16 Best Fun Factory Sex Toys I Love (...and 5 I dislike!)

Fun Factory makes stel­lar vibra­tors and pul­sators, but I’ve cum more on some than others. 

To cel­e­brate their 26th birth­day, let’s take a walk down mem­o­ry lane. Here are the best Fun Factory toys I’ve tried — and the worst for me.

Best Fun Factory sex toys compared

Some are fan­tas­tic all-​around and worth every pret­ty pen­ny. Their motors are strong and rumbly, their inserta­bles are gasp-​inducingly shaped and ver­sa­tile, and there's good­ness at many dif­fer­ent price points.

Some of their toys are sim­ply an awful fit for me, though.

Bear in mind that these rank­ings are through the lens of my pref­er­ences. Your mileage may vary, since your plea­sure prob­a­bly has very dif­fer­ent priorities.

Fun Factory VIM

Next-​level rumbly cordless vibrator

VIM by Fun Factory is the thud­di­est recharge­able wand I've ever tried. Its unique weight­ed head car­ries a bassy, purring tim­bre through­out all its settings.

16 Best Fun Factory Sex Toys I Love (...and 5 I dislike!) 1

I've described it as:

…rap­tur­ous dopamine delight. I turn it up, cli­max, turn it way down when I’m sen­si­tive but still on the plateau, insta-​cum again, and repeat, going high­er every time until I'm a sob­bing mess. 

— my VIM Review on the Fun Factory USA blog

Here's how it com­pares to oth­er recharge­able wands, in short:

  • VIM's high­est set­ting is only a hair less pow­er­ful but waaaaay rum­bli­er than the Magic Wand Rechargeable.
  • VIM has 5 steady speeds and 3 pat­terns; there isn't that big inten­si­ty gap in the mid­dle like with the Magic Wand Rechargeable.
  • The LELO Smart Wand 2 also has a deep, purring tim­bre, but doesn't come close to VIM's power.

Just read the full Fun Factory VIM review and thank me later.

Stronic Surf

Intensely ridged self-​thrusting pulsator

Rapid, focused strokes, like a part­ner whose fin­gers won’t quit. My entire cli­tourethrovagi­nal com­plex jos­tled to obliv­ion. Ridiculously quick and effort­less orgasms.

“Can I just leave the Stronic Surf inside me forever?”

Fun Factory Stronic Surf ridged magnetic self-thrusting dildo pulsator side view

Stronic Surf pros and cons

What I love about the Stronic Surf pulsator
  • Hands-​free (most­ly…)
  • The ridges’ strate­gic place­ment locks in place and tar­gets all my inter­nal hot spots.
  • Slight for­ward tilt for G‑spot and A‑spot stim­u­la­tion
What I don’t like — including a downside that’s not even a downside
  • My vagi­na tends to push toys out when I cum (which hap­pens a lot). I know, woe is me, hav­ing to man­u­al­ly coax it inside when I orgasm repeatedly.
  • Less thrusty, more jig­gly. The stroke length gets short­er as you turn the speed up.

Fun Factory Tiger G5 vibrator side view

Tiger G5

Ridged and rumbly insertable vibrator

The Fun Factory Tiger G5 offers a slight­ly for­ward curve, flex­i­ble shaft, and rib­bing galore for a front wall smor­gas­bord of sen­sa­tion. It’s no secret: Fun Factory’s insertable toys are bomb.

Fun Factory Tiger G5 pros and cons

What I love about the Fun Factory Tiger G5
  • Rumbly, purring vibra­tions, as with all Fun Factory G5 toys
  • Great con­trol panel
  • Great insertable length for A‑spot and cervix stim­u­la­tion
  • The motor is focused in the base but trav­els well through the shaft
  • Just real­ly all-​around intense for every hot spot
Fun Factory Tiger G5 head close-up
What you might not like about this toy
  • The cli­toral stim­u­la­tion nub is non-​committal — you prob­a­bly won’t use that part while thrust­ing unless you have a short clit-​vag gap and like to bend the shaft to grind on your exter­nal bits.

Fun Factory Volta fluttering vibrator side view

Volta G5

Rumbly and fluttery external vibrator

Behold one of the few recharge­able vibra­tors that can make me squirt from cli­toral stim­u­la­tion alone. It takes a spe­cial kind of pow­er and focus for a toy to do that.

