, Womanizer Eco, Pillow Talk Dreamy 1

How might air pulse massagers vary from one another?

Nozzle size — how wide the "mouth" is and how deep the tun­nel goes

Review: Inya Rose, Womanizer Eco, Pillow Talk Dreamy 2

Controls — how many but­tons and how intu­itive is the interface?

Settings — is there an excel­lent dis­tri­b­u­tion of options to choose from?

Strength and rum­bli­ness — how fast and how far does the motor move?

Noise lev­els — is it dis­creet, or will your roomies know what's up?

You might care more about some of these fea­tures than oth­ers. For exam­ple, a trans­mas­cu­line per­son would prob­a­bly enjoy a pres­sure wave toy with a roomi­er open­ing. Someone who enjoys mul­ti­ple back-​to-​back orgasms might pre­fer pre­cise speed con­trol. And, of course, some want to blaze forth and have the quick­est orgasm possible.

All such pref­er­ences are valid — includ­ing when talk­ing about toys that "every­one else" seems to love.

UPDATE: I've made a new mega-​guide to cli­toral pres­sure wave stim­u­la­tors! Find out how the Rose sex toy mea­sures up to the new Womanizer Premium 2, and how 20+ oth­er clit-​sucking toys com­pare, based on fac­tors such as

  • How pow­er­ful they are
  • Which are best for pair­ing with penetration
  • How wide the mouths are
  • Which one is the best deal for the price

Check out the guide to cli­toral air pulse mas­sagers now… or keep read­ing if you want to go more in-​depth into the Rose sex toy and whether it's worth it.

Will these air pulse toys fit your clit?

Before pick­ing a cli­toral suc­tion toy, con­sid­er whether your anato­my will fit inside the noz­zle. You can use pres­sure waves for focused stim­u­la­tion on the frenu­lum or part of a big clit. However, many users would pre­fer an air pulse toy that encap­su­lates the entire cli­toral glans.

Moreover, if a cli­toris is longer than the tun­nel inside the noz­zle, the user risks injury. How? The puls­ing mem­brane can pull in, cre­at­ing a strong suc­tion seal and bump­ing the user's junk repeat­ed­ly.

A good fit is essen­tial. Here's a quick sum­ma­ry of the Rose, Dreamy, and Premium Eco's "mouth" measurements.

NOTE: The tun­nel depth is based on how far I can stick my mid­dle fin­ger­tip inside. My pinky can go in a lit­tle far­ther. These mea­sure­ments aren't super sci­en­tif­ic, but give you a gen­er­al idea of what you're work­ing with.

Diameter (Major Axis)Diameter (Minor Axis)Depth
NS Novelties Inya Rose0.5" (13 mm)0.5" (13 mm)0.3" (9 mm)
Womanizer Premium Eco0.7" (18 mm)0.4" (11 mm)0.5" (13 mm)
BMS Factory Pillow Talk Dreamy0.6" (16 mm)0.5" (13 mm)0.7" (18 mm)
What to know about these toys' opening measurements

1. The Rose suc­tion sex toy's open­ing is short; I couldn't even fit my whole pinky nail inside! Best prac­tices with such a toy include using it over the cli­toral hood. In addi­tion, be ready to pry The Rose off of you imme­di­ate­ly if it starts to hurt.

2. The Womanizer Premium Eco comes with two pres­sure wave noz­zles of dif­fer­ent sizes. These mea­sure­ments above are for the big­ger one.

3. The Pillow Talk Dreamy's "mouth" is the roomi­est of the three cli­toral air pulse stim­u­la­tors reviewed here. It's also wider and deep­er than the Lora DiCarlo Baci. However, the tun­nel isn't near­ly as long as, say, the Satisfyer Curvy vibra­tors'.

INYA The Rose clitoral suction toy by NS Novelties

The INYA Rose cli­toral suc­tion toy has three steady speed set­tings: vroom, earth­quake, and dev­as­ta­tion. Yep, this rose-​shaped mas­sager is one ver­sion of a viral TikTok sex toy, and it feels kind of like a demigod's lips raspberry-​ing against you.

The Rose viral TikTok sex toy

Does the viral "soul snatcher" rose sex toy live up to the hype?

Yes, SORT OF. It's cur­rent­ly the most potent cli­toral air pulse toy for the price.

One but­ton abrupt­ly accel­er­ates the INYA Rose mas­sager from 0 to 60 to 100 to 120. There are also 7 rhyth­mic pat­terns, 2 of which have a con­sis­tent stac­ca­to feel; they don't dip down too much for too long.

This pres­sure wave massager's inten­si­ty is up there, close to the luxury-​priced Lora DiCarlo Baci. Its high­est speed is about the same as the Womanizer Premium 2's. The main dif­fer­ence in pow­er? The NS INYA Rose sex toy is a lit­tle buzzi­er — high-​pitched with slight­ly less depth. Considering that it's a quar­ter of the price, though, that's more than fair!

Is the Rose the best clitoral suction sex toy?

Why isn't the INYA Rose the best clitoral suction toy?

There's no such thing. If some­one tells you that the viral rose sex toy is the best, with­out tak­ing into account your pref­er­ences, they need to slow their roll.

