Flavored Hathor/SUTIL Body Glide lube review: coconut, mint, vanilla, cherry

Sutil Body Glide Flavours tubes spread out: cherry, mint, vanilla, coconut

"Green" beauty and personal care products are in vogue now, but Hathor, the company behind SUTIL lube, has had green in its blood since its genesis.

Its plant-​based ingre­di­ents are thought­ful­ly cho­sen and sourced, and the tube is biodegrad­able. I've heard a lot about Hathor/SUTIL's prod­ucts: that they're the best water-​based lubes, that they last super long, and that the botan­i­cal ingre­di­ents are high­ly sooth­ing. I'm not a lube con­sis­ten­cy con­nois­seur, but I do have a biol­o­gy degree and a vagi­na, and I had to try this leg­endary for­mu­la for myself.

The folx at Vibrant sent me all 4 of SUTIL's Body Glide fla­vors: cher­ry, coconut, mint, and vanil­la. There's plen­ty of vari­ety to appeal to dif­fer­ent palates, so I had my boyfriend, a food sci­en­tist who has con­tributed to my posts in the past, test the fla­vors with me for a sec­ond opinion.

Which fla­vor has got­ten my blowjob-​reticent self to antic­i­pate giv­ing oral sex? Which one made my boyfriend and me both gri­mace? And is SUTIL lube as mag­i­cal as the rumors say?

How Sutil Flavors feel

Hathor / SUTIL personal lubricant on BS Atelier Max Poly Pride dildo

SUTIL Flavors have the same base for­mu­la as Sutil Luxe. In use, it feels as close as you can get to a sil­i­cone lube with­out it con­tain­ing any sil­i­cone at all. The first time my boyfriend and I used it, he asked me, "Is this water-​based?" in con­cern of ruin­ing my sil­i­cone toys.

A lit­tle goes a long way. When you squeeze the tube, out comes a slight­ly run­ny gel that blends well with nat­ur­al vagi­nal lubri­ca­tion. It's among the longest-​lasting water-​based lubes I've ever tried but wash­es off easily.

SUTIL Body Glide lube also doesn't feel as heavy as hybrid lubes I've tried, nor does it have the stick­i­ness that water-​based lubes often leave behind when they dry out. Instead, these SUTIL lubes blend in and feel like I put lotion on the area.

This per­son­al lubri­cant comes in four sweet fla­vors, which I've ranked in order from my favorite to least favorite.

The Four SUTIL Flavors

1. Mint Body Glide

My rating: 8.5 /​ 10 (my boyfriend's rating: 8)
Hathor / SUTIL Body Glide mint flavour lube tube among mint leaves

The mint fla­vor­ing in SUTIL's lube is more pep­per­mint than spearmint. It's delight­ful­ly sub­tle with a slight, cool­ing sen­sa­tion like men­thol. However, it's mild enough that it doesn't irri­tate my vagi­na the way most tin­gling per­son­al lubri­cants do.

Hathor/​SUTIL Mint Body Glide is per­fect for those who want a fla­vored lube but are hyper-​aware of sweet­en­ers (like my boyfriend) or don't like the typ­i­cal candy-​like lube fla­vors. It gets my boyfriend's and my stamp of approval— we'd rec­om­mend it to almost anyone.

2. Coconut Body Glide

My rating: 8 /​ 10 (my boyfriend's rating: 7.5)

Hathor / SUTIL Body Glide coconut flavour lube tube in front of a pineapple-shaped jar

Coconut SUTIL Body Glide tastes like a pina cola­da. Think of a sweet and trop­i­cal coconut fla­vor rather than the milky and but­tery kind. Its aro­ma instant­ly puts me in a bet­ter mood and its taste com­ple­ments the Stevia sweet­en­er well, mak­ing it one of my favorites.

It's a win­ning com­bi­na­tion with the nat­ur­al tart­ness of vagi­nal secre­tions. Perfect for a cou­ples' stay­ca­tion or any time. I don't give blowjobs often, but this lube fla­vor is so good that I'm down for lick­ing it off of my boyfriend's penis any time.

