Fun Factory Limba Flex Review: Posable Silicone Dildo

This versatile dildo can hit the G‑spot, A‑spot, deep spot, *AND* perineal sponge!

Fun Factory Limba Flex small and medium adjustable curve dildos

It's easy to take for grant­ed all the pen­e­tra­tion sen­sa­tions avail­able to me. I need­ed a range of tools to explore and find my inter­nal eroge­nous zones. But times have changed — how lucky we are to exist at the same time as the Fun Factory Limba Flex!

All sizes of the Limba Flex fea­ture pos­able met­al cores, for cus­tom curves, cush­ioned with plen­ty of sil­i­cone. It's not the first insertable per­vert­ible to exe­cute this func­tion, but it is one of the most prac­ti­cal for those explor­ing their bodies!

Maybe you're already BFFs with your G‑spot but unfa­mil­iar with your A‑spot or cervix. I gotchu — this review will talk about the myr­i­ad ways to use the Limba Flex.

Fun Factory Limba Flex harnessable pack-and-play dildos

In this review
  1. What makes the Limba Flex special
  2. Small vs. medi­um vs. large size options
  3. Ways to use the Limba Flex
  4. Partner play & toy care
  5. My ver­dict on the Limba Flex
The Limba Flex dildo comes in 3 sizes. Here's how they line up. Note the differences in thickness, edges along the sides, and head shape.

The Limba Flex dil­do comes in 3 sizes. Here's how they line up. Note the dif­fer­ences in thick­ness, edges along the sides, and head shape.

What makes the Limba Flex special

Fun Factory Limba Flex dildos with adjustable curvature core


The most notable thing about the Fun Factory Limba Flex is that the small­er size STAYS BENT! I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's sur­pris­ing­ly sta­ble against my pubic bone. Leave it to Fun Factory to make drool-​worthy insertable toys. (Unlike the Crescendo by MysteryVibe.)

That's not to say that it's per­fect. Does the Limba Flex medi­um get undone when thrust­ing? Yep, a lit­tle — the dif­fer­ence isn't dis­cernible to me in use and doesn't get in the way most of the time. My picky princess of a G‑spot is pleased with the Limba Flex's firm pressure.

The trade-​off is in the lim­it­ed bends you can do with the Limba Flex. You can use it for "pack and play" pur­pos­es, but I find it a lit­tle too unyield­ing for that pur­pose. That's okay, though; the Limba Flex's tar­get audi­ence is those who want a slim and non-​representational dil­do, anyway.


ALSO also, I don't often com­ment on pack­ag­ing, but I do adore the choic­es Fun Factory made. Their box­es are cute and vibrant but use min­i­mal plas­tic. You might throw away the tiny foam disc, but the rest of the con­tain­er and cush­ion­ing is recyclable.

Adding to the play­ful vibe are the sexy truth-​or-​dare game and yes/​no/​maybe list. Since the Limba Flex (and plen­ty of Fun Factory's selec­tion) is mar­ket­ed as a cou­ples' toy, it's super help­ful to keep the con­ver­sa­tion going about each partner's pref­er­ences. Communication is key, espe­cial­ly when you're an ency­clo­pe­dic sex geek!

Fun Factory Limba Flex small vs. medium vs. large comparison

I'm thrilled to have tried both Limba Flex sizes! Both are slen­der and tapered for easy inser­tion, but the dif­fer­ence in length has bii­i­ig implications.

Fun Factory Limba Flex small bent backwards

Limba Flex Small

4.72" long (4.5" insertable) × 1.18" wide

The small size feels stur­dier than the medi­um since the met­al core takes up a greater por­tion of its length. As such, the Limba Flex Small is best for C- and J‑curves of vary­ing degrees.

Even with my strong sculp­tor hands, I can't make much of an "S" shape with it. Also worth not­ing is that the Small has a more bul­bous head for G‑spotting and prostate play, with short grind­ing motions. It can also bet­ter retain the curvature.

Limba Flex Medium

7.08" long (6.8" insertable) × 1.25" wide

This size is more ver­sa­tile, includ­ing the abil­i­ty to make shal­low S‑curves for deep pen­e­tra­tion! The Limba Flex Medium's head doesn't bulge out, much, but the sub­tle tex­tures along the sides are a bit more defined than on the Small.

So when bend­ing shapes, think in three dimen­sions; add a lit­tle lop­sid­ed­ness to play with twist­ing sensations.

Fun Factory Limba Flex small vs. medium head shapes

Consider also that its core doesn't go all the way up — ~1.5" of the tip is sil­i­cone, so you won't get as tight of a curve. I get that that's prob­a­bly for safe­ty rea­sons, though.

Limba Flex Large

7.08" long (6.8" insertable) × 1.6" wide

The Limba Flex L is above the aver­age penis size, mak­ing it man­age­able for most users while giv­ing a lit­tle extra room for thrust angling.

