Topped Toys Hilt 75 & Cetos 90 Review: Huge Silicone Dildos

I feel like I've gone Super Saiyan with all the sighing and screaming.

I thought I was done expand­ing my capac­i­ty, but appar­ent­ly not.

Topped Toys Hilt 75 and Cetos 90 next to my folded hand for fisting preparation

Spelunk some more with the Topped Toys Hilt 75 and Cetos 90 — one for depth play and the oth­er for girthy fist­ing prep, respec­tive­ly. Sometimes, even I look in the mir­ror and won­der, “How does she fit that inside her?”

Both the Hilt 75 and Cetos 90 are fuck­ing huge sil­i­cone dil­dos. Even the Hilt 75's widest point is less than a quarter-​inch of diam­e­ter away from a soda can's thick­ness. And Topped Toys’ Cetos 90 is in the top 4 most giant dil­dos I've ever tried, big­ger than my hand when fold­ed for fisting.

And yet, 75 and 90 are on the small end of the size selec­tion. Let's say that Topped Toys knows pre­cise­ly who their tar­get audi­ence is: pow­er bot­toms and giant dil­do fetishists who want to push lim­its at rea­son­able prices.

Topped Toys Hilt 75 and Cetos 90 silicone dildos in blue steel

About Topped Toys' Huge Dildos & Plugs

I could call the boys at Topped Toys sala­cious sluts and per­vert­ed fuck­ers, and they'd take it as a badge of hon­or. Consuming colos­sal cocks is a point of pride, con­sid­er­ing “Gape Keeper” is one of their plug names.

Topped Toys Hilt 75 and Cetos 90 silicone dildos in blue steel

“Let loose and get loose” is also part of their mar­ket­ing, along with gems like:

  • “A hulk­ing hole-stretcher”
  • “Ruin … beyond recognition”

Are you horny and scared yet?

Topped Toys is based in Vancouver, Canada, and that's essen­tial to their ori­gin sto­ry. Giant dil­dos in body-​safe mate­ri­als can get expen­sive. The mak­ers love big, high-​quality sil­i­cone dil­dos but got sick of inter­na­tion­al ship­ping and exchange rates — so they made their own toys!

Topped Toys Hilt 75 and Cetos 90 standing upright

One sign that they know what the fuck they're doing is their clas­si­fi­ca­tion of plugs, rid­ables, and depth toys. Like damn, this isn't “just” big dongs for the sake of big dongs; Topped Toys is adept at anatom­i­cal align­ment and suu­u­per spe­cif­ic about every aspect.

I feel like the “Spider-​Man point­ing at Spider-​Man” meme when read­ing their prod­uct descriptions.

Vaginal use was not the mak­ers’ pri­ma­ry intent, but the design prin­ci­ples still apply, and damn, I'm impressed with their instruc­tions for any body. G‑spot toys often work for prostates and vice ver­sa. And let's not for­get that cav­ernous front cunts need love, too.

A still frame of two Spider-Man figures pointing at each other, with one labeled, "Me writing about huge dildos," and the other labeled, "Topped Toys writing about huge dildos"

Topped Toys Hilt 75 Review

Knotted Depth Play Dildo

Depth play is the name of my game here; my ceil­ing savors cervix mas­sage and pres­sure all the way inside me. It takes time for my vagi­na to tent and make room for the Topped Toys Hilt 75 — due to the length just as much as the circumference.

Topped Toys Hilt 75 dildo inside giant ceramic seashell for display

I high­ly rec­om­mend pair­ing it with a rumbly vibra­tor (We-​Vibe Tango, any­one?) to set­tle you into an all-​around pro­longed and sen­su­al expe­ri­ence — at least at first.

Notable landmarks on Topped Toys’ Hilt 75 include:

  • 8” of insertable length!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squish it against my cervix. Clench. Come. Repeat.
  • A tapered tip and point­ed head (their words: “pro­nounced spike”) for focused G‑spot or prostate pres­sure. Think of the apex on an inflat­ed marsh­mal­low Peep or the Dame Pom vibra­tor. It's defined in shape but soft due to the sil­i­cone squishiness.
  • A curved, not-​quite-​round shaft — its cross-​sections are like rotat­ed ovals stacked on one anoth­er for dif­fer­ent direc­tions of stretch­ing sensation.
  • Undulating hills along the sides, includ­ing a styl­ized but blunt­ly beveled knot
  • A slight edge on the gen­tler side of the knot, which can feel great clitorally
  • A slen­der “neck” below the knot that locks the Hilt 75 into place like a plug — if you can han­dle the length
Holding the Topped Toys Hilt 75 in my hand, showing how bendy the neck is. It's sooo top-heavy!