3. Vanilla Body Glide

My rating: 6 /​ 10  (my boyfriend's rating: 5)

Hathor / SUTIL Body Glide vanilla flavour lube tube on white fur amid warm white LED lights

The vanil­la fla­vor was my boyfriend's least favorite. It's "not a good vanil­la," he said,  describ­ing it as "alcohol‑y" and bit­ter. The taste and smell are com­pa­ra­ble to maple syrup, but the rea­son is that maple is sweet with bit­ter notes.

If you've ever tast­ed vanil­la extract on its own, you know what I'm talk­ing about. The bit­ter­ness of the vanil­la fla­vor­ing prob­a­bly comes from the car­ri­er— the alco­hol or what­ev­er organ­ic sol­vent was used to extract the fla­vor. The high-​intensity sweet­en­er slight­ly masks the bit­ter­ness, but I won't buy anoth­er tube of the vanil­la Sutil Body Glide once I run out.

4. Cherry Body Glide

My rating: 4 /​ 10 (my boyfriend's rating: 5.5)

Hathor / SUTIL Body Glide cherry flavour lube tube on red satin

Our first impres­sion was that SUTIL's Cherry Body Glide straight up tastes like cough syrup. Once I get past the formula's ini­tial bit­ter­ness, the aro­ma isn't awful. The prob­lem is that it's too famil­iar in an unset­tling way.

Sure, the label says, "Organic Flavour," but the taste might as well be arti­fi­cial cher­ry. And the last thing I want to think about when lick­ing lube off of some­one is child­hood mem­o­ries of some­one pinch­ing my nose so that I'd open my mouth and accept cherry-​flavored cough syrup.

If you want a more pleasant-​tasting cherry-​flavored lube, try Sliquid Swirl in Cherry Vanilla. It's almost tasty enough to put on ice cream.

What is SUTIL Body Glide made of?

SUTIL Body Glide ingredients:

Aqua, Propanediol* (Botanical Source), Organic Flavour (Aqua, Organic Gum Acacia, Organic Flavour), Hyaluronic Acid (Botanical Source), Nelumbo Root Extract* (Lotus Root), Oat Beta Glucan*, Stevia Rebaudiana Extract, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate*

*Eco-​certified ingredients.

Okay, but what the hell does that all mean?

Hathor / SUTIL Body Glide Flavours lube tubes back view: ingredient lists

In a nut­shell, SUTIL is "green" and free of glyc­erin, parabens, sil­i­cone, syn­thet­ic per­fumes, and dyes. It's also sweet­ened with Stevia instead of sug­ar, so it doesn't feed yeast and bacteria.

But let's focus on the most abun­dant ingre­di­ent (after water). Propanediol is what makes SUTIL lube vis­cous, slip­pery, and sooth­ing. SUTIL uses it where oth­er brands more com­mon­ly use glycerin/​glycerol or syn­thet­ic propy­lene glycol.

While the research isn't black-​and-​white, the main thing you need to know is that plant-​based propane­di­ol tends to be more eco-​friendly than the oth­er two com­mon humec­tants. As well, the propane­di­ol reduces the bit­ter­ness of the oth­er fla­vor car­ri­ers. It does, how­ev­er, still tend to be hyper­os­mot­ic to the vagi­nal epithe­lial tis­sues. If your vagi­na is sen­si­tive, con­sid­er using these for the exter­nal bits only.

Environmentally sustainable sourcing

Flavored Hathor/SUTIL Body Glide lube review: coconut, mint, vanilla, cherry 1For one, glyc­erin and propy­lene gly­col are often derived from petro­le­um or ani­mal fat, though there are com­pa­nies that use plant-​based sources and do a bet­ter job of refin­ing.  The propane­di­ol that Hathor/​SUTIL uses is derived from fer­ment­ed corn sug­ar, then puri­fied and refined so that there's no sug­ar left. The whole process is envi­ron­men­tal­ly sustainable.

