Zumio I Review + Comparison: Zumio X vs. S. vs. E. vs. I oscillators

Broad wand vibra­tors can be held against a cheek for next-​level blowjobs. Firm, pin­point oscil­la­tors can be held between the tongue and clit for next-​level cun­nilin­gus. Try that with any of the Zumios; you’re welcome.

Zumio X, Zumio E, Zumio S, and Zumio I oscillator tip comparison
Left to right: Zumio X, Zumio E, Zumio S, and Zumio I

Here’s why I love the Zumio line­up — and why the new Zumio I is the best yet. Nerd alert: this Zumio review and com­par­i­son will get gran­u­lar and technical.

What is a Zumio vibrator/oscillator?

Zumio oscil­la­tors are among the sharpest, most pin­point­ed cli­toral stim­u­la­tors cur­rent­ly on the mar­ket, with lit­tle stems and heads that oscil­late in cir­cles. They’re for the schlick­er who likes using a fin­ger­nail over the hood and appre­ci­ates pre­ci­sion when reach­ing orgasm. Zumios are essen­tial­ly “instant orgasm” but­tons for me.

They’re itty-​bitty, and because of that, they car­ry a high con­cen­tra­tion of inten­si­ty. If a wand were a wreck­ing ball, the Zumio mas­sagers would be laser cut­ters — their pre­ci­sion makes them effec­tive in an entire­ly dif­fer­ent way.

Zumio S and Zumio E oscillating vibrator tip close-up.
Top to bot­tom: Zumio X, Zumio S, Zumio E. The Zumio I charg­ing base is also in the background.

With wands, it can feel like an all-​or-​nothing where I either insta-​cum or get insta-​numb (espe­cial­ly if I was on a high­er dose of SSRI or just not in the mood). And then the lat­ter sit­u­a­tion takes me forever.

In con­trast, my orgasms with the Zumio I imme­di­ate­ly ramp up, regard­less of med­ica­tion. Pinpoint oscil­la­tors just make orgasms way faster and are more reli­able for me. Your mileage may vary, but if you rel­ish focused vibra­tions, it’s hard to top the Zumio vibrators.

Zumio X measurements and specs

When the Zumio X was first released, its com­bi­na­tion of rum­ble and size was unprece­dent­ed. Bullet vibra­tors often weren’t as sharp or pow­er­ful, nor were their cir­cu­lar move­ments as dis­tinct as the Zumios’.

Zumio oscillating vibrator tip comparison: Zumio I, Zumio E, Zumio S, and Zumio X in the background
Left to right: Zumio I, Zumio E, Zumio S, and Zumio X in the background

Here’s how the Zumio X phys­i­cal­ly mea­sures up:

  • Total length: 18 cm (about 7”)
  • Head max­i­mum diam­e­ter: 5.5 mm
  • Stem min­i­mum diam­e­ter: 2.9 mm
  • Tip length: 32 mm
  • Handle max­i­mum diam­e­ter: 3 cm (about 1.2”)

However, the Zumio X’s unique­ness, spe­cial­iza­tion, and com­pact nature didn’t make it above reproach. Its size con­jures asso­ci­a­tions with motor­ized wig­gle pens and elec­tric toothbrushes.

Also, look­ing past the super­fi­cial, many users found it too emphat­ic; I rarely went past the third speed set­ting out of 8. (Good thing Zumio’s 3‑button con­trol pan­els make it easy to increase and decrease intensity!)

Zumio E control panel and tip close-up
Zumio but­tons from top to bot­tom in this pic­ture: on, decrease speed, increase speed. It'll make more sense while you're hold­ing it like a paint­brush or pen.

Zumio S vs. Zumio E vs. Zumio I

In the fol­low­ing years, the Zumio S, E, and I were released to sat­is­fy a broad­er range of users. While the new­er Zumios’ han­dles are the same shape and size, their tips and motors vary.

Zumio tip shape and size comparison

To sum­ma­rize how the oth­er Zumio tips com­pare to the Zumio X:

  • Zumio S - soft­er with a short­er stem to lim­it the move­ment radius and a broad­er silicone-​coated tip. Feels waaaay gentler.
  • Zumio E - thin­ner, met­al, paddle-​shaped tip with ellip­ti­cal move­ments. Play with dif­fer­ent degrees of sharp­ness along the sharp edge or flat face.
  • Zumio I — also paddle-​shaped but a bit chunki­er. An excel­lent hybrid, less like a fin­ger­nail than the Zumio E and more like a flat­tened bead.
Zumio X vs. Zumio S vs. Zumio E vs. Zumio I comparison
Left to right: Zumio X, Zumio S, Zumio E, Zumio I

Zumio frequency and vibration quality

The dif­fer­ences stat­ed above led to this ques­tion from an Instagram fol­low­er: are the tips the only vari­able? If so, why wouldn’t they just make dif­fer­ent attach­ments to put on one base?