Hilt Dildo Size 75 Measurements

I'll give some con­text for how fuck­ing big it is first. Don't let the pro­por­tions fool you; this toy is thi­i­i­i­ick, even in the small­est size option. Here's how the Topped Toys Hilt 75 mea­sures up:

  • Insertable length: 8.0"
  • Length above knot: 5.0”
  • Shore 0030-​ish (reads as a 2 on my durometer)
  • Matte fin­ish
  • Knot diam­e­ter: 2.4"
  • Head diam­e­ter: 2.2"
  • Shaft diam­e­ter: 2.2"
  • Neck diam­e­ter: 1.4"
  • Knot cir­cum­fer­ence: 7.5"
  • Head cir­cum­fer­ence: 6"
  • Shaft cir­cum­fer­ence: 7"
  • Neck cir­cum­fer­ence: 4.3"

For com­par­i­son, a soda can's diam­e­ter is 2.6” across. Thankfully, this dil­do is suu­u­per soft — about the same flesh­like firm­ness as:

As such, it's a delight to thrust, but its knot and neck are so top-​heavy and quick­ly col­lapsed that you prob­a­bly wouldn't want to ride it.

Bending the shaft of the topped Toys Hilt 75 dildo

So how do you use the Topped Toys Hilt 75?

How the Topped Toys Hilt 75 Felt in Use

We'll work from the top down. Each depth and tan­ta­liz­ing tem­po offers a dis­tinct delight and focus point. It's a bit more front-​loaded than pop­u­lar knot­ty fan­ta­sy toys, so the deep pen­e­tra­tion AND pres­sure at the vagi­nal open­ing meld into moan­ing and shud­der­ing quite quickly.

Before Knotting

The ini­tial inser­tion? Chef's kiss. That peak con­cen­trates on my front wall when tip drilling or twist­ing. It doesn't have the struc­tur­al sta­bil­i­ty for G‑spot thrust­ing, but that mat­ters naught to me when it slips in front of my cervix so eas­i­ly for for­ni­cal and cer­vi­cal orgasms.

Another look at the Topped Toys Hilt 75's pinpoint prostate massage and G-spot head from above

There's plen­ty for the Hilt 75's “in” stroke to mes­mer­ize my A‑spot:

  • The cur­va­ture
  • 5.0” of length above the knot
  • 2.2” diam­e­ter across the head

… and that's before get­ting every­thing in.

Meanwhile, the “out” stroke pulls on my G‑spot just a lit­tle, and the knot's blunt side tap-​tap-​taps against my cli­toral cru­ra. Yup, I love bump­ing and mas­sag­ing my inter­nal cli­toris along either side of the vagi­nal opening.

It didn't take me long before I came, but I still want­ed more, so I thrust hard­er and faster because I felt like I'd go insane if I didn't.

A closer look at the Topped Toys Hilt 75's neck, knot definition, and shaft

During & After Knotting

“Time to get to work on a love­ly knot,” says the Topped Toys Hilt 75 prod­uct descrip­tion. “…[I]t's a thrill to pop this amor­phous hunk past your … ring.”

It inevitably slips in the more turned on — and wet and relaxed — I get. Then there's this ten­sion between:

  • The mouth of my vagi­na grab­bing onto the nar­row neck, like with a long plug
  • The rest of my cunt crav­ing to crush and con­sume and spit it out in one motion.
Topped Toys Hilt 75 depth play dildo and prostate-massaging plug

So much hap­pens at once. Hilt 75 by Topped Toys’ hook press­es against my A‑spot, its tip on my cervix, and my hand holds the base in place to help evade ejection.

Its sump­tu­ous sil­i­cone stuffs and bot­toms me out, just as I like. Mm-​mmm! And the longer you play with it, the more of its length you can savor, and the bet­ter it gets. Go deep­er with riv­et­ing rap­ture for your recesses.

