Fun Factory Laya III Review: Rumbly & Versatile AF!

The Fun Factory Laya(spot) aged like fine wine — its third gen­er­a­tion, now called Laya III, rocks rum­bli­er vibra­tions in an icon­i­cal­ly body-​hugging sil­hou­ette. Legendary. Venerated. Genius.

Fun Factory Laya III textured clitoral vibrator

These are words that I don’t throw around light­ly for a vibra­tor. Moreover, I’m thrilled that Fun Factory’s cli­toral vibra­tors have caught up to their inserta­bles’ level.

You see the Laya III’s swoop? It fits supreme­ly* into part­ner play, solo play, on vul­vas, and against testes. I’m sali­vat­ing think­ing about:

  • Using Laya III to cup a partner’s balls dur­ing a blowjob
  • Scissoring with Laya III between my vul­va and a partner’s, let­ting the pres­sure between bod­ies guide the vibrations
  • Tip-​drilling with the Laya III’s round­ed head, light tex­tures, and flut­tery, tap-​like vibra­tions splay­ing my lips and inter­nal cli­toris apart
  • Edging with the engi­neered vibra­tions that poten­tial­ly keep the user(s) plateaued — if that’s what they want
  • Oh, and using it dur­ing penis-​in-​vagina (or strap-​on-​in-​vagina) intercourse!
  • Or alone against my exter­nal cli­toris! How could I for­get that?
Fun Factory Laya III side view

What I love about the Laya III's shape

Laya III’s arch is so intu­itive to hold for solo play. If I tuck my thumb under the con­cav­i­ty and hold it like a phat mark­er, my index fin­ger intu­itive­ly rests on the but­tons and bomb con­trol pan­el (more on that lat­er) for easy cycling through the settings.

Hand holding Fun Factory Laya III vibrator

From there, I can effort­less­ly lever­age the Laya III, rock­ing it back and forth to adjust the angle and pres­sure. Its cur­va­ture does most of the work for me, my thumb and fin­ger­tips bare­ly guid­ing it. If I want to cruise at a con­stant speed com­fort­ably, I can cup the Laya III with my palm.

And I can go most­ly hands-​free If I ride the Fun Factory Laya III against a firm cush­ion (I just hap­pened to have my Liberator Wanda with me.)

So, yes, the shape is splendid!

Rumblier vibrations than before

Fun Factory’s Laya III also deliv­ers a deep­er thrum than the late Layaspot and Laya II — final­ly, a fit­ting motor for a Fun Factory mini-​vibrator! The flit­ting wob­ble bass throbs through the low­er set­tings and purrs through the mid-​range, while the high­er speeds become more con­ven­tion­al­ly uniform.

Fun Factory Laya III vibrator top view

Still, it nev­er gets shrill or pierc­ing at any point — The Laya III stays rumbly, from 50 to 90 Hz across its 7 speeds and con­tin­u­ous speed rage. Just click the + or — but­ton to cycle set­tings or hold them to micro-​adjust and slow­ly ramp up or down.

Power-​wise, Laya III by Fun Factory ranges from suu­u­u­u­per gen­tle to mod­er­ate­ly strong. I gen­er­al­ly don’t need it to do much more than that, giv­en the “voomvoomvoomvoomovoom” vibra­tion qual­i­ty, but your mileage may vary. Myself? I find that the Laya III is beau­ti­ful­ly bassy for a small pack­age. And that’s pre­cise­ly what you want for ver­sa­til­i­ty with solo and part­ner play.

When I desire more vroom, like I’m at a mid-​2010s Excision show, I grab the full-​on Fun Factory Vim wand mas­sager instead. And if you need firecracker-​like pow­er in a small pack­age, check out my guide to the best bul­lets.

Fun Factory Laya III functions

A notable place where Laya III fol­lowed Vim’s lead is its patterns.

Fun Factory Laya III vibrator in hand

Forget for­mu­la­ic Morse code dits and dahs — Fun Factory’s Laya III offers 7 steady speeds, and its new­er rhythms take you for a ride:

  • Rapid-​fire puls­es that start some­what sep­a­rate but grad­u­al­ly blur togeth­er into stead­ier, stronger vibrations
  • Low-​high speed alter­na­tions, also with waves mov­ing clos­er togeth­er and the high-​speed phas­es get­ting longer
  • Waves of super-​fast puls­es, ramp­ing from low to high frequency

The pat­terns fuck­ing make sense! My antic­i­pa­tion gen­er­al­ly either:

  • Keeps me on the precipice of orgasm until I click back to the high­est steady speed
  • Establishes my posi­tion on the plateau and takes me over the edge again and again
Fun Factory Laya III lay-on vibrator side view

Laya II vs. Laya III by Fun Factory

Laya III chan­nels much of what makes Fun Factory so great. Its motor match­es its insertable G5 coun­ter­parts’ ener­gy, putting it leaps ahead of the old Layaspot and Laya II in terms of:

  • Vibration strength and quality
  • Pattern set­tings
  • Silicone fin­ish

There’s no more drag­gy, lube-​hogging sand­blast mat­te here! Our bits get buttery-​smooth, bor­der­line silky sensations.

While the Laya II was good enough for me to gift a friend as her first recharge­able vibra­tor in 2019, it wasn’t quite the wham-​bam that I’d expect from the lux­u­ry price tag in 2023 — I sel­dom reached for it.

At the time, Fun Factory was best known for their inserta­bles, like Big Boss, Tiger, and their Stronic pul­sators. With the release of their Vim wand and Laya III cli­toral mas­sagers, that rep­u­ta­tion is bound to change.

Closing thoughts on Fun Factory's Laya III

Rumbly wob­ble bass motors that throb through my inter­nal cli­toris from exter­nal impact? Perfection in Vim's case. In the Laya III’s case, it's get­ting there — it would please most, but anoth­er set­ting or two on the high end could take it to leg­endary status.

Fun Factory Laya III and Velvet Thruster Prime Jackie lilac
Velvet Thruster Prime Jackie and Fun Factory Laya III with match­ing lilac nail pol­ish color

Patterns that keep me going and going? Control pan­els that micro-​adjust to any speed with­in the range? Perrrrrfection.

Angling and ver­sa­til­i­ty are where the Laya III shines through, offer­ing mod­er­ate inten­si­ty while fill­ing in the gaps where a big, bulky wand might not fit. Use the Fun Factory Laya III solo with min­i­mal effort, incor­po­rate it into a blowjob, or crush it against two bod­ies simultaneously.

I’ve slipped into a habit of grab­bing it almost every night for the past few weeks — includ­ing count­less clit-​cum breaks while draft­ing this post and many more since then. I'll find every excuse to use the Laya III in every enthralling way pos­si­ble, whether against balls, walls, or petals.

*I almost left that as “’pre­me­ly” for the allit­er­a­tion — a sign that I have recent­ly played too much Cyberpunk 2077.

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  1. mlemmer says:

    Hey!! May i ask, how do you find it's pow­er against je joue toys? I feel like Laya is kii­in­da sim­i­lar to Je Joue's Mimi or Uma in terms of size and "func­tion", but those are a lit­tle weak for me cli­toral­ly. Laya 3 looks like it'd be absolute­ly per­fect to use dur­ing sex.

    • If you find Je Joue toys gen­tle, the Laya 3 might be more of some­thing sim­i­lar — great vibra­tion qual­i­ty and rumbly but still ulti­mate­ly a mini-​vibe and doesn't real­ly step out­side that.

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