Review: Satisfyer Curvy 1+ 2+ & 3+ long-distance air pulse vibe

Satisfyer Curvy 1, 2, and 3 air pulse clitoral suction sex toy top view
Unheard of — the Satisfyer Curvy 2+ is a clitoral air pulse vibrator that:
  • Is quite affordable
  • Is capa­ble of full smart­phone con­trol via Bluetooth
  • Has a wide "mouth" for a vari­ety of clit sizes
  • Actually has decent­ly pow­er­ful pres­sure waves?!

Let's break that down in more detail.


The Satisfyer Curvy line is part of a fam­i­ly of sex toys that, instead of vibrat­ing, rapid­ly pulse air back and forth via a focused noz­zle. Among the afford­able ones, I might actu­al­ly start rec­om­mend­ing the Satisfyer Curvy 2+ over the oth­ers pret­ty often. Its air puls­es aren't as rumbly as, say, ROMP Toys', but the vibra­tions, remote con­trol, and large open­ing make it far more ver­sa­tile for the right user.

Bluetooth app-​controlled

While app con­trol isn't a big deal to me, I'm sure plen­ty of cou­ples who are social­ly dis­tanc­ing would appre­ci­ate the Satisfyer Curvy line's long-​distance play option. We-​Vibe has offered the We-​Connect smart­phone app for many of their toys, but their prices are def­i­nite­ly in the lux­u­ry range. The We-​Vibe Melt pres­sure wave and suc­tion stim­u­la­tor costs more than FOUR TIMES as much as the Satisfyer Curvy air pulse vibrators.

It's such a shame that long-​distance part­ner play via the Satisfyer app-​compatible vibra­tors doesn't work for me. More on that later.

Satisfyer Curvy and packaging
Clockwise from the top: Satisfyer Curvy 2+, Womanizer Premium, Curvy 1+, Curvy 3+
What would I personally buy?

As a review­er, I can pay my respect to the We-​Vibe Melt for being one of the most suction-​intensive pres­sure wave toys. I also don't love Satisfyer as a com­pa­ny. As a con­sumer, though, I'd con­sid­er buy­ing a Satisfyer Curvy 2+ if I weren't so lucky to receive review sam­ples; that price tag is hard to resist.

That there's a Satisfyer Curvy 1+ and Curvy 3+, too, but the Curvy 2+ is the only one worth a damn for my anato­my. However, there are legit­i­mate rea­sons why oth­ers might pre­fer the Curvy 1+ or Curvy 3+ (or ditch Satisfyer entire­ly and get a We-​Vibe Melt).

I'll help you find the right one for you.

In this Satisfyer Curvy air pulse vibrator review

Review: Satisfyer Curvy 1+ 2+ & 3+ long-distance air pulse vibe 1
A clos­er look at the Satisfyer Curvy pack­ag­ing and the cute line art

Satisfyer Curvy pressure wave stimulator packaging

I didn't want to like the Satisfyer Curvy air pulse vibra­tors. Satisfyer has a long his­to­ry of:

So I was still skep­ti­cal, despite their new bright and bold pack­ag­ing. The Satisfyer Curvy box­es fea­ture a bold sans-​serif font and styl­ized line draw­ings that clar­i­fy the prod­uct with­out being too risqué. They know what they're doing with their front-​end marketing.

There's lots of yel­low and teal and some light pink — noth­ing too gar­ish­ly gen­dered here. (Not nam­ing their prod­uct, "Womanizer," to begin with was a good choice, too.)

But I want­ed to be sure their devel­op­ment wasn't exclu­sive to exteriors.

First impressions of their shape and size

Superficially, Satisfyer's Curvy 1+, 2+, and 3+ look sim­i­lar on the out­side. The Satisfyer Curvy 1+ has the biggest "mouth" and "lips," while the Curvy 3+ is small with a thin and firm rim. The Curvy 2+ is some­where in between.

Satisfyer Curvy clitoral suction mouth openings
The Satisfyer Curvy 3+ has a flat body, thin "lips", and tiny "mouth," while the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ is THICC and round

It's easy to think that the only dif­fer­ences are col­or, han­dle shape, and noz­zle size, but the seem­ing­ly small vari­a­tions made a big dif­fer­ence in use.

Satisfyer Curvy measurements

Curvy 1+Curvy 2+Curvy 3+
Opening Diameter16 mm15 mm15 mm
"Tunnel" Length4.2 cm4.8 cm4.3 cm
Rim Thickness6 mm3 mm1 mm

These tun­nels are huu­uge com­pared to oth­er pres­sure wave toys', mak­ing them a great option for those with clits on the big­ger side. For trans­mas­cu­line peo­ple with bot­tom growth, the Satisfyer Curvy line may be just the thing they're look­ing for.  My clit is on the small side, yet I still pre­fer the big-​mouthed Satisfyer Curvy 2+ over the nar­row Curvy 3+

Update: While the Satisfyer Curvy tun­nels are very long, they're not the widest. If you're look­ing for the best cli­toral air pulse toys with wide open­ings, check out my com­par­i­son mega-​guide to 20+ cli­toral pres­sure wave mas­sagers.

