Review: Uberrime Amante and Divo + Squarepegtoys Nathan

Is it a drool-​inducing, ecsta­t­ic expe­ri­ence, or is it mere­ly pass­able as meat? The art of sil­i­cone dil­do firm­ness is like cook­ing a steak — ten­der­ness can make or break your creation. 

Uberrime Amante triple-density dildo, Divo Large, and Squarepegtoys Nathan 1X pink sugar

Think of how a penis’s glans yields and squish­es in one’s hands — or the coro­nal ridge between a set of lips. Super soft sil­i­cone can get close to that feel­ing, espe­cial­ly when lay­ered over a firm core.

Today, we’re sam­pling real­is­tic dil­dos with three very dif­fer­ent sil­i­cone den­si­ty formulas:

  1. Uberrime Amante triple-​density dildo
  2. Uberrime Divo Large dual-​density dildo
  3. Squarepegtoys Nathan 1X firmer silicone

They’re all rep­re­sen­ta­tive of penis­es; their com­mon­al­i­ties include clear­ly defined tips, veins, and cor­po­ra spon­gio­sum. Yet, there’s a beau­ti­ful range of diver­si­ty in look and feel. One has foreskin-​like rib­bing, while anoth­er is fill­ing while slight­ly asymmetric.

Squarepegtoys Nathan 1X lifecast realistic dildo pink sugar firmer silicone

The most lux­u­ri­ous of the three, the Uberrime Amante, has an eye-​catching, iri­des­cent col­or shift option. And it squish­es even more like an actu­al cock than the oth­er two. Let’s just say there’s a rea­son it’s cur­rent­ly The Chosen One for extin­guish­ing the flames dur­ing my fer­tile, rag­ing­ly horny phase.

Single density vs. dual-density vs. and triple-density dildos

Most dil­dos have one uni­form sil­i­cone soft­ness. Some have two den­si­ties — a stiffer inner cen­ter with a more skin-​like out­er layer.

Vixen Creations’ VixSkin dil­dos are per­haps the most revered in the lat­ter cat­e­go­ry. In the 2010s, their sen­sa­tion­al real­ism was unpar­al­leled among body-​safe toys. Nowadays, it’s eas­i­er to find dual-​density dil­dos from a broad­er range of mak­ers, includ­ing some budget-​friendly options.

Pris Toys Sentinel huge dual-density dildo

The lux­u­ri­ous VixSkin Johnny, Outlaw, and Gambler are still S‑tier for max­i­mal moans, but I love see­ing oth­er inter­pre­ta­tions of the real­is­tic dil­do. Pris Toys, for exam­ple, explic­it­ly want­ed to make dual-​density dil­dos firmer than VixSkin. (Shown above is the Pris Toys Sentinel.)

And some spicy arti­sans go as far as cast­ing dil­dos with three lay­ers, includ­ing Uberrime. Let’s take a look at what makes the Uberrime Amante so unique.

a closer look at the Uberrime Amante realistic dildo head with Squarepegtoys Nathan and Uberrime Divo in background

Uberrime Amante triple-density dildo

Best for deep straight penetration, e.g., massaging the cervix

The Uberrime Amante comes the clos­est to feel­ing like flesh and blood out of any dil­do I have ever felt.

It seri­ous­ly feels like there’s liq­uid under the frenu­lum, I thought to myself the first time squish­ing the Uberrime Amante in my hands.

Uberrime Amante triple-density dildo with realistic veins and iridescent shimmer

Sure enough, I checked the prod­uct descrip­tion, which included:

  • “Gooey, gum­my mid­dle layer”
  • “You can actu­al­ly depress the frenu­lum above the core”
  • “The out­er skin can be pinched and moved around”

Uberrime Amante measurements

Most notable about the Uberime Amante is how much con­trast among the sil­i­cone lay­ers there is:

  • Shore 20A (pret­ty fuck­ing hard) at the core
  • Shore 0000 (!!!) atop that
  • Shore 5A at the tip and on the out­er­most layer

In oth­er words, despite the ample cush­ion­ing, it’s suu­u­per stur­dy and has some seri­ous recoil when you bend and release it. That can be an asset dur­ing deep pen­e­tra­tion when you’re aim­ing for a spe­cif­ic spot on the cer­vi­cal os or its for­nices. The result: easy orgasms, even with a straight shaft.

