Lora DiCarlo Filare vs. LELO Ora 3 review & comparison

Hype marketing is one hell of a drug. How do the new Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora robotic oral sex simulator measure up to the claims?

Lora DiCarlo Filare vs. LELO Ora 3 comparison and review banner

The Filare is one of Lora DiCarlo's many external-​only toys, this time meant to mim­ic the sen­sa­tions of a "skill­ful partner's tongue." Two beads under the sil­i­cone sur­face revolve and pro­trude and press to mas­sage the user's clitoris.

While I found the other Lora DiCarlo sex toys' advertisement overblown, the Filare might actually deserve its grandiose marketing copy.

That's not to say that this sex toy flaw­less­ly repli­cates cun­nilin­gus, but it does come clos­er than any oth­er toy I've tried before. And yes, more than the LELO Ora 3 —  anoth­er exter­nal vibra­tor with a spin­ning bead design.

I would com­pare the Lora DiCarlo Filare to the orig­i­nal Ora, but it didn't seem fair, with how much the design had changed over the years. The Ora 3's big­ger, pro­trud­ing bead might actu­al­ly give the Lora DiCarlo Filare a run for its mon­ey, I thought at first. Then again, it might flop as spec­tac­u­lar­ly as, say, the LELO Soraya Wave.

So I bought one and put it to the test: Lora DiCarlo Filare vs. LELO Ora 3. Which one is better?

Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora 3 side view

My expectations of the Lora DiCarlo Filare vs. LELO Ora 3 oral sex simulators

A skilled partner targets my clit just right, focusing on a tiny section of my vulva with precision.

The Lora DiCarlo Filare fits that objec­tive by mak­ing small­er cir­cles than the Ora 3. Someone mak­ing brooooad­dd motions over my vul­va while eat­ing me out might be a great tease and build up antic­i­pa­tion, but I wouldn't want them doing that the entire time.

Consider also that the Lora DiCarlo Filare has two beads instead of one. Stimulation stays in close cli­toral con­tact, nev­er mov­ing away too much. It has a short­er dis­tance to go, and it doesn't have to move as fast to roll over one spot the same num­ber of times as the LELO Ora 3 does. Consider also that the point isn't to sim­u­late a tongue alone — the two balls remind me of lips, too. They're far more immersive.

Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora 3 at rest with logos visible

The Ora 3 has a more dramatic bead, but I had my reservations.

LELO's qual­i­ty dras­ti­cal­ly declined after chang­ing lead­er­ship. (If a part­ner fin­gered me as slow­ly as the Soraya Wave wagged, I'd kick them out.) So I think that the Ora 3 might super­fi­cial­ly feel more tongue-​like but attached to a far less com­pe­tent play­mate. Still, I want­ed to give the LELO Ora 3 the ben­e­fit of the doubt.

Maybe between the more pro­nounced pro­tru­sion and the con­ven­tion­al vibra­tions, some users would read it as more intense. Either way, it was worth look­ing into who would enjoy the Lora DiCarlo Filare vs. LELO Ora 3 more. Also, find­ing in-​depth and hon­est reviews of the LELO Ora 3 wasn't easy — many were pos­i­tive but lack­ing in detail — so that was anoth­er rea­son I want­ed to step in.

LELO Ora 3 and Lora DiCarlo Filare oral sex simulators with spinning beads

Both the LELO Ora 3 and Lora DiCarlo Filare cover the bare minimum for a premium personal massager:
  • Body-​safe mate­ri­als only: sil­i­cone and ABS plastic 
    • I don't know how safe the metal­lic paint that LELO uses is, but it's on the "han­dle" and won't make con­tact with the user's mucous mem­branes much anyway.
  • Silky smooth finish
  • Slender and easy to hold in my hand
  • USB-​rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy box and stun­ning presentation

But we already knew that Lora DiCarlo and LELO were both lux­u­ry brands.

Let's get to what actually matters, layer by layer. We'll start with the exterior features before getting into how the Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora 3 feel.
  1. Spinning bead size and texture
  2. Bead move­ment radius
  3. Ora 3 vs. Filare con­trol panel
  4. LELO Ora 3 in use
  5. Lora DiCarlo Filare in use
  6. Are the Filare and Ora 3 right for you?
  7. My ver­dict on the Filare and Ora 3

Holding the Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora 3 in my hand

Superficial features of the LELO Ora 3 vs. Lora DiCarlo Filare compared

Spinning bead size and texture

The LELO Ora 3's bead isn't that much big­ger than those of the Lora DiCarlo Filare — though it may look that way because of how taut the sil­i­cone is against the stim­u­la­tor. It's not super easy to mea­sure machin­ery that's hid­den under the sur­face, so take these esti­ma­tions with a grain of salt.

