Review: Uberrime Flora, Hankey's Toys Davy's Tendrils, Uberrime Teuthida fantasy dildos

Why get a bou­quet when you could have a huge, lily-​shaped vagi­nal plug? Or a super soft ten­ta­cle dil­do — or per­haps bet­ter yet, one shaped like four ten­ta­cles wrapped among each other?

Davy's Tendrils large tentacle dildo, Uberrime Flora large silicone fantasy dildo, Uberime Teuthida small

Every day is Spooky Day in this house, with the Uberrime Flora, Uberrime Teuthida ten­ta­cle dil­do, and Hankey's Toys Davy's Tendrils.

Arm and fist size comparison to Uberrime Teuthida, a Blush vibrating dildo, Uberrime Flora, and Mr. Hankey's Toys Davy's Tendrils

Uberrime Flora huge vaginal plug and dildo

“If I can han­dle this, I can prob­a­bly han­dle a newborn's head,” I cap­tioned on a Snap of the LORGE Large Uberrime Flora.

It's great for fist­ing prep. Plus, the Uberrime Flora is every­thing I wish the Tantus Ringo was for vagi­nal plugging. 

Uberrime Flora lily-inspired fantasy dildo for fisting preparation

Uberrime Flora measurements


  • 6.5" total length
  • 5.5" insertable length
  • 0.8" diam­e­ter at tip
  • 1.91" max­i­mum bulb diameter
  • 1.1" neck diameter


  • 8.5" total length
  • 7.25" insertable length
  • 0.95" diam­e­ter at tip
  • 2.62" max­i­mum bulb diameter
  • 1.67" neck diameter

How the Uberrime Flora feels in use

Flower petals sweep down its bul­bous shaft and con­verge around the bla­tant­ly yon­ic base. Its big and bold flo­ral design is simul­ta­ne­ous­ly stun­ning and scary; the large Uberrime Flora is not for the faint of vagi­na or anus.

Uberrime Flora big flower-shaped dildo next to flowers

With a max­i­mum diam­e­ter of 2.62”, this dil­do is one of the thick­est toys my vagi­na has ever con­sumed. It’s fat­ter than the top of a soda can, and its girth has nowhere to go but bulge against my G‑spot. 

The Uberrime Flora is best for sta­tion­ary stim­u­la­tion and slow, small jig­gling motions. Once I get past the hump, it some­what snaps into place, akin to a plug. Hold in place the Uberrime Flora and pair it with a focused oscil­la­tor or bul­let vibra­tor to take orgasms to the next lev­el. Cue the clench, come, repeat cycle — if you can get the Uberrime Flora all the way in, to begin with.

All things con­sid­ered, its Shore 0050 sil­i­cone soft­ness makes it com­fort­able to play with for its girth. It’s about the size of my hand when duck-​billed but quite man­age­able due to being even soft­er than gum­my can­dy. (Tantus's Super Soft Fist Trainer and Bishop XL are quite firm in com­par­i­son.) And the taper is just the right shape and size dil­do for warm­ing up to fisting.

There is a smol small Uberrime Flora, too, that might actu­al­ly be prac­ti­cal as a longer wear plug, like a big­ger and more osten­ta­tious Sensi. Whereas the Uberrime Sensi mea­sures about 1.6” across, the small Uberrime Flora is 1.9” at its widest and a loooot longer.

With how soft and off-​center the Uberrime Flora’s tip is, there’s lit­tle con­cern about pok­ing the wearer’s cervix. If you have a higher-​set cervix, like me, it’s not par­tic­u­lar­ly hard to get all 5.5” insertable length in, espe­cial­ly if you fold down the super slen­der and bendy tip.

(Of course, if your vagi­nal canal is short­er than mine, your mileage may vary. I’d sug­gest stick­ing to the Sensi as a vagi­nal plug, in that case.)

Uberrime Flora textured floral and yonic grinding base

In any case, I’m excit­ed to see Uberrime expand­ing to more fan­ta­sy mod­els designed after vul­vas. The beau­ti­ful­ly fill­ing Uberrime Flora dil­do is just the beginning.

Hankey’s Toys Davy’s Tendrils super soft tentacle dildo

If you want a ten­ta­cle dil­do the size of your fore­arm, I’m here to sup­port your hopes and dreams.

Mr. Hankey's Toys Davy's Tendrils Medium/Large super soft multiple tentacle dildo

The Hankey’s Toys Davy’s Tendrils dil­do design fea­tures two big, entwined ten­ta­cles and two small ones for added girth near the base. It’s super squishy and comes in four (!!!!) sizes.

Davy's Tendrils dildo sizes and differences

Their max­i­mum insertable diam­e­ters range from about 1.83” for XS to 3.54” for the XL. In oth­er words, “Plausibly the size of a big human penis” to “Fist me like an end­less Pringles can.”

Consider the soda can dil­do size com­par­i­son pho­tos below and choose your Davy’s Tendrils carefully.

Also, bear in mind that the S/​M and M/​L options include a Vac-​U-​Lock hole in the base. You can lock them on to full-​sized fuck­ing machines or insert a 0.9” wide bul­let for vibra­tions. Or, if you’re feel­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly wild, put it on a Realm sword hilt.

