Iroha Zen Matcha textured mini-vibrator review

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  1. Ali says:

    I absolutely love this toy! The texture is amazing! I will have to remember to use lube with it for an easier time.

  2. B R says:

    My wife prefers gentler vibrations, so maybe this is the right choice for her.. thanks for another informative review!

  3. B R says:

    This sounds like another one that’s worth a try. Thanks for pointing out how it differs from other more reviewed vibes, so that we have something to base our buying decision on..

  4. Jay says:

    I love all three color options, but I know that Iroha Zen’s vibrations would do nothing for me. Sometimes it feels that the only vibrators that work for me are so clinical looking like the eroscillator.
    Love the styling of the photos.

  5. C says:

    Your description of the texture is so ? I just love squishy toys. I feel like I might not like it for penetration but externally it sounds like a dream ❤️

  6. G says:

    Thank you for another thoughtful review!!

  7. G says:

    I’m not for them myself, I do always love reading about the good, gentle toys though.

  8. Trix says:

    I have been tempted by this one on aesthetics alone…good to know it csn provide (very specific) value!

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