I looooove going in as far with the Uberrime Amante as I can. Here’s how its dimen­sions mea­sure up:

  • 8.5" length
  • 1.83" max­i­mum diameter
  • 7.5" insertable length

Uberrime Amante vs. Supero: how they feel in use

I think of the Uberrime Amante as the Uberrime Supero 2.0 Deluxe; every­thing I loved about the Supero applies to the Amante, plus some seri­ous upgrades.

Remember what I said about the Uberrime Supero:

“The orgasms with this dil­do are reli­ably mind-​altering. I would use the phrase, ‘la petite mort.’ However, let us instead empha­size the sheer vis­cer­al­i­ty of the expe­ri­ence and the deac­ti­va­tion of my left orbitofrontal cortex.”

The Uberrime Amante is even bet­ter. Here’s why.

Uberrime Amante triple-density realistic dildo side view with lube dripping

Its hard core and addi­tion­al half-​inch of insertable length mean I can prop­er­ly jack­ham­mer and bot­tom myself out. With the Supero, I instinc­tive­ly held myself back and second-​guessed my rhythm. Meanwhile, I can go full fer­al mode with the Amante dur­ing deep penetration.

The pli­able dip under the frenu­lum also makes angling more inter­est­ing dur­ing shal­low pen­e­tra­tion. With the way my anato­my is close­ly spaced, all the fol­low­ing things can hap­pen at once:

  • Tilting the shaft towards my exter­nal cli­toris for grinding
  • Angling the oth­er end towards my back wall to mas­sage the anus indirectly
  • My vagi­na clench­ing squeez­ing most tight­ly at the squishi­est part — there­by bend­ing the dildo
  • The firmer head and sharp coro­na (rel­a­tive to the frenu­lum) push against my G‑spot and front wall

And, speak­ing of the sharp coro­na? It’s slight­ly more focused on the Amante than the Supero, with more of a “swoop” along the dor­sal side of the head. The shape is also slight­ly more tapered, mak­ing it easy to aim in both my pos­te­ri­or and ante­ri­or for­nices.

(If you want the most pin­point coro­nal ridge Uberrime offers, though, get the Primo, Dulce, Optimo, or Maxime.)

Uberrime Amante realistic triple density dildo with iridescent pigment. Squarepegtoys Nathan and Gleam lube in the background

Closing thoughts on the Uberrime Amante

While the skin tex­tures aren’t obvi­ous in use, the silicone’s con­sis­ten­cy and soft­ness dis­tri­b­u­tion are uncan­ni­ly lifelike.

It’s not for every­body — those who want some­thing more rugged and texture-​intensive should keep read­ing through the next sec­tion. But the Uberrime Amante spe­cial­izes and sticks to what it’s good at:

  • Bending and smoosh­ing against all the shal­low hotspots at once
  • Straight, stur­dy, smooth jack­ham­mer­ing when div­ing deep
  • Cushily coax­ing oxy­tocin via the cervix

There’s no such thing as a per­fect sex toy, but the Uberrime Amante is up among the toys damn near per­fect for me.

Uberrime Divo dual-density

Super defined corona, plus the firmness showcases the foreskin textures and veins
Uberrime Divo realistic foreskin ribbing textured dual-density dildo

So let’s say you are that dil­dol­o­gist who wants:

  • Ribbing and tex­tures galore
  • A firm flared mush­room tip
  • A for­ward tilt­ing curve that declares its intentions
  • Nothing “too” far in the fan­ta­sy realm

Hoooh, are you in for a treat!

Uberrime makes plen­ty of double-​crowned and triple-​crowned dil­dos for that repeat­ed pop-​pop-​pop against the G‑spot and A‑spot. Such toys include the Night King and Aqua-​King — among the most delight­ful­ly aggres­sive sil­i­cone dil­dos of their size class.

The Uberrime Divo’s appeal is sim­i­lar to the Night King and Aqua-​King, with two key distinctions.

Uberrime Divo realistic uncut texture dual-density dildo
  1. It’s more real­is­tic in shape. Rather than mer­maid scales and undead zom­bie veins, the Uberrime Divo has a super bunched-​up fore­skin, ver­ti­cal veinage, and a slight­ly grainy skin texture
  2. A firmer core and squishi­er out­side. While the old­er Uberrime mod­els are Shore 8A or 5A through­out, the Divo is 20A on the inside and 0050 on the out­side. The tip squish­es and bounces, but the core is nice and stable.

