Doxy Die Cast Review: Wand Better Than Hitachi!

The Doxy Die Cast is the absolute most pow­er­ful wand vibra­tor I've ever tried, dethron­ing every iter­a­tion of the Hitachi Magic Wand.

[Image: holding a silver Doxy Die Cast in my hand, in front of my dildo storage shelves]

When I orgasm with the Doxy Die Cast, my pelvic floor has one pri­ma­ry objec­tive: DESTROY. Crush any­thing that might be inside my vagina.

If you've heard me grunt­ing when lift­ing weights, you've heard a sam­pling of what I sound like with my Doxy Die Cast. It's the most enthralling workout-​turned-​exorcism, leav­ing me breath­less. There's pump­ing iron, and then there's wield­ing the Doxy's met­al alloy body.

The plateau phase is pure bliss. It feels like any time I'm rid­ing the wave is the right time to die — like a per­fect moment to have a flux of DMT and celes­tial out-​of-​body visions. How many octaves do you think I could scream and gasp, "God" and "fuck" over and over again? THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ALIVE.

I don't know if I can go back to any other wand massager!

In This Doxy Die Cast Review

[Image: Magic Wand Plus vs. Doxy Die Cast vs. Magic Wand Original side-by-side]

Doxy Die Cast Massager vs. Magic Wand Original and Magic Wand Plus

The grand­moth­er of pow­er tool-​level vibra­tors, Hitachi Magic Wand Original, has two set­tings: "OMG" and "OMFG!"

The Doxy Die Cast's six intensities, in contrast, range from "OMFG!" to "EXCUSE ME WHILE I EXTRACT MY SOUL FROM MY BODY?!?¿?!"

Though I've laud­ed the upgrad­ed Hitachi Magic Wand Plus's and Magic Wand Rechargeable's thud­dy rum­ble, they can't com­pare to the Doxy Die Cast. They real­ly, real­ly, can't.

When I hold my Doxy's head in my hand, the vibra­tions trav­el up to my bicep, even on the first set­ting. Yes, it's as uncom­fort­able as it sounds. I don't rec­om­mend doing that.

The Magic Wand Plus's only go a lit­tle up my fore­arm, once the wands are turned up to com­pa­ra­ble fre­quen­cies. I'm super scrawny, so take that with a pinch of salt.

Nevertheless, there's a notice­able dif­fer­ence in vibra­tion depth.

[Image: silver Doxy Die Cast metal wand massager, Magic Wand Original, and Split Peaches Screw You among Star Wars Legos]

Doxy and Magic Wand Speed Settings: RPM Comparison

While it's true that the Magic Wand Original is extreme­ly pow­er­ful, it's also high-​pitched to com­pen­sate for the rel­a­tive­ly shal­low vibra­tions. (Emphasis on "rel­a­tive­ly" — they're still deep com­pared to some oth­er vibra­tor types, but not to wands!)

The Doxy Die Cast's 6th and highest setting is 9,000 RPM. It surpasses even the Magic Wand Plus's 6,300 RPM (and the Original's 6,000) by a long shot, BUT it maintains some thuddiness.

I want to re-​emphasize that last part. Any pow­er­ful wand vibra­tor that goes up to super-​high fre­quen­cies can feel buzzy — the speed veils and over­pow­ers the depth. BUT! Doxy's Die Cast mas­sager has so much weight to its vibrat­ing head that it doesn't feel near­ly as shrill to me as the Magic Wand Original does.

It also has small­er incre­ments between set­tings and big­ger but­tons for eas­i­er esca­la­tion and decrease. Thank good­ness the Doxy's low­est set­ting is 3,000 RPM (a sub-​bass 50 Hz), and the Magic Wand Plus's is 2,700.

[Image: the Doxy Die Cast wand vibrator has a silicone head and flexible silicone neck]

The Doxy Die Cast's Vibration Quality Is More Refined

With the Doxy Die Cast, the irri­ta­tion doesn't hap­pen any­where near as quick­ly or as often. I always come quick­ly — near­ly instant­ly— when using the Doxy. Always, always, always.

With the Magic Wand Original, I can orgasm, but usu­al­ly resent­ful­ly. I don't enjoy the jour­ney, and the des­ti­na­tion is fleet­ing. It's sharp and bit­ing, lack­ing refine­ment. I'm not exact­ly a fan if you couldn't tell.

The Magic Wand Plus and Rechargeable feel more luxurious than their predecessor, but they still have nothing on the Doxy Die Cast in terms of strength.

That's not to say that every­one should get a Doxy — far from it. I think of the three pow­er­hous­es in this review, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is the most ver­sa­tile. It's cord­less, rum­bli­er, and starts with a low­er pitch than the Doxy. For many peo­ple, that's a good thing.

Not every­one wants to remote­ly feel like their wand mas­sager could sand their clit off. I'm exag­ger­at­ing, but you know what I mean.

