Why Do Men Buy & Jack Off to Women’s Used Panties?

What kind of man buys and sniffs used panties? Is he a per­vert? A los­er cuck? A fetishist, or kinky, or just some­one being a reg­u­lar wank­ing dude?

Why Do Men Buy & Jack Off to Women’s Used Panties? 1

He could be any or all of the above — it’s in the eye of the beholder.

Someone might love buy­ing used women’s under­wear and clothes for a wide range of rea­sons, including:

1. He envi­sions what she looks like wear­ing them and what she did while get­ting them dirty. Maybe she worked up a sweat, mas­tur­bat­ed in them to the point of squirt­ing, wore a plug under them, put them on to get ready for a hot date, or pulled them to the side for her big dick part­ner.

2. He enjoys the immer­sive sen­so­ry expe­ri­ence. The smell of pheromones encrust­ed into the dirty panties makes the jack­off feel more engulf­ing. Or maybe he likes stuff­ing them into his mouth and tast­ing them while imag­in­ing a pow­er exchange scene.

3. He finds the idea of sen­su­al body flu­ids hot — along with their con­nec­tion to ani­mal­is­tic arousal, per­ceived sex­u­al avail­abil­i­ty, and mat­ing rituals.

4. He might be keep­ing a memen­to of good times they spent fool­ing around. The panties sym­bol­ize their con­nec­tion and intimacy.

5. Or maybe they nev­er did stuff togeth­er, and he wants the paraso­cial facade of close­ness while bypass­ing the dat­ing expe­ri­ence. Sniffing someone’s used panties is more inti­mate than just straight-​up watch­ing porn, but it takes less effort than actu­al­ly being with them.

6. Maybe he’s jack­ing off to being a los­er cuck who could nev­er actu­al­ly date some­one as hot as her.

7. Or he’s a full-​on fetishist and wanker per­vert, dou­bling down the embar­rass­ment of edg­ing, goon­ing, and des­per­a­tion cycles — and he loves being called out and humil­i­at­ed for the taboo.

8. Maybe panty-​sniffing is his segue into sis­sy cross­dress­ing — where he can’t decide whether he’d rather be her or be inside her and is turned on by the emas­cu­la­tion and ver­bal degradation.

9. He’s col­lect­ing them for his pageantry and wants to imag­ine spend­ing time with a gal pal who will tell him how frig­gin’ cute he looks wear­ing them!

10. He’s a dom­i­nant par­ty who likes telling his sub­mis­sive what to do while wear­ing them, and get­ting to smell used panties when he’s done is a tan­gi­ble sign of her obe­di­ence to him.

11. He’s a sub­mis­sive who’s into finan­cial dom­i­na­tion — and being so down bad to spend hun­dreds of dol­lars on used panty sell­ers gets him off. Seeing the amount trib­uted to her go up is a proxy for how hap­py he’s mak­ing her and how use­ful and wor­thy he is as a human ATM.

The motives behind this seem­ing­ly uncon­ven­tion­al behav­ior are diverse and com­plex, just like the indi­vid­u­als express­ing their sex­u­al­i­ty. There’s no one type of panty-​sniffer — but there are cer­tain­ly recur­ring themes for spicy work­ers to under­stand, work with, and rake in that dough sell­ing used panties.

This post was spon­sored! Words writ­ten and opin­ions expressed are my own.

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