Note: In this con­text, we're talk­ing about 1,3‑propanediol. If you want to get tech­ni­cal, then sure, propy­lene gly­col is 1,2‑propanediol. They both have the same num­ber of car­bon, hydro­gen, and oxy­gen atoms, but the mol­e­cules' shapes are dif­fer­ent, giv­ing them dif­fer­ent properties.

The folks at Hathor/​SUTIL don't consider osmolality a selling point

Flavored Hathor/SUTIL Body Glide lube review: coconut, mint, vanilla, cherry 2I didn't find any infor­ma­tion about osmo­lal­i­ty on the Hathor/​SUTIL web­site, so I emailed them to ask. Their response was as follows:

We have stopped talk­ing about osmo­lal­i­ty because after spend­ing over two years research­ing, refor­mu­lat­ing and work­ing with dif­fer­ent labs we and oth­er research sci­en­tists have come to the con­clu­sion that the research on osmo­lal­i­ty is inconclusive.

One inter­est­ing detail that came up is the fact that some high osmo­lal­i­ty lubes show cel­lu­lar irri­ta­tion while oth­ers with the same or high­er osmo­lal­i­ty do not.

The high osmo­lal­i­ty lubes that caused cel­lu­lar dam­age also con­tained sim­i­lar tox­ic chem­i­cals and parabens.

Another point that came up is that low osmo­lal­i­ty lubes do not last. They dry up quick­ly and in them­selves cause irritation.

I don't know the osmo­lal­i­ty of SUTIL lubes, but I wish the infor­ma­tion was more read­i­ly avail­able for those who want­ed to know. Everything else is so trans­par­ent in comparison.

As always, find what works for you

My some­what sen­si­tive vagi­na usu­al­ly dis­likes glyc­erin, and finds some lubes with propy­lene gly­col or propane­di­ol okay. With any lube, I sug­gest patch-​testing and wait­ing 24 hours to see if irri­ta­tion occurs before using it inter­nal­ly. There may be a delayed reaction.

My Verdict on SUTIL Body Glide Flavors

Front view of all four Hathor / SUTIL Body Glide Flavours lube tubes

Well done on the coconut and mint! A pre­mi­um lube that's both water-​based and coconut-​flavored com­bines two of my favorite things. Cooling mint is a clas­sic, but SUTIL exe­cutes it excep­tion­al­ly well with a del­i­cate taste and sen­sa­tion that isn't overpowering.

The sac­cha­rine vanil­la fla­vor leaves some­thing to be desired, but I respect that there are plen­ty of peo­ple who like maple syrup more than I do. The only one I'd steer most peo­ple away from is the cherry.


I received SUTIL Flavours from Vibrant at no cost in exchange for my hon­est and freely-​given review. None of this changes my opin­ion of the prod­uct. As always, I'm hon­est if I don't like a prod­uct, even if it goes against the grain, and if it straight up sucks.

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2 Responses

  1. Frankie says:

    I just got some sam­ple tubes of the unflavoured Sutil Luxe and Rich, and they have quick­ly become my favourite lubes. I used to believe there was no point in using water-​based lube for anal plug­ging, but I stand cor­rect­ed! Sutil is so long-​lasting it seems miraculous.
    Both Luxe and Rich do have a some­what bit­ter flavour, so I'm wary of the flavoured ver­sions. I guess that's what led to the bit­ter­ness that Cy dis­liked in the vanil­la and cher­ry. But maybe the mint and coconut flavours are bet­ter at cov­er­ing up the bitterness?

  2. Jay says:

    While fla­vored lubes aren’t my thing, I’ve been curi­ous about Hathor/​Sutil prod­ucts for awhile, but since I buy lube so infre­quent­ly I haven’t had the chance to try any yet. I’ll have to pick up a sam­ple size soon.

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