The short answer is that the motors are very dif­fer­ent between the orig­i­nal Zumio X and the newest Zumio I — their low­est speeds are 146 Hz and 105 Hz, respec­tive­ly. That’s a whop­ping 28% dif­fer­ence. Here are the oth­er Zumios’ oscil­la­tion speeds, at a glance:

  • Zumio X — 146 to 179 Hz
  • Zumio S — 135 to 164 Hz
  • Zumio E — 129 to 155 Hz
  • Zumio I — 105 to 161 Hz

These speeds are cer­tain­ly high fre­quen­cy, but because the tips revolve in big­ger cir­cles than a con­ven­tion­al vibra­tor, it’s still super strong and reg­is­ters to me as rumbly.

Holding the Zumio I in hand and tip and control panel close-up
How to hold a Zumio I. Plus, check out that slight­ly scal­loped tip.

Do Zumios slow down under pressure?

Yes, they def­i­nite­ly damp­en with pres­sure. Zumios are made for light touch, which could be good or bad for you. On the one hand, plen­ty of users want to push their cli­toral vibra­tors hard.

On the oth­er, your clit might be sen­si­tive with a Zumio right after orgasm, so adjust­ing the pres­sure and posi­tion­ing to make it gen­tler can be an asset. Use the stem for a more dif­fuse sen­sa­tion, or move the tip high­er up, where the feel­ing is way less direct.

What does this all mean for how Zumio feels in use?

Let’s com­pare my expe­ri­ences with the Zumio vari­ants, from favorite to least favorite.

Zumio I (Iyana)

Best for a slow build and multiple orgasms

The Zumio I deliv­ers a lot of what I like about the Eroscillator + Golden Spoon com­bo in a more com­pact car­ri­er. Its speed range can feel beau­ti­ful­ly sub­tle or strik­ing­ly severe. While its tip doesn’t imme­di­ate­ly feel sharp or punchy, the orgasms hel­la sneak up on me. If I’m not hold­ing back, the Zumio I could hypo­thet­i­cal­ly make me squirt.

Zumio I vertical on display
Zumio I ver­ti­cal on dis­play. Isn't that ceram­ic seashell so cute?

It’s also more ver­sa­tile than the oth­er Zumios, and the sen­sa­tions feel deep­er and way more sat­is­fy­ing. The Zumio I’s broad pad­dle head allows for quite a few dif­fer­ent sensations:

  • Something more pin­point when the long edge is pressed against me
  • Tapping motions with the broad face

You get a lit­tle bit of every­thing that makes the oth­er Zumios great. There’s noth­ing I dis­like about the Zumio I; it’s per­fect for a pin­point princess.

And, com­pared to the Eroscillator, this Zumio is:

  • Way more com­pact and travel-friendly
  • Rechargeable instead of hav­ing a cum­ber­some cord
  • Easier to nav­i­gate with a big­ger speed range
  • Slightly less ugly (still looks like an elec­tric tooth­brush base, though!)

If I had to get just one oscil­lat­ing vibra­tor, it would be the Zumio I.

Zumio I vs. Zumio E versatile paddle-tipped oscillating vibrators
Left to right: Zumio I and Zumio E

Zumio E (Ethel)

Best for intensity

The Zumio E’s tip is suu­u­per thin like a fin­ger­nail for the sharpest sen­sa­tion when you use the edge. I can even dig through the pre­puce, under and behind the glans. That’s how pre­cise it is. 

I loooove that feel­ing over my cli­toral hood, and it close­ly match­es how I touch myself man­u­al­ly. While the Zumio I is a fan­tas­tic all-​arounder, the Zumio E is the spe­cial­ist.

Even if you don’t want the slight­ly pierc­ing sen­sa­tion at all times, you can use the flat face to (lit­er­al­ly) take the edge off. It's still pointier than the Zumio X. However, as with the Zumio S, there are low­er and slow­er speed settings.

If you like using fin­ger­nails when mas­tur­bat­ing, you’ll love the Zumio E.

Zumio clitoral oscillator vibrators for pinpoint stimulation
All the Zumios, along with the ROMP Toys rose cli­toral massager.

Zumio X (Xena)

Best for quickie orgasms

The Zumio X starts at the high­est fre­quen­cy and is super strong right away; there’s no sub­tle­ty with it. I usu­al­ly won’t even go past the Zumio X’s sec­ond set­ting, let alone use half of the speed range.

Orgasms with the Zumio X are suu­u­u­per fast and feel very “one and done” com­pared to the oth­ers. I cum more quick­ly and get sen­si­tive after­ward, but I don’t stay sat­is­fied for as long as with the oth­er Zumio models. 

The Zumio X is a lot, and not every­one can han­dle it. Can you?

Zumio S Caress and Zumio I rumbly pinpoint clitoral vibrators
Zumio S and the lii­i­it­tlest peek of the Zumio I

Zumio S (Sadie)

Best for softer centering

At the time of the Zumio S model’s release, I appre­ci­at­ed its coy­er nature. Nowadays, I’m “meh” about it. It still has pow­er but los­es its dis­tinc­tive­ness, and at that point, I’d rather spend a lit­tle extra and use the Eroscillator.

