Cal Exotics Impulse intimate electrostimulation / e-stim vibrator review

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  1. Thanks for this comprehensive review! I wish I’d read it before picking the dual stim version of this product line as a freebie from a CalEx product line training XD but that’s on me (though the other options available would’ve been bad fits for me anyway while this might still do some good – I am so lazy re: kegel exercise but want to get more dedicated, and I’d been waffling on what was worth spending my money on, so getting this for free was something).

    I was already kinda nervous despite enjoying violet wand style extrernal elextrostim because muscle-twitch inducing estim feels weird to me… But thanks to your detailed review I know to use strategies to avoid potential cervix pulling sensation (which I think I’d find very unpleasant, whereas I hope to find electro on the vaginal walls at least tolerable). One thing I thought was “ok, don’t do when menstruating” and that made me think… That’s probably good anyway because the iron in blood may increase the conductivity (my chem is rusty)?

    This is such a niche thing so I really appreciate you taking the time and wading through the discomfort and ungodly sensation to test it! And for writing such a detailed review. And for recommending the Mystim line – those do feel well made, but I’m not surprised given they started as a company for medical devices!


  2. G says:

    I’ve seen a positive review of this toy, so it’s nice to see an opposite one and read different experiences.

  3. Whoa! Thank you for such a thorough review! So many new things to consider with estim! Thank you!

  4. G says:

    you definitely know how to reel a reader in within the first few sentences and i adore that.

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