And it’s not just for peo­ple with vulvas!

Fun Factory Volta G5 pros and cons

What I love about the Fun Factory Volta G5
  • Super ver­sa­tile. Use the body for broad stim­u­la­tion, the tips for pin­point, or the flaps to envel­op a penis
  • Rumbly AF — mod­er­ate­ly intense pow­er with deep, purring vibrations
  • Fantastic con­trol pan­el (as with all Fun Factory toys)
Fun Factory Volta fluttering vibrator on dildo head
What I don’t like about the Fun Factory Volta
  • Nothing! The Fun Factory Volta is prac­ti­cal­ly per­fect, as far as mid-​sized exter­nal vibra­tors go.

SUNDAZE Pulse Vibe

Hella versatile pulsator-​vibrator hybrid

“Like a partner’s fin­gers that just won’t quit” applies to using Fun Factory pul­sators exter­nal­ly, too.

Fun Factory SUNDAZE pulsator vibrator hybrid

Remember what I said before about the stroke length get­ting short­er as you increase the speed? The SUNDAZE makes use of that quirk by offer­ing pul­sa­tions and vibrations.

Fun Factory SUNDAZE pros and cons

What I love about the Fun Factory SUNDAZE
  • Versatile AF — wide range of stroke lengths, from puls­es to taps to vibrations
  • The flat head and sharp edge at the tip allow for broad and pin­point stim­u­la­tion options
  • The “scoop” under the head locks into place against the G‑spot
  • ACTUALLY WHISPER-​QUIET — IMO it’s the best dis­creet vibrator
What you might not like about this toy
  • Don’t expect super strong vibra­tions. Think more flut­tery pres­sure and less bit­ing, zingy speed.
  • I don’t love the head shape for G‑spot stim­u­la­tion. But that’s okay since it’s more for exter­nal play.

Fun Factory Big Boss

One of the best, rumbly, girthy vibrators you can get 

The Fun Factory Big Boss has the same G5 motor as the Tiger, but this one's way thick­er, at about 1.8" diam­e­ter. Its shape is rel­a­tive­ly frill-​free and the head is a bit blunt, but you'll love it if you crave a bii­i­i­ig stretch with bassy, wob­bling vibra­tions that will shake your whole inter­nal clitoris.

I went woozy-​face emo­ji when I turned on the Fun Factory Big Boss’s motor. “Oh fuck yeah, heav­en is already here,” I thought.

Go behind the cervix with it, or in front on the A‑spot, or angle the shaft for coital align­ment tech­nique to grind on the clit.

16 Best Fun Factory Sex Toys I Love (...and 5 I dislike!) 2

B-Balls Duo

Butt plug with bouncing beads (worn vaginally)

Other sex toy review­ers have long laud­ed jig­gling Kegel beads (a.k.a. Ben Wa balls). Inside the hard plas­tic shell is a small­er pair of free-​moving met­al weights that tap-​tap against the wearer’s walls. You can now expe­ri­ence that sen­sa­tion in plug form.

Fun Factory B-Balls Duo jiggling ben wa ball plug
What I love about the Fun Factory B‑Balls Duo plug
  • The base serves as a stop­per so that part of the beads stays clos­er to the mouth of my vagi­na — where I’m more sen­si­tive to the tapping.
  • It’s butt-​safe, so even peo­ple with­out vagi­nas can enjoy the Fun Factory B‑Balls!
What I dislike about this toy
  • Nothing! It’s a lot of fun for the price.
  • Your mileage may vary regard­ing how well it fits your anato­my, though. My pubic bone is short, and my G‑spot is quite shallow.

Stronic Real

Sleek, representational self-​thrusting dildo

Straight pen­e­tra­tion at just the right speed and depth. It’s (again, near­ly) hands-​free mag­ic for my inter­nal clitoris.

Fun Factory Stronic Real pulsator
What I love about the Fun Factory Stronic Real
  • Basically every­thing I said above about the Stronic Surf’s motor
  • Whisper-​quiet
  • Ridiculously quick orgasms, near­ly hands-free
What I dislike about this toy
  • I cum stu­pid­ly quick­ly and some­times have to push it back in. Again. And again.
  • But it’s not the Stronic Surf. I’d way rather get one of those than the Stronic Real.