Doxy Die Cast vs. Doxy 3 and Doxy 3R

[Image: silver Doxy Die Cast and blue Doxy 3 Rechargeable]

The Doxy Die Cast is a must-​have if and only if you're a diehard pow­er queen. It does not have any sub­tle­ty. If you want some­thing less hard­core and more com­pact, con­sid­er the Doxy Number 3 and 3R (recharge­able). They can't offer the same pow­er or breadth, but mini-​wands have a spe­cif­ic place in my toybox.

I call them the "Doxy Smols" and the Doxy Die Cast the "Doxy Lorge." The Doxy Smols are sub­stan­tial­ly small­er, mea­sur­ing 11 inch­es long and 1.75" diam­e­ter (com­pared to the orig­i­nal Doxy's 13" long and 2.38" wide) and about half the weight of the Doxy Die Cast (350 g vs. 500 g).

Recommended Wand + Dildo Pairings for Dual Stimulation

The small­er Doxy wands are tar­get­ed enough for pow­er­ful cli­toral stim­u­la­tion dur­ing pen­e­tra­tion, even when I'm using the njoy Eleven or THICC AF Tantus Bishop or Fist Trainer. A mini-​wand is a must if you're look­ing to lev­el up in dil­do size!

In con­trast, the Doxy Die Cast is best paired with a small-​to-​medium dil­do or used alone when I'm too lazy to wash a dildo.

Difference Between Doxy Die Cast and Doxy 3 Rechargeable in Use

At first glance, it doesn't seem like there should be much dif­fer­ence between the Doxy Smol and Doxy Lorge Die Cast. In use, it's a whole oth­er ball game.

The bigger Doxy Die Cast presses against and shakes my internal clitoris's "legs" more.

This brings me to an inter­est­ing side effect of using the Doxy Die Cast wand often: it's made my vul­va more sen­si­tive to stimulation.

[Image: top view of silver Split Peaches Screw You Large, blue Doxy 3 Rechargeable, and Magic Wand Original massager with cord]

Part of that goes back to the strong con­trac­tions this vibra­tor induces dur­ing orgasm — exer­cis­ing the pelvic floor and increas­ing blood flow.

The orgasmic contractions almost feel violent.

They're way more force­ful than any­thing the MyStim Sizzling Simon or Cal Exotics Impulse E‑Stim Wand has induced. It's a work­out for sure, fur­ther inten­si­fied when I squeeze around a bul­bous dil­do like the LuzArte Jollet.

But also, the deep and rumbly vibra­tion has made me hyper-​aware of my cli­toral crura's pre­cise posi­tion­ing, wrap­ping along either side like a wish­bone in my labia majora.

The Doxy Die Cast Feels Even Better Than the Hitachi Magic Wand for Me

Usually, with the Magic Wand Plus, I push the head's round­ed "edge" against my glans — the exter­nal por­tion of the cli­toris. With the Doxy Die Cast, though, I final­ly feel — not just under­stand­ing intel­lec­tu­al­ly and say­ing, "I see where you're com­ing from," but ful­ly expe­ri­enc­ing — what diehard wand queens live for.

My whole vul­va is shook, and my entire CUV com­plex is rat­tled. I get it now. I have seen the light.

At the time that I tried the Doxy Die Cast,  no other vibrator had done that for me quite like that, nor made me sweat that much. Not the Magic Wand Original. Not the Magic Wand Plus.

In the words of Taylor Swift, "You under­stand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars. And why I've spent my whole life try­ing to put it into words." That's a sure­fire sign that the Doxy Die Cast was the absolute most rumbly wand vibra­tor I have ever tried.

2023 UPDATE: Nowadays, the Fun Factory VIM is my favorite wand. Its high­est speed is some­where between the Doxy Die Cast's first and sec­ond. It's not near­ly as strong, but ohh­hh gosh, is the VIM rumbly AF. I con­sid­er them com­ple­men­tary: VIM for qual­i­ty rum­ble and Doxy Die Cast for quantity.

[Image: silver Doxy Die Cast titanium and aluminum wand massager with cord among Star Wars Legos]
The Doxy Die Cast was my Pareto principle workhorse, used far more often than any other wand I had in 2020.

Using the Doxy Die Cast Vibrator With a Partner

I'm also usu­al­ly a deep pen­e­tra­tion princess, but video chat­ting with my boyfriend while using the Doxy Die Cast feels intense­ly intimate.

The com­bi­na­tion of look­ing into his eyes and using the wand on my vul­va can set my soul on fire. We're social dis­tanc­ing in this pan­dem­ic, but the sheer feroc­i­ty of the expe­ri­ence brings us closer.

Once quar­an­tine ends, though, you bet I'm using my Doxy Die Cast on his penis. Teasing him while he's read­ing, or while I'm strad­dling with the mas­sager against both of us at the same time — wands are more ver­sa­tile than peo­ple give them cred­it for.

[Image: Magic Wand Plus with teal We-Vibe Wand Stroker attachment and silver Doxy Die Cast with grey dotted Le Wand texture cover]

Compatible With Magic Wand Attachments!