The down­side? Maybe I'm more hard­core with thrust­ing than I used to be, or I clench hard­er, but I can feel myself straight­en­ing out the cur­va­ture sometimes.

I think the Limba Flex S's more pro­nounced head and nar­row focus make it way more G‑spotty and able to with­stand the pubic bone's resis­tance, while the M and L sizes' more relaxed curves are bet­ter for going juu­u­ust behind or in front of the cervix.

Their edges along the sides are more pro­nounced than the S, though, mak­ing them quite fun to twist when they’re all the way inside.

Fun Factory Limba Flex small and large size comparison

Ways to use the Fun Factory Limba Flex

The best dildo shapes for each internal erogenous zone!

I've writ­ten guides on my favorite ways to dive deep, so let's start with the A‑spot and the cer­vi­cal os. Then, we'll talk about the G‑spot, prostate, and per­ineal sponge.

1. A‑Spot (AFE Zone)

The A‑spot, a.k.a. ante­ri­or fornix eroge­nous zone, is on the front wall, in the "pock­et" in front of the cervix. It's almost all the way in. For A‑spot stim­u­la­tion, bend the Limba Flex Medium or Limba Flex Large into an S‑curve that can reach in there, get out of the cervix's way, and tar­get the wall.

Fun Factory Limba Flex Small and Medium. Also, FemmeFunn Cadenza.

2. Cervix Stimulation

For cervix mas­sage, I pre­fer to go behind the car­ti­lagi­nous struc­ture with a gen­tler parenthesis-​like curve. Again, though, you can try dif­fer­ent angles and twist­ing around the sides. It's just that the pos­te­ri­or fornix is the area around the cervix that can most eas­i­ly fit a dildo.

3. G‑Spotting & Prostate Play

The G‑spot is a lit­tle more well-​known but no less note­wor­thy. Your anato­my (think pubic bone, ure­thral sponge, and inter­nal cli­toris) may vary from mine, but I find that a steep J or C with the Limba Flex Small is best here.

It's up to you how intense and focused you want the stim­u­la­tion to be. Use the point­ed tip, round­ed bulb, or flat head against your front wall.

Prostate play is sim­i­lar; just think of it as using a dif­fer­ent hole to access the ure­thral sponge. People with vagi­nas can also enjoy indi­rect G‑spotting via anal pen­e­tra­tion.

4. Perineal Sponge (PS-​Spot)

I frame per­ineal sponge stim­u­la­tion as mas­sag­ing your but­t­hole indi­rect­ly via the back vagi­nal wall. The dil­do curve for this zone varies. Ideally, it's steep enough to apply pres­sure, but not so much that you get, um, intesti­nal feel­ings. Keep it light.

My sug­ges­tions for stim­u­lat­ing the per­ineal sponge:

Fun Factory Limba Flex silicone dildos with posable cores for adjusting G-spot curve

Fun Factory Limba Flex partner play

This dil­do is also har­ness­able! Its flared base is super low-​profile for com­fort­ably fit­ting between bod­ies when thrust­ing dur­ing strap-​on play. And you can eas­i­ly feel which way it's fac­ing, even in the dark. That's thanks to the vague­ly tri­an­gu­lar bot­tom, which has a raised Fun Factory logo on one of the corners.

Cleaning & care of silicone sex toys

You might also find your­self shar­ing the adapt­able AF Limba Flex with your partner's holes. In that case, wash it down with soap and water after use, and boil it for 5 min­utes to san­i­tize before swap­ping. Definitely dis­in­fect if you're going from butt to vag.

Another way to clean sil­i­cone sex dil­dos is to let it sit in a 10% bleach solu­tion. Then wash it thor­ough­ly. Or pop it in the dish­wash­er. You have options.

My verdict on the Fun Factory Limba Flex

This thing is so much fun!
Fun Factory Limba Flex with other posable silicone dildos

Products in this pho­to: Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre, Fun Factory Limba Flex Medium, BMS Addiction David, and Fun Factory Limba Flex Small. Plus, lil sam­ples of Hathor/​SUTIL lube.

My younger self would have appre­ci­at­ed its ver­sa­til­i­ty even more in her explorato­ry days of begin­ner sex toys. Not every­one wants to or can afford to shot­gun their sex toy selec­tion at first.

While the Limba Flex is beginner-friend­ly, it's not just for new­bies to pen­e­tra­tion. It's a use­ful tool for inter­me­di­ate play­ers to dive deep­er, too.

Get yourself one dildo that can do it all.

Where to get a Fun Factory Limba Flex

Get a Limba Flex from SheVibe.

Fun Factory Limba Flex Review: Posable Silicone Dildo 1

Or get one directly from Fun Factory.

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    Thanks for the won­der­ful review as always. I espe­cial­ly appre­ci­at­ed the guide on how to bend it, it was very help­ful and made me learn a lot about my own a‑spot in that way because it becomes so clear where it is and how it works when you have to bend the toy to reach the right spot.

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    I have heard that the sil­i­cone does not hold lube. Is that true? look­ing to use it for anal.

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