Here's the prob­lem: with high­ly intense, focused cli­toral stim­u­la­tion, it's com­mon for one's gen­i­tals to get super sen­si­tive after orgasm — in a painful way. It starts to hurt. Continuing the air puls­es can fuck with the peak(s) of your climax(es).

And with a single-​button toy, it's not easy to turn down the speed. What's more, you can't sim­ply decrease pres­sure as you would with a con­ven­tion­al vibra­tor since the "mouth" needs to for a tight seal. In some cas­es, you could aim the noz­zle on a dif­fer­ent part of the clit (say, over the hood), but that's not a catch-​all solution.

With a sin­gle but­ton con­trol­ling air puls­es, it's prac­ti­cal­ly all-or-nothing.

What's more, it's LOUD. The Rose sex toy is visu­al­ly dis­creet, but aural­ly? I hope you don't have room­mates or housemates.

Rose sex toy suction opening

Who would I recommend the viral rose sex toy for?

The NS INYA Rose might be for you if you:
  • KNOW you want intense and tar­get­ed cli­toral sensations
  • Don't care much about con­tin­u­ing stim­u­la­tion after an orgasm
  • Don't like the com­mon pore cleaner-​looking design of cli­toral suc­tion toys
  • Are okay with a noisy sex toy!

If that descrip­tion fits you, The Rose may be the best cli­toral air pulse mas­sager for you. But it's not for everybody.

If you're shopping for someone who:
  • Is unsure whether they like cli­toral air pulses
  • Wants small­er incre­ments between speed settings
  • Is picky about vibra­tor inten­si­ty controls
  • Tends to go for mul­ti­ple orgasms

I implore you to get a cli­toral pres­sure wave toy with "up" and "down" but­tons. And don't let the price tag deter you — you still have plen­ty of com­pact options, some of which cost the same as or less than The Rose. See my com­par­i­son guide to cli­toral air pulse mas­sagers for the deets.

Further reading:
Other viral sex toys I've reviewed:

Womanizer Premium Eco review

Womanizer was the first com­pa­ny to make pressure-​wave mas­sagers, long before becom­ing a pop­u­lar cat­e­go­ry in Toyland.

Womanizer Premium Eco Biodegradable Sustainable Personal Massager

With the Womanizer Premium Eco, they're bring­ing you one of their most lux­u­ri­ous designs — with a twist. It's biodegrad­able, veg­an, recharge­able, and comes in plastic-​free pack­ag­ing — all designed with sus­tain­abil­i­ty in mind.

Premium vs. Premium Eco

You main­tain most of the perks of the orig­i­nal Womanizer Premium:

  • It's super qui­et in use, espe­cial­ly for how strong it is.
  • Smart Silence — the motor only puls­es air when there's pres­sure applied to the head
  • A slight­ly wider noz­zle option
  • 12 inten­si­ty lev­els to suit a vast range of moods and preferences
  • Buttons to increase and decrease speed (!!!)

Womanizer Premium Eco controls & settings

Unfortunately, not all of the orig­i­nal Womanizer Premium's fea­tures could be con­served. Here are the down­sides of the Womanizer Premium Eco:

  • It's only splash-​proof and not waterproof 
    • The mak­ers want­ed the adhe­sives to be 100% vegan
  • The Womanizer Premium Eco only comes in pink (for now)
  • No slow-​building "autopi­lot" settings 
    • It's okay; I nev­er used those anyway

A biodegradable sex toy made of BIOLENE plastic?

Cue mon­o­cle emo­ji, as I find the mar­ket­ing hype a bit intense. The Womanizer Premium Eco is the world's first biodegrad­able, veg­an sex toy made of Biolene. But that's kind of like set­ting the world record for head pats while rub­bing your bel­ly on a space­craft that only you have access to.

The main thing you need to know about Biolene is that it's a poly­lac­tic acid-​based plas­tic derived from corn starch — akin to the Blush Gaia Eco's bio­plas­tic, but not the same. With prop­er pro­cess­ing, it com­posts and breaks down with­in a cou­ple of months.

Womanizer Premium Eco recyclable components taken apart

What I find even more remarkable

Where I see the Womanizer Premium Eco trail­blaz­ing is (admit­ted­ly) mun­dane by oth­er people's stan­dards. It comes with a pick to take the toy apart once the mechan­i­cal com­po­nents no longer work. The process is quick and tidy with a Phillips head screw­driv­er — no hack­saw or elbow grease nec­es­sary.

Why is that such a big deal to me?

In short, many body-​safe sex toy com­po­nents are already recy­clable, includ­ing oth­er vibra­tors' ABS plas­tic shells. But there's usu­al­ly no easy way for the layper­son to sep­a­rate and sort the pieces before tak­ing them to a recy­cling facil­i­ty. It takes a lot of time and energy.

With the Womanizer Premium Eco, dis­pos­ing of your dead vibe is a breeze, with min­i­mal guilt. Pieces of it can be rein­car­nat­ed instead of rel­e­gat­ed to a landfill.

