Review: NS Firefly Yoni silicone stroker & Banana Pants B.cush

4 Responses

  1. Trix says:

    The Firefly Yoni looks excellent, though I might have trouble getting it to stay in place (I’m not much of an on-top grinder or humper, so I like things that lie flat on my outer labia)…

  2. Ttix says:

    Nabbed the Firefly Yoni on Black Friday and I love it! It’s also great with a lubed Touch X in the cavity—much easier to maneuver than pressing a vibe against the sleeve. I have pretty prominent nipples, so I’ve been experimenting with using the openings (either one, lubed or unlubed) for nipple play too…

  3. E says:

    Oh I really appreciate how you bring up various ways to use different toys! As a queer person who’s working with sex ed, I think it’s nice that we can broaden the way we talk both about sex in general but also about sex toys. That way it’s more inclusive for all!

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