Satisfyer Curvy air pulse vibrator motor quality

My first thought upon turn­ing the Satisfyer Curvy 3+'s vibra­tions: Dismal. Paltry. About as buzzy as the VeDO Bam Mini. "Y tho?" And, of course, "Was I real­ly expect­ing much from Satisfyer, giv­en their his­to­ry of shit­ty vibra­tor motors?"

Satisfyer Curvy 3+ and packaging

I kept an open mind about their air puls­es, though, since the ones on the Satisfyer Pro 1+ Vibration were only a lit­tle buzzi­er than Womanizer's. Unfortunately, the Curvy 3+'s pres­sure waves fell flat. They're alright, espe­cial­ly for the price, but if it's rumbly air puls­es you're after, you'd be bet­ter served with a Womanizer.

Your best afford­able cli­toral pres­sure wave options are ROMP Toys and the Curvy 2+.

The Satisfyer Curvy 2+'s air puls­es are stronger, and the vibra­tions are a lii­i­it­tle rum­bli­er than the oth­er Satisfyer Curvy mod­els'. In oth­er words, not the absolute best, but the best for the price. Plus, since the vibrator's focus is at the tip, where the rim is rel­a­tive to my cli­toral glans mat­ters, and this one match­es my body the best.

Remember: air pulse noz­zles wrap around the exter­nal cli­toris with­out actu­al­ly touch­ing it.

Review: Satisfyer Curvy 1+ 2+ & 3+ long-distance air pulse vibe 2

So while the Satisfyer Curvy 3+ does encom­pass my pearl, the vibra­tions do did­dly squat because they're not pressed up against any sen­si­tive tis­sue. That might not be a big deal to you, espe­cial­ly if your main con­cern is using an air pulse toy dur­ing pen­e­tra­tion. The Curvy 3+'s small­er open­ing means it takes up less vul­var real estate, allow­ing room for insertion.

The Curvy 2+'s noz­zle, in con­trast, lines up with where my inter­nal clitoris's legs wrap along either side. The air pulse latch­es on eas­i­ly, while the sur­face area effec­tive­ly vibrates the sen­si­tive parts of my labia majo­ra. The more I use the Satisfyer Curvy 2+, the more I like it for solo play.

Satisfyer Curvy controls and Bluetooth app

You can con­trol a Satisfyer Curvy's pres­sure waves and vibra­tions inde­pen­dent­ly of one anoth­er. There are three steady vibra­tion speeds and eleven air pulse intensities.

If you'd rather use the con­trol pan­el on the han­dle, there are three buttons:

  • Cycle vibra­tions
  • Turn air puls­es on or up. 
    • You can also long-​press this but­ton to pair your Satisfyer Curvy to the app.
  • Turn air puls­es down.
Satisfyer Curvy 2+ side view

The Satisfyer Bluetooth app unlocks even more options. Again, you can take inde­pen­dent con­trol of the motors, but you can also:

  • Make and save patterns.
  • Sync the move­ment speed to sound around you
  • Play with pat­terns based on songs on your phone
  • Video chat with a part­ner and let them con­trol your toy.

Pairing for solo play was quick. I also appre­ci­ate that you can add mul­ti­ple part­ners; that's not a com­mon fea­ture in oth­er sex toy remote-​control apps.

Satisfyer app live control

Satisfyer app close range control menu

Review: Satisfyer Curvy 1+ 2+ & 3+ long-distance air pulse vibe 3

You can con­trol the vibra­tion and air puls­es independently.

Issues connecting to the Satisfyer app

I ran into prob­lems with pair­ing for long-​distance part­ner play, though. Though the Satisfyer web­site says that any phone with iOS 11 or Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or new­er should work, that claim wasn't the case for me.

For ref­er­ence, here are the phones I test­ed. All four oper­at­ing sys­tems were hypo­thet­i­cal­ly more than up-​to-​date enough:

  • Mine: Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 8/​Oreo
  • Partner 1: iPhone 8 with iOS 13.2
  • Partner 2: iPhone SE2, orig­i­nal­ly with iOS 13.4
  • Partner 3: iPhone 6 with iOS 12.4.1

Satisfyer app for android wouldn't work for me.

