5 Ways to Intensify Sex With CBD Arousal Lube

Novelty and antic­i­pa­tion are vital to sala­cious thrills — and an arousal lube can lev­el up that exploration!

Once you set aside the lin­ear rou­tine of kiss-​foreplay-​intercourse-​ejaculation-​done, you ele­vate your erot­ic ecsta­sy and open your­self up to a broad­er buf­fet of sex­u­al experiences. 

5 Ways to Intensify Sex With CBD Arousal Lube 1

We’ll start with Morgasm CBD lube’s all-​in-​one effects, then get to the even hot­ter stuff: how to play up these plea­sure perks. Some will be vanil­la, some kinky, and some could go either way:

Morgasm CBD lube ingredient effects

The ingre­di­ents in Morgasm lube syn­er­gize for stim­u­lat­ing sensations:

  1. Full-​spectrum CBD-infused lube relax­es mus­cles, increas­es blood flow, and has anal­gesic and anti-​inflammatory prop­er­ties. It makes sex less painful and more ecstatic.
  2. L‑arginine has a sub­tle warm­ing effect and increas­es blood flow
  3. The pep­per­mint oil has a slight cool­ing sen­sa­tion to con­trast with the L‑arginine’s warming
  4. Finally, there’s a sub­tle vanilla-​mint fla­vor­ing, since we’re here to have fun.

Use code SSC for 15% off Morgasm CBD Lube. Each facet of this for­mu­la­tion invites you to try more ways to play.

Combine clitoral arousal gel with edging and a remote control vibrator to tease

In my world, cli­toral stim­u­la­tion isn’t the appe­tiz­er; it’s a course that can stand on its own. That could mean a part­ner giv­ing me oral until I’m whim­per­ing and cry­ing. It could also mean teas­ing a part­ner out­side the bed­room, like amp­ing up the des­per­a­tion with a remote con­trol panty vibe.

Rubbing in some arousal gel can ele­vate that tension.

Imagine: your part­ner is more sen­si­tive and turned on by every lit­tle swipe you make on the cli­toris, the labia, the G‑spot, or… on your phone’s Bluetooth remote con­trol app while you’re at the oys­ter bar togeth­er. Or while walk­ing home, and you know your lover can’t wait to have you inside.

Turn an hour or a day into fore­play. It can be as tame or as wild as you want.

Incorporate more fingers or bigger toys or DP

I spe­cial­ize in large inser­tions for a rea­son: once it is (or they are) in, the inter­nal pres­sure is unre­al. Every lit­tle move­ment, tap, and slide turns into non­stop cum­ming, and the plea­sure per­pet­u­ates itself when I clench my cunt, like an ouroboros of orgasm.

More fin­gers can do that. So can one giant dil­do. And, of course, two dil­dos used vagi­nal­ly are just some­thing else because they can go into both for­nices in front of and behind my cervix. You could even up the ante with an ejac­u­lat­ing dil­do dur­ing double-​penetration inter­course to play up a creampie kink.

CBD lube makes it super easy to relax and get wet on your insertable per­vert­ibles; a lit­tle goes a long way for get­ting some­thing inside me. I also like that Morgasm’s con­sis­ten­cy is on the thick­er gel-​like side because it won’t drip down a dil­do much dur­ing the prepa­ra­tion process. It didn’t take me much lube at all to insert the Dee’s Big Daddies Danny XXL dil­do.

Morgasm CBD-infused lube dripped onto flower petals

Combine flavored lube with barriers during oral (think: period sex and rimming)

Some peo­ple just loooove lick­ing holes and do not give a fuck if there will be men­stru­al blood drip­ping down one’s face. And some peo­ple Google, “Can you receive oral sex on your period?”

I am in nei­ther camp, because con­tain­ing the mess just isn’t a huge deal to me. You can do any or all of the fol­low­ing steps to pre­pare for oral sex on someone’s period:

  • Shower before­hand
  • Lay out a black tow­el like The Layer — yay, no con­spic­u­ous stains!
  • Insert a tam­pon or men­stru­al cup — I’m par­tial to the Fun Factory Fun Cups
  • Use a latex bar­ri­er — that could be a den­tal dam, a con­dom that’s been cut open into a flat sheet, or a pair of thin Lorals latex undies specif­i­cal­ly made for clean­er oral sex
  • Add lube for both the giv­er and receiver’s sake

Any lube will do for that last point, at the least to glide against the receiv­ing part­ner. Flavored lube makes it eas­i­er on the giver’s palate, and arousal lube height­ens sen­sa­tion for the receiv­ing part­ner. That applies to eat­ing ass, as well.