Review: Inya Rose, Womanizer Eco, Pillow Talk Dreamy 3

Sex toys and sustainability

It doesn't sound as ground­break­ing or flashy as a new biodegrad­able plas­tic, but so much of sex toy sus­tain­abil­i­ty lies in:

1. Recycled or com­postable pack­ag­ing instead of vir­gin plas­tic blis­ter packs

2. Quality, body-​safe toy mate­ri­als that are chem­i­cal­ly sta­ble and last for life with prop­er care

3. Rechargeable rather than single-​use batteries

4. Well-​assembled motors that will at least last a few years

5. Clearer infor­ma­tion on how to recy­cle or com­post once the pow­ered parts stop working

6. Buying a few toys that you real­ly love instead of many you kinda-​sorta like

It's not black-​and-​white, but many lux­u­ry sex toy brands already encour­age waste reduc­tion prac­tices like those above. Womanizer just took it to the next lev­el. I'd love to see more man­u­fac­tur­ers fol­low suit, includ­ing offer­ing budget-​friendly options as Blush Novelties has.

BMS Pillow Talk Dreamy multi-function air pulse vibrator

BMS Factory Pillow Talk Dreamy Air Pulse Massager with fluttering tip

Last but not least: BMS Factory's Pillow Talk Sassy G‑spot vibra­tor is full of rumbly witch­craft. It out­per­forms even the LELO Mona 2 while main­tain­ing a price tag under $55. So how does the Pillow Talk Dreamy air pulse vibra­tor mea­sure up to its old­er sib­lings? (Or, for that mat­ter, its name?)

What makes the Pillow Talk Dreamy… dreamy

  • 7 steady speed set­tings and the cor­rect num­ber of pat­terns: zero
  • Roomier "mouth" open­ing (than the INYA Rose and Womanizer Premium Eco)
  • It comes in blue in addi­tion to pink
  • Ergonomic shape fits eas­i­ly in the palm
  • The unique noz­zle shape

Review: Inya Rose, Womanizer Eco, Pillow Talk Dreamy 4

I adore how the lit­tle "flower" bit flut­ters against my cli­toral root and cru­ra. It's sub­tle, but I enjoy the more dif­fuse stim­u­la­tion. The Pillow Talk Dreamy is a fan­tas­tic option for peo­ple want­i­ng a hybrid between pres­sure waves and gen­tle vibration.

It's on the buzzy side com­pared to the oth­er toys men­tioned above, but not as high-​pitched as the Blush Lush Iris.

Review: Inya Rose, Womanizer Eco, Pillow Talk Dreamy 5

The BMS Factory Pillow Talk Dreamy has ample pow­er to get the job done for me. And yes, it has only one but­ton to con­trol the motor, but con­sid­er­ing the price and the small incre­ments between inten­si­ties, I can't com­plain much.

I'm not a pow­er queen when it comes to cli­toral air puls­es or suc­tion, so take the fol­low­ing state­ments with a grain of salt.

I think more users would enjoy the Pillow Talk Dreamy than the NS Inya Rose sex toy. That doesn't make one bet­ter than the oth­er — they have dif­fer­ent tar­get audiences.

Closing thoughts

Remember when I reviewed the Doxy Die Cast? Yes, super pow­er­ful, but I added the caveat that not every­one wants to feel like their vibra­tor might sand their clit off.

I want to inject that tem­per­ance into con­ver­sa­tions about viral cli­toral suc­tion toys, too. The NS Inya Rose, while a remark­able spec­i­men, isn't per­fect for every­body. It might be per­fect for you, though, if you're look­ing for the most pow­er­ful pres­sure wave stim­u­la­tor under $100.

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  1. I loved all of your charts and infor­ma­tion! Thanks for the information!

  2. Lynn says:

    I find it notable how flat the open­ing of the Inya Rose is, most pres­sure wave toys have at least a slight noz­zle shape. I think this would not work well for peo­ple who have a more recessed clit.

  3. Cate says:

    Re: sus­tain­abil­i­ty, I'd be inter­est­ed in see­ing how many com­post­ing plants will actu­al­ly process the bio­plas­tic from the Womanizer eco. Some cities I've lived in wouldn't accept com­post waste with bio­plas­tics because they didn't have plants that could prop­er­ly break them down, so in those places bio­plas­tics were no more sus­tain­able than reg­u­lar plas­tic. I'd be curi­ous if any­one has done some research on how reli­ably prod­ucts like the Womanizer Eco and Blush Gaia can actu­al­ly be composted.

  4. Trix says:

    The men­tal image of a demigod’s lips rasp­ber­ry­ing is just classic!

  5. T says:

    I've seen that rose toy all over tik­tok and was con­tem­plat­ing it, but I have a clit suck­ing toy and it does pret­ty much noth­ing for me. Thanks for, as always, a super help­ful review 🙂

  6. August says:

    As some­one who also hates vibra­tor pat­terns, I died laugh­ing over "the cor­rect num­ber of pat­terns: zero."
    Thanks for includ­ing detailed mea­sure­ments for the open­ing size of these! It's weird­ly dif­fi­cult to find that info; most sex toy manufacturers/​retailers don't list the noz­zle dimen­sions for air pulse toys.

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