Zumio E oscillator review & comparison (vs. Zumio X and S)

Behold the Zumio E — one of the best Zumio models!

[Image: holding the black Zumio E in my hand, like a paintbrush. Behind it are the lavender Zumio S Caress and eggplant purple Zumio X Classic]

I ADORED the Zumio X Classic when I first tried it. At the time, its con­cen­tra­tion of pow­er was unprece­dent­ed; RUMBLY pin­point oscil­la­tions are rare in Toyland. And the Zumio's head was about as focused and tar­get­ed as you could get.

It reas­sured me that my orgasms would still be secure and read­i­ly avail­able if I were to ever go on med­ica­tion for depres­sion or ADHD. Two years lat­er, I'm tak­ing inter­mit­tent Prozac for PMDD; I couldn't have pre­dict­ed that I'd expe­ri­ence zero sex­u­al side effects.

I also couldn't have known that, with the release of the Zumio E, the Zumio X would become prac­ti­cal­ly obsolete.

2023 UPDATE: I still love the Zumio E, but I like the Zumio I a lii­i­i­it­tle more.

In this Zumio E review and comparison
  1. Past Zumios' features
  2. What's new?
  3. Motor & feel­ing in use
  4. My ver­dict

How the past Zumio models felt in use

Zumio X Classic

The orig­i­nal mod­el, known as the Zumio X, is super intense, due to its nearly-​rigid stem and tiny tip. It came in one col­or: egg­plant purple.

[Image: Zumio X Classic, E, and S Caress side-by-side]

Sometimes, the Zumio X Classic's first speed is almost too much for me. If I'm not already aroused, I have to move it towards the base of my exter­nal cli­toris instead of the tip to enjoy the sen­sa­tion. I sel­dom made it past the third speed, and nev­er used it under my hood.

Read my full Zumio X Classic review.

Zumio S Caress

The sec­ond Zumio, the S Caress, toned it down a lit­tle. Its stem is short­er for a small­er range of motion, and its tip broad­er and silicone-​coated for cush­ion­ing and more dif­fuse stim­u­la­tion. Its sole col­or was a brighter (to some, tack­i­er) lavender.

[Image: the Zumio S Caress comes in purple and has a flexible, silicone-covered tip. It's the same shape and size as the others — hold it like a paintbrush.]

I found its 8‑speed range was far more usable; noth­ing was too much. Your mileage may vary, but the Zumio S Caress has a broad­er audi­ence, for sure.

Read my full Zumio S Caress review.

First impressions of the Zumio E's new features

!!! THE COLOR! The new Zumio E comes in a sleek black for a more lux­u­ri­ous feel. It reminds me of the dark­er options in Le Wand's Chrome Collection.

AND! INCLUDED IS A CAP for pro­tec­tion and clean­li­ness dur­ing trav­el. That's a long-​overdue fea­ture. With how slen­der the Zumio stems are, have con­cerns about snap­ping them when jostling them around in my purse with my stain­less steel njoy Eleven and Magic Wand Plus.

[Image: black Zumio E side view with the storage cap also in my hand!!!]

What's new with Zumio E's shape

I find the Zumio E to be a love­ly in-​between of inten­si­ty and ver­sa­til­i­ty. Instead of round, its firm met­al tip is ellip­ti­cal (hence E in the name) and flat­tened, like a paddle.

That means more options, depending on how pinpoint you want the oscillation to be:
  • Use the lat­er­al edge for a side-​to-​side movement.
  • The flat face results in a rel­a­tive­ly broad tapping
  • Keep it focused with the sharp tip.
  • Use the stem to switch to more gen­tle stim­u­la­tion quickly.
The Zumio E will probably be your favorite, too, if you:
  • Enjoy teeth or fin­ger­nails on your clit
  • Are par­tic­u­lar about which direc­tion the stim­u­lus is moving

And, as with all Zumio oscil­la­tors, you can use light pres­sure for a sharp­er and flut­tery sen­sa­tion, or switch it up with more force for slow­er and deep­er rumbles.

2023 UPDATE: Love the flat pad­dle tip? Consider the Zumio I also. Here's a com­par­i­son of the Zumio I vs. the oth­er Zumios.

[Image: black Zumio E in its charging stand, with the Zumio X Classic in the background]

How's the Zumio E's motor?

Noise level

For starters, the Zumio E is so much qui­eter than its pre­de­ces­sors and sounds way less mechan­i­cal. Fuck yeah! For ref­er­ence, the oth­ers' first set­tings are loud­er than Zumio E's high­est.

Speed settings and controls

The Zumio E also starts at low­er rumbly speeds; its eighth and top speed is still high-​pitched, but less so than the oth­ers. It's hard to quan­ti­fy how intense it feels in com­par­i­son since that's so heav­i­ly depen­dent on how you're ori­ent­ing the spoon-​shaped head.

As with oth­er Zumios, there are three but­tons on the Zumio E. Hold down the on/​off switch to acti­vate or deac­ti­vate the trav­el lock.

How the Zumio E pinpoint oscillator feels in use

[Image: Zumio E side view with Zumio S and X in the background in their charging stands]

Because the Zumio E's edge is so sharp, I can achieve sim­i­lar inten­si­ties to the Zumio X. But there's yet anoth­er thing I love about the Zumio E!

With the Classic mod­el, I some­times feel sen­si­tized, like I want to back away a lit­tle after I come. The Zumio E, in con­trast, is so much more intu­itive to posi­tion and adjust. I can pro­ceed to squirt with it if I want to — with­out much dis­com­fort. Oh, good­ness; it's a great day to have a clitoris.

My verdict on the Zumio E clitoral oscillator

There is no oth­er Zumio that I'd rec­om­mend near­ly as often as the Zumio E.

It blows the orig­i­nal Zumio X Classic out of the water, and bet­ter suits my needs than the Zumio S. If you want the deep stim­u­la­tion to be a lit­tle less pin­point, go for the Zumio S or a We-​Vibe Tango.

But as far as choos­ing the pin­point of the most pin­point goes, the obvi­ous choice is the Zumio E or Zumio I — the qui­etest, most ver­sa­tile, best Zumio mod­els yet.

[Image: Zumio E top view so you can see the flattened paddle/spoon's curve. Behind it are the Zumio S Caress and X Classic]

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    I real­ly am excit­ed to get my hands on one of these.

  2. Jeff says:

    We have an X and it’s almost too intense. I actu­al­ly bought a set of sil­i­cone cook­ing brush­es and stuck one over the top, works great.

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