Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy

External clitoral massage that stimulates even the parts you can’t see
Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy 1

The first two nights that I was inti­mate with my part­ner, our go-​to activ­i­ty wasn’t inter­course or oral or butt stuff or fin­ger­ing or hand­jobs. Instead, we grav­i­tat­ed towards dry-​humping and grinding.

Fellow frot­tage fans like myself are in for a real treat today with this review of the Whim by Pelle. This toy may also inter­est those who go beyond the cli­toral glans and enjoy play­ing with their out­er labia, too.

I fell in love with it at first touch and looked for­ward to using it every night since I got it.

What is the Pelle Whim?

It’s a marshmallow-​soft sil­i­cone toy designed explic­it­ly for envelop­ing and squish­ing against the vul­va. There’s a slight grain­i­ness to the mat­te tex­ture — with a lit­tle bit of lube, the sur­face might remind you of a tongue.

The Pelle Whim’s den­si­ty is soft­er than pret­ty much any sil­i­cone dil­do I’ve ever tried but firmer than most penis stroking sleeves. When there’s no lube, the sur­face wrin­kles under my fin­ger with even the light­est graz­ing. It almost looks like it’s filled with gel.

Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy 2

This hap­py medi­um is fan­tas­tic for push­ing against the cli­toral glans and mas­sag­ing the inter­nal cru­ra (“legs”) through the labia majo­ra. Remember: while the exter­nal cli­toris is homol­o­gous to the head of the penis, there’s still so much more under­neath the surface.

The inter­nal bits, which wrap along the sides like a wish­bone, are akin to the shaft of the penis. The Pelle Whim stim­u­lates some of those struc­tures from the out­side using deep pres­sure. (You’re wel­come to pair the Whim with oth­er forms of mas­tur­ba­tion, though. More on that later.)

How intense it feels depends on which stim­u­la­tor you’re using and how you’re posi­tion­ing it. Each of the four strategically-​shaped faces offers a slight­ly dif­fer­ent sen­sa­tion and lev­el of focus.

Meet the Pelle Whim’s designs

Each set includes two sil­i­cone discs: the Ripple and the Dune. They’re each about 3.5" long by 2.25" wide by 1" at the thick­est, though some parts are nar­row­er. And don’t lim­it your­self to using the broad faces — remem­ber that the slim­mer sides are there, too, giv­ing you more con­cen­trat­ed ways to play!

Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy 3


On the Ripple stim­u­la­tor, we have one side that looks like a fluffy cumu­lus cloud. It’s the gen­tlest of the shapes, ide­al for warm­ing up or dif­fus­ing force. While I could rub my labia with my slen­der (read: bony) fin­gers, the Pelle Whim makes it way eas­i­er to engulf every part I want to caress, like a set of juicy, over­sized lips. It’s one of many ways to get to know your cli­toral cru­ra intimately.

Flip it over for con­tours that look like a vague­ly styl­ized vul­va. This side has a sharp-​ish, off-​center edge for more con­cen­tra­tion of sen­sa­tion. You can also slip a fin­ger or pin­point vibra­tor under the big dip to com­bine with the Pelle Whim’s labi­al mas­sage (I’m par­tial to a pin­point fin­ger­nail over the hood).

Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy 4


The Dune, mean­while, is less about exper­i­men­ta­tion and more just going for it. Its bumps are thick­er and more cen­tered than the Ripple’s cas­cades. One side fea­tures two fleshy “hills” and a slight­ly small­er one. Distribute pres­sure across the top of the cli­toris, or turn it side­ways to tes­sel­late it along with the labia’s ups and downs.

On the oth­er, more yonic-​looking face, the cen­ter node is ide­al for focus­ing on the cli­toral glans. The oval’s out­er “rim” traces all­l­ll along the cru­ra, and the thick­er bot­tom mar­gin can be squished against the vagi­nal entrance if you wish. Explore where your inter­nal cli­toris starts and how far it wraps around.

Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy 5

Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy 6

More tips for using the Pelle Whim

Get cre­ative with this uncon­ven­tion­al vul­va stim­u­la­tor. You don’t have to lie on your back, posi­tion­ing the Pelle Whim per­fect­ly straight on your gen­i­tals, mov­ing it up and down.

Use dif­fer­ent angles and swivel­ing motions, or tap it like a big door­bell. You may find that there’s one side of your cli­toris that enjoys cer­tain maneu­vers more than the oth­er one does.

Try plac­ing it on a firm pil­low or mount to get on top and grind against it.

Try it with or without some water-​based lube.

When I’m using the broad faces, I pre­fer to keep the slip­page min­i­mal with just a drop or two of lube. It’s about the pres­sure for me, with just the slight­est fric­tion under the hood. Most times, with the Pelle Whim, I’m using it over my underwear.