Uberrime Divo measurements

There are three dif­fer­ent sizes of the Uberrime Divo. I have the large one in Caramel.

  • Total length: 6"
  • Usable length: 5.13”
  • Head Diameter: 1.35"
  • Shaft diam­e­ter: 1.32"
  • Total length: 6.75"
  • Usable length: 6"
  • Head diam­e­ter: 1.55"
  • Shaft diam­e­ter: 1.51"
  • Total length: 8"
  • Usable length: 7"
  • Head diam­e­ter: 1.91"
  • Shaft diam­e­ter: 1.8"
Uberrime Divo dual-density dildo base

Uberrime Divo vs. Splendid: how they feel in use

Yup, I’m treat­ing you to anoth­er “Uberrime then vs. now” com­par­i­son. The Uberrime Splendid became a sex geek clas­sic with­in 4 years of its release, but it wasn’t my favorite. Lucky for me, the Splendid’s incom­pat­i­bil­i­ties with my anato­my have large­ly been addressed by the new­er Divo.

Here’s what I said about the Uberrime Splendid back in 2019:

The rel­a­tive­ly blunt inser­tion isn’t as intu­itive for thrust­ing into the right spot behind my cervix. […] I have to use short­er thrusts with the Splendid, push­ing it hard­er and more delib­er­ate­ly to get the kind of pres­sure I crave.

It has giv­en me some fan­tas­tic orgasms and nos­tal­gic feels, and I adore the shim­mery gloss. But the Uberrime Splendid isn’t the most reli­able dil­do for my pos­te­ri­or fornix. For that, give me some­thing with a firmer core, more taper­ing, or a squishi­er head.

Uberrime Divo realistic dual-density G-spot dildo head side view

And the Uberrime Divo deliv­ered on my wish for a dual-​density dil­do with a slight­ly sleek­er glans. There are pros and cons to this design choice.

If you crave deep pen­e­tra­tion, the head shape may have an eas­i­er time slid­ing into your cer­vi­cal for­nices. The down­side is that it won’t ham­mer your G‑spot as exu­ber­ant­ly. That’s a trade-​off I’m will­ing to make, though. The Uberrime Divo’s bunched fore­skin tex­tures are abun­dant­ly gratifying.

Think less deep G‑spot pres­sure with the Uberrime Divo and more tac­tile. Sharper. More gran­u­lar. You’ll real­ly feel the rib­bing on this toy. Considering how much I adored the Uberrime Night King’s wind­ing land­scape, it’s no sur­prise the Divo super­sedes the Splendid in my eyes.

Squarepegtoys Nathan in firmer Shore 8A silicone

Best for a big stretch, but with sub­tle G‑spot stim­u­la­tion and min­i­mal drag. Plus, suc­tion cup base!

The Squarepegtoys Nathan owes its real­ism to the fact that it was cast from an actu­al cock. As such, it comes in two sizes: the real-​life Nathan’s dick dimen­sions and big­ger 1X. I chose the lat­ter to review.

Squarepegtoys 1X thick realistic dildo based on lifecast

There’s some veinage, but two more promi­nent struc­tur­al fea­tures make the Squarepegtoys Nathan stand out:

  1. The slight lat­er­al curve
  2. The pro­nounced cor­pus spon­gio­sum along the underside

If you use it side­ways, it can direct the pres­sure ever-​so-​slightly along the front wall ⁠— mean­ing slip­ping in front of my cervix eas­i­ly while thrust­ing deep. The Squarepegtoys Nathan 1X is fill­ing and slight­ly A‑spotty at the same time. Its thick­ness and firm­ness cer­tain­ly help.

Squarepegtoys 1X thick realistic dildo firmer silicone in Pink Sugar color swatch

I enjoy clench­ing around the Squarepegtoys Nathan and twist­ing it. And despite how fill­ing it is, it slips in sur­pris­ing­ly easily.

The one down­side is that I wish the Nathan was longer, but if you have a shal­low­er cervix or want slick G‑spotty sen­sa­tions, it may be a bet­ter fit for you.

Squarepegtoys Nathan measurements

Actual lifecast
  • 5.1” insertable length
  • 1.6” head diameter
  • 1.8” diam­e­ter near base
Squarepegtoys Nathan 1X
  • 6” insertable length
  • 1.8” head diameter
  • 2.1” diam­e­ter near base
Squarepegtoys 1X thick realistic dildo in hand

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