And yes, you can use lube on a con­dom for oral sex on a penis. Maybe you’re wary of oral STIs with a new part­ner or don’t like lick­ing a penis direct­ly. I’m not judging.

Put a few drops inside and outside a condom during intercourse

Lube also makes con­doms feel way bet­ter. Arousal lube, in par­tic­u­lar, not only adds wet­ness, but also height­ens sen­sa­tions so that, even with a bar­ri­er, sex can be quite intense. Just add one or two drops at the tip, and no more. We want enough fric­tion down the shaft for the con­dom to stay on!

Put as much as you want on the out­side, though. I sure was a fan of arousal lube on my side of the condom.

In any case, you should be leav­ing room at the tip and using lube with con­doms, because cut­ting down fric­tion makes them safer and less like­ly to break, espe­cial­ly the ultra-​thin ones. I don’t care that it’s pre-​lubricated with min­i­mal liq­uid sil­i­cone. I’d rather add more water-​based lube and be safe than look for Plan B and be sorry.

Using arousal lube on a con­dom is one of the more vanil­la appli­ca­tions, but it’s one that I think should become more com­mon sense.

Edging a hard cock for long sessions of T&D and JOI

I can cum via dry-​humping, but my part­ners can’t, mak­ing it a prime activ­i­ty for teas­ing and denial. Arousal gel on a penis would inten­si­fy that expe­ri­ence for them.

Using a penis as my toy for grind­ing on the out­side, rub­bing it between my lips, maybe get­ting just the tip in, I’d taunt, “Awwww, how are you feel­ing? Are we hav­ing fun watch­ing me get wet­ter? Do you hear that? If you can cum from this, you can cum.”

You could also use arousal gel on a penis to ampli­fy the teas­ing while someone’s wear­ing a cock cage and play up the pain and humiliation.

Or maybe you’re a soft­er Dom(me) and would rather whis­per jack-​off instruc­tions while mutu­al­ly mas­tur­bat­ing, telling your part­ner how to touch their junk, telling them how good they are for fol­low­ing your com­mands not to cum until you say so.

Arousal-​enhancing lube can be sex­u­al­ly vanil­la or not. It’s up to you.

Morgasm full-spectrum CBD-infused lube teal tube

Use code SSC for 15% off when you get Morgasm lube.

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What else is in Morgasm lube, and is it right for your body?

So you’re still with me and curi­ous how Morgasm lube works. Lucky for us, Morgasm’s web­site has a page explain­ing why each par­tic­u­lar ingre­di­ent was cho­sen! While we’re here, though, I can go more into read­er com­ments here and my per­son­al experiences.

How warm and tingly is Morgasm lube?

Short answer: only a lit­tle. It’s not hot or cold, unlike some oth­er arousal gels I’ve tried. There’s just enough for you to be hyper-​aware that it’s there.

Of course, your mileage may vary. If you’re in doubt, you can patch-​test some on your cheek or tongue and see how intense it is before apply­ing it to your gen­i­tals. Titrate accordingly!

How vagina-​friendly is Morgasm lube?

Morgasm lube is water-​based and pH-​balanced; glu­cono­lac­tone is used in the for­mu­la to bring the pH down, clos­er to the vagina’s nat­ur­al acidity.

I’ve found the Morgasm easy-​breezy to tol­er­ate. However, your reac­tion to lube ingre­di­ents is very indi­vid­ual, so I trust your judg­ment if:

  • Propylene gly­col has been irri­tat­ing to your vagi­na in the past
  • You're prone to infections
  • You’re aller­gic to aloe vera

Morgasm was sooth­ing for me even when oth­er lubes were irri­tat­ing. Your mileage may vary.

What does Morgasm taste like?

The main fla­vor­ings are vanil­la and mint, and it’s on the bit­ter side. There’s also some ste­via, so be aware if you’re sen­si­tive to sweet­en­ers. Imagine hon­ey vanil­la cough drops. Morgasm lube is milder with the mint, but the taste gives sim­i­lar vibes. Everyone's palate is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, though. I quite like it.

Sound good? Want to turn up the heat on your spicy sex­ca­pades? Take 15% off Morgasm arousal lube with dis­count code SSC

Morgasm Original Formula and CBD-Infused

This post was spon­sored and con­tains affil­i­ate links! Views expressed and expe­ri­ences shared about Morgasm lube are my own.

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