Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger girthy superhero silicone dildo review

[Image: Uberrime A-Spot Avenger The Patriot Captain America-themed dildo between Avengers comic books, a Captain America Lego minifigure, and a photo of Peggy Carter]

Marvel at the mak­er’s metal­lic mar­bling. Let the (Captain America-inspired) Patriot span­gle you until you see stars. Marco Uberrime’s lat­est cre­ation, the A‑Spot Avenger, strik­ing­ly resem­bles the Aqua-King, which I named #5 on my best sex toys of 2019 list.

There’s no such thing as a bad Uberrime dil­do. There are only some that fit my body more amaz­ing­ly than others.

Many of the flattering things I said about the Uberrime Aqua-King still apply to the A‑Spot Avenger:

  • Sensationally “beau­ti­ful, but not overwhelming”
  • “Orchestral dopamine magic”
  • “A high­ly method­i­cal melange on my front wall”
  • “Hypnotic. I want anoth­er round. I can’t stop.”
  • “My A‑spot and cervix can’t ignore the [dil­do’s] head… I’m in heaven.”

There’s much to love about this new cre­ation — some of it inher­it­ed from the Aqua-King, some not.

[Image: red, silver, and blue marbled silicone dildo with Avengers comic books, Captain America Lego minifigure, and photo of Steve Rogers before super-soldier treatment]

The Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger is Aqua-King 2.0!

With either dil­do, it’s hazy exact­ly when a jack-off ses­sion ends. Getting up to wash it feels Herculean when I’ve become accus­tomed to its girthy pres­ence in me, where it belongs. I don’t want to come down from the post-peak plateau of plea­sure. Falling asleep with an Uberrime dil­do inside feels as sec­ond nature as snug­gling with a part­ner before order­ing piz­za together.

Given the pan­dem­ic lock­down and my her­mit ten­den­cies, I may have spent more time com­ing on the Uberrime than wait­ing at traf­fic lights this year so far. (I’ve made that joke in a past review, but this time might not be an exaggeration!)

In this A‑Spot Avenger silicone dildo review:

Shared features of the Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger and Aqua-King

Both dildos are “super” in every sense of the word.

For one, their tapered mush­room heads are a fill­ing 2.07″ diam­e­ter at max­i­mum, with not one, but three crowns. They stand straight up and 8.5″ tall, on their har­ness­able bases. And, not least, the Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger and Aqua-King dil­dos come in some epic col­or schemes!

The shim­mery palettes are inspired by some of your favorite com­ic book heroes: Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, and of course, Aquaman.

Captain America-themed dildo thumbnail
Iron Man-themed silicone dildo thumbnail
Uberrime Hulk-themed silicone dildo thumbnail
Uberrime Aquaman-themed dildo thumbnail
Despite the A‑Spot Avenger’s vagina-centric name, I very much appreciate that there’s no gendered marketing here.

There’s glit­ter but no Pepto-Bismol pink in sight. The only pur­ple among the A‑Spot Avengers is part of The Incredible. And if you want to use either dil­do for prostate stim­u­la­tion, it’s safe to do so, thanks to the flared bases.

[Image: person looking at vaginal and cervical anatomy diagram while holding A-Spot Avenger in The Incredible Hulk-inspired colors]

Dildos aren’t just for cishet femmes, and com­ic books aren’t just for boys. On the con­trary — from the start, Sandra from SheVibe want­ed the shop to have Big Goddess/Heroine Energy. “The whole genre had real­ly begun to take hold in Hollywood, and we felt the world could use some intel­li­gent, pow­er­ful, sex­u­al­ly self-possessed females.”

And the comic-style art­work that SheVibe is known for? You can cred­it Marvel and DC illus­tra­tor Alex Kotkin for that.

Differences between the Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger and Aqua-King superhero dildos

[Image: side view of the more slender Blush Novelties Neo Elite 7.5" dual-density dildo without balls next to the Uberrime A-Spot Avenger and Aqua-King

Blush Novelties Neo Elite 7.5″ / Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger Patriot / Uberrime Aqua-King side-by-side for size comparison

I’d forgive you if you thought the shapes were the same at first glance.

Probably the first thing I noticed in use, though, was the A‑Spot Avenger’s flex­i­bil­i­ty. Its sil­i­cone is the same 5A shore den­si­ty as the Aqua-King, but its shaft bends more. That’s because the A‑Spot Avenger dil­do’s shaft dips down to 1.67″ wide in the mid­dle, while the Aqua-King’s is a thick­er 1.78″. The for­mer’s base is also thin­ner and more bendy, mak­ing it far eas­i­er to fit into my under­wear strap-on’s O‑ring.

