Boobs vs. Butts & Bisexual Lighting

"In the end, boobs are noth­ing more than fake ass­es. And if I had to choose between the orig­i­nal and the imi­ta­tion, of course I would choose the original."

— Kangoku Gakuen /​ Prison School Ch. 68

Boobs vs. Butts & Bisexual Lighting 1
Bisexual light­ing: the simul­ta­ne­ous use of pink, pur­ple, and blue.

So much of per­ceived beau­ty and a "great body" is luck — both in terms of your actu­al fea­tures and being born into a cul­ture that appre­ci­ates them.

You could be con­sid­ered "per­fect" by one decade's stan­dards and less desir­able the next. Or at least, that's how media trends seem to turn around, faster than you can say "Kate Moss."

Maybe I'm lucky that Gens Y & Z are more ass and leg men than boob men.

Or maybe, with expe­ri­ence, I became more aware that my lack of boobage and body fat lit­er­al­ly nev­er trans­lat­ed to a lack of options for me.

Some peo­ple strong­ly pre­fer big boobs, some strong­ly pre­fer small boobs (even if they aren't as obnox­ious­ly vocal), and most don't real­ly care all that much because they're cap­ti­vat­ed by oth­er body parts.

Boobs vs. Butts & Bisexual Lighting 2

It doesn't mean that I nev­er get in my head about my chest. After all, you can eas­i­ly cap­ture a face self­ie with cleav­age in the shot, but butts aren't quite like that. And that's kind of a (hah) bum­mer when you're an NSFW con­tent creator.

But I'm not going to oper­ate as if my worth revolved around two sacks of fat on my chest.

Regardless of what fea­tures and body parts peo­ple focus on or what lifestyle changes I've expe­ri­enced, my body's worth does not change. It sim­ply just is. It stayed with me when Rihanna called her fluc­tu­at­ing body a "plea­sure" to have and said that she sim­ply dressed how­ev­er best fit her fig­ure at the time.

Well, I actu­al­ly have had the plea­sure of a fluc­tu­at­ing body type […] I real­ly pay atten­tion every day when I go into the clos­et about what’s work­ing for my body that morning.

To me, sex is an expe­ri­ence where the focus is how I (the sub­ject) feel — not a per­for­mance focused on how I (as the object) look. If the lat­ter is what you want, look else­where. I'm here to have fun — not to be a docile decoration.


Yes, I'll be post­ing pic­tures of myself on my blog more often, as some are too racy for Instagram for my com­fort. I'm not try­ing to get my account tak­en down. 🙂

Boobs vs. Butts & Bisexual Lighting 3
Boobs vs. Butts & Bisexual Lighting 4

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8 Responses

  1. You do have a beau­ti­ful bot­tom, per­fect­ly cap­tured here. I’m still wait­ing for the death­ly pale look to come back into fash­ion — so I know what you mean in this post. Thank you for sharing.
    Missy x

  2. Molly says:

    I am so excit­ing and hap­py to see you join­ing in with Sinful Sunday. I hope you enjoy being part of the com­mu­ni­ty and I am very excit­ed to see what oth­er images you cre­ate in the future.

    As for your image this week.… it is absolute­ly stun­ning. I love the top shot and how it shows off the curve of your hip and swell of your bum. 


  3. Nikki says:

    I love this! Delightfully gor­geous images with bril­liant insight on body image. Brava. Thanks for sharing!

  4. VF says:

    Everything about this post, image and words alike, is spec­tac­u­lar. Thanks for link­ing up with #LiFE

  5. Bee says:

    I am a huge fan of bisex­u­al light­ing, it’s so pret­ty but then I may also be biased!

    And the bum vs boobs thing always used to wor­ry me when I was in my 20s. Some of my weight gain has def­i­nite­ly gone on my boobs now but even at the time it didn’t pre­vent the oppor­tu­ni­ties arising.

  6. Raven Lee says:

    Wonderfully insight­ful and gor­geous colours. Sexiness is so very sub­jec­tive, though being con­tent with what just "is" is hard­er than peo­ple think. Great post

  7. LittleSwitchBitch says:

    Delighted to see you tak­ing part in image memes, SSC <3 This is rather epic — that light­ning is super cool and your bum! Wow! <3 x

  8. "So much of per­ceived beau­ty and what it means to have a “great body” is luck — both in terms of your actu­al fea­tures and being born into a cul­ture that appre­ci­ates them. You could be con­sid­ered “per­fect” by one decade’s stan­dards and less desir­able the next."

    I nev­er real­ly thought about that before but you are so right! I am not sure any of my fea­tures would ever be con­sid­ered per­fect or desire­able, unfor­tu­nate­ly. You are gor­geous though.

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