Similar to the Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 and Onda robot­ic fin­ger, the Filare has tex­tured, oblong beads. I can't feel the ridges much, but more sen­si­tive users might. The Lora DiCarlo Filare's beads mea­sure about 1.3 cm long by 1.1 cm wide, while the LELO Ora 3's is spher­i­cal with a diam­e­ter of 1.7 cm.

Lora DiCarlo Filare bead depth vs. LELO Ora 3

Bead movement radius

Both oral sex sim­u­la­tors cov­er about the same sur­face area. The tracks that the beads encir­cle are about 3 cm across, leav­ing a tiny (3 mm) gap between the Filare's pair.

Control panel

While the LELO Ora 3 has three but­tons (increase, cycle through pat­terns and func­tions, decrease), the Lora DiCarlo Filare has four (there's an addi­tion­al "pow­er on/​off" tog­gle). I find both con­fig­u­ra­tions intu­itive to use, but the lat­ter is def­i­nite­ly better.

Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora 3 massager control panels

Remember: the LELO Ora 3 spins its beads and vibrates on top of that, so there's a looooot more going on. I wish there were an option to con­trol the motors inde­pen­dent­ly, but that's a drop in the buck­et of my complaints.

The Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora 3 oral sex simulators in use

We're reaaaal­ly get­ting to the good stuff now: how these oral sex sim­u­la­tors' set­tings actu­al­ly feel. The Lora DiCarlo Filare is the spe­cial­ist here, going above-​and-​beyond in one depart­ment, while the LELO Ora 3 tries to be a Jack of Trades and Master of None. Too bad it's doesn't come close to the Master of One.

My experience with the LELO Ora 3

In all fair­ness, the LELO Ora 3's vibra­tions are decent, even if they're not worth the total price. They do get lost a lit­tle across the broad sur­face, but they're nei­ther buzzy nor weak by my stan­dards. That's pret­ty much the nicest thing I'll say about the LELO Ora 3's func­tions. It only goes down­hill from here.

When I showed my boyfriend the LELO Ora 3's fastest bead-​spinning setting, he thought it was the slowest.

Surely, there must have been more! But nope, 75 rev­o­lu­tions per minute is as good as it gets — and it drops down to about 65 if you apply pres­sure. In layman's terms, that's tan­ta­mount to did­dling around, cir­cling a Sharpie cap with the cadence of a tick­ing clock: one tick, one circle.

Get a clock or metronome out and see how excru­ci­at­ing­ly slow that is. Again, it's fine for warm-​up, but it's bull­shit for that to be the top speed of a $169 toy. And yes, the LELO Ora 3 has vibra­tion pat­terns and can spin its bead in half-​circles back-​and-​forth, but that means noth­ing if the most intense oral sex sim­u­la­tion set­ting is sub-par.

My experience with the Lora DiCarlo Filare

It was like night and day between that and my expe­ri­ence with the Lora DiCarlo Filare.

Lora DiCarlo Filare bead size close-up

Since two beads are flicking my bean with every revolution, even the slowest speed felt like a lot to me.

Movement speed isn't an exact mea­sure­ment since it varies with pres­sure, and it's so fast it's prac­ti­cal­ly impos­si­ble for me to keep track. However, if I had to put a num­ber on it, I'd esti­mate that the beads roll over my cli­toris 170 times per minute on the low­est speed.

Turning it all the way up takes me into the slight­ly uncon­trol­lable "orgasm tor­ture" territory.

I get intense, continuous, back-​to-​back orgasms every time with the Lora DiCarlo Filare, regardless of whether I'm in a bad mood or taking my antidepressant that week.

That's not to say that the Filare can't be sub­tle. It cer­tain­ly can, espe­cial­ly if you're press­ing hard, but the range of inten­si­ties on the Filare is huu­u­uge. It offers 10 speeds and two options for ball "heights." The deep­er set­ting makes the bead jut about a cen­time­ter out. While the LELO Ora 3's ball may look more obvi­ous through­out the sil­i­cone, it actu­al­ly doesn't press out all that much more.

The only options I don't like on the Filare are those going clock­wise for two sec­onds, coun­ter­clock­wise for two, and repeat. Aside from that, I appre­ci­ate every set­ting that the Lora DiCarlo Filare offers.

Who would I recommend the Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora 3 to?

My pref­er­ences don't speak for every­body. Both the Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora stall with pres­sure. It's unsur­pris­ing, giv­en that the Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 stopped when I clenched around it. The dif­fer­ence with the Filare, though, is that my G‑spot is super bony and needs ample force, where­as my labia and cli­toral hood are on the fleshy side.