Topped Toys Cetos 90 Review

Stylized Huge Tentacle Dildo For Fisting Warmup

The Topped Toys Cetos 90 is more sig­nif­i­cant than a soda can. Compared to the Hilt 75, it's a whole oth­er mon­ster cock entirely.

Topped Toys Cetos 90 bumpy and ridged tentacle dildo head in my hand

The prod­uct descrip­tion sure con­veys vastness:

  • “Its carved shaft feels just like the edges of a fist, mak­ing it even more mind-blowing.”
  • “This blunt ten­ta­cle will force its way into you with­out mer­cy, grind­ing and stretch­ing your lips.”
  • “Simply let your body­weight pull Cetos deep­er and deep­er for that final huge stretch…”

Do you see what I mean about my recog­ni­tion and res­o­nance with the writer?

Topped Toys Hilt 75 & Cetos 90 Review: Huge Silicone Dildos 1

I won't talk too long about the Cetos 90's shape because that all boils down to the following:

  • Its tip is tapered and off-​center — a prime con­fig­u­ra­tion for pos­te­ri­or fornix force
  • It's fuck­ing huge — one of the biggest dil­dos I've ever tried 
  • There's a geeeeen­n­tle swell, and the shaft is pri­mar­i­ly straight beyond that
  • The bumps feel fuck­ing over­shad­owed by the sheer size — the pow­er bot­tom prowess required to envel­op it all

Cetos Dildo Size 90 Measurements

Even the prod­uct page's mea­sure­ments sec­tion implies, “Yeah, the Cetos 90 is huge, but it's simple.”

  • Insertable length: 9.5”
  • Max diam­e­ter: 2.8"
  • Neck diam­e­ter: 2.5"
  • Max cir­cum­fer­ence: 9.0"
  • Neck cir­cum­fer­ence: 8.0"

Again, a soda can is about 4.8” tall with a diam­e­ter of 2.6” — I'm glad this giant dil­do is super soft for what it is.

Squishing the Topped Toys Cetos 90 silicone tip in my hand

How the Topped Toys Cetos 90 Felt in Use

For starters, I didn't think it would fit. It's way too big to thrust by hand, and I had to sit on it. Fittingly, Topped Toys’ copy­writer com­posed the following:

“You can plant Cetos down, let loose, and get loose with­out wor­ry­ing about its sta­bil­i­ty. The only thing you'll have to wor­ry about is your wob­bly legs and gap­ing hole once it's through with you.”

Comparing my wrist and forearm size to the Topped Toys Cetos 90

My whis­pers upon first insert­ing the Cetos 90 could be summed up: “Oh my god, oh my god, fuck, god, oh, what, wow, god, oh my fuck” — just mut­ter­ing sac­ri­le­gious exple­tives in rapid suc­ces­sion through one breath because it was overwhelming.

I had to back away repeat­ed­ly. Sit, low­er, cum, take a break, repeat. “Intense” is an under­state­ment. So is “a lot.” Cue a flash­back to a part­ner fist­ing me and debrief­ing after, “When you told me to slow down, I knew I messed up.”

The pain turned to plea­sure, but it wasn't quick; I had to get a few orgasms in. Then I made it almost to the big hump, then a lit­tle past it, and then — no way. Yeah, way. I got to the prac­ti­cal­ly straight part of the shaft, then past it.

Then the quick cussing turned into long sighs. I took deep breaths in and out. The orgasms rever­ber­at­ed through­out my body like they need­ed time to trav­el through big, sweep­ing waves.

Topped Toys Hilt 75 and Cetos 90 leg size comparison

I repeat: I felt stu­pid­ly super Saiyan with the sigh­ing and scream­ing. My walls were at their lim­it, as far as I know. Then again, before try­ing the Cetos 90, I thought it wouldn't fit. And I some­how kept sur­pris­ing myself.

My cervix is pleased and quick­ly com­plied because, in one syl­la­ble: wooowwww. (Granted, it prob­a­bly helped that I used Hilt 75 first.)

Sit on it. Savor the stretch and how the Cetos 90 goes all the way with repeat­ed but indi­rect pres­sure on the cervix. I don't know how I con­sumed it all, but the Cetos 90 is enor­mous and worth every fuck­ing inch on every axis.

Topped Toys Hilt 75 & Cetos 90 Review: Huge Silicone Dildos 2

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