When using my Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 8, I couldn't con­nect to any of my part­ners on the Satisfyer app (beyond tex­ting). When I tried to start the chat func­tion and let them con­trol my device, the screen would say, "CONNECTING" and then abrupt­ly stop.

At that point, I con­tact­ed Satisfyer's app tech sup­port. Their first response said that the prob­lem was because the device code was stored on my "pre­vi­ous" device; to con­nect it to my "new" mobile phone, the Satisfyer would have to be reset.

But uh… I had nev­er used the Satisfyer app before, on any device, so that didn't quite check out. And again, I had paired the app just fine with my Satisfyer Curvy for solo remote con­trol play. Their tip was use­ful for help­ing me test with oth­er phones, but it didn't solve the orig­i­nal problem.

In Satisfyer's sec­ond reply, they list­ed off what the app was sup­posed to be able to do for long-​distance part­ner play — which wasn't help­ful, either. In their third reply, they final­ly asked what types of phones and OS we were using. Their fourth reply was again telling me to reset my Satisfyer Curvy. I ALREADY DID RESET IT. I ALREADY TOLD THEM that the short-​range con­nec­tion is not the problem!

UPDATE 2: Satisfyer saw my dis­grun­tled tweets and review. They apol­o­gized for the mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion with their sup­port rep­re­sen­ta­tive and set up a meet­ing with a devel­op­er and me to dis­cuss poten­tial bug fix­es for their app. There's an update com­ing out this week (I'm typ­ing this on February 3rd, 2021) that will hope­ful­ly solve the problem!

UPDATE 3: (February 24th, 2021) I tried the update; the app still has yet to work for me. I'm sure the Satisfyer app works for more peo­ple now than it did before, but something's still up. For what it's worth, Satisfyer reached out to set up anoth­er meet­ing. I'll keep an eye out for fur­ther app updates.

Satisfyer Curvy 1, 2, and 3 clitoral suction air pulse toys with Bluetooth remote control capability

Testing the Satisfyer app on iPhone

I reset my Satisfyer Curvy 2+ and tried the app on my boyfriend's iPhone 8 with iOS 13.

It didn't work with Partner 2's iPhone SE2. When we tried adding each oth­er as part­ners on the app, the invites nev­er showed up, and our user­names dis­ap­peared from each other's search results. No user found, it said.

Finally, I got the Satisfyer long-​distance call to work between my boyfriend's iPhone 8 and Partner 3's iPhone 6. Ironically, the latter's phone had the old­est oper­at­ing sys­tem out of all four of us. At least we got it to work.

From there, I could con­trol a partner's Satisfyer sex toy or let them take con­trol. Here are the receipts:

Satisfyer air pulse pressure wave vibrator long-distance partner remote control app

(Weirdly enough, you can take Satisfyer app screen­shots on iPhone but not eas­i­ly on Android due to secu­ri­ty restrictions.)

My verdict on the Satisfyer Curvy 2+

I'll begrudg­ing­ly say I like the Satisfyer Curvy 2+. Its price for a mod­er­ate­ly strong suc­tion vibra­tor with remote con­trols? Unprecedented!

The vibra­tions are noth­ing to write home about, but the air puls­es are plen­ty rumbly; Satisfyer's Curvy 2+ doesn't sac­ri­fice qual­i­ty too much.

Review: Satisfyer Curvy 1+ 2+ & 3+ long-distance air pulse vibe 4
Left to right: Satisfyer Curvy 3+, Curvy 2+, Curvy 1+, Womanizer Premium
Just keep your expectations realistic.

It's a yes from me for the price, but not a "WOW" quite yet. Their app is hit-​and-​miss for long-​distance part­ner play and seems half-​baked, and their tech sup­port didn't acknowl­edge what I was say­ing at all. If you're plan­ning on using just the toy's but­tons or one phone to con­nect via Bluetooth, though, it should be fine.

The Satisfyer Curvy air pulse line is a per­fect fit for users who:

  • Are just start­ing to explore air pul­sa­tion and vibration
  • Don't think they'll need intense and direct cli­toral stimulation.

I'll con­tin­ue to sug­gest the We-​Vibe Melt for those who want a suc­tion toy to use with a part­ner in a remote loca­tion. The only down­side is that its air pulse "mouth" is on the small end of the spectrum.

Satisfyer's new toys can fit a wider range of anatomies, which is anoth­er big win. However, they have seri­ous work to do before they can even think about tak­ing over the app-​compatible sex toy market.

Update: I still think the Satisfyer Curvy 3+'s min­i­mal head makes it great for pair­ing with inter­course. Find out how it com­pares to oth­er pres­sure wave stim­u­la­tors to decide which one is right for your body.

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Review: Satisfyer Curvy 1+ 2+ & 3+ long-distance air pulse vibe 5

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