Fun Factory FUN cups silicone menstrual cup kit

FUN Cups


The Fun Factory Fun Cups are among my favorite non-​phallic things I’ve put in my vagi­na. They come in two sizes, and I like the big­ger (Size B) one more.

What I love about the Fun Factory FUN Cups
  • They’re longer than the usu­al round and bell-​shaped men­stru­al cups — mak­ing them eas­i­er to retrieve from my “all wall, no ceil­ing” vagina.
  • Excellent capac­i­ty for the size
  • Sturdy ring but super thin and flex­i­ble every­where else — less irri­tat­ing than cups that are firm all-around
What you might not like about the Fun Factory FUN Cups
  • No dis­tinct stem or loop — but I don’t like men­stru­al cup stems any­way. It’s a per­son­al preference.

Abby G

G‑spotty rechargeable-​battery vibrator hybrid

Fun Factory Abby G battery rechargeable hybrid G-spot vibrator

Enjoy the perks of both a recharge­able vibra­tor and a bat­tery one — along with Fun Factory’s sig­na­ture basslike vibra­tions. The Fun Factory Abby G fea­tures deep ridges and a sharply angled tip for G‑spotting.

What I love about the Fun Factory Abby G
  • The firm core makes it easy to aim.
  • G‑spotty and juu­ust enough hard­ness and length to be A‑spotty
  • TEXTURES slide over the G‑spot again and again
  • It costs less than the G5 vibra­tors and gives you a lil taste of luxury
  • Convenient for travel
What you might dislike about the Fun Factory Abby G
  • Not as strong as their G5 toys. But it's still great for its 2 AAA bat­tery pow­er source


Girthy dildo with bouncing beads inside

16 Best Fun Factory Sex Toys I Love (...and 5 I dislike!) 3

The Fun Factory Bouncer is most­ly dil­do, part Kegel ball, and part shake weight. It stands at 7.1”, is har­ness­able, and con­tains three beads inside that jos­tle around in their shells.

What I love about the Fun Factory Bouncer
  • Length and for­ward tilt are great for slip­ping into the A‑spot
  • Rippling sen­sa­tion with the three bumps
  • Can add a light tap­ping or rolling sen­sa­tion, depend­ing on how you move it
What you might dislike about the Fun Factory Bouncer
  • The head and shaft beads aren’t super defined, so it’s not very G‑spotty for everyone 
  • Jostling the beads in any mean­ing­ful way takes effort and is not for the lazy mas­tur­ba­tor! It’s fun, but you’ll have to direct it.

16 Best Fun Factory Sex Toys I Love (...and 5 I dislike!) 4

The Boss

Somewhat girthy, semi-​representational dildo

  • Thicc, 1.7” max­i­mum diam­e­ter head — fun to clench around
  • 6.7” insertable length
  • Thin har­ness­able base
  • Defined coro­nal ridge for G‑spot massage 

I don’t have much else to say about it. It’s great. It’s a thicc dick and fill­ing but with few frills.


Posable silicone dildo with a wire core

Whether you want a steep C‑curve for G‑spot and prostate mas­sage or an S‑curve for deep­er pen­e­tra­tion, the Limba Flex has you covered.

Fun Factory Limba Flex posable dildos for pegging
What I love about the Fun Factory LIMBA Flex
  • Super ver­sa­tile and its curves can hit a range of hot spots
  • The LIMBA Flex medi­um eas­i­ly slides into cer­vi­cal fornices
  • Retains its cur­va­ture well
  • Moderately pro­trud­ing head for hook­ing against the G‑spot or prostate
  • Slim and har­ness­able  — great for begin­ner anal play
What someone might dislike about the LIMBA Flex

Fun Factory Bootie Fem Review

Fun Factory Bootie Fem

Wearing a butt plug during vaginal intercourse

The Fun Factory Bootie Fem is a small-​ish plug with an asym­met­ric T‑shaped base that fits between the cheeks eas­i­ly, while leav­ing the vagi­na exposed so you can pair it with penis-​in-​vag inter­course. Get a lit­tle taste of dou­ble penetration.

That lit­tle groove at the tip also catch­es lube so that more stays up top and less slips down… which is real­ly nice when there's such a gen­tle taper and steep slope!