In short, think of the S mod­el as the “lite” Zumio. It’s for the user who wants:

  • A gentle-​to-​moderate strength vibrator
  • Great steady set­tings and controls
  • Something light­weight that doesn’t take up too much space

Everything else you need to know about Zumios

There are a cou­ple of glar­ing down­sides, one of which Zumio has addressed in recent years!

First, the Zumio tips’ slen­der stems aren’t exact­ly exem­plary of sta­bil­i­ty. Past users were con­cerned about them get­ting crushed and snap­ping when sloshed around in a bag with big­ger, heav­ier items. Nowadays, all Zumios come with car­ry­ing caps to pro­tect the heads!

Zumio I side view and protective travel cap
Zumio I pro­tec­tive trav­el cap

The oth­er thing: Zumios’ charge time is ass. You’ll like­ly want to leave your Zumio con­nect­ed overnight — 12 hours of charg­ing gets you 4 hours of play­time. If it dies, it’s not a toy where you can plug it in, quick­ly show­er, and come back and get off. I’m will­ing to over­look that in the long run, though.

Closing thoughts on the Zumio

The Zumio line­up has come a long way — from quick orgasms with the Zumio X to com­fort­able caress­es with the Zumio S to sharp sen­sa­tions with the Zumio E.

Best of all is the Zumio I, which offers a lit­tle bit of everything:

  • A wider range of speed set­tings than before
  • A ver­sa­tile head for many dif­fer­ent kinds of stimulation
  • A slow(er) burn that leaves me feel­ing more satisfied

And in my world, that last point is quite a feat for such a small mas­sager. Not only are Zumios unique and in a class all their own, but the Zumio I is cur­rent­ly my favorite com­pact oscil­la­tor. Use it for 3 min­utes or 3 hours — it’s a delight every step of the way.

Zumio I in its charging port
Zumio I in its charg­ing port (cur­rent­ly unplugged) and Zumio X, S, and E

Do you pre­fer fin­ger­nails on the cli­toral glans or a palm against the whole vul­va? If you answered the for­mer, I only have good things to say about the Zumio I.

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Zumio X vs. S vs. E vs. I summary table

Zumio XZumio SZumio EZumio I
Tip length (mm)32262928
Head maximum diameter (mm)
Stem minimum diameter (mm)
Minimum frequency (Hz)146135129105
Maximum frequency (Hz)179164155161
 Zumio X, Zumio S, Zumio E, Zumio I oscillating clitoral massager head shape comparison
Left to right: Zumio X, Zumio S, Zumio E, Zumio I

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  1. Trix says:

    The I’s range of sen­sa­tions sounds appealing!

  2. D. Dyer says:

    Thank you for this arti­cle which helped my best girl find the right Zumio for her, i’m an E girl all the way, but she is much much hap­pi­er with her I.

  3. B R says:

    Thanks for the great side-​by-​side review. It helped me decide on the I.

  4. L says:

    Zumio I would prob­a­bly work best for me as a wand obses­sive but some­thing about the Zumio E's sharp look and black fin­ish screams forced orgasm tor­ture to me in such a tempt­ing way.

  5. Sammy says:

    Many thanks for this com­pre­hen­sive com­par­i­son. I am inclined to buy the I, as I like the slow build­ing amd deep­er vibra­tions, but see­ing you have jad a bet­ter time 😉 with the eroscil­la­tor I am now in doubt…my ques­tion is: is the eroscil­la­tor gen­tle and slow­er as the I or the S (I see you pre­fer the eros to the S so maybe are them 2 the most sim­i­lar?) or it tends to be sharp­er and to the point (fin­ger­nail style) as the X? Sharper does not do it for me, just as an exam­ple the Satisfyer Pro 2 feels too much and too fast for me, it leaves me with pow­er­ful but short orgasms and dont use it any­more. Again thanks for your work, much appreciated.

    • The Eroscillator is gen­er­al­ly broad­er and more like the Zumio S style. However, there's a wide range of attach­ments for it, so you can make it sharp­er or broad­er if you want!

  6. nightingale says:

    Thanks for the com­par­sion between them all! Definetely get­ting the E ver­sion when(or if…) they're avail­able here in my coun­try lol. It sounds like a per­fect balance.
    For now tho i am torn between the X and S — i nev­er mas­tur­bat­ed with a fin­ger­nail (more like.. 2 fin­gers on the clit and a pret­ty lit­tle ampli­tude.. with a lot of force) and i kin­da have a feel­ing that X might be too sharp, and S sounds like it can be a lack of pow­er. May i ask for your advice here?
    Overall, i am total­ly a fan of pinpoint(ish?) vibes and most of them i use on high­est set­ting avali­able (Tango X and the Volta that i got main­ly because of you, hehe)

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