Hankey's Toys Dragon XS Review: Intensely Textured Silicone Dildo!

The unini­ti­at­ed may raise an eye­brow at the osten­si­bly "Xtra-​Small" Hankey's Toys Dragon dil­do. It's above aver­age com­pared to a human penis, but keep in mind: the brand is [in]famous for HUGE dil­dos and fist­ing lovers' porn.

Hankey's Toys Dragon XS Review: Intensely Textured Silicone Dildo! 1

For fur­ther con­text, their bludgeon-​like "Medium" Topher Michels dil­do is about the thick­ness of a soda can. And the Dragon XS is 5.75" around (or 1.83" across) the mid-​shaft, with 6.5" insertable length.

On paper, not much about the Hankey's Toys Dragon XS sounds espe­cial­ly G‑spotty. Mine is super squishy (think of a make­up sponge) and straight-​shafted, with a gen­tle mid-​shaft bulge — quite the oppo­site of "front-​loaded."

In prac­tice, though, it is hard­core in a dif­fer­ent way than what I'd usu­al­ly go for.

Super sensory scales!??

Hankey's Toys Dragon XS Review: Intensely Textured Silicone Dildo! 2

With how heav­i­ly tex­tured this drag­on dil­do is, I wouldn't want it to be any firmer. The plates along the shaft are sharp. And there is hard­ly any insertable part that's smooth. There's an all-​over grainy, leather-​like finish.

My walls instinc­tive­ly clamp around the Dragon like a vise, let­ting the sil­i­cone con­form to my pubic bone's con­tours. It's the pro­trud­ing scales that dig into my G‑spot — ser­rat­ed but scat­tered stroking while tip drilling.

As a friend so elo­quent­ly described, "It feels like it could turn me inside out." But not lit­er­al­ly. Some of Hankey's Toys' faith­ful users go big­ger and big­ger and might turn inside out. But that's not what I'm going for, here.

Readers who love the coital align­ment tech­nique with squishy insertable per­verta­bles will delight in the design. For my out­er bits, I can angle the Dragon's shaft for super easy indi­rect clit grind­ing, with­out chang­ing inter­nal sen­sa­tion much.

That's how bendy it is — my thumb and fore­fin­ger can eas­i­ly pinch it in half.

Who is the Hankey's Toys Xtra-Small Dragon not for?

Unfortunately, the trade-​off with the XS Hankey's Toys Dragon dil­do is that the stim­u­la­tion is focused on the bot­tom half of my vagi­na. Jiggling with and grind­ing on it is plen­ty for some users, espe­cial­ly those with short-​to-​average clit-​vag gaps.

Hankey's Toys Dragon XS Review: Intensely Textured Silicone Dildo! 3

For me, though, it's too soft, tapered, and short to do any­thing for my cervix or A‑spot. I can't thrust the way I'd like to with the XS Hankey's Dragon — I feel like I'll run out of length.

Also, I can't rec­om­mend this par­tic­u­lar dil­do for anal use, since its base isn't suf­fi­cient­ly flared. If you want a butt-​safe drag­on dil­do, try the BMS Addiction Ben instead. The tex­tures aren't as sharp, but the Ben and Dragon fea­ture a sim­i­lar aes­thet­ic and girth.

My verdict on the Hankey's Toys Xtra-Small Dragon dildo

Hankey's Toys Dragon XS Review: Intensely Textured Silicone Dildo! 4

If you want a moderately girthy fuckable for:
  • mov­ing up in size, but not stray­ing too far from the average
  • shallow-​to-​mid-​depth vagi­nal penetration
  • pleas­ing seri­ous tex­ture sluts
  • clench­ing around and grind­ing against your clit

…then the com­bi­na­tion of size and 75% soft sil­i­cone is a per­fect fit for you. With the Xtra-​Small series, Hankey's Toys sought to expand their tar­get audi­ence, and I think the Xtra-​Small Dragon is a not-​too-​intimidating gate­way into big fan­ta­sy dildos.

If that appeals to you, get a Hankey's Toys Dragon or BMS Addiction Ben.

Unfortunately, I'm just crav­ing some­thing a lit­tle more. Find me snug­gling with my longer, firmer, and more gen­er­ous­ly curved Uberrime Night King.

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Hankey's Toys Dragon XS Review: Intensely Textured Silicone Dildo! 5

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2 Responses

  1. D. Dyer says:

    I have con­sid­ered this one but I am glad I read this review first, I love tex­ture but it’s prob­a­bly a lit­tle short for my per­son­al preferences.

  2. D_CG says:

    I'm curi­ous what your opin­ion of the Oni would be! It looks real­ly inter­est­ing… Or any oth­er mod­el; Hankey's has a lot of longer options just in the small sizes.

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