From the side view, the difference is even more apparent. The Aqua-King has a higher concentration of pizzazz at the top.

The crowns pro­trude more all-around and are pointier, to resem­ble Aquaman’s Atlantean armor accents. In con­trast, the A‑Spot Avenger’s sub-coronal ter­rain is com­par­a­tive­ly tame. The ridges are round­ed off in the front and bare­ly there in the back. And since A‑Spot Avenger was explic­it­ly designed for deep pen­e­tra­tion, it fea­tures three addi­tion­al waves clos­er to the bot­tom of the shaft.

[Image: a closer look at the Captain America Lego Minifigure next to the A-Spot Avenger and Blush Neo Elite. The tip of the BS Atelier Max peeks through.]

Captain America Lego Minifigure / Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger Patriot / Aqua-King / BS Atelier Max Poly Pride / Blush Novelties Avant Pride P4 striped plug

The A‑Spot Avenger’s lack of aquatic influence extends, of course, to its relatively smooth surface.

The Aqua-King has tac­tile, micro-level “scales” all over its shaft, while the Avenger has struc­tur­al bumps and no fine tex­tures. Another super­fi­cial mod­i­fi­ca­tion is that the A‑Spot Avenger dil­do has an ori­en­ta­tion bump on the top front of the base so that you can always know which way the shaft’s waves are facing.

How does the Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger dildo feel in use?

[Image: Uberrime Dildos A-Spot Avenger 5A shore flexibility and swirled red, white, and blue dildo base.]

The Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger Patriot bends suu­u­u­per eas­i­ly! In the back­ground is the Chrystalino Champ, Uberrime Night King Fire and Ice edi­tion, and Uberrime Amo.

Overall, I find the A‑Spot Avenger’s bendi­er shaft less aggres­sive, espe­cial­ly on my cervix. What’s more, the Aqua-King’s pointier notch­es remind­ed me of fin­ger­tips and knuck­les. It’s a dil­do made for pry­ing me open, but thank good­ness its most intense stim­u­la­tion is quar­an­tined to the top half. The A‑Spot Avenger’s waves, in con­trast, feel like a more dif­fused mas­sage on my front wall.
When deciding between the Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger and Aqua-King dildos, ask yourself three questions:
  • How much girth do you want?
  • What eroge­nous zones are you look­ing to stimulate?
  • How do you usu­al­ly pre­fer to thrust?
Both stimulate the posterior fornix and A‑spot beautifully…

…but it’s eas­i­er to work with the A‑Spot Avenger’s flex­i­bil­i­ty. Its low­er shaft peaks feel deli­cious against my ure­thral sponge and pulling on my inter­nal cli­toris, too. I find that it feels best when I use long, fast thrusts and let the waves slide over my pubic bone. And if there’s a lit­tle “extra” length I’m not insert­ing, I can undoubt­ed­ly bend the shaft to grind against my exter­nal clitoris.

The Aqua-King is even less for the faint of vagina.

[Image: Uberrime A-Spot Avenger Patriot red white and blue dildo and Aqua-King dildos size comparison]

Blush Neo Elite 7.5″ / Avant Pride P5 / Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger Patriot / Aqua-King / Praesto / BS Atelier Max / Avant D4

Most users will find it bet­ter suit­ed for savor­ing short thrusts. I don’t want its points repeat­ed­ly drag­ging over the mouth of my vagi­na much. Between the shape and girth, that’s too much for me sometimes.

(The Uberrime Night King meets a del­i­cate bal­ance if you like bor­der­line scrap­ing tex­tures with­out as much stretch­ing pressure.)

What I do like about the Aqua-King more, though, is its ridges slid­ing against my per­ineal sponge (which is anoth­er way of say­ing “mas­sag­ing my but­t­hole through my back vagi­nal wall”).

My verdict on the Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger

I’m so happy when I have the house to myself — I can scream while coming on the A‑Spot Avenger to my heart’s content.

The dil­do’s defined head and delec­table ridges make my cervix just as hap­py as the Aqua-King does, but its shaft offers more pli­able pres­sure. That may be a good or bad thing for you! Do you want the waves to over­take you with inten­si­ty, or do you want a more sub­tle but sophis­ti­cat­ed med­ley of sen­sa­tion? Choose your weapon.

Get the A‑Spot Avenger or Aqua-King by Uberrime from SheVibe!

[Image: SHEVIBE.COM | Vibe Responsibly logo banner]

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