Review: VixSkin Cash Huge Dual-Density Dildo by Vixen Creations

Orgasms with the VixSkin Cash meld and flow into each oth­er, like a slow merg­ing where you can hard­ly tell where you end and the oth­er enti­ty begins. In this case, it’s sil­i­cone against skin.

VixSkin Cash large realistic dildo in hand

And I wouldn’t blame you for for­get­ting that it’s silicone.

That’s the main thing you need to know about the VixSkin Cash: yes, it’s huge, but also soft and sumptuous.

Veins flow along the flesh-​like, out­er­most sil­i­cone lay­er — its squish goes about a cen­time­ter deep, read­i­ly flex­ing and slid­ing under my fin­gers if I’m just fondling it like a stress ball. And you will want to squish the tip, because 1. It’s fun for fid­get­ing, and 2. It’s hot how its den­si­ty mim­ics a real cock’s move­ment against my thumb and fingers.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Cash realistic dildo flexibility

My first impres­sion of VixSkin’s dual-​density sil­i­cone in the mid-​2010s? “Wow, it’s meaty.

Of course, the VixSkin Cash’s core and suc­tion cup base are firm, for sim­u­lat­ing an erect penis, for struc­tur­al sta­bil­i­ty, and for prac­ti­cal pur­pos­es. You want some resis­tance against your walls (or, if you’re like me, your ceil­ing) when thrust­ing. And it’ll hold up well to rid­ing and harnessing.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Cash measurements

Just make sure your straps are sta­ble and secure if you har­ness it. And good luck find­ing a big enough O‑ring — Tantus’s widest O‑ring diam­e­ter of 2.5” is about right.

VixSkin Cash vs. Colossus size and shape comparison
VixSkin Cash vs. Colossus real­is­tic dil­do head and frenulum


The VixSkin Cash measures:

  • 9.5” total length
  • 8.5” insertable
  • 2.4” across the shaft near the base 
    • Almost as thick as a soda can
  • 2.1” across the mid-shaft
  • 2.0” just under the head
  • 2.1” across the flar­ing corona
VixSkin Colossus extension sleeve vs. VixSkin Cash realistic dildo
VixSkin Colossus vs. Cash curved real­is­tic dil­do heads


You may find the VixSkin Cash quite famil­iar, and there’s a rea­son for that: it’s the longer dil­do ver­sion of the VixSkin Colossus cock exten­sion sleeve, which I’m fond of slip­ping on my Velvet Thrusters to make them thick­er and more realistic.

The VixSkin Colossus is about 6 inch­es of insertable length and must be slipped over a phal­lus (either a large flac­cid one or an aver­age erect penis), while the VixSkin Cash is a stand­alone unit.

In either case, though, the Colossus and Cash are fat cocks — but just a step with­in the fan­ta­sy or fetish size queen ter­ri­to­ry at the tip.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Cash dual-density silicone softness


The VixSkin Cash is a lot more gen­tle than it looks due to the sil­i­cone soft­ness. Here’s how the hard­ness mea­sure­ments come up on my Shore durometer:

  • Firm but flex­i­ble Shore 20A at the base
  • Squishy, about a Shore 2A at the tip 
    • Feels like luke­warm gum­my candy

Vixen Creations VixSkin vs. Uberrime dual-​density dildos

There’s sli­i­i­i­ight­ly more con­trast between VixSkin’s inner and out­er lay­ers than Uberrime’s. Their cores are sim­i­lar, but Vixen Creations’ dual-​density is slight­ly soft­er (Shore 2A vs. 3A) on the outside.

You’ll get broad pres­sure rather than focused strokes, and even Cash’s coro­na feels mild to me. If you need some­thing more rugged, con­sid­er the Uberrime Divo (specif­i­cal­ly, get a custom-​made Large size option).

Which dil­dos feel bet­ter is up to per­son­al pref­er­ence. Uberrime is will­ing to have a lit­tle more inten­si­ty, dis­tinct­ly pig­ment­ed rib­bons, and pearly swirling, while Vixen Creations is more about the soft­ness and some­times splash­es of col­or (hence “Tie-​Bright”). Both mak­ers are fantastic.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Cash girthy dual-density realistic silicone dildo head shape

How Vixen Creations' VixSkin Cash feels in use

It’s sen­su­al how this dildo’s slick sur­face slides, and its real­is­tic tip slips smooth­ly against my cervix. I want to devour every inch of it (and, some­times, it feels like I could). I can feel the VixSkin Cash slow­ly but sure­ly rear­rang­ing my insides amid my low, gut­tur­al groans.