However, your mileage may vary, and you might find that wet­ter is bet­ter for you. That’s espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant you’re using the sides to sim­u­late cun­nilin­gus. Also, be mind­ful of pubic hair — you prob­a­bly don’t want it to snag on the silicone.

Try the Pelle Whim with a partner.

Partner play could mean sand­wich­ing the Whim between your vul­va and a partner’s gen­i­tals to spread out the sen­sa­tion. Or put it inside your under­wear or a strap-​on har­ness.

The Pelle Whim can: 1. Be a source of stim­u­la­tion for the wear­er dur­ing strap-​on play, or 2. Buffer pubic bone pain from bump­ing against a firm dil­do base.

Pair it with a squishy vaginal plug

So you like squish! Try the Whim with an Uberrime Sensi plug, which has a small (not butt-​safe) base that won’t take up too much vul­var “real estate”. It leaves plen­ty of room to play out­side while the insert­ed por­tion push­es against my inter­nal cli­toris from the inside. It also length­ens and con­tracts as my pelvic floor mus­cles squeeze around it, some­times deli­cious­ly nudg­ing my cervix.

That price tag, though!

$98 for two squishy vul­va stim­u­la­tors might sound like a lot. And yes, body-​safe but afford­able sex toys are essen­tial for accom­mo­dat­ing shop­pers, but I’m also known for enshrin­ing an expen­sive dil­do that I bought out-of-pocket.

I can appre­ci­ate a lux­u­ri­ous and unique, artisan-​made prod­uct from a small busi­ness that’s inclu­sive and pays its work­ers fair­ly. What’s more, with sil­i­cone, you buy it once, and you can san­i­tize it and use it again and again for life. It’s qual­i­ty mate­r­i­al, and I’d play with the Pelle Whim so often that the cost per use would hard­ly war­rant bat­ting an eye.

Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy 7

Other squishy vulva and vagina toys!

You don’t have to break the bank to get some cushy squishies that will last you. These alter­na­tives can’t repli­cate the Whim’s exact sen­sa­tions, but they’re worth explor­ing and might be close enough for the price!

The most com­pa­ra­ble option that Spectrum Boutique stocks is the Bananapants Bumpher. One side can stretch over the base of a dil­do — use­ful for strap-​on play — while the oth­er fea­tures big bumps to hump and press against.

It’s squishy sil­i­cone, boil­able, costs about $35, and can be used solo if you wish. However, the Bananapants cli­toral grind­ing toys are firmer than the Pelle Whim, glossy in tex­ture, and a lot more cen­tered and direct. That may be a good or bad thing for you; I like both for dif­fer­ent reasons.

Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy 8

SheVibe also has a slight­ly dif­fer­ent ver­sion, called the Bananapants B.Cush, that sticks to dil­do bases.

If you want vibra­tions with your squishies, Iroha vibes like the Zen can be a good fit. Their motors are on the weak side, and the padding isn’t as thick, but the elas­tomer gel under the sil­i­cone sur­face is suu­u­u­per soft and can be (in Zoë’s words) “smooshed around like a pug’s face.”

You could also stretch a penis sleeve over your hand or the head of a wand to add some tex­ture and squish. Sex toys mar­ket­ed toward men don’t have to be exclu­sive­ly for cis men! Nowadays, there are options for squish­ing against sil­i­cone stro­kers, too.

If they're TPE or TPR, be sure to check for changes in col­or or smell before each use, since mas­tur­ba­tors made from such mate­ri­als are porous and don’t last as long as silicone.

Review: Pelle Whim Squishy Vulva Grinding Toy 9

Closing thoughts on the Pelle Whim

If you’re already BFFs with your labia and cli­toral cru­ra, you may have nod­ded all along with my descrip­tions of what the Pelle Whim is capa­ble of. To recap, each set offers four broad faces and many ways to focus the soft, tongue-​like sen­sa­tions — on any or every part of the vulva.

You also may have noticed that this write-​up is way longer than my usu­al Spectrum Journal post. That’s because I frig­gin’ love this cre­ation and how ver­sa­tile it is for some­thing so seem­ing­ly sim­ple. I wish there were more like it on the market.

If you love gen­i­tal grind­ing or pillow-​humping, this toy is for you.

And even if you don’t buy a Pelle Whim, I hope your take­away is to explore more of your exter­nal gen­i­tals than the cli­toral glans alone.

Hold your index and mid­dle fin­ger in a nar­row V and rub the fleshi­est part of your labia majo­ra. Feel around for where you’re sen­si­tive. If you wish, you can pair that with direct cli­toral glans stim­u­la­tion and pen­e­tra­tion. It’s like the dif­fer­ence between play­ing with a penis head alone ver­sus the head and shaft.

Your vul­va deserves to be pam­pered royalty.

This arti­cle is a repost of a review I wrote for Spectrum Journal.

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