Fun Factory Bootie

Butt plug with slight forward tilt and narrow base

Fun Factory Bootie small and medium compared to njoy pfun plug

I’m not super super into plugs, but I have noth­ing but respect for the Fun Factory Bootie’s design:

  • Forward curve and slight­ly bul­bous head eas­i­ly stay put for long-​term wear
  • Lightly rocks back and forth, so the sphinc­ter tight­ens and relaxes
  • Flexible and slen­der base fits between cheeks
  • It comes in three sizes
  • Is afford­able for what it is


Low-​profile vibrating cock ring with a decent strength-​to-​size ratio

Shown here: NOS on The Boss and Abby G.

Fun Factory NOS vibrating cock ring on Abby G and The Boss dildo
What I love about the Fun Factory NOS
  • Compact and eas­i­ly fits between two bodies
  • It can be worn as a fin­ger vibe
  • The edges are easy to grind against
  • Prongs for cli­toral sur­round sound, if you’re into that
  • Low-​pitched vibra­tions and strong for its size — enough to be worth it dur­ing part­ner play IMO
Why someone might not like the NOS
  • Compact cock rings aren’t for you if you need lots of power.
  • One but­ton con­trol. I wouldn’t thrust espe­cial­ly exu­ber­ant­ly with it, lest I press it accidentally

5 utterly forgettable Fun Factory toys (for me)

Stronic G

The Fun Factory Stronic G is a G‑spotty self-​thrusting pul­sator dil­do with a flat head. And it’s faaaaaan-​fucking-​tastic if your G‑spot is on the front wall past your pubic bone. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with my body. I need more pres­sure, a lit­tle bit low­er in my vagi­nal canal.

Thus, I hes­i­tate to rec­om­mend the Stronic G's hefty price tag to some­one unless I know their his­to­ry of oth­er toys they liked. Thank u, next!

Shown below is the Stronic G next to the Stronic Surf.

Fun Factory Stronic G vs. Stronic Real pulsators

Darling Devil

The Fun Factory Darling Devil is in the same Battery+ line as the Abby G. The angling and ridges are great, and the lit­tle dev­il horns are aes­thet­i­cal­ly adorable. However, they were quite dain­ty and lacked dura­bil­i­ty, mak­ing it rel­a­tive­ly easy for them to break off. Stick to the Abby G.

Fun Factory Darling Devil Battery+ battery rechargeable hybrid vibrator

Laya II

Fun fact: I gift­ed this exter­nal “lay-​on” recharge­able vibra­tor to a friend who was new to sex toys. It’s good. It works. But some­one who already has a more exten­sive col­lec­tion prob­a­bly won’t care for the Laya II much.

It lacks ver­sa­til­i­ty; the Laya II doesn’t offer any pin­point options, nor is it pow­er­ful enough for me to appre­ci­ate the breadth. Fun Factory’s Laya II is middle-​of-​the-​road regard­ing vibra­tion qual­i­ty and shape. I’m stick­ing to my rum­bli­er G5 inserta­bles and firmer Abby G.

Fun Factory Laya II external clitoral vibrator

Bi Stronic Fusion

I liked using the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion, but we have bet­ter alter­na­tives now. When it came out, the Bi Stronic Fusion fit my G‑spot way bet­ter than the Stronic Eins and Drei. (The Zwei was dis­con­tin­ued very quickly.)

Meanwhile, the Bi Stronic Fusion’s G‑spotting tip was more refined and tar­get­ed towards my G‑spot. It was the first Stronic pul­sator that worked for me, though. But the exter­nal cli­toral motor might as well not have been there. It was dinky and buzzy and missed my clit by a mile.

Shown below is the Stronic Real next to the Bi Stronic Fusion.

Fun Factory Stronic Real vs. Bi Stronic Fusion self-thrusting dildo pulsators

Be One

Are you sens­ing a pat­tern here? External-​only vibra­tors aren’t Fun Factory’s strong suit! The Be One came in a cool case and dain­ti­ly fit between fin­gers. But it wasn’t even worth using. I wouldn’t rec­om­mend it to any­one when there are many bet­ter bul­let vibra­tors.

Fun Factory Be One couples' finger vibrator for partner play


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