Mr. Hankey's Toys Davy's Tendrils Medium/Large tentacle dildo

I opt­ed for the Medium/​Large Davy’s Tendrils, which measures:

  • 1.2” diam­e­ter near tip
  • 2.15” diam­e­ter near middle
  • 2.95” diam­e­ter near base
  • 11.75” insertable length
  • 12.75” inch­es total length
  • 3” strap-​on ring size

How the Hankey's Toys Davy's Tendrils feels in use

The Hankey’s Toys Davy’s Tendrils are quite faint, most­ly there for visu­al pur­pos­es. In use, they take a back­seat to the ten­ta­cles’ spirals. 

Think of it as a way to sam­ple a dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion dil­do, but start­ing super small and ramp­ing up. Yes, you can twist it, but I don’t think that’s the main appeal of the Hankey’s Toys Davy’s Tendrils. 

Alternatively, you could fold down the thin tip to dou­ble up and get straight to dou­ble stuffing.

If you’re using the Davy’s Tendrils ten­ta­cle dil­do vagi­nal­ly, con­sid­er how much length you could actu­al­ly insert, and decide which girth you’d like accordingly.

Mr. Hankey's Toys Davy's Tendrils Medium/Large super soft multiple tentacle dildo

The larg­er Davy’s Tendril size options are far more cost-​effective for anal depth play. The rec­tum can tol­er­ate more length than a vagi­na can, so if you’re using this ten­ta­cle dil­do anal­ly, you’re far more like­ly to enjoy the girth near the base. That’s not my thang per­son­al­ly, but I under­stand the appeal.

If you’re look­ing for a dou­ble penetration-​like dil­do, it’s hard to beat the squish of the 75% soft Hankey’s Toys Davy’s Tendrils. The pli­a­bil­i­ty is sub­stan­tial­ly eas­i­er for explor­ing that kink than any rep­re­sen­ta­tion­al sil­i­cone dou­ble dil­do I’ve tried. Whichever hole you play with, go forth, get stuffed, and be merry.

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Uberrime Teuthida soft silicone tentacle dildo

Uberrime Teuthida small tentacle dildo

Not every­one wants a ten­ta­cle dil­do the size of their fore­arm. Sometimes, you just want to play with tex­tures and depth.

For those dip­ping their toes in fan­ta­sy Toyland, the Uberrime Teuthida is a fan­tas­tic, bare­ly-beyond-​basic choice for a ten­ta­cle dil­do. It comes in two sizes, one 7” long and one 8” long.

Uberrime Teuthida measurements

Teuthida 7”

  • 0.75" diam­e­ter at the tip
  • 1.75" diam­e­ter at the bot­tom of the shaft
  • 7" insertable length
  • 8" total length

Teuthida 8”

  • 0.875" diam­e­ter at the tip
  • 2.07" diam­e­ter at the bot­tom of the shaft
  • 8" insertable length
  • 9" total length

How the Uberrime Teuthida tentacle dildo feels in use

My favorite way to use the Uberrime Teuthida? Inserting it all the way in and twist­ing, of course! It’s too soft and slen­der to make me come via cervix mas­sage alone, but I much appre­ci­ate that defined edge where the suck­ers’ flat face meets the rest of the toy’s curvature.

Uberrime Teuthida super soft small tentacle dildo

The suck­ers feel quite gen­tle against my front wall while the edge ever-​so-​slightly digs into where my ure­thral sponge recedes on either side. I often don’t dis­cuss stim­u­lat­ing the lat­er­al pock­ets around the cervix, but you can cer­tain­ly do that with the Uberrime Teuthida’s apex.

Beyond that, the Uberrime Teuthida doesn’t have much pizazz or inten­si­ty, but maybe that’s what you’re look­ing for in a ten­ta­cle dil­do. Plenty of users crave that squish, opt­ing for dil­dos even soft­er than gum­my candy.

Uberrime Teuthida super soft vs. Xenuphora tentacle dildo comparison

If you’re built like me, you want some­thing with more focus and near-​severe inten­si­ty. In that case, con­sid­er the denser and even sharp­er Uberrime Xenuphora.

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  1. Yam says:

    I am very inter­est­ed in the Uberrime Teuthida. Will have to be one of my next purchases!

  2. Maria says:

    Yeah these are gonna have to be a no for me, though I did just have an idea-​anyone want to make a tentacle-​shaped diala­tor set??? 🙂

  3. JB says:

    Not into fan­ta­sy toys per­son­al­ly, but the col­oration on the Flora is so pret­ty. I wish the col­or effects so com­mon in fan­ta­sy toys would be more wide­ly avail­able in non fan­ta­sy toys.

  4. Cate says:

    The Flora is super high on my wish­list. The per­son who sculpt­ed it is super cool and tal­ent­ed, and I want to sup­port their work.

  5. Trix says:

    The tips look a bit pokey for me, though super­soft sil­i­cone sounds tempting…

  6. Lynn says:

    Uberrime has such love­ly col­or com­bi­na­tions. The col­ors of the Flora real­ly enhance the flo­ral design.

  7. G says:

    oooh, all are gor­geous ofc but that flo­ra specif­i­cal­ly at the idea of using it as a plug is very appeal­ing. ty for anoth­er 3 reviews in this article!!

  8. D. Dyer says:

    Swirl of ten­ta­cles is gor­geous and I’m not sure I could man­age it but I think you have con­vinced me I’d like to try.

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