If you're someone who:
  • Loves out­right crush­ing their sex toys against their vulva
  • Has a super bony vulva
  • Needs intense vibration

…then nei­ther the Filare nor Ora 3 is for you. You might not like the Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure oral sex sim­u­la­tor all that much, either.

Stick to a con­ven­tion­al vibra­tor, like the Magic Wand Plus or We-​Vibe Touch or Tango. Or, if you want to com­bine vibra­tion with a flick­ing bead for a rea­son­able price, con­sid­er the curvi­lin­ear Blush Wellness G Ball vibra­tor.

However, if you easily get off via:
  • Rapid but mod­er­ate­ly light touch
  • Oral or man­u­al stim­u­la­tion of the clitoris

…then you'll more than like­ly adore the Lora DiCarlo Filare as I do. Its cas­cad­ing beads pro­vide most of the pres­sure for me and dig deep into my cli­toral glans, with lit­tle added effort on my part.

Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora premium silicone massagers

My verdict on the Lora DiCarlo Filare and LELO Ora 3 oral sex simulators

When I tried these mas­sagers with spin­ning beads, I got pret­ty much what I expect­ed. The LELO Ora 3 is a sub­stan­tial improve­ment over the orig­i­nal Ora, but that's a low bar to clear. It still has a long way to go. The Lora DiCarlo Filare, though? Whoooh boi, it has plen­ty of vroom to go around.

Neither mod­el is per­fect — they're both on the loud­ly robot­ic side, and they can slow down or stop when you apply pres­sure. For now, that comes with the territory.

Lora DiCarlo Filare vs. LELO Ora 3 review & comparison 1

Despite its foibles, the Lora DiCarlo Filare's nimble movements are highly strategic.

They're more than fast and focused enough for those who don't need a heavy hand. Even its low­est stroke speed is nigh impos­si­ble for me to count.

I don't always turn it up, but when I do, the Lora DiCarlo Filare gives me some of the most intense orgasms I've ever felt from external stimulation alone.

It almost sat­is­fies me as much as deep pen­e­tra­tion does, and I don't even have to take off my pants. The Lora DiCarlo Filare's pearls effort­less­ly res­onate with my cli­toris through my underwear.

In my Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 review, I men­tioned that, while their Osé is for the trade shows, their external-​only toys, like the Baci and Filare, are for the consumers.

While I wouldn't go as far as saying that they're "like nothing I've felt before," the Lora DiCarlo Filare does go above and beyond, elevating the standards for toys with spinning beads.

Lora DiCarlo Filare vs. LELO Ora 3 review & comparison 2

Its bead place­ment is far more prac­ti­cal for most users than rab­bit vibra­tors like the Evolved Novelties Love Spun. On top of that, the Lora DiCarlo Filare's plea­sur­ing parts pro­trude more than, say, the b‑Vibe Rimming Plug and the Blush Wellness G Ball.

Instead of try­ing to be every­thing to every­one, the Lora DiCarlo Filare out­shines the rest as an exem­plary spec­i­men — both of sen­su­ous­ly spin­ning beads and an oral sex sim­u­la­tor done right. That's what I want to see more of from Lora DiCarlo.

UPDATE: Lora DiCarlo is now out of busi­ness. The Filare was orig­i­nal­ly sent to me by SheVibe.

Lora DiCarlo Filare vs. LELO Ora 3 review & comparison 3

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  1. Stacey Ferguson says:

    Can the vibra­tion on the filare be turned off and just have the spin­ning beads?

  2. Prudence says:

    Interesting how the much tout­ed Ose was such a bust, yet the com­po­nent toys like the Baci and Filare have been rather good. I guess this just goes to show that com­bin­ing two or three good prod­ucts togeth­er may just as eas­i­ly make them worse instead of better

  3. Steph says:

    Thanks for the review! I gen­uine­ly thought the Lelo would be more stim­u­lat­ing as it does look like the nub sticks out a lot more.

  4. Victoria says:

    Very infor­ma­tive. I had no idea

  5. Trix says:

    The Filare did kind of look like the Ose to me when I first saw it, so it's good to learn the major differences!

  6. EY says:

    These toys are both intrigu­ing! I've been skep­ti­cal of Lora DiCarlo ever since the Osé came out, and the per­for­mance didn't match the high price tag. 

    I'm glad to read that you had a good expe­ri­ence with the Filare! Maybe I'll give their brand a chance.

  7. AJ says:

    These are SO inter­est­ing, and a fan­tas­tic review as usual!

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