Zolo Twist Anaconda penis masturbator cup review

"Best orgasm I've had in a while just now using the stro­ker," my boyfriend texted me on Christmas morning.

Picture of Zolo Twist Anaconda stroker/masturbation cup next to packaging and Tantus Splash

"It last­ed a while and was intense. Maybe part­ly because I'm still a bit stoned… I think it was how it squeezed my dick as I came. And it feels best pushed all the way in."

The Zolo Twist Anaconda is my boyfriend's first mas­tur­ba­tion sleeve— Merry Christmas, indeed! We've reviewed vibrat­ing cock rings and an oscil­lat­ing penis vibra­tor togeth­er in the past, but they aren't as elas­tic or envelop­ing of the penis as stro­ker cups.

Thus, our unini­ti­at­ed palates aren't dis­cern­ing of the vari­ety among stro­ker tex­tures. We can, how­ev­er, answer a few ques­tions for those look­ing for a first penis toy:

Should you get a Fleshlight/​cup-​style stro­ker or a pock­et pussy with­out a hard shell? What are the pros and cons of mas­tur­ba­tion cups? And why might some­one pick the Zolo Twist Anaconda over the (cheap­er) orig­i­nal Zolo cups?

This stroker expands to let in more penis length

Picture of Zolo Twist Anaconda stroker/masturbation cup expanded to its full length: 9 inches long

As the name might sug­gest, there's a lit­tle something-​something extra when you twist the Zolo Twist Anaconda. It extends from 7 inch­es long to 9 inch­es long on the inside— accom­mo­dat­ing more sizes than the orig­i­nal 6‑inch Zolo cups.

For my boyfriend's slight­ly above-​average penis length, the extra room is worth it. For one, he can thrust more vig­or­ous­ly. He doesn't have to wor­ry about bump­ing into the hard shell. Penetrating deep­er also pulls on his fore­skin more, stretch­ing his frenulum.

...but it's also super tight!

Close-up of the tight opening of the Zolo Twist Anaconda stroker cup

Another rea­son my boyfriend likes putting his dick all the way inside the Zolo Twist Anaconda is that its deep­est part is roomy. The open­ing is ini­tial­ly less than a cen­time­ter wide and way tighter than he's used to when mas­tur­bat­ing— uncom­fort­ably so when he gets sen­si­tive and can't adjust his grip. It's super stretchy and springy, but there's no ton­ing down the tight­ness or textures.

The Zolo Twist masturbator's "Anaconda texture"

Diagram of Zolo Twist Anaconda stroker internal texture

The pack­ag­ing visu­al­ly shows how the inside of the Zolo Twist Anaconda sleeve looks. It starts with wavy lines, switch­es to splotchy studs as you go in, nar­rows down, and tapers back out to in diam­e­ter with waves once again.

The Zolo Twist Anaconda's tight tex­tures feel amaz­ing to my boyfriend if he's lying down while mas­tur­bat­ing. We spec­u­late that, when he's stand­ing up, he's more sen­si­tive because there's more blood flow to his penis. Either way, he comes way hard­er than he would with his hand alone.

Fleshlight-style masturbation cups vs. pocket pussies and egg sleeves

Tenga Easy Beat Egg Wavy male masturbator thumbnail

Consider a Tenga egg's struc­ture, for com­par­i­son. It starts with a rel­a­tive­ly loose inte­ri­or, and you can adjust how tight­ly you grip. You might pre­fer it over a cup-​style mas­tur­ba­tor if you vary your grip often in a solo session.

A mas­tur­ba­tion cup, how­ev­er, would be bet­ter for part­ner play. It's not exact­ly intu­itive for some­one else to dis­cern how hard to squeeze your cock through a squishy sleeve.

Another perk of a cup mas­tur­ba­tor is that his hand doesn't feel like it's wrapped around his penis. With a pock­et pussy or Tenga egg, it feels like he's hold­ing a stro­ker. In con­trast, the cup's hard shell doesn't feel as dick-​like. That makes it eas­i­er to imag­ine some­one play­ing with him.

Downsides of the Zolo Twist Anaconda

However, the Zolo Twist Anaconda doesn't come with­out its quirks. First, I insist on play­ing music in the back­ground when play­ing with this stro­ker. Otherwise, the thrusts dis­place air and sound like lit­er­al pump­ing. Like you're fill­ing up an exer­cise ball or a twisty bal­loon with air. But that's a small quib­ble com­pared to the clean­ing process.


Taking apart the Zolo masturbator cup to clean the inside of the stroker

Taking the Zolo Twist Anaconda's shell apart to clean it, there's painful­ly clum­sy click­ing among the detach­ing plas­tic parts. You also can't eas­i­ly turn the sleeve inside-​out to clean it, because it's attached at the top of the cup. At the oth­er end, water doesn't drain quick­ly from the bottom.

"It's like they don't expect you to clean it that often, or some­thing?" my boyfriend grum­bled. "I wish there was an eas­i­er way!"


Last but not least, Zolo cups' squishy ori­fices are made of porous TPE or TPR. While soft ther­mo­plas­tic elas­tomer and ther­mo­plas­tic rub­ber aren't tox­ic like jel­ly, the mate­ri­als will house germs in the long run. And they're impos­si­ble to dis­in­fect fully.

When it comes to stro­kers, the mate­ri­als come with trade-​offs. Silicone stro­kers can be boiled and dis­in­fect­ed, but aren't as stretchy or plush. Soft TPE/​TPR sex toys squish more and can be more plea­sur­able but aren't ide­al for long-​term use.

So wash your stro­ker after every use. Check for new odors or visu­al changes like mildew spots before each use. Throw the stro­ker away imme­di­ate­ly if it gets yucky in smell or appearance.

How did my boyfriend enjoy his first stroker?

Zolo Twist Anaconda packaging and stroker cap

It's a slight pain in the ass, but the Zolo Twist Anaconda is worth it to us. We've hap­pi­ly used it over and over. And he retreats to our room to mas­tur­bate more often than he did before we received the cup.

Maybe it's not the most pho­to­genic sex toy, but it offers plen­ty of tight, self-​contained fun. It's a good fit for you if you love a firm grip or plan on using a stro­ker dur­ing part­ner play. Plus, self-​contained stro­kers mean not hav­ing dis­tract­ing thoughts about when your jizz is going to make a mess.

Among them, the Zolo Twist Anaconda is a nice sweet spot. It's way roomi­er than Zolo's cheap­er cups, allow­ing deep­er pen­e­tra­tion, but costs less than most Fleshlights.

This hon­est review was spon­sored by Toys 4 Naughty Boys. 

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  1. Oreon says:

    I'll keep this in mind for lat­er. Excellent that it expands.

  2. qiu says:

    I've always want­ed to try one of these (stro­kers, flesh­lights) but some­how feel a bit more taboo than phal­ic toys. I'll be try­ing this one on 2019!

  3. Valiziosa says:

    My part­ner expe­ri­ence with stro­kers is not so good: he prefers some­thing not so squeeze-​tight, with more space, so this might be the item to try next year… Also, what's the name of the beau­ti­ful dil­do in the first photo??

    • This stro­ker is very tight though, so may not be a good fit for him. As for the dil­do, it's a lim­it­ed edi­tion Tantus Splash!

      Tantus has dis­con­tin­ued it but who knows? They may release anoth­er lim­it­ed edi­tion batch next year

  4. DizzyD says:

    I was won­der­ing about the weight of this toy. Can peo­ple with for exam­ple shoul­der prob­lems use it as well, or should they use a Tenga Egg or a sleeve with­out a case?

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