The Doxy Die Cast's 2.38" diam­e­ter head is only a lit­tle big­ger than the Magic Wands' and clas­sic Le Wand mas­sagers'. Thus, it's com­pat­i­ble with the same attach­ments!

Turn your Doxy Die Cast into a pow­er­ful dual stim­u­lat­ing rab­bit vibra­tor, a guy­bra­tor vibrat­ing stro­ker, deep tis­sue mas­sager, or flut­tery teas­er.

If you find your wand vibrator too powerful, try a thick silicone attachment to dampen the vibrations.

The buffer allows you to use a broad­er range of inten­si­ties. Or pop on a wand-​compatible ver­sion of the LuzArte Jollet for sta­tion­ary G‑spot stimulation.

(Pictured is the Magic Wand Plus with the We-​Vibe Wand stro­ker and a Le Wand dot tex­tured cov­er on the Doxy Die Cast.)

The Only Downside to the Doxy Die Cast: Its Weight

At 13" long and a pound and a half, it's almost as blud­geon­ly as my njoy Eleven stain­less steel dil­do — poten­tial­ly a source of fore­arm cramps. If you have mobil­i­ty prob­lems or just want hands-​free cli­toral stim­u­la­tion, I high­ly rec­om­mend a toy mount, like the Liberator Wanda or Bonbon. (Personally, I lay mine on a Dame Pillo sex cushion/​wedge.)

[Image: silver Doxy Die Cast aluminum and titanium vibrator side view with Star Wars Legos]

Other Great Features of the Doxy Die Cast

Once the alu­minum and tita­ni­um heft is out of the equa­tion, though, there are plen­ty of fea­tures that make the Doxy Die Cast easy to use.

For one, it has three big, soft but­tons. If you strug­gle with grip, Doxy's relaxed con­trol pan­el design is far more com­fort­able to work with (than, say, the Magic Wand Plus or Le Wand). The translu­cent but­tons also glow when turned on and fea­ture dis­tinct­ly engraved + and — signs for use in the dark.

As well, the Doxy Die Cast's head is body-​safe sil­i­cone, mean­ing that you can ade­quate­ly san­i­tize it with bleach solu­tion. Plenty of oth­er wands also have sil­i­cone heads, but not the Magic Wand Original, orig­i­nal Doxy, or Bodywand.

I sug­gest putting an unlu­bri­cat­ed con­dom or a reusable sil­i­cone cov­er on those. (If you don't want tex­ture, you can flip the ribbed or dot­ted caps inside out!)

[Image: Split Peaches Screw You screw-shaped silicone dildo and silver Doxy Die Cast wand]

My Verdict on the Doxy Die Cast: Fuck Yeah!

Yes, it's heavy and expen­sive, but is any­one sur­prised that I love met­al objects with mas­sive impact?

When I die, I want to be buried with my njoy Eleven and Doxy Die Cast for sure. Both are beau­ti­ful and time­less. I'm ready to kill zom­bies dur­ing the apoc­a­lypse, and I'll come back as a zom­bie pre­pared to kill any­one in my way.

I deeply respect the Magic Wand Plus, but it has been dethroned. Times have changed, and I can't imag­ine any oth­er wand top­ping the Doxy Die Cast. Some would argue that, since it's on a tier all its own, it doesn't need any more reviews, but disagree.

I have to get the word out there: the Doxy Die Cast is a way bet­ter wand than the Hitachi Magic Wand Original. If you want the most pow­er­ful wand-​style vibra­tor, look no fur­ther. The Doxy Die Cast is it.

After I convert the Hitachi Magic Wand fanatics, I can die happy. And I know they'll die happy, too.

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Doxy Die Cast key features
  • Silicone head and flex­i­ble neck
  • Aluminum and tita­ni­um alloy
  • Mains-​powered
  • Not water­proof
  • 13" long
  • 2.38" diam­e­ter
  • 3 but­tons
  • 3,000 to 9,000 RPM (50–150 Hz)
  • 6 speeds

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  1. A says:

    Hey, after a cou­ple years, may i ask if you had any issues with it? I heard Doxy has some prob­lems with it's neck and can eas­i­ly be broken..
    I am con­sid­er­ing it now as a step-​up from Le Wand ^^

  2. Greg says:

    The pow­er­ful rum­ble on this mod­el is fan­tas­tic. Note: During use avoid bend­ing the neck, oth­er­wise its inter­nal spring may saw away and split the black housing.

    • Jeffrey J Schaefer says:

      The neck broke on ours too. Very dis­ap­point­ing for the price and it's not like we were bend­ing it.

  3. G says:

    as some­one who only has the mag­ic wand plus, this is a very fas­ci­nat­ing read & if i'm ever debat­ing on the doxy die cast i will def­i­nite­ly be com­ing here again for more thought!

  4. Ryan says:

    Your coupon code @ Spectrum does not work any­more, I'm guess­ing since they updat­ed the site. 🙂 Great review! The DDC is now on my must buy list.

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