Zumio S Caress vs. Original Zumio X pinpoint clitoral oscillator review

[Image: holding the Zumio S Caress in my hand. It is a light lavender purple with a clear silicone coating on the tip to make it more gentle than the original Zumio.]

Zumio has some­how topped their orig­i­nal cre­ation. You know, the one I described as "the absolute clos­est a cli­toral toy has ever come to being an 'instant orgasm' but­ton for me." Every pos­i­tive thing I had to say about the orig­i­nal Zumio X applies to the Zumio S Caress, but in my opin­ion, the lat­ter appeals to a far broad­er audience.

[Image: both the Zumio S and Zumio X come with charging stands that connect via micro-USB]

If you aren't already famil­iar with the Zumio X, here's a recap of my review: think of the Magic Wand as a bull­doz­er and the Zumio X as a laser cut­ter. Both are high­ly effec­tive tools but in dras­ti­cal­ly dif­fer­ent ways. And while the Zumio X isn't as pow­er­ful as the Magic Wand in absolute terms, its con­cen­tra­tion of pow­er into such a small point is hard to beat.

Its oscil­lat­ing sty­lus is rigid and the most pin­point of the pin­point. The orig­i­nal Zumio's sharp­ness piques my pen­chant for using fin­ger­nails through my cli­toral hood. As a result, it's the toy that reas­sures me that my orgasms are safe and secure, even if I ever decide to go on meds for ADHD or depres­sion. That's how reli­able it is.

UPDATE: Oooooh, there are new­er, BETTER Zumios now. Be sure to check out my Zumio E and Zumio I reviews, too!

Zumio S Caress vs. original Zumio X

[Image: Zumio X and Zumio S side-by-side comparison]

The Zumio X's inten­si­ty is often a bit much for me— I've nev­er made it past the 5th speed with­out insta-​coming and get­ting sen­si­tive. I usu­al­ly don't even go beyond the 3rd set­ting. And I admire the pow­er queens out there, but for most read­ers, I'd more read­i­ly rec­om­mend the Zumio S, whose 8 out of 8 set­tings are usable for me.

It's only a bit less pin­point, due to the addi­tion­al sil­i­cone coat­ing the sty­lus. Its stem is also short­er, result­ing in a small­er range of motion, and more flex­i­bly yield­ing. But the premise is the same: a qui­et and pin­point cli­toral stim­u­la­tor with a tip that revolves in cir­cles. And still an "instant orgasm" but­ton for me.

The mod­i­fi­ca­tions to the Zumio S mean that I can appre­ci­ate the tip through­out its full speed range. Even imme­di­ate­ly after orgasm, when I'm sen­si­tive. The Zumio S's most intense set­ting is com­pa­ra­ble to Zumio X's 3rd, which makes the per­fect amount of over­lap for me. I don't want to add or remove any speed options on either end.

My verdict on the Zumio X and Zumio S

[Image: my hand holding the Zumio S Caress like a pen or paintbrush]

Neither Zumio has ever failed to give me a quick orgasm. No mat­ter whether I'm already aroused, or am hav­ing a ter­ri­ble day. It's just that the Zumio S is far more com­fort­able to keep using for mul­ti­ple orgasms in one ses­sion. Even for the first orgasm, it feels less forceful.

Maybe you'd pre­fer that as I do. Perhaps you like the dizzy­ing "orgasm tor­ture" feel­ing. The expe­ri­ence is yours to choose. If you're a pin­point par­ti­san like me, you prob­a­bly already know which Zumio is per­fect for you.

UPDATE: I've reviewed the NEWEST Zumios, the Zumio E and Zumio I — AND THEY'RE MY FAVORITES! See the full Zumio com­par­i­son for details.

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  1. Bobo says:

    I bought the Zumio X and love it but only use the low­er set­tings. Part of me real­ly wants to get the S but it might be a waste for me and also that abhor­rent col­or. I know it's friv­o­lous but that pink-​purple is enough to make me wait and see if they'll maybe come out with one in a dif­fer­ent col­or. What about a nice pine green or a mus­tard yel­low or brick orange? Such an inno­v­a­tive toy with gener­ic coloring.

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