And yet, it con­forms to me just as much as I con­form to it. There’s nev­er any harsh­ness; VixSkin’s Cash always feels like it’s right where it belongs. (I must admit, I’m imag­in­ing some­one say­ing, “I’ll keep that cock right where it belongs. Even when you start to cry — espe­cial­ly when you cry while cumming.”)

Vixen Creations VixSkin Colossus sleeve vs. Cash realistic dildo
VixSkin Cash vs. Colossus head shape and diameter

There’s a slow build at first, but once I’m on the plateau, I have one orgasm after anoth­er — longer and hazier than with some of my oth­er favorite dil­dos, blur­ring togeth­er like I’m drift­ing in and out of a dream.

One down­side — one that bare­ly even counts — is that I have to be care­ful about Cash's cadence when I cum. If I’m using big, chop­py strokes, my walls can go into “crush and push” mode, effec­tive­ly eject­ing this dil­do. I’m not a fan of my toys touch­ing sul­lied sur­faces, so con­sid­er set­ting a fresh­ly washed tow­el under you.

As far as dil­do draw­backs go, though, “I cum real­ly fuck­ing quick­ly and often, and some­times I’m not even expect­ing it when I total­ly should” is for­ev­er for­giv­able. Moreover, it’s eas­i­ly man­aged by stay­ing deep.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Cash Large realistic dildo with soft silicone skin

I cum, I thrust hard a few times, maybe try­ing for some slight coro­nal ridge action against my A‑spot, and I cum again. Short thrusts, long thrusts, hard thrusts, soft thrusts, all feel good — even no thrust­ing and just hold­ing Cash by Vixen against my cervix with con­stant pres­sure and min­i­mal effort.

Closing thoughts: Who is the VixSkin Cash for?

The fol­low­ing users prob­a­bly wouldn’t be into the VixSkin Cash's com­pli­ant nature:

  • Total tex­ture sluts and fiends
  • Those who need ample front wall friction
  • Someone crav­ing intense G‑spotting
Vixen Creations VixSkin Cash dildo suction cup base

Vixen Creations’ VixSkin Cash is beau­ti­ful­ly befit­ting of those who:

  • Love and lust for deep penetration
  • Savor soft and slick silicone
  • Crave the thickness
  • Cam mod­el and want an impres­sive visu­al (it had to be said!)
  • Just love a full feel­ing, above all!

It’s thick, slick, and soft — and while some peo­ple don’t love peach­es, it’s beyond fair to call the VixSkin Cash deli­cious­ly juicy and deca­dent. I wouldn’t expect any­thing less from Vixen Creations.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Cash huge realistic silicone dildo diameter

Get the Cash VixSkin large sil­i­cone real­is­tic dil­do by Vixen Creations — or check out oth­er Vixen dil­dos I love. There's some­thing for everyone!

  • VixSkin Johnny — curved, tex­tured fore­skin, balls, more squish, flat base, more real­is­tic human penis size
  • VixSkin Outlaw — straight-​shafted, balls, flat base, squishi­er than Johnny, gen­tler than it looks, not as big as Cash, but still huge
  • Vixen Randy single-​density — firmer for­mu­la, stout build, bii­i­ig stretch and G‑spot bulb
  • VixSkin Gambler — pos­si­bly Vixen Creations' biggest VixSkin dil­do, big­ger than a soda can

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  1. J Love says:

    I too I’m look­ing to upgrade from the Maverick to cash. my girl­friend is very thick in the der­rière and I need the extra engine 1/​4 for dog­gy style plea­sure I just feel like Maverick needs to be a bit longer. some­where I read that you said that cash is big­ger than out­law and watch­ing reviews I always thought the out­law was enor­mous but I don’t want to get an upgrad­ed dil­do too big for her. She loves the girth of Maverick but we need a lit­tle bit more length and cash seems to be the only oth­er option with a upward curve and out­law doesn’t have that. do you think get­ting cash would be worth it for extra links or is it dra­mat­i­cal­ly big­ger than Maverick? if you have these dil­dos, would you be will­ing to email me videos of the two in com­par­i­son or the three in com­par­i­son? Thanks J

  2. Fiy says:

    How does this com­pare against the Vixskin Maverick? I’m very tempt­ed by your descrip­tion, but don’t want to get some­thing sim­i­lar to what I already have!

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